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L4D2: zombies |The Sacrifice| Pt.4 with GUNNS and Bentley

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Text Comments (142)
Julie wilson (1 month ago)
Nope I skipped to the end to see who you sacrificed nope you completely ruined it all you did it wrong in the comic Bill went up against 3 TANKS that’s what happened and that’s the ONLY thing that can put old Bill down
Will Ngo (2 months ago)
It should be meaty to be the one to be sacrificed
Shikamaru Nara (3 months ago)
How didn't u know to sacrifice someone the map is called the sacrifice 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
z4 Shiro (9 months ago)
again and again
morgan taylor (1 year ago)
they need to try harder serioulsly because its in the name you always win so you should always win i blame tanks
morgan taylor (1 year ago)
berghost sacrificed his self it was sssooo sad
morgan taylor (1 year ago)
if they watch family game nights or berghost games they will know
CMB- Elite (1 year ago)
man stay calm everybody! its their first time playing this campaign!
Micromind Technology (1 year ago)
you need bill to sacrifice
Aaron Padua (1 year ago)
benley you sacrifice meat22 and gunns
Joani Arellano (1 year ago)
you are stupid
David Clemente (1 year ago)
Allen Delacruz (1 year ago)
ya bill is it
I'm Just Saiyan (6 months ago)
Levi Earles why don't you get off here, if you can't use comma's
Levi Earles (1 year ago)
Allen Delacruz get off here if you can't even spell yeah
Alexa Bautista (1 year ago)
Ya bill should have been it
Molly Rapuano (1 year ago)
the old guy/bill was suposed to be sacrificed
Jenna Smith (2 years ago)
Maggie Conley (2 years ago)
your cool
Dakota Styles (1 month ago)
honey cariño (2 years ago)
dapat si meati as bill start the gereneter ckloses at the brige
Anthony & Teal (1 year ago)
honey cariño What? lol
Regino Conrad Vilches (2 years ago)
pwede naman kahit sino pero si bill ang main pag nilaro mo yung The Passing
Exur Reyes (2 years ago)
wow taglish hhahaha lol
malou enriquez (2 years ago)
meaty uou and gunns are the bestbfriend
Jason Moreno (2 years ago)
Meaty use the M16 more often
Jason Moreno (2 years ago)
Phillip you fucking dick
Jason Moreno (2 years ago)
Meat the best gun is the M61
Jason Moreno (2 years ago)
Yeah by the way Bill is the one that sacrifice himself so the others could live
Josan Lim (2 years ago)
you need to reastart the generator near the brige
Maxine Sorrells (2 years ago)
sorry Bentley your not cool to me
joseph cabeza (2 years ago)
you need more action
Gloria Lucio (2 years ago)
Nice job
Phillip (3 years ago)
All of u are fucking idiots
Kendrick Johnson (3 years ago)
the m16 does the most damage to a tank
Kendrick Johnson (3 years ago)
bill was supost to sacrifice in the tralier
The gaming bros (3 years ago)
The gaming bros (3 years ago)
phir (1 year ago)
Fuck you
James williams (3 years ago)
and yes it sounds like Louis says "thanks meat" at 11:57.
James williams (3 years ago)
you could of sacrificed guns4hire.sorry no uh-fence.
Ambitious_ beauty (3 years ago)
Really that's all your had to do STUPIDDDDDDDDD
Dakota Styles (1 month ago)
Says the one who uses wrong grammar.
Mimi's Squishies (3 years ago)
Michael Tubbs (3 years ago)
Kiane kirby Taghoy (3 years ago)
Someone needs to sacrifice that's why the map called the sacrifice
Justin Brodie (4 years ago)
In the comic bill died
Allora Romo (4 years ago)
How did u guys not now that you're supposed to sacrifice a player!? cough*bill*cough
Old Sport plays (1 month ago)
When bill was the connon killed I was sad
Coolchou Zhao (11 months ago)
Allora Romo i was in a camp and I'm playing l4d2 for the first time with some people I met, got really good at it, I played as bill, I didn't know the true ending st the time, and I sacrificed myself then one of my friend told me that was the true ending :D
Allora Romo (2 years ago)
i knew :) its called the sacrafice for a reason e_e
devilmaniace45 (4 years ago)
Matthew Flores (4 years ago)
You suck
Jim Bob (4 years ago)
Meaty you idiot you ran right past the generator!
Justine Alagad (5 years ago)
meat bills the one who needed to sacrifice himself to the 4 tanks
muun nuttall (5 years ago)
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Alex Booker (5 years ago)
I was still cluless on what to do
Tyler Durden (5 years ago)
Why those tank dudes so angry, maybe the just need a hug!
