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THE WORLD SERPENT | God Of War - Part 2

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Meeting the World Serpent has to be one of the COOLEST moments in God Of War Uncharted 4 ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UAaxB35U7Y&index=1&list=PLMBYlcH3smRyKNA5sWkCQorx5s7Umg2Uk ►Twitter : https://twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacksepticeye ►Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jacksepticeye Edited by Pixlpit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5JA Outro animation created by Pixlpit: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixlpit Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPtNBwMIQ9Q
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Text Comments (17025)
jacksepticeye (4 months ago)
There are some sync issues, I'm aware of them. Capturing consoles on capture cards means inconsistent framerates so it's hard to make it 100% in sync. Appreciate the feedback though and will try to keep on fixing it :) Oh and also *BOY*
The Tricks emoji (18 days ago)
Oh jack...
Gamingx Banana (1 month ago)
jacksepticeye just so it can be the 500th comment
Syahmi Faris (2 months ago)
BOY! And not boy
84kmbush (3 months ago)
jacksepticeye its ok
Kasper Dobel (2 hours ago)
that serpent blew my speakers
boom boom (2 hours ago)
SyokaTheDark (11 hours ago)
Freya is amazing
Izuku Midoriya (1 day ago)
"boy" -boy-
CreepyFlamingo (1 day ago)
They’re gonna meet Chris Hemsworth
Isabelle Sprangers (1 day ago)
did you guys know that kratos getting stronger if he is getting older
Carlos Jimenez (1 day ago)
Bro thanks for this video
MUI_MuhammadYT (2 days ago)
I have school tomorrow and its 12:00 but im still watching jacksepticeye I love u jack i want to be a good youtuber like you man wait and you will see when I get older I will suprass u and pewds >:D
B (2 days ago)
Sometimes when I see Kratos's beard I wanna grab a brush and just stroke it down...nobody? No ?....Ok I'll lead myself out...
Delerarium (2 days ago)
is it just me or soes it look kinda...not that great without favor resolution..?
AJCVYC93 (2 days ago)
Jack you’re a good *BOY*
dodkd (2 days ago)
I hope lokis eight legged horse son is in the game
melody jones (3 days ago)
I love the futurama reference in here "I'll have my own game with hookers and poker!"
FireBoltGaming (3 days ago)
Mack Allan (3 days ago)
Maybe she’s Loki emmmmmm no
xXsnipez magicXx (3 days ago)
I like how jack says battle
Nick KnightWolf (3 days ago)
you're a B****.....Woman:i can't finish the healing here.
MarbleCandy_ (4 days ago)
19:03 anyone else notice that the arrow flipped out midair? 😂
Btw tray tray says 'Nista!" When he shoots his bow and it sounds like this 🤣🤣 Nista Nista Mickey Mouse!
Penguin gaming (4 days ago)
Haha imagine if kavk was related to Dantdm
JTM Machine (4 days ago)
24:25 that little line from Freya is genius
DaiNoShoujoNoYami (4 days ago)
I like how he says that he wouldn't ever want death by throwing himself of the path, but later on he does it anyway xD
John B (4 days ago)
"Now!" *ten years later* yes
John B (4 days ago)
1:37:08 mr kray kray i dont feel so good
John B (4 days ago)
pretty sure its pronoounced alfhaym
Parker Lambert (4 days ago)
Jack did you say 28 was almost double 12
Oumanuts 1 (4 days ago)
At 40:38 IT sounds like the snake is saying bye in swedish (hej då)
mustache (5 days ago)
Thanos vs kranos who would win?
Gamings Noob (5 days ago)
Krys Dabney (5 days ago)
Five bucks says Odin didn't even pay the artist, he just promised to give them exposure!!
Andrew Chatten (5 days ago)
Atreais looks like my friend Logan
D_Wolfe Howls (6 days ago)
I want a beard like kratos
HamiOne (6 days ago)
yes jack there will be a exam so yah better start typing and writing boi :)
H20Marry (7 days ago)
Tiny *BOI.*
LordSaraJH (7 days ago)
It is soooo satisfying watching you play vs other youtubers, unlike them you loot and learn quick. And I LOOOOOVE God of war! Especially this one! Played through it in 2-3 days! Got stuck right away! Peace and love from Sweden. 🗺🇸🇪
Braylin Glover (7 days ago)
Petraeus is Loki
flo A (7 days ago)
Your accent works really well with the Norse language. This is the only game I saw Jack really get into because he's been the quietest out of any game i watch him play so far
LiQu1D Blue (8 days ago)
i Wish there will be a GodOfWar 5
RR Raiden (8 days ago)
He didnt hate Athena until the end of God Of War 3 when he killed him self.
Vlogging Gamer (8 days ago)
3:27 I paused it at the perfect time. It looks awesome
Reece Kins (8 days ago)
Just after realising atreus looks like daniel craig
40:43 - 40:18 what I think he said: Hello I'm world serpant *growling* and then, come here don't quote me on this this is just a theory like if you think this is correct
Xander ALCHEMIST (9 days ago)
Lorenzo Dw (9 days ago)
I love this bids
Diamondshard 4ever (10 days ago)
I love how Jack didnt See the First chest and then the second
You can’t Kill me (10 days ago)
I saw a picture of god of war 4 If it was set in Egypt and tbh it looked awesome
Monkey _ Gamer (10 days ago)
Caleb Barker (10 days ago)
RandomStuff (10 days ago)
World Serpent: Ima need about treefiddy in hacksilver. Kratos: Your not gonna get any hack silver from me you god damn world serpent!
