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Skyrim: Very Special Edition – Official E3 2018 Trailer

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Alexa! Fus Ro DAH! Watch the trailer for Skyrim: Very Special Edition, featuring Keegan Michael Key. For the very first time ever, take your rightful place as the Dragonborn of legend (again) and explore Skyrim using the power of your own voice...your Thu’um! Web: https://beth.games/2sZpi65 Facebook: https://facebook.com/elderscrolls Twitter http://www.twitter.com/elderscrolls Instagram http://www.instagram.com/elderscrolls Etch-A-Sketch Design by https://www.youtube.com/lily-liver - Reddit: https://beth.games/2sXA64F - Time-Lapse Video: https://beth.games/2HCoQj6
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Text Comments (8932)
Nolan Fahey (2 minutes ago)
When he is at the fridge he says the dova command for ice breath and ice cubes came out.
InsaneBlaine03 (22 minutes ago)
Realize that the n64 dose not have skyrim on it People who developed skyrim be like : your already dead People who play skyrim : WHAT 😲
Андрей Андреев (23 minutes ago)
but when can we play Skyrim in Skyrim?
Cody Sechler (54 minutes ago)
Fucking hilarious :D eat all the cheese
ReadyjoE (1 hour ago)
But can you mod it?
ALLEN WOLLESEN (1 hour ago)
Am I the only one that noticed the "The Shining" wallpaper behind Alexa?
Whoopedy Doo Dooders (2 hours ago)
Successfully ported Skyrim to my heads-up display in my car so I can literally play Skyrim on my windshield while I drive.
Невероятный сарказм,хлопаю
Real Deal (2 hours ago)
A white wife is a status symbol
Tony Barraza (2 hours ago)
The ultimate version would be a sequel.
Rishan Aftab (2 hours ago)
What's next? Skyrim themed sex dungeons?
IntelGameZ (2 hours ago)
Now THIS is why I love Bethesda. That, and their games, I guess. But... this. It's a masterpiece.
ENDERkid2003 (3 hours ago)
What about google home?
AxeKick80 (3 hours ago)
Mr. Garvey? Is that you angrily swiping everything off your desk?
"Fus ro dah" "I didn't quite catch that" "Fus ro dah!" "I didn't quite catch that-" *"FUS RO DAH!"*
MrMadeye2020 (3 hours ago)
Who else misses”Key and Peele”?
Bensoswag (3 hours ago)
Yet i can't play it on my mac
Latiel Bobadilla (3 hours ago)
IS LE NUS! oh that's cool.
Yazawa Nico (3 hours ago)
Considering it as an ultimate fact that besides the gameplay we're gonna have an ultimate amount of memes along with TES6, im twice as much hyped for now.
Vikas Mittal (3 hours ago)
pls take my money pls
MaGani MAGMAN (3 hours ago)
Why him?
ThatWeebyGamer (4 hours ago)
The real game is different from in the trailer, I wanna shout "FUS RO DAH" at my phone, not say "Use Shout". Fix this immediately
Miia Best Waifu (4 hours ago)
This guy and this very special Skyrim edition made my laugh so hard I coughed up Lydia and pissed out Nazeem. This was just amazing I love it xD
ya homie pookie (5 hours ago)
I'm playing Skyrim on *insert bullshit simple object*
Big Smoke (5 hours ago)
Todd Howard has finally lost his mind
assassin till death (5 hours ago)
Cradisorn (5 hours ago)
XD really??? haha
HypedCat (5 hours ago)
Skyrim in applewach?
Lev Shpitz (6 hours ago)
Ahh this voice... "STAHP! You violated the law"
Tetra Gem (6 hours ago)
I wouldn't mind a skyrim phone port
farisyal body (6 hours ago)
the f is this 😂
Connor Ernsperger (6 hours ago)
Can I play it on a TI-84?
Maciej Muszyński (7 hours ago)
Cheese <3
Tiamot73 (7 hours ago)
Looks like he was jerking the refrigerator and it pop with ice, lol
Dear Bethesda, please stop milking skyrim!
Farhan Afnan Iskandar (7 hours ago)
This isn't april, yet
Cam (7 hours ago)
I would be down to play this tbh
James Leplaw (7 hours ago)
Will you release Skyrim on a toenail?
Estevan MUNOZ (7 hours ago)
Finally! Skyrim 4!
Estevan MUNOZ (7 hours ago)
Finally! Skyrim 4!
Kaustav Chatterjee (7 hours ago)
I have a stone slate , where's my port -____-
Psiioniic (7 hours ago)
Nice but can i play Skyrim on my printer?
Michele Reali (7 hours ago)
I hope this is a joke
Marco Pastorino (7 hours ago)
Oh rega caccioddio lo fate the elder scrolls 6 o no ? Invece di fare ste cazzate
Seth Wagner (7 hours ago)
Fact: This a real game and I have actually got Alexa to play it. Bethesda, you have done it again.
Can I play skyrim on my decade-old leapster?
