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Minecraft Daily | Ep.38 Ft A lot of People | We need help!

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Text Comments (1018)
Taylor Olson (2 years ago)
What happened to the intro???
Khue Nguyen (3 years ago)
this is the hunger games
Matthew Williams (3 years ago)
Ayyyyyyyyy lmao
Olivia Hopper (3 years ago)
God dang Camp Bears! <3
Vanessa Schumaker (4 years ago)
Does anyone know why minecraft daily ended?!?!?!?!
moimmadd (4 years ago)
It hasn't. It is just on hiatus
Alex Lozano (4 years ago)
like if you donated after hurricane Steven
Nadia Marquez (4 years ago)
you should've git the furniture mod
deegongamer (4 years ago)
fucking camp bears
DannyRavioli (4 years ago)
Damn you camp bears
Shan Prior (4 years ago)
You guys are so mean to steven!
Torsp (4 years ago)
RandomPersonXIII (11 months ago)
Keep out those filthy camp bears. Taking our jobs. Crossing onto our lands. Build a wall. It will be the best wall. The greatest wall in the world.
Zell Evans (4 years ago)
These episodes make my heart happy :)
Amber Brown (4 years ago)
Wartching all 300 and more all over again I did the same 4 minecraft marrage
Rexels Tom (5 years ago)
tommy lee (5 years ago)
Nawfal el tv (5 years ago)
It's so funny when there are many many mobs and there is chaos :)
hanna medina (5 years ago)
has sly ever said his real name eddie
OldMoldy101z (5 years ago)
Minecraft Daily I Ep.38 Ft A lot of People I Camp Bear Crisis
Trish Ton (5 years ago)
Steven!!!! Sly kill Steven 1000000000 times
MasterZebulin (5 years ago)
"The bears killed Jesus Christ!!" Best. Sentence. EVER.
Yung Shiiino (5 years ago)
Juniikyun (5 years ago)
That thing has a rung sword
team force update
Greatwolf615 (5 years ago)
Those bears are scary o.O
Alexander Aceves (5 years ago)
immortal and steven never get along in any recording session
Toughguygames (5 years ago)
DUDE URE comment made me lol so hard bro
Toughguygames (5 years ago)
TheAEStudios (5 years ago)
Those bears are better at killing people than the raptors from Jurassic park...
Meme Deciple Aleks (5 years ago)
R.I.P sly's horses
Ventiro Forcystus (5 years ago)
it was the bear appocalypse
IgotTrix (5 years ago)
Fix that fucking animal farm it's disgusting!
Benny evans (5 years ago)
i feel like i just witnessed a monty python reference
Jordan Pena (5 years ago)
well it looks like steven fucked up again
John G. (5 years ago)
he fucking wolf
John Marston (5 years ago)
Man I love Sly's outro! :)
Lasaaania (5 years ago)
Shut up guys!!! Stop saying mean comments to Steven
Jayrel Delicana (5 years ago)
Steven fucked up so bad hahahhahahaa
ZeAlphaWolf (5 years ago)
His face mask is a wolf
Baron Steak (5 years ago)
Scott lucky (5 years ago)
because # yolo swag fuck it
Scott lucky (5 years ago)
no steven got everything working in there comps well the cretures anyway
Scott lucky (5 years ago)
if you are sorry for him buy his shirts!
MJ Sloane (5 years ago)
x Chappy (5 years ago)
Because fuck logic.
dave strider (5 years ago)
steven you fucker.
dave strider (5 years ago)
im so sorry immortal
Nikolai Mercer (5 years ago)
No he makes it more interesting with the mods
TheySeeMeMikeing (5 years ago)
steven u suck
Christianna Mendoza (5 years ago)
katriel (5 years ago)
no i mean just on the thumnail
Jordan Burnside (5 years ago)
You did the mods
chara (5 years ago)
because he's scum dog steven
I wish they would have made a Tung Spear, and summon Herobrine
katlynn perez (5 years ago)
Lol Best ep. EVER!!!
Sonic The Hyundai (5 years ago)
XD me to bro hahaha lol
Sonic The Hyundai (5 years ago)
would u be mad if i sad ur the hottest nerd ive ever seen in my life XD
Kian Marshall (5 years ago)
it was peaceful in immortals house until the fire bears attacked if u get the reference u had a great childhood
Kian Marshall (5 years ago)
monty python!!!!!!!!!!!
jesse Adams (5 years ago)
Tung monster later in James and koots let's play asguard
LordKillerFish (5 years ago)
Its a dog mask.
Aidan Clancy (5 years ago)
Sierra Brown (5 years ago)
stupid camp bears!
Sdxt (5 years ago)
everybody talking at the same time and being so dang loud :]
Sodaducky123 (5 years ago)
it's a wolf
Weird Chick (5 years ago)
what the hell was that ? Why aren't you Draven? Who was that guy throuhging fire at immortl's house? Why is your skin like that? I have so many questions. 3 U
Gothera2134 (5 years ago)
Inventory Tweeker or something like that =P
thegamerx2002 (5 years ago)
what mod is the sorting chest and inventory mod?
MrPenguin02 (5 years ago)
Steven is the humor of this serie
Nolan Cherry (5 years ago)
Steven is a dick
DPowered Smith (5 years ago)
Why aren't you Draven?
Kyra Thompson (5 years ago)
2:48 (:
MinecaftGirl10156 (5 years ago)
nooooo not glidey jr delux
cesar Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Omg lol :)
H H (5 years ago)
Kevin Yang (5 years ago)
Kevin Yang (5 years ago)
i have a ideal
GrayLeon (5 years ago)
Naja Davis (5 years ago)
1,116 to comment, 126434 to view and 9,337 to like! haha jacjam! i am so much betterer than you!
jacjam2000 (5 years ago)
1,115th to comment 126,443rd to view 9,335th to like YOU HAPPY NOW!
Jacenta Kresky (5 years ago)
sweet skin
Meg Putman (5 years ago)
all you see is the remanes of the ship in the back round
Lewd Angel (5 years ago)
*until the camp bear nation attacked!
PajamaWarriorJohn (5 years ago)
Luke Stansfield (5 years ago)
I'm just gonna go see my slaves, I MEAN Servants...
Izices (5 years ago)
Don't forget the camp bears
Aidan Winn (5 years ago)
I fucking love camp bears
Slynerk77 (5 years ago)
what mod is the tung guy
katriel (5 years ago)
why is stevens name sdogstevin when he looks like a cat?
Mr. Minger (5 years ago)
I died at camp bear daily
tylerchase7 (5 years ago)
*ahem* the Steven* nation.
Pika Chu (5 years ago)
Immortal: The bright side is that i don't know where you live, Steven. omg i fucking laughed so hard
Elidurus (5 years ago)
300 dollars i will donate 300 dollars
John Churchill (5 years ago)
World War Steven
Morgan Cooksey (5 years ago)
get rid of that mod
bella phillips (5 years ago)
felix saw the death of the other horses, convince him to sue the camp bears! I know this is old but it is funny!
Sam Cooper (5 years ago)
POKEFAN (5 years ago)
nice series sly fav
Connor Marshall (5 years ago)
not the animals
KnowPein (5 years ago)
was sly to busy to hit that duck with a shovel
xXCatdemon1995Xx (5 years ago)
XD i can't breath! sly if you need help tell me i'll help you :3

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