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Far Cry 5 - Grace Under Fire - Lamb of God Church

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Lamb of God Church is my next objective. The Story Mission Grace Under Fire where you need to Defend the mausoleum.
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The Green Devil (2 months ago)
What's the score for the church fight?
JamesP - (1 month ago)
im looking for the soundtrack as well
Ferrari King (5 months ago)
While I was heading to this mission I caught a bull giving it to a cow. That bull got angry with me.
nekoloverAMV (5 months ago)
1. try to fast travel on this mission from the farther spawn; 2. there should be Grace's marker with the flag near the church; check out this screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/FZAKc61.png
RidnTheShrtBus (5 months ago)
nekoloverAMV doesn’t work
Timothy Brusseau (5 months ago)
doesn't spawn for me either
Travis Edwards (5 months ago)
shes on the ledge not in the actual tower
Roger Murtaugh (5 months ago)
Can you turn off sfx and voices in this game? Not a request, just question.
Jamie Finlayson (5 months ago)
Mines Gives Me Her To Add To My Roster But Her Icon Is Still On My Map And The Mission Is Complete
RidnTheShrtBus (5 months ago)
Same here, it’s extremely frustrating trying to get 100% completion when the game f*cks you over. 4 days stressing trying to find this mission.. i only need one more
cusack815 (5 months ago)
Jamie Finlayson Have you found a fix for this yet?
Marco97 (5 months ago)
came here because of that same problem.. They are going to fix it soon probably
Housetek Fishing (5 months ago)
yeah she doesnt spawn for me
Croppeast (5 months ago)
Ahh damn, seems like my game is bugged then, as she aint there :S
RidnTheShrtBus (5 months ago)
Still not there & I’m still extremely frustrated. Lol
Sean Placker (5 months ago)
Same here. Shes not there. Gonna try a save and re load
Ben Wade (5 months ago)
Same here :(

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