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Far Cry 2 details vs Far Cry 5

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How FC2 holds up 10 years later. FC5 has its own attention to details that FC2 doesn't have, this comparison doesn't mean FC5 has nothing to show. Both games run under a different version of the Dunia engine (Ubisoft-modified CryEngine). If you don't know which game is which, Far Cry 5 always cuts before Far Cry 2, clips fade in when it's just another example from the same game. Recorded on PC, ultra settings. Song samples from Delta Force Black Hawk Down OST: https://youtu.be/II2iQf4dC-g ; https://youtu.be/xhC90LVoM-0 ; https://youtu.be/jbAAkV5Qa9s
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Crowbcat (25 days ago)
What's missing: - FC2: Rain, no dynamic weather in FC5 https://youtu.be/j08tlgG4l8Y - FC5: Fire through walls with armor piercing ammo https://youtu.be/4cVk73Iy_yg - FC5: Large ammo boxes explode https://youtu.be/pZfL5Y8qjq0 - FC2: Golden AK-47 variant, less prone to corrosion https://youtu.be/xBhrgb4A0jE
PaPa Johnson (21 hours ago)
Where's the gun jamming?
420-247 Productions (7 days ago)
FC2 is a pile of crap, the dead ones are rubbish the graphics are crap for a 2008 game and it's boring as shit. FC5 beats it in every way
TipTop (11 days ago)
Far Cry 2 is better at physics and logic than Far Cry 5
super dog (13 days ago)
Crowbcat xbox ?
Doge The Dog (28 days ago)
Crowbcat The things that are also missing are the guns jamming/exploding in the player's face in FC2
HYAAAK!!! (5 hours ago)
When I play a game, I want to be immersed in it. Small details matter. When the environment ignores the existence of the player, how can anyone get immersed in that? I'll take interactive and destructable environment any day over a beautifully drawn pre-rendered background.
Calla Bryn Sturgis (5 hours ago)
far cry 5 is basically a far cry 3 with better graphic. admit it.
jamilthemaster (6 hours ago)
I don't know why FPS games that come out in 2018 try to compete with Escape From Tarkov. Do the creators of this game even know how bullets work
jamilthemaster (6 hours ago)
I stopped playing Farcry 5 when I realized you couldn't shoot through sheet metal, or how your bullets just magically stop after 50 yards. Wtf is the point of having sniper scopes if all they do is look 2 feet into the distance and the bullets don't even go as far as the scope can see.
Zaid Ahmad (12 hours ago)
Far cry 2 would have been the best game ubisoft ever made if they added a stealth mechanic and a slightly more detailed map
IrishNoodles (18 hours ago)
FC2 was one of the most immersive games I've ever played. FC5 is pure fucking garbage in comparison.
travos k (19 hours ago)
The sound of car engines still haunts me.
Amer DigVEVO (21 hours ago)
fc2 + fc3 ♥ ♥ fk fc4 and fk fc5 -_-
PaPa Johnson (21 hours ago)
Far cry 5 : graphics Far cry 2 : detail Which one do you choose?
Le-Grande (1 day ago)
Far Cry five but with gun jamming and malaria. oh YES! perfection.
Farcry 2 & 3, fucking classics.
Nein Nein (1 day ago)
Far cry 1 had the coolest enemy’s like Helicopter soldiers Monsters and more and I wish oicw rifle still in far cry franchise this rifle from far cry 1 and the rifle was so good it have like grenade launcher 5 round in magazine and had best scope and some one comment me down below
K0REANSPREE (1 day ago)
To be fair the vehicle destruction is a bit better in far cry 5, you would need more explosives to cause the flips you see in 2
Purya Emami (1 day ago)
The physic of far cry 2 is very great
ubisoft fuckd up rainbow six siege too when i saw the trailer it was so cool after playing the real game when it released it was completly a diffrent game ... why ubisoft degrade there games graphics???! but RB6S is a good game..
far cry 5 is so fucked up man! i love far cry 2 : )
Commander Spartan (2 days ago)
This was posted one month after realease of fc5 and i have noticed new details since i got the game
Mahdi Akhyear (2 days ago)
fc2's surrounding makes u feel as it is living, breathing. no other 1stPS gave me that feel. I don't have any issues about the weapon jamming since I visit the shop often. but my gun is literally getting older and rustier... that realisation is good. no other fPS gave me the joy of handling the new shiny ak47 , as u go back at the shop, dump ur old one and get the new shiny perfect shaped AK.
