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Frost mage Ownage in PvP level 90 (After release) (part 1) 1080p

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Hope you enjoy! not the best pvp vid out there, but it is a pvp vid! if you wanna see an entire BG insted of just clips, please send me a letter! can allso try on hig crits or best DPS. Please suggest what i should make next! song1: Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away song2: Tristam - I Remember song3: Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre . Smoke Weed Everyday song4: KoRn - Word Up Recording: Fraps Video manager: Vegas Pro 11.0 (64-bit)
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Text Comments (11)
husam aljuhani (4 years ago)
why ur pet is passive all the time ?
Papperlappful (5 years ago)
. with this trick u are able to aboid that ur pet is just standing arround and do nothing and even is allmost all the time with u and in range for freezing. i hope icould help u. keep on showing some vids. greetings
Papperlappful (5 years ago)
hey dude, no bad fights all together. unfortunaly a true story. to avoid this i've got probably an advice for u. if unallread use makros fror frostbolt and ice wart in combination with some abilitys like maby a trinket or what else u shuld just add /petattack in front of it. otherwhise i would recoment for u to write makros (example: /petattack /cast frostbolt ) depends with which ability u want to tell ur pet to attack.
lollian1 (5 years ago)
I need it with me so i can frost nova the enemy whenever i need it :) it literally damage at all
Branny Munaylla (5 years ago)
your pet never atack u.u
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Thanks! problem is that i quit... so i kinda stopped making mage vids :(
Prince Of Peace (5 years ago)
Nice, vid man :p keep it up ! xD
lollian1 (5 years ago)
i dont understand :o i walk with Q W E and it works fine ^^ i avoid clicking on spells, i only use mouse to target and rotate screen :)
wafadee (5 years ago)
Good game play and good music great job man keep it up I'd like to see a bg if possible subbed
jon-martin Samuelsen (5 years ago)
the sick shit comes after the black skreen comes up, only nukes!! :O
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Remember to put on 1080P HD! used long time just to get good graphics :)

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