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Far Cry 2 details vs Far Cry 5

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How FC2 holds up 10 years later. FC5 has its own attention to details that FC2 doesn't have, this comparison doesn't mean FC5 has nothing to show. Both games run under a different version of the Dunia engine (Ubisoft-modified CryEngine). If you don't know which game is which, Far Cry 5 always cuts before Far Cry 2, clips fade in when it's just another example from the same game. Recorded on PC, ultra settings. Song samples from Delta Force Black Hawk Down OST: https://youtu.be/II2iQf4dC-g ; https://youtu.be/xhC90LVoM-0 ; https://youtu.be/jbAAkV5Qa9s
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Crowbcat (1 month ago)
What's missing: - FC2: Rain, there is no dynamic weather in FC5 https://youtu.be/j08tlgG4l8Y - FC5: You can fire through walls with armor piercing ammo https://youtu.be/4cVk73Iy_yg - FC5: Large ammo boxes explode https://youtu.be/pZfL5Y8qjq0 - FC2: There is a golden AK-47 variant, it is less prone to corrosion https://youtu.be/xBhrgb4A0jE
Yuri Viera (10 hours ago)
7.62 x39mm off course its only goldplated dude!!! OMG xD
Andres De Osio (1 day ago)
traci beachel far cry 5 does look like shit though, they literally dumbed down the graphics and physics effects so that it would be easier to run on more consoles lmao. Far cry 4 for example was miles ahead of far cry 5 in terms of graphics. Stop being a dumb cunt fan boy and accept it, jesus lmao
Crowbcat you don’t need ap rounds to shoot through walls only some and ap does more damage through walls
wild fire (7 days ago)
Crowbcat FC2 is way better than FC5 for me
jchefgr8nes 7 (1 hour ago)
That is very lazy and very embarrassing man. You would think that farcry5 would top them all and be one of the best first person shooters\survival games. This just makes me want to buy fc2. And why would they get rid of the rist twisting and unique quick heals too
lalotoromax yee (8 hours ago)
I think that details like fire after bazooka were inecesaris and dont was good. Its like you have A in the exam but that dont means that you have to be as good every time
riderr3 (8 hours ago)
Not many specific changes actually. Now try to compare 2008 and 1998 games, that's the real evolution in many ways.
Talha Bedir (9 hours ago)
I love how you sarcastically put up your title saying that fc5 has no details compared to fc2
FaithOfWin (15 hours ago)
I find far cry 2 grapphics way more better than far cry 5
Classic Boy (16 hours ago)
I hate both games, fucking boring vs boring compare
Andy Rajendra (1 day ago)
Damn this made me wanna buy far cry 2 instead
Andrew Man (1 day ago)
Farcry 5 has a great story and an amazing array of guns; but Ubisoft just doesn't take care of the small details like this anymore.
le mattzoR (1 day ago)
omg far cry 5 is absolute shit
le mattzoR why? Because it doesn’t have details far cry 2 has? The open world is fun, it had tons of its own details, and the overall atmosphere is awesome. Don’t call a game shit when you haven’t played it and have barely watched videos on it.
Molotov (1 day ago)
I have decided to buy Far Cry 2 instead.
Molotov it’s pretty hard to enjoy. Gets super tedious and repetitive.
HSmarc (1 day ago)
fc2 > fc5 if it comes to love on details :'(
Breno Miguez (2 days ago)
farcry 5 sucks
Victor Arnett (2 days ago)
Yea but fc2 doesn't have fishing
nol2m (2 days ago)
it just shows nowadays gaming industry and how they work compared to the past.. games where so much better :(
TheRussianPT (2 days ago)
which one is the new one again? xD
// REDACT3D (2 days ago)
how did the online co-op compare? btw
Jim Jones (2 days ago)
Far Cry 2 is still boring as shit tho. Maybe if the map was smaller but I'd pick 3, 4 or 5 anyday of the week. Far Cry 2 like Crysis is fun to dick around with with both as a whole are pretty bland.
brosch91 (2 days ago)
I loved Far Cry 2, no Far Cry thus far can touch that game. But definitely remember people that FC2 had it's issues as well, like the encampments respawning after eliminating them and the malaria component was very annoying as well. Plus in FC2 it was funny that just tightening that one bolt on the engine magically fixes the car, while in FC5 using a blowtorch on the hood cover magically fixes the car. I really miss the attention to detail video games had a decade ago, this has unfortunately been sacrificed for better textures and graphics. But I much prefer the attention to detail that games used to get. Nothing got you raging more than a gun jamming in the middle of a gun fight, but I considered that a good problem. Because in FC5 guns just work forever requiring no maintenance other than buying more ammo or finding more ammo. If you would have shown this video 10 years ago when I was 16, I would have thought you were pulling my leg.
