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Stand Up For Bastards - Edmund, King Lear by William Shakespeare, performed by John D Ruddy

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Monologue from Shakespeare's King Lear
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Jason Ilgenfritz (6 months ago)
Hell YES!!!! I love the animated histories, but THIS this blew me away.
Guy Le Maistre (1 year ago)
You're on the right lines, but you have to be so much braver. And there's no evil or intent - you don't scare me (but you should).
ziggy gowdy (2 years ago)
Lord Maul (3 years ago)
Good rendition. The wording is very inaccurate though; at least three mistakes.
sirensbane17 (4 years ago)
Great voice and pacing.  I also loved the angry pause before the last "base."
Brian Sweeney (4 years ago)
Excellent John.
Tor (5 years ago)
A tale told by a MOFO!
donegallad91 (5 years ago)
Great Stuff John.
cecilia0007 (5 years ago)
I love the voice! Perfect!

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