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Top 10 Low Spec Open World PC Games 2017 {1-2 GB Ram)

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This list includes the best open world low End PC games that you can play on your old PC & Laptop ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome to my channel I hope you enjoy my content ! don't forget to subscribe ! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ All Games Tested On Core 2 quad q6600 gtx550ti and a gts450 2gb ram ddr2 secondary pc :)
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LuckySaiyanGamer (6 months ago)
EVERYONE please read the description for the specs, this is a potato pc I built that cost me 100 $
Nenad Marković (3 months ago)
De si naso sve to za 100 $ , napisi da kupim .
uzal devkota (6 months ago)
LuckySaiyanGamer dude gtx 550 ti it's a pretty descent gpu in my opinion
ahmed naaih (5 days ago)
These games barely playable in 4gb ram
Sua mãe saurus rex (11 days ago)
you ran mad max on THAT COMPUTER in the description?
Quantum life (1 month ago)
mad max and far cry 3 are you kidding me those are high end games omg i have 4 gb ram !
ANDRIOD HELPER (1 month ago)
these games run on medium end or high end pcs lol
Ex VG (2 months ago)
"Top 10 Low Spec Open World PC Games 2017 {1-2 GB Ram)" play mad max in console gjm8
Yusdi Gaming (2 months ago)
Can i run far cry 3 on 4gb ram and vga nvidia geforce 210?
Anima Pareek (2 months ago)
Mad max is a highly requirement game
Mr. Woof. (2 months ago)
Mad Max??????
Damazy Włodarczyk (3 months ago)
This is bullshit, both these cards are very fast, the main problem is low vram, but if you lower texture you can play almost anything.
AzzLeep (3 months ago)
You can run mad max at very low with 30-20 fps if u have low end pc
14UnDeAd14 (3 months ago)
Is really Mad Max playable on that kind of low-end PC ?
Youness Soibnu (3 months ago)
mad max is for 6 GB ram pc
Nenad Marković (3 months ago)
Jebem ti mater nenormalnu , to nije low end pc .
Salman Alfarisi (4 months ago)
Can I run Mad max and GTA V on laptop HP Windows 10 HSL 64-bit Intel(R) Core i3-5005U CPU @2.00GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.0GHz 4GB RAM DirectX 12 Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500 Type: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family with VRAM 2GB Current Display Mode: 1366 x 768 (32bit) (60Hz) and Render AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M330 Approx. Total memory: 4GB Display Memory: 2GB Anyone can help me?
LuckySaiyanGamer (4 months ago)
Salman Alfarisi gta V should run okay on a low resolution, you might struggle with mad max though
GAMING GAMETE ! (4 months ago)
Do they all work on 32 bit?
mourad belk (4 months ago)
can i play this games on my laptop LENOVO V110 with no problems and nice graphics Specs: Processeur Intel Core i3-6006U (Dual-Core 2 GHz - Cache 3 Mo) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 4 Go de mémoire DDR4 (4 Go intégrés + 1 slot libre - maximum 12 Go au total) Ecran large de 15.6" anti-reflets au format 16/9 (1366 x 768) Sortie HDMI, pour le raccordement à un téléviseur HD Disque dur de 500 Go (5400 RPM) Communication sans fil Wi-Fi AC + Bluetooth 4.1 1 port USB 3.0 : vitesse haut débit avec des périphériques compatibles Batterie offrant jusqu'à 5h30 d'autonomie (selon l'utilisation et les programmes installés) Webcam intégrée 0,3 Mégapixel Sécurité : puce TPM 2.0 intégrée Haut-parleur monaural (1x 1.5 W) + microphone monaural intégré Windows 10 Famille 64 bits Directx 12
HAMZA ZX (4 months ago)
I have all these games and i am running all in great awesome fps like 50fps So can i run madmax in my pc Core2duo Amd radeon 8490 ddr3 1gb Ram 8gb ddr3 How much fps do i get on madmax with 1280 by 720 and everythings low
Truth Records (4 months ago)
Mad Max 1 GB?? Really???