It should be ПКМ, not PKM.
Are you sure that Ubisoft made FC 5?
Arheisel (2 days ago)
0:41 RPG-7 ammo have a safety feature that it will automatically detonate after 300-800m (can't remember the exact number)
Vanessa (2 days ago)
thx you saved my money.
Vanessa but.. why? Why not look at the dozens of other videos posting about the game? Why go onto a video and not buy a game because it doesn’t have details. Hell, you won’t notice them anyway,
Leandro Alves (2 days ago)
Far cry 2 wins wins wins wins wins 👌😂😂😂😂
Diana Barnett (3 days ago)
It still tickles me that they remember that backblast is a thing in Far Cry 2. Also, that feel when you can't save your downed buddy. ;_;
Julio Sotomayor (3 days ago)
To everyone wondering why: FC1 and FC2 were developed for the PC, whereas FC3-5 were developed for Console specs. This is why they degraded.
Julio Sotomayor (3 days ago)
This is the fault of console development. Sigh.
Samuel Butler (3 days ago)
I'm telling you, if I'm ever part of a video game's development, my team is going to see this video. Truly remarkable.
Cris (3 days ago)
Question: Does Far Cry 3 have the same characteristics that Far Cry 2 was shown to have? Or did you take things away?
Jules Winnfield (3 days ago)
FarCry 6 in 2020 to close out the ps4?...maybe it wont have shitty details?... Its Ubisoft so...expect glitches galore.
bord land (3 days ago)
Pro Pro Pro
Hitman20121222 (3 days ago)
graping? sneaking? hunting? several person/buddy? unbelievably graphics and screen story
Felix Sturm (3 days ago)
Far Cry 2 pays more attention to little details but you'll never catch me playing that shit again. Now everyone suddenly loves Far Cry 2. Oh so fickle. No one thinks for themselves anymore xD
EmptY (3 days ago)
I liked far cry 3 the most.
Michel Gärtner (3 days ago)
@Crowbcat thats when they start to "just make a game" for some $$ instead of loving the produkt same goes for GTA Titles... GTA San Andreas for example it had sports u could get fat or super muscles depending on how you eat do sport and stuff like that tons of stuff to do...working casino,pool,basketball,boxfight,crash durby and the list goes on same goes for AI behavior of Police in GTA 4 vs GTA v ^^ so much cool stuff they could do but "looking good" and a long stretched story for more "playtime" to justify 59,99 and making it work on consoles for more sales to get the maximum payout its sad but true
eyja fjalajokull (3 days ago)
still a gud game tho
Jared Freeston (3 days ago)
I did not know far cry 2 was more realistic
me guy my fat (3 days ago)
Far cry 2 is win
Raczoon (4 days ago)
My friend and I were thinking on getting this, but then another friend showed me this video, and now it seems none of us will. Half-assing things isn't an acceptable business model. And here I thought I was imagining things when I thought the later Far Cry games were lacking in the magic and details of Far Cry 2. Maybe Far Cry 6 will bother to combine gameplay and details. What a shame.....I was looking forward to the animal companions.
Raczoon why though? Like, what? I don’t understand your reasoning. You won’t get far cry 5 because... you can’t chop tree branches and the sky doesn’t move? Why not focus on stuff like mechanics and story? God this comment section is dumb.
Frajad Shahid (4 days ago)
FC3, FC, FC4 or FC2, and then FC5, all far cry cannon games from best to worst
ShadrinKun (4 days ago)
well, FC5 is shit :D. Ubisoft - we make games worse from year to year (graphic is not important)
közveren (4 days ago)
Omg. Far cry 2 better than far cry 5 unbeliavable
Hunter 10 (4 days ago)
GabannaVita (4 days ago)
7:12 Next Gen
brayan rodrigues (4 days ago)
Farcry 2 melhor
ComradeAlpha (4 days ago)
Far cry 2’s healing animations are by far some of the best animations is gaming
Anatoli Madara (4 days ago)
Fisica Far cry 2👍 Far cry 5👎
Goran Pavlović (4 days ago)
You are serioisly rerarded if you think that fc2 is better, fuck off!
