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H1Z1 PS4 Gameplay | BEST GUN IN THE GAME?! (H1Z1 PS4)

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H1Z1 gameplay has officially hit PS4 in closed beta, and I couldn't be more excited! Let me know what you think about the new style of gameplay and weapons here, and DROP A LIKE if you'd like to see more!! Subscribe for more videos: http://bit.ly/1eaoj9p New shirts and hats available now! http://bit.ly/2ty09kl Keep up with me on social media here! Twitter: http://twitter.com/OpTic_BigTymeR Instagram: http://instagram.com/TheBigTymeR Check out this book I'm in: http://opticgamingbook.com/ Use code "BigT" for 5% off your next https://scufgaming.com/ purchase! Check out our sponsors: http://www.turtlebeach.com http://www.turtlewax.com http://www.dxracer.com http://www.scufgaming.com
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Text Comments (433)
bossmun5 playz (1 hour ago)
Does anybody have trigger lag it takes three seconds for my gun topsoil up before it fires
henry romein (9 hours ago)
I also have close up fight issues Someone straight up shot me true a big ass rock
verbal kent (11 hours ago)
Any one know why mine wont find a server im in n.ireland
Klee Klee (11 hours ago)
They need to slow the game back down. No one wants quicker games except idiots who play cod and those fools don’t know shit.
Monster Inc (14 hours ago)
Dane Law (15 hours ago)
How you gone walk by the ammo Everytime you open a crate and walk off bein like "where's my ammo" 😂😂 nah I'm playing haha
Patrick Kehoe (18 hours ago)
So I can't just get this game when it comes out
Derek Mc Cormack (18 hours ago)
Is the battle royale part of this game free for now or do you have to pay for it in the future ?
FoxyyPlays (18 hours ago)
The game looks so dark on console.
Desley Van Den Bovenkamp (19 hours ago)
It looks like shit
James Carter (20 hours ago)
Mine won't load on PS4 plz help it keeps me on the loading screen with 2 running man
dest151 (1 day ago)
regular joe cant play the game, sucks!!!!!!!!!
Adam Green (1 day ago)
We all remember the season 3 and 4 grind he did last year i believe, on PC everyday double uploads i think, but i actually came on youtube just to watch thqat, sad i know right, but it was fun to watch when H1Z1 was a better game before they added bullshit hitmarkers that filled the screen and armour that exploded so you couldnt see shit, that was its downfall right there, should of left it how it was and they probs would still of been pretty big. And it seems as though the little blue helmets have a tier 5 on them or 5 durability and the normal motorbike helmets are only 3 durability to answer your question bigtymer!!!!
Lol stop cry when you die its not the game's fault
Matt Williams (1 day ago)
I found it so hard to find anyone... then I get killed from god-knows-where
Parkour Agent 47 (1 day ago)
I 100 percent havent seen the vid but im guessing KH-43
Cinema Team (1 day ago)
No bookbags?
Calmus Lucas (1 day ago)
What about H1Z1 Just Survive ? Somebody have news about release date on PS4 ?
La paz Mundial (2 days ago)
Is he playing on a PS4 or a PS4 PRO?
Joshua Adjei (2 days ago)
I didn't get accepted into the beta although I pre-ordered it
Sonny Nguyen (2 days ago)
LMAO "most of the time we didn't die" 4:05
Apothus (2 days ago)
Are u playing on the Pro?
Ryane torres (2 days ago)
I dont understand the parachuting?? Where is everyone at the start? And you just get dropped straight down
RCcXY / (2 days ago)
Troy Walker (2 days ago)
So is this better than fortnite or what ?
Googleit 1017 (2 days ago)
Most of the time we didn’t die 😂
Shackaloo (2 days ago)
Dude... You had no issue taking out unarmed players, but the first 1v1 you come across lays you out. Lmao 😂
RohniTV (2 days ago)
I wont play it bit how do i can play it
Joep Van Berkel (2 days ago)
ryan smth (3 days ago)
Wee lad (3 days ago)
u talk to much
windshield washer (3 days ago)
anybody make a "scumps grandpa comment" yet?