AleksSDF (5 years ago)
this isnt the true ending from the sacrifice if you want to play the truth so search on google for l4d2 the sacrifice true ending (the map is the same but the ending is original)
digsoto (5 years ago)
don't use the shotgun meat
lpandplushmaster4447 (5 years ago)
you guys are dumb your meant to sacrafise bill
Anthony & Teal (1 year ago)
lpandplushmaster4447 Hey you they don't have to and you don't tell them what to do.
MrJJPATTO (5 years ago)
I wanna be in the crew so just get rid of Louis an give me a call guys
jeremiah anderson (5 years ago)
You guys were idiots even I know why it's called the sacrifice
ADFM9698 (5 years ago)
by the way your picture is always infront of your video
Syrnian (5 years ago)
haxerx123 (5 years ago)
Meat, you have to start shoving zombies when you're reloading/mobbed.
dar ina (5 years ago)
Lol wat
StonersOath (5 years ago)
Meat is a "human" not a "country"..and occasionally food
BluePoo52 (5 years ago)
Bently: "meat rose the difficulty to insane" *credits roll by* difficulty: normal
glooer (5 years ago)
it is hard because they keep on shooting each other.
MrCNote317 (5 years ago)
Lmfao. This was awesome. Got their asses owned
settawut leenavong (5 years ago)
my head is gonna explode watching meat playing the objective...
shippa1234 (5 years ago)
Daymian Nguyen (5 years ago)
curtis is right bill was supposed to do it
Anthony & Teal (1 year ago)
Daymian Nguyen He doesn't have too!
SavageXFire (5 years ago)
Its called sacrifice because one person has to sacrifice themself.
dar ina (5 years ago)
Nice gameplay
dar ina (5 years ago)
Meat wat coutry are u???
Fubar (5 years ago)
listen to the first 8 seconds with a dirty mind
TheBakaSensei (5 years ago)
lol you guys never see the onscreen messages.
Alonewolf 772 (5 years ago)
meaty had to sacrifice him self.
Akyarium (5 years ago)
it's starting to become a waste of time, after it's glowing like a FUCKIN lightbulb
UnbiasedGalaxy0 (5 years ago)
Lol I knew wat do on my first try
thejokster242 (5 years ago)
Werefoxz (5 years ago)
You get an achievement if Bill is the one to hit the generator, as seen in the passing I believe.
Shadower1337 (5 years ago)
Did anyone else felt a kick to the nuts everytime meaty passed by the generator.
qboyok (5 years ago)
i swear louis says "thanks meat" at 11:57
Shawn Jones (5 years ago)
ni6745 (5 years ago)
rkrkrlrlrlrlrlrllrlrlrlrlrlrrllrrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlejjejejejejejejejejejejeejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejejej lol
Keaton Alvarez (5 years ago)
hahahaha funny and cool
Lonewolf312 (5 years ago)
Anthony & Teal (1 year ago)
amar singh (5 years ago)
Tyson freakin awesommmeeeeeeeeeeeee
pdubz5210 (5 years ago)
Oh and they're playing on medium
pdubz5210 (5 years ago)
Other353 Noon its bently (dumb) meaty (dumber) guns (dumbest)
duruhbility (5 years ago)
welcometocanada1 (5 years ago)
omg meaty the generator!!!!! =p
CellarDoor (5 years ago)
This was a fun one:D
Tukeppi (5 years ago)
nii saatana
IOWNGAMING (5 years ago)
wow i've refreshed at least 15 times get 3 secs in refresh this sucks
jig ga (5 years ago)
this aint cod meaty and l2read , ty
jig ga (5 years ago)
wow u guys are playing on easy to. 1 hit from a zombie = 1 HP.
m alvarez (5 years ago)
Bentley is the only one who knows how to play
Jake Kriegman (5 years ago)
i love how meat keeps shooting after the tank is dead shah
other353 (5 years ago)
meaty(dumb) gunns(dumber) and bentley(dumbest)
unfunny meme (5 years ago)
Dont be mean to him..he just doesnt know.
Emir Ashour (5 years ago)
true story !
DamagedOrange (5 years ago)
restart the generator!!!!!!!!!!!
DamagedOrange (5 years ago)
u have to kill 3 tanks first
Luis Delossantos (5 years ago)
curtis pope (5 years ago)
Bill was the one who should have been sacrificed that is the real story
Anthony & Teal (1 year ago)
curtis pope YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!
GaroLeader (5 years ago)
their goin in order on the list, ya goof. So bloodharvest is like...the last one i think. Or cold stream
ChunkyBeckz (5 years ago)
You know, some people cant make original jokes no more just like him. Lame I know.

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