СʍΔ MK (4 days ago)
i cry when i see mate diying in farcry it's so the best of all farcry shit
TheWillWay (4 days ago)
No screen tear on far cry 2 either
Agfagg DDD (4 days ago)
far cry 2 is number1
MLGREK NOSCOPE (4 days ago)
Why do i feel disappointed i dont even play these games
Tom Yang (5 days ago)
Oh my god!
Chazzie137 (5 days ago)
Even though Far cry 5 "looks" more realistic it really doesn't have the depth or viscerality that of Far Cry 2. Ever since, Far Cry's never had that same sense of feeling like you were in danger, lost wild and deadly place. Now your just a tourist with an AK with incredible skill of sucking bullets out their forearms.
Chazzie137 (5 days ago)
cmon son, you can trim your hedges with an AK, far cry 2 hands down. *malaria flashbacks* actually nah, nevermind
Santiperras (5 days ago)
It must be the most detailed Far Cry game
Fuzzy Dunlop (5 days ago)
If I remember correctly, most RPG's have a set distance of travel, after which they will automatically detonate - so I'm not sure if FC2 having the RPG come back to Earth was realistic or not. People can get real artsy with their RPGs. I know insurgents in Iraq would use the set travel limit to their advantage and gauge the distance just so that it'll explode in front or above someone and act as an airburst.
Lone Knight (5 days ago)
...and Playtime for Far Cry 2 boosted that week.
Sven Dix (5 days ago)
Thx for that video far cry 5 is a fucking joke please ppl dont buy it dont pay ubicrap for that insult of a bullshit game
Sven Dix just because it is the weakest doesn’t mean it is shit.
Sven Dix (1 day ago)
idk man i played far cry from 1 to 5 and i honestly think 5 is the weakest title..sure there are some cool new features like fishing and flying planes but all together its just to less . for me at least. i prefer GR wild lands right now where your bullets are not stopped by some wooden fence
Sven Dix but... it’s fun. Don’t let some bias comparison ruin it for you. You will barely notice any of these.
Reiner Rynolds (5 days ago)
time and effort are just as valuable currency as money when you're a public game company with shareholders wanting results every time. Sacrifices are always made in big budget game design.
My name is not Rick (5 days ago)
This is embarrassing
oh no I pay alot of attention to the forest fires you can cause. I loved burning the bliss
DEVASTAT0R THE EXCAVATOR MAN well that is fine but why would you ever waste time trying to chop branches off the tree. That isn’t the focus of the game. When your in the middle of a massive fight you don’t just take the time to slowly kill them.
I pay alot of attention in video games
DEVASTAT0R THE EXCAVATOR MAN I mean... if any of this was in 5 you’d barely notice.
Michal Koreň (5 days ago)
Kazu Nagayo (5 days ago)
Well that's why far cry 5 exist, becase of far cry 2 xD
Z_Killer Gamer (5 days ago)
Far cry 2 is best
FischiPiSti (5 days ago)
It's so sad that with every new installment of a franchise, even with the same engine, even with the same devteam, they just scrap everything, and just don't do it for the next game because "oh they won't notice anyway". Sequels should be built upon, they should evolve, not get a "reboot" every time. Not saying it should be copy/pasted assets, but there are certainly code, tech, that should get ported over, especially if it's a staple of the franchise. And they say games are expensive to make..
g76agi (5 days ago)
Samar Dhillon (5 days ago)
Far cry 2 should be remastered
AlPan (5 days ago)
fkn pathetic these devs
Nils Bechtel (5 days ago)
Pretty impresive for a ten years old game. Its funny, that it wasnt actually considert a good game back in the days...
Nils Bechtel I mean, it still isn’t. Some miniscle details won’t fix it. Enemies camps respawn, malaria is a pain the ass to deal with, and the story is terrible.
Sallu Ballu (5 days ago)
i like fc2 and fc4 better, attention to detail wise
Maxime PdK (5 days ago)
Ok,... I don't wan't to play FC5 anymore,...
ghost fighters (5 days ago)
Now I want to play far cry 2
Crobee (6 days ago)
The dying scene in FC2 is very real. I'd say even totally real.
WilDi (6 days ago)
The thing I loved most about FC2 was the "physical" map you had to pull out when you wanted to navigate. I wish Ubi would have held to that thing in the recent games. I haven't tried any of them after FC3 though.
Goattacular (6 days ago)
Losing a buddy was one of the most heart-wrenching things in FC2. The only other game that comes to mind that compares is Mass Effect 2 on the suicide mission. In one play through, Thane kept dying no matter what, and I scrapped the entire play through.
