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Time to get the wyverns sorted and with a ptera! This Is ARK Settings are: XP - x3 Tame - x3 Harvest - x3 Breeding - x3 Max Players In Tribe - 10 Alliance - DISABLED Rules and more ⬇ This Is ARK DISCORD: https://discord.gg/cNsEDJX To join simply load ARK click "unofficial" tab at the bottom and search "thisisark" at the top! or add IP via steam. Server IPs: The Island The Center Scorched Earth Ragnarok Aberration 👕 NEW VOXESTO MERCH 👕 https://teespring.com/stores/voxesto 🔴 Voxesto on Twitch 🔴 https://www.twitch.tv/voxesto 💡 SUPPORT ME, IT'S FREE 💡 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5uWJZZXlrL9orm16MWR6_Q 🔵 Twitter 🔵 https://twitter.com/Voxestoplays ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED ⏩ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_iPvchK7d4&list=PLtcscI7_p8A2KrdtVxaoQCguOVgkPVsz6 SUBNAUTICA ⏩ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpmbwuxwm28&list=PLtcscI7_p8A1q9FHuK53yNYgNfBgvufx4 7 DAYS TO DIE ⏩ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDBkUEvOiu4&list=PLtcscI7_p8A1Em43kg_nsAyrYBErkpYgg SEA OF THIEVES ⏩ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtcscI7_p8A2wjD9fpmjxhIq0Q5AUIBWw GETTING WYVERNS THE HARD WAY! | ARK: Survival Evolved | #ThisIsARK EP4 vox,voxesto,voxesto plays games,ark,ark survival evolved,new ark format,ark new pvp format,ark unofficial,new pvp mode,NEW 10 MAN SERVERS,#ThisIsARK,ark 10 man cluster,new ark server,day 1,first day,fresh start,fresh wipe,early game taming,ARK: Survival Evolved,early game raids,early game pvp,10 man tribe,SNEAKING INTO THEIR CAVE,stealth griefing
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Text Comments (26)
Ender Titan (9 days ago)
Uhh vox, the video description may be a little off, looks like the same one as the previous episode of the series.
Jarlwulfgar 007 (9 days ago)
Another great video, vox what happened to monk?
Voxesto - Plays Games (9 days ago)
Work and real life sadly 😒 I still see him every week at band practice tho.
TheLegend (9 days ago)
which server is this
Speknoz (9 days ago)
Wild wyverns love to eat wild Argies. Other than that they will go after herbivores.
Trey Mansfield (9 days ago)
vox wyvs on se arent very scary the dont stay agrod for very long and you can get very close to them b4 the notice
Jordan Shield (9 days ago)
Awesome vid man you had me laughing when you flew off with that egg on the pt and the music kicked in 😂 good hearing you and apex on same vid keep the content coming legend!
toniobra52 (10 days ago)
Loving the series.
Virtus756 (10 days ago)
Yo is it 3x drop
Strikerzod (10 days ago)
Are there ps4 server for this is ark?
Alex Strohm (10 days ago)
Of all the maps, why scorched for you main base?
Voxesto - Plays Games (9 days ago)
Super cheap boss runs and least lag 😉
Jordan Shield (9 days ago)
It was the most empty server, the others were that popular they capped during prime time, SE gives them the choice of of all base locations with room to spare, most people never go on it and those that have get tired of the weather before they can establish
Reign Survives (10 days ago)
I always enjoyed the struggle and aesthetic of SE. but I’d have to assume it’s because it’s so harsh there that most raiders won’t go there
Silento (10 days ago)
hey Vox, fancy leaving your wyvern trap unlocked so i can get milk xD
Silento (9 days ago)
+MrSloth lol thanks
MrSloth (9 days ago)
Silento I liked ur comment so he has a better chance of seing😂 good luck mate!
BigmacSmallFries (10 days ago)
you should just kill off the griffens and force them to respawn thats how we get 135+ all time
Rex Playz (10 days ago)
best ark youtuber
Zach Attack (10 days ago)
Don't you hate it when your just trying to get an egg and you find a peaceful area, then bam alpha spawns
Receptor Games (10 days ago)
Voxesto is the best! Can you do some more base build videos like you used too?
Grizz (10 days ago)
hay yall nice vid my man
Team Royale (10 days ago)
Typical Taran (10 days ago)
i love ur vids keep posting these great vids u and apex are the best
Walmart ninja kid (10 days ago)
I wish they wer on x box lol

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