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Mysterious Lost City of Atlantis

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Many are firmly convinced that atlantis should no longer just be considered a myth and the city is waiting to discovered, full of hidden secrets and mysteries. Some believe they know the exact location of atlantis are preparing a trip to get there. Many will dismiss atlantis as a pseudo historical city but was plato just making everything up? Or was there an advanced civilization that met a catastrophic end 9. Atlantis Description This legendary city is described in Plato’s Timaeus, describing a vast powerful empire that could easily conquer all of europe and asia if they tried to. It was surrounded by mountains and rivers and was made up f 3 rings of land each one covered by water. A narrow straight led to a harbor which made for easy access to the atlantic ocean. The atlanteans were set on conquering land around them and enslave all who stand in their path. Atlantis head plenty of trees, an abundance of elephants and fine temples. The lavish temple of poseidon was made from gold ivory and silver which was found in the center island. The whole complex was surrounded by a wall made from pure gold. They had a massive fleet of warships and a calvary consisting of 10,000 chariots. However the gods have not been too appeased because a total collapse of the city was about to take place. The story goes that when the atlanteans had began their invasion on athens, atlantis was swept away with severe floods, earthquakes never to be seen again… or has it… 8.. Where Could it Be? Many have spent countless hours trying to figure out where exactly Atlantis could be! Our best known clue of uncovering this mystery is Plato’s description. Plato as didn’t really seem to make up a bunch of things just to prove some type of point. He was a philosopher who primarily relied on factualMany believe that there’s no way his description could be false since it seems to detailed. In the Atlantis Dialogues he describes a vast, war waging empire to the west, that was far ahead of their time technologically. The civilization was devastated by an enormous flood and earthquakes that lead to their demise. Some are beginning to believe that the Italian Island of Sardinia matches the description quite well. Much of it was underwater at some point in ancient history and was home to an advanced civilization known as the Nuraghes. This civilization has often been overlooked and their enigmatic towers were built more than 5000 years ago. Could Sardinia be home to the lost empire of Atlantis? 7. The Yonaguni Monument Some believe that atlantis is near japan and that not all believe that these rock formations are completely natural. Yonaguni island is found near the island of okinawa but if you decide to scuba dive off the coast you’ll find this mysterious object not too far away. In fact Kimura from Ryukyu University said that these are definitely man made and no bizarre coincidence. What’s even more interesting about this site, is that geologist believe that this area of land would have been above ground about 8-10,000 years ago, which would have been around the time atlantis was said to exist. . This certainly helps support the theory that the smooth flat edges are no strange coincidence. If it were actually constructed by humans, which people are still debating, it would be the oldest known structure on earth! This would drastically change many theories about the first civilization being in Sumeria and people’s minds would be simply blown and history books rewritten! Is it too far from ancient greece to possibly be the atlantis that plato was referring too? 6. Minoan Crete Some believe the civilization plato is referring to is that of the ancient minoans who inhabited the island of crete a little while before the greeks began to flourish. The Minoans were an advanced civilization that during the Bronze age, sometime between 3650 to 1400 BC. The mentioning of sacrificing bulls was mentioned by plato and we shouldn’t forget that this civilization is known for doing just that, as well as being the setting for the famous play theseus and the minotaur. Archaeologist Will Durant claimed that the Minoans were the first link in the European chain and is the earliest civilization of their kind in Europe.Their language was entirely different from the Greeks and are responsible for some beautiful artwork and left behind the beautiful ruins of Knossos, considered to be Europe’s oldest city. So what happened to the people that inhabited the island of Crete? No one really knows for sure but some theories extend from a volcanic eruption, earthquakes and even flooding, similar to the description of the fall of atlantis.. The Minoan period seemingly disappeared in 1,400 BC. This powerful and intelligent civilization were simply wiped from history during their peak, which lead many to believe it was a natural disaster, possibly a giant flood.