Mahdi Akhyear (2 days ago)
12:29 that's kinda sad
Mahdi Akhyear (2 days ago)
12:29 that hurts...
Mahdi Akhyear (2 days ago)
enemies in GR:wildlands dies quickly, bullets are as deadly as they should be. there's a cheat in farcry2, with that enabled->2 bullet holes in their chests, and they r dead. this works for me as I literally want to complete missions without taking a hit. ya that's true, I finished a load of missions in fc2 without even a slight damage. and I love the way grasses move while u walk past them, love the way birds chirp, the wind makes the vegetation move, love the AI. and got no problem with weapon jamming as I visit the shop frequently. I love it , even today. ..
Mahdi Akhyear (2 days ago)
even today, I have fc2 in my pc. and love playing it ! ...never gets old...
AcTe (2 days ago)
AH FarCry 2 mon premier FPS 😍 (oui j ai comencé tard ^^)
William Stival (2 days ago)
massa! eu ate comecei a jogar esse jogo mas como sou burro e não sei inglês acabei desistindo. mais o jogo e foda!! curti muito.
Kenny's moustache (2 days ago)
16:13 *blows into bazooka*
Yusuf Eroglu (2 days ago)
fc 2
Leonardo Vaz (3 days ago)
FarCry 2 the best
Sumita Sarkar (3 days ago)
Sumita Sarkar (3 days ago)
MLG Spekulatius (3 days ago)
Why is fc 2 so gooood?
splitz second (3 days ago)
Farcry 2 physics= mind blown
Don't install far cry 5
Tomal Khan (3 days ago)
Funny as our CPU's got stronger our physics engine got weaker
GI3RCOWNIA (3 days ago)
we want farcry 2 renastered!
Стас Титов (3 days ago)
Far Cry 5 ещё одна халтура Ubisoft.
Luca Guida (3 days ago)
10:00 now that is horrible
Mahdi Akhyear (2 days ago)
yah , I was like ; dafu* am I seeing... it's fc5 isn't it?
José Augusto (3 days ago)
Ded_Miron (4 days ago)
Видос класс, не напрасно Far Cry 2 самая продвинутая в серии, жалко это не касается сюжета, в других частях он лучше.
coop-players (4 days ago)
The ai was so much better in farcry 2
Young Edd (4 days ago)
Ok... FC2 have it's points. And, wow. I never looked and said ''Wow, that's something.'' Tkx for saving my eyes, my time and everything else.
Вот если бы сделали сюжетную линию и квесты увлекательными во 2-ой части, забава была бы шедевральна, а этак – Юбисофт в собственном репертуаре.
Yogeshwar Maya (4 days ago)
Damn its beautiful 12:50
Yogeshwar Maya (4 days ago)
As the graphics gets more detailed and realistic they get even tougher for them to render separate images for their reactions.
The Matrix (4 days ago)
I go play far cry 2 again
Jamish Mcquo (4 days ago)
ive never played far cry 2 and im fucking pissed off you mean to tell me the A.I. in far cry 5 just wiggles around when they get shot like "UGGGGGUHHHHHHHHHHGHUHGUG" meanwhile far cry 2 they jump in the air and collapse and pull their pistol out, stagger etc.
Skullface (4 days ago)
FC 2 is still shit tho lmao Yeah sure they had detail but the gameplay and story is boring as fuck, only good thing about it is detail FC 5 is shit too but not that much garbage as 2,
Krzysztof Karaś (4 days ago)
Farcry 2 is 100% better
Marlon Brendo (5 days ago)
you should call this video: for me fc2 is better than fc5
Katia Managan (5 days ago)
That final scene with the dude on death’s door basically asking to be mercy killed kicked my soul in the balls. I’m so glad I’ve still got my old PS3; maybe I can track down a copy and finally play the gem for myself.
Ram Brier (5 days ago)
They should have made bulletproof vest out of those trees in FC5 😂
Asemka Sonya (5 days ago)
old game is very good and still the best
Saith Feed (5 days ago)
now look, crowb doesn't legitimately say that FC2 is better than FC5, he's just comparing FC2's details to FC5's, the latest game is fun don't get me wrong, as I love both games, but this is just sad, Ubisoft doesn't care about details anymore, only how the game looks, and attention to detail in games is really impressive just like in Half-Life, a game back in 1998. I hope Ubisoft will bring these details back in Far Cry 6 or by Updating the game again.