Vlad Rovic (3 days ago)
good gameplay, the boy that killed you at the very end is on my friends list, he's in 8th grade but very good player.
Nigger Bitch (3 days ago)
Is it coming out for Xbox one
lee enfield (3 days ago)
You playing on ps pro?
Matt768 (3 days ago)
I like how they wait till the game is dead on pc to release it on ps4. years later...
Dawid Detlaf (3 days ago)
Can't wait
DoxicWolfie. (3 days ago)
Anyone know if this is gonna be free
Savan Ibrahim (3 days ago)
DoxicWolfie. It is
Racists Asian (3 days ago)
What's optic?
Kryptus Year 1 (3 days ago)
I subbed and this game looks great I cant wait to play this in 3 days. 😎😁
cranberries91 (3 days ago)
Exactly that ps4 too doesnt hiding behind pubg
TheSlitEyes (3 days ago)
Didn’t get accepted as I don’t have a YouTube channel that would benefit them from me having a code.
Hunt3r_ID__ (3 days ago)
They need go add fp
Hip Hop After Dark (3 days ago)
Pause at 9:47 and see that guy hiding behind tree lol.
BOSSness % (3 days ago)
Will H1 come to Xbox
Capt Buzz (3 days ago)
How are they not allowing early access to those that purchased the pre-order pack? AND launching on a Tuesday?! People work, dammit!
Silent Samurai (3 days ago)
Why is no one building and how come I don't see shield potions. Are we evolving battle royal?
Jay Bell (1 day ago)
Silent Samurai because that's trashnite and this is the og of battle roayal
theReaper_ Dailey (3 days ago)
how much it cost?
Dailey_04 (3 days ago)
Savan Ibrahim very nice 👌
Savan Ibrahim (3 days ago)
theReaper_ Dailey it's free
SHADOW ASSASIN (4 days ago)
no survival?
HunTer62 (3 days ago)
SHADOW ASSASIN only battle royale
Racists Asian (4 days ago)
My mom and most of her side of the family is from Arkansas. 👍. Ay brother
LorensMTB &Other (4 days ago)
When is it gonna be relesed
HunTer62 (3 days ago)
LorensMTB &Other 22 may
yoshatabi (4 days ago)
Is this game fun?
cause i am friendly (4 days ago)
I cannot call this game h1z1
Patrick Fitzgerald (4 days ago)
Its a lightning alarm telling you to get off the water😂
madmaxdaddy (4 days ago)
Nice video man. Looking forward to this game. What part of AR you from? I grew up on Camden, in LR now.
KittoO (4 days ago)
Should have sniped that last guy as well Speaking of which so fking happy H1 is back ,good ol’ days ❤️
Tryingto Begood (4 days ago)
Bullet sponge needs fixed a bit I'd say..IMO
Gamers Bone (4 days ago)
Great video, I appreciate you and I would like to watch yuor videos. Thanks for sharing this useful video.
Trollingyou99-gaming (4 days ago)
I still have not got accepted into beta and I pre ordered it
Mini Daequan (4 days ago)
That’s why you take the fucking shotgun shells
Legend _Awesome (4 days ago)
I'm really hype for this game, I used to watch people play on pc but I've always been a console guy. Seeing this, how its been tweaked and seeing it runs well really gets me hype.
Narutouchiha 74 (4 days ago)
It's free right
Savan Ibrahim (3 days ago)
Narutouchiha 74 yes
BigRyan Xx (4 days ago)
Also fucking happy this shits coming to ps! Been watching you play this shit for ever & didn’t have a pc to play
Let's upgrade objects (4 days ago)
This game is free??
Savan Ibrahim (3 days ago)
Let's upgrade objects yes
TheClarkoid (4 days ago)
Hey Big T is it like PC were you can make makeshift and bandages etc?
