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Far Cry 2 details vs Far Cry 5

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How FC2 holds up 10 years later. FC5 has its own attention to details that FC2 doesn't have, this comparison doesn't mean FC5 has nothing to show. Both games run under a different version of the Dunia engine (Ubisoft-modified CryEngine). If you don't know which game is which, Far Cry 5 always cuts before Far Cry 2, clips fade in when it's just another example from the same game. Recorded on PC, ultra settings. Song samples from Delta Force Black Hawk Down OST: https://youtu.be/II2iQf4dC-g ; https://youtu.be/xhC90LVoM-0 ; https://youtu.be/jbAAkV5Qa9s
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Crowbcat (3 months ago)
What's missing: - FC2: Rain, no dynamic weather in FC5 https://youtu.be/j08tlgG4l8Y - FC5: Fire through walls with armor piercing ammo https://youtu.be/4cVk73Iy_yg - FC5: Large ammo boxes explode https://youtu.be/pZfL5Y8qjq0 - FC2: Golden AK-47 variant, less prone to corrosion https://youtu.be/xBhrgb4A0jE
*Nothing is Real* (9 hours ago)
It doesn't rain in Africa?
Selim Sultan Akbar (8 days ago)
gazsi kft fuckface
gazsi kft (8 days ago)
games getting worst now its not about that how realistic is the game its about the profit😢
Selim Sultan Akbar (17 days ago)
Crowbcat Useless piece of shit!
Herofreddy (3 hours ago)
Did anyone else watch the whole 20 mins? Cuz I did and I'm shaking!
Herofreddy (4 hours ago)
4:29 Did he just tag him?
Führer des Benutzers (5 hours ago)
When I saw the backblast setting the grass on fire I was impressed.
ProGiDY X (10 hours ago)
Farcry 2:stunning attention to details Poor graphics Farcry 5:poor attention to details Beautiful graphics
13wizZard37 (20 hours ago)
causals never goin to notice that - this is why
azae00 Vids (1 day ago)
at some points it's hard to tell which is which
12:20 RTX ON/OFF
Ubisoft = Lazy
FC 2 was very underrated, he's hard and good
なぜ新作の方が劣化してしまうのか 残念でならない
Hyper 03 (1 day ago)
Farcry 1 and 2 is the Best ❤️
Albert Arksun (1 day ago)
True "next gen"
Ponuru (1 day ago)
Too bad farcry 5 was trash with 0 effort put into it in comparison
Oracle X (2 days ago)
Basically Ubisoft got lazy
Na Fianna (2 days ago)
Bethesda are the only Devs to take time these days
Far Cry 2 wins. (Note: This is my opinion, Soo don't get mad Far Cry fans.)
CryptoModz (3 days ago)
So its realistic that u can shoot branches off trees? Hmmm
asd111qq (3 days ago)
4:28 PUBG
Singurson 1 (3 days ago)
This is sad only publisher left that still care about games is ROCKSTAR Ubisoft just money grab cheap games they make in like a full rush and just publish, really sad really really sad
AerisM (2 days ago)
I think you're ignoring the huge money grab drawn out "milk the cow after it's got no milk left to give" game that is Grand Theft Auto 5 and it's Online portion.
lazy and creedy
Dj Rojerinho (3 days ago)
You hate or like far cry 5
s1AsHeR _ (4 days ago)
Far Cry 2 Outdated Graphic But have Good Detail, Far Cry 5 Good Graphic but the Detail is Bad i Mean Really Bad....
Jitendra Gurjar (4 days ago)
I am downloading Farcry 2 now.
9:56 no fucking way this remembers me how venon desapear in spider man 3
GamsıZBronZ (4 days ago)
farcry 2 wins
Mr. Meow Meow (5 days ago)
Ubisoft EA Acttvision/Blizzard . Are crooks .
Audi A7 (5 days ago)
FC2 explosion looks like he threw 100 tons of dynamite.
Sachin Vinith (5 days ago)
I guess far cry 2 gives correct explanation for perfect physics
El Denih (5 days ago)
FAR CRY 2 It needs to be remastered to make it the best game in the world, but it's still the best game : D
Viital Shadow (5 days ago)
Yeah let's compare tiny, minor details just so we can say the older games are miles ahead and are so much better. I guarantee most players don't even pay attention to the littlest details anyways. This is just stupid as fuck.
Samin Latif (5 days ago)
Newer games always have the advantage of being able to utilize more advanced and more modern hardware. FC5 is better for overall textures and shadowing, but this video was made just to highlight the shortcomings of this new game and the lack of attention put into minor details. The minor details don't matter, but they add to the quality of the game. They could just as easily have put these details into FC5.
Hurricane (5 days ago)
WHOA WTF! So if you shot a guy with a non lethal hit, He would pull his pistol out and hobble to cover and wait for you to come forward!? NOT TO MENTION if his buddy see's him injured, he'll patch him up or try to carry him to safety!? What the fuck? I didn't think AI was even that advanced back then. Why aren't all FPS games doing this? This completely blew my mind. COD kind of did this already but not nearly in the same amount of detail and realism Far Cry has done. In FC5 all they do is inject him with something and their friend is instantly back up. Which kinda makes no sense and is a little ridiculous.