LuckySaiyanGamer (4 months ago)
Truth Records yeap vram usage maxes out but it's sits between 40-50fps
Nathan Miller (4 months ago)
maybe you guys should shut the fuck up. get your ass up and start buying a decent pc instead of whining like a bitch
Nathan Miller (4 months ago)
while everyone's complaining about how you use a gpu in testing these games, this encouraged me to buy one instead. i cant even play ac 3 with an a4 6300 and 4gb of ram. playing games with a card really boosted the game performance and you dont have to break your bank to get a decent one. what gpu do you recommended best for my low end amd pc? you can give me some good deals
Nathan Miller (2 months ago)
Reda yeah you can go over to my channel to see the test
Reda (2 months ago)
Nathan Miller Hmmm, thats weird
Nathan Miller (2 months ago)
Reda my laptop spec is i7-7500u and 8gb of ram as well as GTX940M and i only got 17 fps at highest settings. you can check it out on my channel. its the one where everything set to low
Nathan Miller (2 months ago)
Reda no fucking way
Reda (2 months ago)
And the game was very smooth 😀
keshava young (4 months ago)
i don't know how you would play these games on a low-end pc... the V-ram for these games are quite high
Nathan Miller (4 months ago)
keshava young he use gpu card. that changes everything
HIP HOP DOG (5 months ago)
bro skyrim realy this shit wont a gaming pc to run it XD
Gaminguard (5 months ago)
how can you run mad max and shadow of mordor with that crap system specs pls answer
Bored Bro (5 months ago)
my specs intel pentium t4300 @2.1 ghz dual core 4gb ram but... too bad i have just intel gma 4500? driver tho so i cant run any rip for me
Bliz (5 months ago)
Can i run assassins creed rogue on laptop intel core i5-4310U 8gb ram Intel hd graphics family(i think)?
Nenad Marković (3 months ago)
Ma jok
Nathan Miller (4 months ago)
Bliz yes. i run Rogue on my a4 6300 with 4gb ram and i get 23 fps on the lowest settings. kinda sad but man am i grateful for it
Veysel Sincar (5 months ago)
shadow of mordor and mad max are high end pc
Marty Kowal (5 months ago)
this music is awful
Radukilaaa 11 (5 months ago)
Can i run tetris? i9 8900X Titan V 32gb ram 10tb hard
avill492 (5 months ago)
I ran far cry 3 on an Intel core duo Gt220m 1gb I get a solid 60frames
mahesh haridasan (5 months ago)
Su NNy (6 months ago)
Dude i think Assassin's creed 3 working for processeur i3+ and 3GB Ram+ and Nvidia 9800 GTXor higher
Corny Mo (6 months ago)
can anybody tell can i fucking run anything with my pc specs. ram 3/processor AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200 + , 2700 Mthz , 2 core(s) Virtual M 9 gb i have Geforce 9400 GT 512 MB DDR 2 with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
Zynn (6 months ago)
i think you definition of low spec and mine, are totally different....
Razor Nitroux (6 months ago)
shadow of mordor laawl
vapor veneno (6 months ago)
i have intel core i5 8 gb ram and intel 2000 hd 2gb why ac3 is lagging ... any tips?
Zardine Dieperink (6 months ago)
You Can Also Try Increasing you're Virtual RAM And try cleaning your disk with the disk defragmenter......... or clear some of your RAM press the _Windows Logo Key_ And _R_ At the same time and type "%temp%" and delete all the files you find...these that says can not be deleted you just have to skip,...... go to run again and this time type "prefetch" and delete all files there...same with the undeletable ones there.....
vapor veneno (6 months ago)
but how i can change my gpu in lenovo think centre m92z
LuckySaiyanGamer (6 months ago)
Zadek Byka get a dedicated gpu, Intel igpu is useless unfortunately, even if it's something small like a gts450
Subhratanu Rakshit (6 months ago)
Middle Earth Shadow if Mordor need very high graphics
Sheraz Khokhar (6 months ago)
Please tell me games how i play in my PC
Sheraz Khokhar (6 months ago)
Can I run these games my procesr is 2.5 and Intel r graphics 256 and 2 GB ram
avakin xXČÃRLÂXx (6 months ago)
YOU forgot about assassin's creed liberation
Arnold Ramirugh (7 months ago)
Intel core 2 duo CPU E7400 @2.80GHz 1Gb of ram Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family Which game can i play?
