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Halo 5 Guardians - Official Live Action Trailer

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Halo 5 Guardians - Official Live Action Trailer (TV Commercial) NEW CHEAP GAMES ► https://www.g2a.com/?reflink=mathchief# SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (75)
o Sunnyside o (5 months ago)
The ads were so much better than the actual story. The Halo 5 campaign had so much potential to be the best story yet. Please 343, don't screw up with Halo 6
OnyX Renegade (7 days ago)
She said 2560, Halo 5 takes place in 2558. This is just a teaser trailer.
TKTS (8 months ago)
2560 Master Chief is dead? HALO 5 TAKES PLACE IN 2558
F35JSF1 (4 months ago)
What if these were not just ment for halo 5. During the e3 presentation on Sunday we seen the pelican with the dashboard saying 5 27 2560 hmmmm.
ArekkusS (6 months ago)
thekidtonystark Halo 6
When Halo 5 was launched everything ended. Now they just did a copy of that shitty game call of duty. And the history in Halo 5 wasn't as cool as it was in the previous games. They have to think seriously about making a good halo when the sixth is in development.
Dan DCC91 (11 months ago)
But Spartans never officially die. This is retcon, in a way. No news will announce a spartan dead.
i’m clout af (1 year ago)
Even if he DID die, get spartan Jerome in. He's like master chief's cousin.
Guilty Spark 343 (1 year ago)
Miren bien el trailer... se ve Palmer junto el anillo del final legendario de halo 5
Jake Gee (1 year ago)
If only that shit we're actually in the game...
Young Midoriya (1 year ago)
more oni bullshit
Kyle Petersen (2 years ago)
that awkward moment when he survives
michael moore (2 years ago)
so... after H5G Blue Team and fire team Osiris cooperating. will it last? will they go after Cortana together? if this happens and Locke is committed then the trailers did not lie.
Scarif Centurion (2 years ago)
Master Chief is immortal
LORD EXTINCTION (2 years ago)
Nothing can kill the master chief
HeyimAngel - (2 years ago)
so many bullcrap trailers.
Ivan Aguilar (2 years ago)
though spartan never die ,...
TheGoodphy (2 years ago)
I really need to save the money to get Xbox one for playing this game to see the truth and confirm that my Chief is not deas!!!
Juanmanuel Cespedes (3 years ago)
holy shitt people of 343 industries are stupid or what? master chief survive to a high level of altiture.........and crash to the ground(halo 3)so......why he should die againts some of things? people don't use the brain........
ShadowChief 4u14 (3 years ago)
I always say 'Hey 343 I love you, but you are kinda ruining the franchise. Bungie come back' But then I realised if Bungie did't leave halo then Destiny would not have been created. But now destiny has been created the only thing left to say is ..... BUNGIE COME BACK!!!!
Quế Tâm Trần (3 years ago)
i trust in Master Chief more than the UNSC political propaganda . whatever he did , he did it for a reason
charlie fisher (3 years ago)
Survives drop from orbit Killed by a rock
FuckLoadOfFat (3 years ago)
He'll be back... in 3, 2, 1, beep.
Juan chavez (3 years ago)
wtf .. was that bull i say bull
zero (3 years ago)
Spartans never, they just respawn, relax guys...
KemperHD (3 years ago)
Halo 5 Hype
Stephen Vassallo (3 years ago)
Spartans never die, they are just MIA.
daglas95y (3 years ago)
È un gomblooddo!
freddy pingitore (3 years ago)
Mastro Lindo non può morire. STFU ONI!
Ryvolt (3 years ago)
ONI up to their old tricks again
ArgosySpecOps (3 years ago)
Glassed planets have bad records :-|
Weeknd first (3 years ago)
This really fucked my night up, but I like the trailer
Filito Montoya (3 years ago)
Lightning Fighting (3 years ago)
It took a couple of rocks falling to kill him are you serious
J KING (3 years ago)
Might as well kill MC..the way 343 is killing Halo overall no surprise.