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Watch Topic (11 days ago)
Love your videos American Eye! When is your next Zombie video? :)
SaStrixS (10 days ago)
+American Eye Last countries to fall during a zombie outbreak.
American Eye (11 days ago)
Working on one at the moment! What are some more zombie topics we should cover?
Peter halliday (10 days ago)
Your documentary is brilliant, you were very close when you said Japan, Japan is the entrance, if you look at the sea of Okhotsk on Google maps, using satellite images and zoom in slowly until it becomes clear. Since making this discovery I have found a map hidden in plane sight naming Atlantis as the one I found, the map pre dates the Bible and Plato, I can even explain how Plato's story got a little bit confused, at the top of the sea of Okhotsk in the ice age had wolly mammoths and wolly rhinos, there are city layouts, pyramids, henges, a grand entrance to the rings, bridges etc etc. Please let me know what you think. I can tell when it sank how it sank,
Scott Bixler (11 days ago)
Party of Northern Egypt fell into the sea with the library of Alexandria lost. Divers did find spinxes and structures down there. I'm betting the lost city of Atlantis was a part of ancient Egypt around the time the pyramids were built 4,600 years ago. Freemasonry and other esoteric cartels believe the craft originates from the lost city of Atlantis even though it focuses on the Temple of Solomon and this Hiram Abiff guy being killed for keeping the code word secret to enter meaning he was the high ideal example of worthiness.
SaStrixS (11 days ago)
Epic video! I love the interesting topics!
American Eye (10 days ago)
Thanks SaStrixS!
Abha HarshDev (11 days ago)
maybe the earth is Atlantis of a bigger world.
Veritas Enigma (11 days ago)
What about a video on ancient traps/weapons for zombies? (Easy, quick and effective).
Cherry Shrimp (11 days ago)
Very interesting indeed.
Spacey Stacey (11 days ago)
American Eye is by far my favorite channel, thanks for filling my sponge of a brain with knowledge
TEAMCAPTAIN (11 days ago)
It all makes sense now... There is theory there was older civilizacions then we know 12 000 years ago and we know nothing about them becouse some big natural disaster happened probably sun storm and what we know (like egyptians summers) are just restart of civilizacion. There are 10 000 years old technologically advanced monuments what was inpossible to do becouse there was no civilizacions at this time for example in turkey there is monument showing us apocalypse Atlantis was problably this ancient technologicaly advanced civilizacion and it is underwater becouse sea was lowwer just look at world map 12 000 ago all big cities eas flooted that is why we have no evidence about it. Our history like we know it is probably wrong. I cant say all about this you need to find more aboit google
Pwnstar (11 days ago)
5:48 that information is of no importance to people who didnt watch Bright Insight before , and if you did than this whole video is of no importance to you.
Pwnstar (11 days ago)
Hello youtube
Luzz The ultimate (11 days ago)
kshadow69 (11 days ago)
Hi I'm from Portugal and it's açores no azores
Miggi so bad (11 days ago)
Cool video
NorwegianFurry :3 (11 days ago)
Noice just plain noice
BigDawg Taylor (11 days ago)
You guys put out the best content
kunkka5 (11 days ago)
may be there is a misunderstanding in the compiler ??? 🙄🙄😐😐😐l
Buddy N (11 days ago)
Under antartica
Kaj Flesseman (11 days ago)
Definitely not.
Paige Lee (11 days ago)
Always interesting thank you 😊
Fly Twix (11 days ago)
Love the vids 😍
moony clouds (11 days ago)
I can't swim although i really wanna check it out
Jielyn Sabarez (11 days ago)
moony clouds same
Albert E.D. (11 days ago)
Can you do a video on Byblos? its an ancient city in Lebanon!
Jielyn Sabarez (11 days ago)
Albert E.D. Really? Wow
TheAvocado (11 days ago)
I really want to see it ...
waffles 88th (11 days ago)
I love ur vids and I turned on post notifications and left a like and subscribe
Anna Hurst (11 days ago)
Ben Plays (11 days ago)

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