HACKFUSE SINGH (7 months ago)
Bhai ek video aisi bana ki jisme 1gb ke under game ho
SAD FOR ME (7 months ago)
Shadow of mordor.. its quite difficult for old pc i guess
Christian Reyes (7 months ago)
ACIV Black Flag and Arkham series works fine with me (I'm not yet sure for Arkham Knight. Haven't tried it yet). I'm on Intel i3 4gb RAM intel hd 4600.
look at this dude (7 months ago)
3:27 - 3:32 holy shit
idluohsyhw (7 months ago)
Second song someone?
idluohsyhw (7 months ago)
Sidra Nisar (7 months ago)
mad max is for high end pc
Narkomancers (7 months ago)
y can download all this games here http://igg-games.com
Akra Achibane (7 months ago)
i don't think that mad max for low spec pc
Narkomancers (7 months ago)
Akra Achibane it is well optimised
Ryumeous (7 months ago)
list pls
D4 ANACONDA (7 months ago)
WTF they aren't low end games they are mid~high end dude
Renn Stkevid Loloy (4 months ago)
yeah. like Mad Max is a mid end.
Bengal Tiger (6 months ago)
D4 ANACONDA it's 2018. a old gpu is considered low end. there is a difference between low end and potato
Narkomancers (7 months ago)
NAGY MOHAMED games like mafia 3 or ghost recon wildland are high end games bec of optimisation
Narkomancers (7 months ago)
NAGY MOHAMED no they are low-med
GameMaster780 BD (7 months ago)
Mad Max and Farcry 3......!!!! I don't Think so..........!!!!
AzzLeep (3 months ago)
What how the fuck did u do that i got hd 6570 still can't run on high 2gb vram and 8 ram
DarkmasterXification (5 months ago)
playable in HIGH with 40-60fps with: AMD x2 250 3.0GHz 2Gb RAM 1333mhz ATI Radeon hd 1gb gddr5 (2007 video card)
GameMaster780 BD (6 months ago)
What....you are joking!!!!!
Sora Yuu (6 months ago)
Played Far cry 3 with.. C2Q q8200 2gb Ram Gt430 ~All high Settings 30 ~ 60 fps lol
Joker (6 months ago)
GameMaster780 BD same tho Far cry 3
Ujwal D Vijay (7 months ago)
Where is the witcher 2
Gilvan Mirsafani (7 months ago)
mad max spek minimummmm ram 6gb i play in ram 4gb its smoothy , you play game in ram 2 gb it's very lagg or crash Lol
mad max 6 gb
Balkan Boy (7 months ago)
can i run mad max ? ram 4GB intel(R) Core(TM) i5 -4210 CPU 1.70 GHz 2.40 GHz 64 bit
Narkomancers (7 months ago)
Balkan Boy y can depends on your gpu(graphic card)
Gaming For Fun (7 months ago)
no 6 gb ram minimum
Wild Run Show (8 months ago)
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Pc Download - http://bit.ly/2nax8XA
Damon Salvatore (8 months ago)
Can i run the far cry 3 smoothly in my laptop? Specs: Processor : intel(R) core(TM) i5-2450m CPU @2.50GHz 2.50GHz Ram: 6gb System type: 64bit operating system With intel(R) hd graphics family the total memory :1.6gb
SVS TECH (5 months ago)
subscribe mty channel
Zack Fayr (5 months ago)
go to game-debate.com. it's legit, it's where i check the games if i can play on potato pc
SVS TECH (5 months ago)
of course
Christian Reyes (7 months ago)
I'm on intel i3 4gb ram intel hd graphics 4600 and it runs smoothly for me. So, yes, I think you can.