KingdomConcepts1 (2 years ago)
+XSniper 2000X I agree with you, halo kinda needed a change.. everyone can have their own opinion
XSniper 2000X (3 years ago)
+J KING good talk.
J KING (3 years ago)
First not ignorant. Speak for you. Second i try to accept the changes but 343 FAILS AND FAILS HARD BRO. How can i accept broken products. Are you stupid or do you work for them. Im done with you. Dont bother with reply idiot sheep ((((slaps))))
XSniper 2000X (3 years ago)
+J KING you're giving me facts about the multiplayer which i don't buy Halo for well it's a bonus and H5G's campaing and multiplayer looks bad ass. But your ignorant mind won't accept change and hates everything they are trying to do and achive.
J KING (3 years ago)
Again. You sound ignorant calling me troll. Im stating facts yet you with your simply mind can not see that 343 is and will continue to be horrible for the Beloved halo franchise. Calling me a troll again is not a real comeback.
Kenny J. Fisker (3 years ago)
The hype! The suspense!
JJAB91 (3 years ago)
0:34 is that Installation 07?
shinypinecone (3 years ago)
Too Short!
Eric Northrop (3 years ago)
So the Librarian's genetic alterations to Master Chief are going to be ignored?
Venerable Malleus (2 years ago)
+Eric Northrop Ignored? I'm not too sure. It's just a theory of mine, but I believe his alterations are what allow him to interact with these giant forerunner beings, the 'Guardians' or whatever they're called. That's why they're popping up all over, wherever the Chief happens to be.
*AcidAssassin * (2 years ago)
+MiniBandit007 that's what actually happens in the second trailer
Michael N (3 years ago)
+Eric Northrop Wow, you are dense, lol.
MiniBandit007 (3 years ago)
+Eric Northrop this is meant to be propaganda created by ONI to fool people into thinking he is dead so they can send lockes team to capture him no questions asked
bevondi (3 years ago)
+Eric Northrop but no one explicitly stated that he died... I believe that what they were referring to, when they said on news that he died, was after the events of halo 3... I'm not 100% certain that the years are the same but they may have made an error? or maybe a key event in the story makes it seem like he died, maybe he made a pact with Locke and faked his death, but he certainly is not dead and I can almost guarantee he won't die in halo 5... and I believe that this is no more than propaganda... the idea that he is now a reclaimer, however, I'm not sure that they will even touch that topic until the middle-end of campaign especially having to introduce all characters accordingly to those who never read side novels or comics...
Dante Logan (3 years ago)
omg i got chills watchin tat
orgasmoman69 (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who cried?
orgasmoman69 (2 years ago)
My testicles get itchier by the day.
*AcidAssassin * (2 years ago)
He not dead though
Eduardo Peraza (3 years ago)
perdón me eqiboq ps no es la gran cosa qise desir
Eduardo Peraza (3 years ago)
ps no es la grannmcoasa
iNuja6es (3 years ago)
I got the damn chills, Halo's live action trailers are unbeatable..
BrightDrake _99 (3 years ago)
Awwww, the kid with the action figure got me.
Brandon Stevens (3 years ago)
Yea, this is definitely ONI Propaganda trying to convince the people that John is dead. BUT I WON'T FALL FOR IT. #NiceTryONI
SpartanGamer (3 years ago)
It's ONI lying there ass of again
batterysurf (3 years ago)
He's not dead. Damn ONI.
Alpha Wolfie (3 years ago)
He should've died in the composer explosion. Not like this.
Alpha Wolfie (3 years ago)
I thought so. If he did die it'd probably be in Halo 7. Actually he could just be a memory in halo 6. Anything's possible.
XSniper 2000X (3 years ago)
+Rage Gamer Chief is comfirmed to be in Halo 6 by 343 tell IGN.
Alpha Wolfie (3 years ago)
Well, we'll see when the game comes out.
XSniper 2000X (3 years ago)
+Rage Gamer it oni propaganda
ONI propaganda ;)
Brandon Stevens (3 years ago)

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