Fliper Lahtin (5 days ago)
fc5 arkada
Именно потому 2-ю доля проходил два раза. В последующие части играл малость.
Wayne Payne98 (5 days ago)
Fuck ubisoft. Until they match Rockstar's attention to detail I'm boycotting.
Flashbang505 (5 days ago)
You would think that years of development would add and refine features, but they minimize adding and take things away instead. graphics aside.
Flashbang505 (5 days ago)
And wow having bought into the franchise at FC3, I didn’t know they had removed so much progress.
im gay and, (5 days ago)
both are good
François Pouliot (5 days ago)
Woaw UBISOFt really cheap out the last far cry. Glad I didn't bought it😂🤣
Gibby (5 days ago)
What do you choose? *Details* or *Graphic* ?
Basil 2.0 (5 days ago)
i choose gameplay?
Muhammet Ali Malkoç (5 days ago)
far cry 2 best physic
thekingls (5 days ago)
DeadlyGreenSpirit (5 days ago)
I forgot how good farcry 2 was
Jkagvvg Fcggh (5 days ago)
Farcry 2 details + Farcry 5 graphics = the perfect game
Boxing kid (6 days ago)
Really lazy
Фар кромка 2 намного лучше я не ошибался когда гласил что Far Cry 5 будет дерьмом ещё тем
Chase D (6 days ago)
2 will always be the best one they made.
Neonium (6 days ago)
Far Cry 3 forever!
JardaTV (6 days ago)
so do far cry 3 vs far cry 5
Ahmad Nader (7 days ago)
Why ubi reach here they just work on the grafics not gameplay
bobby ferguson (7 days ago)
Idc far cry 2 will always be the best far cry game IMO
Angoo 1269 (7 days ago)
Farcry5 loser
Basil 2.0 (5 days ago)
optimization? are you joking?
- OlivenickO -2 (7 days ago)
Tfw an older game has more aesthetics
Wolf Hound (7 days ago)
B-but Far Cry 2 was ahead of it's time!!! just like most old games now............
Taha Jasden (7 days ago)
Ubisoft should make far cry 2 Remastered!!
Спасибо огромное за сопоставление.И конечно я знаю,что создатель из Америки,однако всё равно охото его отблагодарить за красивый видеоклип!
jairo ruiz (7 days ago)
tome su like buen hombre
ghostkiller (7 days ago)
Far cry 2 win
SirHell (7 days ago)
Even in FC3, some mechanics from FC2 still exists
soymiguelito1 (7 days ago)
far cry 5 va destinado para niños ratas no para los veteranos XD a los niños no les importa la historia o los detalles ni animaciones solo ven graficos
NICO EPIL (7 days ago)
Where's malaria?
vehell king (7 days ago)
if far cry 2 remastered is be great game in the world
Tt Tt (7 days ago)
Far cry 2 logic is make seen than far cry 5
Dank Beams (7 days ago)
Someone needs to send this vid to the devs
Jumpy20 (8 days ago)
the only thing is missing in farcry 2 is exploration to be honest far cry 2 is more boring than any other far cry games but i hope far cry 2 gets a remake or a remastered at some point
Maxi Minus (8 days ago)
Ont avance a reculon sauf dans le moteur graphique
newv newv (8 days ago)
I give up on modern gaming
Magerama (8 days ago)
Static sky!? Now I'm mad.
Skyler Ray (8 days ago)
Если уж у Юбисофт воображение завершилась, взяли б хотя бы из старенькых разработок
Reaper Seth Glover (8 days ago)
Imma get out my old xbox just for far cry 2
Reaper Seth Glover (8 days ago)
I know this is a dumb question but did Ubisoft make far cry 2
Basil 2.0 (5 days ago)
no, ubisoft stole far cry
Naifrus (7 days ago)
Ye, it's their first far cry game
Reaper Seth Glover (8 days ago)
We need a far cry 2 remastered
Reaper Seth Glover (8 days ago)
They say the first game in the series is the best but with far cry it's the second
Chavez Tomás (8 days ago)
Ubisoft have downgraded their games very much. I hope that they realize their mistakes and correct them.
Leafleap (8 days ago)
Far cry 2 all day, erry day!
Rozan TheOoz (8 days ago)
But Far Cry 2 is really boring!!!
Tsubacki ISHTRA (8 days ago)
if you put far cry 2 with the graphics of far cry 5 that will a good game

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