CombinedGamer [GD] (7 months ago)
Damon Salvatore I said "yes" 😶
JimpiX YT (8 months ago)
have 4gb ram intel core 2 duo E7500 2.93ghz can i run some of these games?
LuckySaiyanGamer (8 months ago)
JimpiX YT thanks for the sub! unfortunately the on-board chipset is really bad, try hitting up eBay for a 550ti or gts450 their like 20$
JimpiX YT (8 months ago)
Intel g41 express chipset graphics memory:1695 video memory:65 so i cant run non of these games ?:/ i subbed btw :).
JimpiX YT (8 months ago)
LuckySaiyanGamer (8 months ago)
JimpiX YT if you buy a low end gpu yes
LAPSTA (8 months ago)
can you post a link for Assassins creed 3 please? How do you do change spells and weapons in skyrim so easily without opening up the items and magic inventory?
Michael Msimanga (7 months ago)
use hotkeys
Christian Reyes (7 months ago)
in skyrim you can set items on a hotkey. i forgot the exact key because it's been a year since I last played Skyrim. Look for it in the control layout, it's there. Hope this would help you.
Breaking Beast (8 months ago)
LAPSTA he chamges them by opening menu and pressing F to favorite an item then later he switches easily.
Christoph Wallner (8 months ago)
really?? u didn't named the games -.-
LuckySaiyanGamer (8 months ago)
Christoph Wallner there's a title text when the game comes up in the video
muscle monster (8 months ago)
Can I run the Game I3 3.2 GHZ 2 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 768 MB
LuckySaiyanGamer (8 months ago)
Jyoti Tonger I only think mad max or shadow of mordor won't work the rest should due to ram limitations
muscle monster (8 months ago)
LuckySaiyanGamer all in the video
LuckySaiyanGamer (8 months ago)
Jyoti Tonger which game specifically
Tommy Gun (8 months ago)
would skyrim work on my pc? processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M 2.50 GHz 6.00 GB RAM
Zardine Dieperink (6 months ago)
Yes it definitely will...it worked on my potato PC! XD....... 2.80 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, 4 GB VRAM XD
LAPSTA (6 months ago)
lorenzo romano I get no lag at all
lorenzo romano (6 months ago)
Tommy Gun Pft. I can run Oldrim on my 2.4 GHz 4 GB ram laptop at constant 60 FPS (with ocassional "lag" when there's too much fire).
LAPSTA (7 months ago)
Dilpreet Singh it didn't run smoothly or it coudn't install?
Dilpreet Singh (7 months ago)
Tommy Gun I tried it not work
Mr.ScouP PlayZ (8 months ago)
thank u bro u ara awesome keep going
Sukhdeep Singh (9 months ago)
link for saint row the third with highly compressed
super fan (9 months ago)
guys he have a good graphic card also
LuckySaiyanGamer (9 months ago)
The finest trio you can pick up a 550ti for 15 dollars on eBay it's not a good card
Poison Gamer (9 months ago)
Mad Max is for high end pc
ANDRIOD HELPER (1 month ago)
mad max requires 6gb ram so is that low end
dimi pana (5 months ago)
can i play with cpu i5-2400 3.1 ghz and gpu gt 730 2gb and 4 gb ram memory?
DeadMeerkat24 (5 months ago)
a 550 ti is 200 dollars
DeadMeerkat24 (5 months ago)
i run mad max at 10 fps, deal with it.
Mizujam (7 months ago)
Jed Garcia i have a directx 10 card 😕
Mon Mon (10 months ago)
link for saints row ?
Usha Kundu (1 month ago)
+7h3_Vi6414n73 I had downloaded but not extracting
D3F4LT_T0_Z3R0 (7 months ago)
http://oceanofgames.com/saints-row-the-third-free-download/ i havent tested this game but ive gotten 3 games from this website (oceanofgames.com) and they've all worked. its a great website to get free games. even has games like gta 5 and just cause 3 (also havent tested).
ChrisOOF (7 months ago)

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