- ANVYL (5 days ago)
Far cry 6 pls good graphics And details.
Х. Сод-Од (5 days ago)
far cry 2 weapon inspection animations are satisfying as hell.
I loved Far Cry 4, but I'm not buying Far Cry 5.
Carl Nordgren (6 days ago)
I want a remake of Farcry Instincts.
David Sikent (6 days ago)
CryEngine 2 > all
Doge This! (6 days ago)
Lazy devs
Re- Buff (6 days ago)
Maybe at farcry 223 we get those details back
ZoneZ Feel Good (6 days ago)
'Are You Kidding Me?'
Jer Snipes (6 days ago)
I cannot leave even enemies I actually hate down to suffer. I can't do it. My Dad would beat me black and blue for gut-shooting game, so that it gets away and runs for minutes at a time before it finally succumbs. I'm not going to do it to a real or digital creature, either. The beating has nothing on how much it hurts to get shot in the torso, and have to suffer writhing on the ground as you slowly bleed out, suffocating as your lungs collapse , not even being able to straighten out from someone tearing a violent cavity through your intestines, your kidneys and your bowels spilling their punctured content into the parts of your body their linings no longer separate, that kind of shit. The more you know anatomy, the more dangerous you are, but hopefully that means you'll understand what actually happens and be less violent, be more sympathetic to the other, and not turn into some carotid artery Jack the Ripper who carries a K bar around to one-cut people to death on the streets.
kuroro (6 days ago)
Far Cry 5 looks like shit!!!
Sam Beardon (6 days ago)
That generic car sound always scared the shit out of me in far cry 2. PTSD kickin in...
mohamed masfi (6 days ago)
now days games hight graphics low psychics
Agent_Ash (6 days ago)
I love how people keep posting stuff like "developers nowadays are lazy", "games used to be made with love", and other good-old-days bullshit. Games get incomparably more attention nowadays. Sure, sometimes they get it in other places than before. But while this video is fun, thorough overall comparison of games 10 years apart would be laughable. That is to say, none of the games in the Far Cry have ever been any kind of breakthroughs, except maybe the first one.
Angels Planet (6 days ago)
Best far cry and phisics
xReaperZ_Raptor (7 days ago)
just bought far cry 2
xReaperZ_Raptor (7 days ago)
16:36 this was the best part of the game why did they not bring it in fc5 :(
xReaperZ_Raptor (7 days ago)
this vid makes me sad
Jim Will (7 days ago)
This is insane
Kyle Mclean Reeve (7 days ago)
I also can’t stand the red highlighted enemy’s behind objects or that sound to alert you an enemy is nearby , being shot at would be way more realistic and immersive than the law and order dun duh every other minute ..... speaking of fc5 .... I wish I would never have wasted 60 bucks on that damn game , I’ve been playing rdr2 and am blown away although it’s not the best for a FPS the game draws you in like a game should .
ahburs (7 days ago)
Honestly makes me want to replay farcry2.
TheNormalplayer12 (7 days ago)
I can kinda agree with this.
SLS-7 (7 days ago)
Far cry2 was so ahead of it time . Best game in the serie
That One Gib (7 days ago)
Here's the difference: Far Cry 2 was made to be an experience unlike any other. Far Cry 5 was made to feel good by shooting bad guys. It's deeper fun vs simple fun.
Basil 2.0 (7 days ago)
fun? how is it fun to do the same thing in every single game?
Succy Succ Succ (7 days ago)
Basically the fucking shit with GTA IV and GTA V
I'm just in shock, we do not notice how we are just fed shit.
Itz Milkyy (8 days ago)
I bought far cry 5 played it for about 4 hours then traded it in cos it was so boring and shit
Best engine and best detail far cry 2.
Zor (8 days ago)
Far Cry 2 really makes you feel like Far Cry
2007 and 2008 were good years for gaming.
Delacruz Daniel (8 days ago)
I still remember the first time I saw those flames in FC2. Those flames just spread out as wind blow, I was like 'Ohhhhhhhh shit that's awesome!'
Chengzhi Zhang (8 days ago)
9:13 Now for that one I'd say FC 5 is probably more realistic. There is just no grenade that has such power to blow a vehicle so high in the air...
Dwi Rahman Soleman (8 days ago)
19:18 this detail makes the Game emotional even tho i never play it
Frotik Games (8 days ago)
FC5=FC2 but FC5 big graphics....no.. FC2 better
It’s funny, at the end of far cry 5 they literally exterminate any Peggie. So it’s really hard to find them, so I resort to killing innocents and my own teammates just to make up for my boredom. (I’m not sadistic) but I even enjoy standing over them as they are knocked down and smacking them with a shovel or setting them on fire, because now they’ve removed the only threat, I’ve really became the threat. But in far cry 2 it felt as if every death was a story being told, like the NPCS had a family and were waiting to go home, but died in front of you. And even once the enemies rarely spawned I still restrained myself from gunning them down. They had more liveliness.