Junior JR (4 days ago)
The gas is very fast, this no good.
Chris Nemeth (5 days ago)
Is this going to be released on Xbox?? Damn it I hope so! PUBG just isn’t progressing through their fixes the way they should
Alexander Mackinnon (5 days ago)
you gotta start grabbing more ammo dude lol, im pretty sure its infinite ammo slots
Rajat Singh (5 days ago)
I Didn't got the beta confused i should buy it or not. I just want to try it before buying
Rajat Singh (3 days ago)
Savan Ibrahim sorry I saw nemesis bundle of H1Z1 so I thought it's a paid game.
Savan Ibrahim (3 days ago)
Rajat Singh buying ? It's free
B-Mac (5 days ago)
MY favorite part is 19:30 when bigt drops his level 2 helmet for level 1 and goes on to talk about whether or not theres helmets with better durability than the level 1...
Roberto Coria (5 days ago)
Anyone with an extra code?
Acid GamezTv (5 days ago)
I watched all your h1z1 vids so far and im replaying them, also when you signed up for the closed beta how long did it take?
Reindeer-san (5 days ago)
10:12, same problem with Fortnite on Console
Heyho Brando (5 days ago)
That tyvon guy..I think that was my lil brother lol!
bizzle manizzle (5 days ago)
To be fair you're not bad at the game and I do like watching this play with your reactions and talking
bizzle manizzle (5 days ago)
Did I get a code ? That's a dumb question , only YouTubers and streamers got the code
YakoPlayer 5 (5 days ago)
You play on normal ps4? Please answer thanks
EnergY ASMR (4 days ago)
YakoPlayer 5 of course
Exiled Entity (6 days ago)
Looks F*king AMAZING! 3:10 Damn that shit was funny ! P.S Is it even freakon possible to get a back pack ?! This is the second video of yours I've watched where there's just none in sight...
SemiSync HD (6 days ago)
Can’t wait to kill you ;)
Cody Lima (6 days ago)
KingKarlYT (6 days ago)
4:05 "most of the time we didnt...we didnt die" T bro you litterally having me crying 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
1000SubsNoVids (6 days ago)
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ownedweezybaby (6 days ago)
That snipe was kinda nasty
ownedweezybaby (6 days ago)
TTK honestly seems a bit long? Just me who thinks that?
Ahmed EL-Kady (6 days ago)
Sick sniper shot 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Charlene Raymond (6 days ago)
"Most of the time we didn't die" is now my new favourite thing Big T has ever said 😂
Conner Ouimet (6 days ago)
Yo why is the weather always the same
jacob bennett (6 days ago)
Please don’t call a win h1 a chicken dinner. Pubg sucks ass bro
jacob bennett (6 days ago)
Dude it’s daybroken. They don’t fix things They make it worse
gothicvillasgaming (6 days ago)
Is this on pro or vanilla ps4?
It's Akile (6 days ago)
Unlike pupG it's a 60fps target on consoles, most likely it's the PS4 struggling to keep up. You no have a PS4 Pro?
Carl Wheezer (6 days ago)
Looks like alot of bots
C C (6 days ago)
and shit and shit and shit and shit and shit and shit and shit and shit. fucking nerd.
Zacarias Castaneda (6 days ago)
Yo I’m from Altus that’s Arkansas
Matthew Chilcote (6 days ago)
BigT I also think we should be able to auto pick up ammo. That would be nice for them to implement
Caseyd25 (6 days ago)
My man they need to change that fov its a huge difference between pc and ps4
Mail Man (6 days ago)
I haven’t played H1Z1 at all but I’m looking forward to trying it out on PS4. Thanks for the gameplay footage.
Mic Seaton (6 days ago)
Will thats just how console games are! Fortnite on xbox shits the bed every time your in a fight too, its a 50/50 if you make it out alive
Nicholas Koziol (6 days ago)
Big T could you turn the brightness up?? Shit is hella dark and hard to see!

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