DK Kingdom (10 days ago)
God of war took over him
DK Kingdom (10 days ago)
It took over him
DK Kingdom (10 days ago)
Because of the real god of war
DK Kingdom (10 days ago)
And because
jayden_the _proxy (10 days ago)
1:43:20 totally not sponsored
Kaylah Todd (11 days ago)
Totally random thought but imagine the game where kratos (idk if spelling is right) had a daughter instead of a son
Lowkii (11 days ago)
My name is Atreus, im the *BOY* sent by Kratos
John Smith (11 days ago)
What if atreous is billy drom happy wheels in descise to kill jackaboy
John Smith (11 days ago)
43:18 best line in the game
John Smith (11 days ago)
17:50 is that antisepticeye messing with the camera
Tala Mia (11 days ago)
The first time the world serpent talked I thought I could make out 'who are you' and 'leave me be'
UniqueChicken (11 days ago)
"Bluetooth Was a Norse God, He Created Wireless Headphones." I'm Guessing He Also Created Wireless Speakers For Kratos And Boy?
Irhak69 (11 days ago)
Damn! I can't stop imaging Teal'c when I hear this Kratos :/
SST (20 hours ago)
He even says "Indeed" at 1:19:01! Awesome Teal'c reference.
Callum (12 days ago)
that old EA sports intro when a game started up back on the old PS2. It always went like "EA sports....BIG!". Now I always hear "EA sports....BOY"....XD idk why lmao
Bojidar Kamenov (12 days ago)
Dunsparce Man (12 days ago)
Fucking gratitude
Kaden Webb (12 days ago)
jack you just unleashed ragnarock
littlekaracan (12 days ago)
"i did great, right, dad?" "you *fucking suck.* "
Hey, Jack. Are you planning on playing the other GoW games now?
Arafat Abadin (13 days ago)
sorry mic
Anyone else remember when Kratos could just enter a room and women would want him in bed?
Stefan Farrugia (13 days ago)
Imagine an alternate game where Atreus is a Christian or a Girl. Or both.... *G I R L*
SpooncerBooncer (13 days ago)
25:08 You must carry him. Kratos's mind: Fine......
Cole Sate (14 days ago)
Stay calm boy! I am! This is amazing!
Hugo G (14 days ago)
Are there dragons you can ride
Steven Wilson (14 days ago)
2nd time watching! 😁
Furqaan Ahmed (14 days ago)
1:38:27 "Aww that's sad" Loots the dead body while saying it. XD
A57 - OneShotGamer (15 days ago)
i give people hugs, they feel sleepy afterwards and they sleep... and they sleep some more... and then i have my birthday... and then i forget about them
A57 - OneShotGamer (15 days ago)
"oh you mean this" - "oh more heaghk silver"
Glenn Morris (15 days ago)
Who else knows that Norse dwarves turn to stone in sunlight and was wondering why was one in alfheim the brightest of the nine worlds.
The Queenorsomething (15 days ago)
2:04:55 is that from "Snakes On A Plane"?
firestorm 4 (16 days ago)
There is a theory that the world serpent is kratos
FATTY FUN BULL (16 days ago)
I wanted to walk through the screen and slap jack when he said “God of Convenience”
Sveta45851 (16 days ago)
SPOILER COMMENT WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED OR WATCHED THIS GAME! I notice when Kratos tried to call his axe it didn't return to him, and there's this theory going around that the World serpent is Kratos from another time line with the seaweed beard and the markings on it similar to Kratos. Also, the mural we saw at the end of the game of what seems to be Kratos's death and the world serpent coming out of Atreus. The axe might not have return to him when he threw it is because, the axe recognized the world serpent as Kratos.
Paris Crenshaw (16 days ago)
Did I just watch a TWO MINUTE FORTY-TWO SECOND UNSKIPPABLE AD before this video?
Yeppe (16 days ago)
Wow your Ö was really good!
Glenn Morris (17 days ago)
Been reading a lot of rick riordan books in Norse mythology and I knew what the world serpent was coming Into this in so haooy
*weird kid* (17 days ago)
Finn Butcher (17 days ago)
Love God of war
MasterKlaw (17 days ago)
Loki is like fire. Sometimes good, Sometimes bad, and for the most part, formless.
Fish on A stick (17 days ago)
This series is awesome, jesus.
Unknown (17 days ago)
I finished the game and i still dont have all three of Iđunn apples because i couldnt beat that chest with limited time to destroy all three seals. Seeing Jack do it 1st try makes me feel stupid
Please Help Me (18 days ago)
Jack: Maybe it's Loki! Me: Hehehehe...You have NO IDEA... EDIT: Also... (Jack uses the health item at nearly full health) Jack: Well that doesn't give me alot of health...
Rydxrr (18 days ago)
Eitur is poison
Noah Klein (18 days ago)
MR. DREW jr (18 days ago)
Robert Currie (18 days ago)
the water seems bad because you cant really make water look good its just a wavy darkness
Nerds Gaming (18 days ago)
at 1:16:49 i thought the beast ate atreus Lol
Rhiannon2014 (18 days ago)
At 1:23:53 Kratos starts head banging

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