Crash.png (6 days ago)
Games don't care about fun gameplay anymore its all about the graphics now its heartbreaking
Crash.png but.. far cry 5 is very fun.
Zeus (6 days ago)
Rip immersion
Pqp tbm olha no que os cara quer compara
paul freeman (6 days ago)
Strangely enough, there is a fully working weather system in the Far Cry Arcade editor despite not being in the base game itself. It isn't dynamic though unfortunately and is somewhat limited.I still can't believe how static they made the environment. No trees or vegetation react to explosions, helicopter wind, or even move at all besides the scripted wind animation (Though this isn't the case in the Arcade editor for some reason). Ubisoft could've at least allow it to react when the player moves through it, but no! It's just completely static! Even the explosions themselves where toned down from Far Cry 4 such as the C4, molotov, and grenade, plus the fire looks worse since very little smoke forms and it doesn't actually destroy the vegetation, causing it grow back. I really want to like Far Cry 5 because it definitely took a step ahead with many things such as with the acting, the music, the story, the character models, and environment detail itself, but I feel it just took too many steps back with other things and overall feels incomplete. I may get it once it goes on sale, but only once most of the post release updates and DLC are out the door so that hopefully most of the issues can be fixed or changed(assuming if they ever will be). Unless if they were just lazy or doing it for profit, it would've been better if they just overhauled the Dunia engine after FC4 so it could be more capable of including all these details even though they were in older versions of the engine. If only mods would come to Far Cry's rescue.
zSz (6 days ago)
This pretty sad
Gabe the Dog (6 days ago)
well if we upgrade it then we wouldn't be able to do remasters. your point is dumbie
Realmasterorder (6 days ago)
Wow Far cry 2 10 year old game (and one as well) and it can definately teach the new one a thing or two,especially in the physics department that is pretty ridiculous in FC5
Myra Frosty (6 days ago)
FC2 is my favorite game of all time
Myra Frosty Jesus, you must have bad taste.
happy ricegrain (6 days ago)
graphics aside i feel that fc5 is a lot more fun to play than fc2 the world doesnt feel dead and empty the quest are more diverse a lot more stuff to do in general fast travel works fine now ingame economics finally work out (never thought i would see the day:D) hardly any bugs for a ubisoft game .... also i really dont get it why folks praise fc2 so much in this comments section cause i'm pretty sure that people hated the game when it came out all those years ago
Borkaman87 (6 days ago)
Great demonstration. FC2 is a fantastic game and with the movies Blood Diamond and No Country for Old men to cycle it with, it made me feel i lived two lives rather than playing a game.. FC5 is fanastic too but with one relevant flaw; spawning and despawning of events, enemies, animals etc.. can flip only 10 meters away at times, absolutely massacrating immersion.
SoulStorm Brew (6 days ago)
as someone who didnt play either of them i couldnt tell the difference in the graphics at first
AmericanGamer21 (6 days ago)
I always thought Farcry 2 was a great game although it wasn't on the watered down hype train 3 was on for mass appeal
Subhayan Ray (6 days ago)
"all that glitters is not gold!" plus far cry 2 probably had a longer development cycle than far cry 5, and also we have to keep that in mind that crysis was just released a year before far cry 2, so stakes were pretty high since crytek developed the first far cry and Ubisoft had to give their very best to outsmart crytek's latest goliath. Games are commercial products nowadays(especially games that are developed by ea and ubisoft)
Sunky (6 days ago)
butcher6939 (6 days ago)
lol, far cry 5 is a scum xDDDD
pakan357 (6 days ago)
New games are shit. What a surprise.
Ass whooper (6 days ago)
Far cry 2 might have more details, but it doesn't have fucking characters. You might as well be talking to a motherhecking plank, but it's still better than Far cry 5. I think that the 3rd Far cry was probably the best.
Chara (6 days ago)
WOW INSANE FAR CRY 2 BEST GAME EVER and Ubisoft you was fabulous before.... Now you suck.
Psycho Games (6 days ago)
Far cry 2 à beaucoup plus de détail honteux !
Kenneth Ballena (6 days ago)
FC 2 was a great game and so detailed but it was so boring,lame story. FC 5 is not much detailed but so great with all things you need to explore and the new features
All About Pigeons (7 days ago)
Bestttt comparision my vote goes to farcry 2
_Precendant _ (7 days ago)
Ubisoft was too busy in farcry 5 making Joseph’s snot physics
Walsinork (7 days ago)
I guess they don't make games like they used to.

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