Atomic Munchies (8 days ago)
Graphics < detail
Imperial Scout (8 days ago)
It really is the little things that matter.
Deathless (8 days ago)
Games are mainly going downhill nowadays. Harder to find worthwhile ones.
Viribad (8 days ago)
Far Cry 2 was one of the most atmospheric, immersive shooters I ever played. If they fixed the annoying gameplay element's it would be the GOAT Far Cry.
John Hackney (8 days ago)
For all its fantastic details, the actual game play of Far Cry 2 wasn't that amazing. The world was pretty dead and boring outside of missions. 3 got the gameplay right, but removed a lot of these details and they have been missing since.
remastered Far Cry 2 pls it will be better the all series
Special Kapson (8 days ago)
15:57 asmr kicks in
Thicc Catto (9 days ago)
When a 2008 game is better than a 2018 game Well done Ubisoft, well done
Ömer Faruk (9 days ago)
this is just sad.
ImRising. (9 days ago)
11:18 notice how the light doesnt go away after destroying the lantern, thats because the light is fixed which is why you cant destroy lanterns and similar in most modern games anymore, its not a light coming from the lantern but rather a mesh of a lantern with a fixed pointlight thats independent of the lantern. Same can be seen in falllout 4 for example where u cant destroy lanterns and even mods that allow you to do it leave the light behind.
Easy to do when the game file fits on a SD card
Agar Kraken (9 days ago)
Came here for the thumbnail it looked funny af
Hugh Janus (9 days ago)
No doubt everyone in the comments is going to act up in arms about how drastically different the Far Cry series became after Far Cry 2, but it's our fault that it turned into what it is now. Far Cry 2 was a commercial disaster, presumably because it's not a game you can easily pick up and play. It requires thought and strategy. It requires that you play with a very slow pace, especially in the second act where enemies drive around shooting .50 caliber machine guns and grenade launchers that can destroy you and your vehicle in seconds, meaning it's more practical to sneak around. If you try to play it like you would Call of Duty, or any of the later Far Cry games, you'll die constantly. It's not something the average person appreciates, and it showed in the sales of 2 vs. 3.
Quamain Gibbs (9 days ago)
And FC5 is too short. The whole resistance points thing makes it too easy to reach a boss.
TRIONAL (9 days ago)
conclusion : farcry 2 es mas realista que farcry 5
TEchnoGHettoSChwedt (10 days ago)
Far Cry 2 Remake pls
heli sp3ctre (10 days ago)
a.k.a programmers vs coders
LOTUS (10 days ago)
Modern games are devolving : (...i miss old days
Jamie Owns (10 days ago)
Tbf Far Cry 2 is what I would call a tech demo game at the time same with crysis and the first game. This changed with 3 since they actually got a good story line. And far cry has become more of a normal game. It's understandable that it's lost many of it's tech demo features. I'm sure the devs don't even think about it now.
CovertGrizzly (10 days ago)
how do you play far cry 2 without burning down the world
Big pein (10 days ago)
Seeing this type of stuff makes me sad
devilz gaming (10 days ago)
Far cry 2 was made with love and joy. Far cry 5 was made only for graphics. No details whatsoever. Made for money 💰
Erwin (10 days ago)
People call Far Cry 2 realistic, even tho guns break after 20min. Weapons don't act correctly like in real life, like when the RPG fires a fucking missile instead of a grenade. Have to take malaria pills constantly. 2 kinds of Animals. Well, we can probably go on forever of everything wrong with that game, it's a bloated game with annoying unrealistic crap because the devs can't do research for 5sec and instead make up shit.
Koiden (10 days ago)
This makes me wish I purchased far cry 2 instead of 5 🤦🏼‍♂️
Aliante Bassi (10 days ago)
I played Far Cry 2,3, and 4. Amazing games, they all had a point of strongness. Phisics and mechanics in 2, Story in 3 and Graphics and realistic atmosphere in 4. Playing 4 and 3 as the last one made me appreciate the evolution. But are you guys saying Far Cry 5 overall is worse? I want no spoiler
Freddy Rojas (10 days ago)
I've always said no Far Cry game could match the quality of FC2 and so far, I'm right.
J e f f J e f f (10 days ago)
Far Cry 2 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Far Cry 5 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Timothy Dawson (11 days ago)
More like Far Cry 3 part 4 (including Primal).
SYT94828 Gaming (11 days ago)
I love how they added cloud details
FC2 More realism than FC5
T Tauri (11 days ago)
How sad that is ...
lone wvlf (11 days ago)
I can't believe FC2 is more realistic than FC5
Badtaste21 (11 days ago)
I've played FC2 a lot, but even I forgot how much detail it had. This is a good video to remind us what we actually could expect nowadays... I'm kind of shocked tbh, I didn't expect this. But seeing it side by side, there's no doubt.

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