Peter Puck (9 hours ago)
I fucking swear if Skyrim is on my smart fridge next...
MeMyselfandYourCat (9 hours ago)
They actually did it
bob murphy (10 hours ago)
Big Doofus (10 hours ago)
Bethesda games suck ass!
ThoughtCriminal (10 hours ago)
playing on my ICBM launch system right now .........oops, wrong button....
veranya2074 (10 hours ago)
now i could use fire breath to boiling my egg for breakfast. 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁
TheVillage Vagabond (11 hours ago)
Wait question can you put mods on this version? If you can will there be sexlab mods~
Cole, that one dude (11 hours ago)
Eat all of the cheese
Kento Techno (11 hours ago)
I wish the real game was like this, cant eat cheese or drink health potions. Also the real game does not save my progress. Always starts off level 1 again.
Republic Supremacy (11 hours ago)
This is such a funny joke
Ruben de León (11 hours ago)
Its way pass april 1st... so... this is real? For real? Anyway, what I really need is Skyrim for my pipboy, when Bethesda, when??? 😂
Ilmārs Strazds (11 hours ago)
Skyrim, but you play as Alduin and all of the dragons on the same story line.
Megashark 101 (11 hours ago)
It's good to know that Bethesda have a brilliant sense of humour.
Todd Howard (11 hours ago)
Are you enjoying Skyrim Very Special Edition? Wait until you see our new game! It can be played on your flip phone!!
Mark Reyna (11 hours ago)
"I am here to carry your burdens"
Vladmir lo sforna Memes (11 hours ago)
Dear Bethesda, where can I play Skyrim on my Gameboy Advance SP
Vladmir lo sforna Memes (11 hours ago)
When can I play Skyrim on my Telegraph?????
Jawesome Sam (11 hours ago)
When can I play Skyrim on my bros toy truck??
SS BAJA (12 hours ago)
Is it an Easter egg that he uses the Ice Form ( iiz slen nus ) shout and a mammoth is on the refrigerator screen. That shout doesn’t work on mammoths for freezing them, just a bit of frost damage.
Utkarsh Kumar (12 hours ago)
Little did we know... It actually came on the Alexa!!!
double dollarman (13 hours ago)
Why the hell are we still playing this game? If it wasn't for God of War, gaming would be dead man... I swear.
Arkoholic (13 hours ago)
i would actually be interested in the amazon alexa version
ASquared (13 hours ago)
You've got to be kidding me
Isaac spohn (14 hours ago)
Cool, but when can I play it with Siri?
Landon Mitchell (14 hours ago)
best part is that you can actually add it to Amazon devices - look it up
Luci Leijon (14 hours ago)
When can i play skyrim on my gameboy? Step up boi
J L (14 hours ago)
Evan'sWorld (15 hours ago)
My favorite part 1:03
Jaxon Osborn (15 hours ago)
I thought this was a joke, it is not
Garrett Admire (15 hours ago)
I get that they are trying to make a joke on the fact that they have milked skyrim like a heavenly cash cow, but it reaaaally isn’t that funny to me because they have milked it dry
Joebobcrazy (15 hours ago)
What the fuck tod
Juan De La Visitacion (16 hours ago)
Skyrim Go App anyone lol I won’t be surprised if someone gets an arrow on the knee... while they go on a adventure
Peter Pinto (16 hours ago)
ya bethesda not milking the cow even a lil
M Yussi (16 hours ago)
this joke is funny.lol
Tadd Hendrickson (17 hours ago)
Can you release it on Fit Bit already so I can play Skyrim while I'm jogging?
Johnvic Berbs (17 hours ago)
Where is my port for a piece of rock?
Fruity Soul (17 hours ago)
That's retarded xD
Whitewolf323 (18 hours ago)
YOL TOOR SHUL! *next thing you know he burns his whole house down*
Cooperskillen (18 hours ago)
Has anybody actually played on their Amazon Echo like me? It's actually pretty fun.
jin john (18 hours ago)
This is how they keep milking skyrim.
Unknown Profile (18 hours ago)
Can I install skyrim on my clock radio?
Nevin Plove (18 hours ago)
Looks like they finally listened to their reddit critics.
Smoke_it_dont_test_it (18 hours ago)
Joe Latam (18 hours ago)
Best troll
GOS345 (18 hours ago)
it's a real thing?
blaise dahmer (18 hours ago)
Brad Lamb (18 hours ago)
Is this tomigotchi compatible?
Der Undead Legend (18 hours ago)
Todd Howard has an odd addiction to selling Skyrim.
David Kwon (18 hours ago)
Nathan Raber (18 hours ago)
*Playing Skyrim on my radio that was given to me by NASA for my Apollo 69 mission*
ThatCrazyPumpkin (19 hours ago)
Bethesda is a legend
TheUnknownD (19 hours ago)
Some random gay guy (19 hours ago)
Todd Howard has officially gone insane.
Banana Boi (19 hours ago)
We just need it for the air conditioning

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