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Tekkit: Lite #24 Industrial panels |Rise of the Machines| (Minecraft)

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meatwagon22 brings you Minecraft videos, Zombies, mods like Tekkit, Feed the Beast & play through videos like Far Cry 3 and Fallout, Call of Duty (Modern Warfare, Black Ops 2), Custom Zombies, and much more. My other channel, YouAlwaysWin is about playing games, having fun and sharing a laugh or two. Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin Games I play past present and future: Call of Duty world at war zombies PC modded zombies Call of Duty black ops call of duty Black ops 2 Black ops 2 domination Black ops 2 search and destroy call of duty modern warfare 3 mw3 minecraft meatycraft survivorcraft Dumb and Dumber minecraft Gladiator minecraft Borderlands Borderlands 2 co-op mp campaign far cry 2 far cry 3 co-op campaign "call of duty" "black ops 2" " Black ops 2 zombies" "Borderlands 2" "far cry 3" Fallout 3
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Text Comments (117)
Maximilian Rose (2 years ago)
Brokeboy 3 (4 years ago)
22 fish
drtmrchnt1 (4 years ago)
Hays for horses
MrSheng34 (5 years ago)
From 0:00 to 13:30, there was 22 fishes in his inventory
Liam Holmes (5 years ago)
Shadow Wolf (5 years ago)
zombieslawer (5 years ago)
zombieslawer (5 years ago)
Matt Roberts (5 years ago)
I did not see the HUGE Volcano until now. All I Can Say Is Pure Awesome
Matt Roberts (5 years ago)
Matt Roberts (5 years ago)
MasonP13 (5 years ago)
Cute little meaty, I know that I am posting toooooooooooo much
ninjaodepmaster (5 years ago)
Eddie Crabb (5 years ago)
you neveu go ault side
AmoKami (5 years ago)
meaty can you make cool decoration wiuth the redpower mod thats al the stuff that you can see on 7:40 like so he can see
Seth Stonebraker (5 years ago)
do you even quarry?
pageb10 (5 years ago)
eeeeeeee rrrrrrrrrrrrr
pageb10 (5 years ago)
Daniel O' Sullivan (5 years ago)
Daniel O' Sullivan (5 years ago)
Ee er
Jace Wroble (5 years ago)
Martin Todev (5 years ago)
Meat you are awesome
jchickk1 (5 years ago)
yes it dose luk at rendog tekkit
rick vissers (5 years ago)
Chad Parry (5 years ago)
i got lost in one of those things and my world was amazing i spent like 5 days trying to get on its a pain
Aurimas Gruodis (5 years ago)
you mean if we are suscribed? if yes Then YAY!!!
strong man (5 years ago)
22:00 at exactly 22 min he had 22 magenta and indigo and bonemeal
TemporalSpear (5 years ago)
you should make a time card to keep track of MC time.
herrman34 (5 years ago)
Hey every time u go derp have a large txt saying DERP! Thump up so he can see!
Mr. stealyourgirl (5 years ago)
Say yay if your a meat head
hey you havent been looking after the train
Jameslikesminecraft (5 years ago)
like... LIMBO ware you need to get to the lowest area to get placed randomly in your world.
Misty Vanlandingham (5 years ago)
make an air ship with stuff
Misty Vanlandingham (5 years ago)
Misty Vanlandingham (5 years ago)
we've got the biggest of them all
Misty Vanlandingham (5 years ago)
we've got big meat balls oh we got big meat balls!
c wieling710 (5 years ago)
Can anyone tell me why this looks real good but his view in you always win isn't as good
Axel Redsteel (5 years ago)
Tekkit Lite
bobrox12346 (5 years ago)
I do. 22 is cool
Robert Bersuch (5 years ago)
Hey meaty, At 16:38 to 16:39 of your vid that bow sound you heard was your rail gun, If you have your glove powered up, it 1 shots all mobs no matter what they are.
ivorykeys5461 (5 years ago)
the volcano looks good Meat! We need an adventure soon!
Parker Hope (5 years ago)
Parker Hope (5 years ago)
not me
ali albadri (5 years ago)
Make more Borderland vid bec what happens to series make more bord lands vids like my comment
DarknessMaxYT (5 years ago)
DSPxavierlai (5 years ago)
What mod pck is this?
CBFK LIFE. (5 years ago)
Meat. Can you upload some black ops 2 zombies like you did with the first black ops.
GGMinecraft (5 years ago)
Who elses audio cut out at around 13:29 i couldnt hear anything and my speakers were on max
iTrL Domenance (5 years ago)
an F! who cares you got 22
Heather Ratliff (5 years ago)
What you shot was a single shot weapon to anything
Elvin Tosun (5 years ago)
Kill monsters eeeeeeeeeer
Not the chosen one (5 years ago)
Meaty had 22 indigo dye!! Favourite colour favourite number!!!
Jasmin (5 years ago)
meaty you never did do anything with mystacraft
AntiLuke (5 years ago)
Install optifine for hd text!
Meaty i got 22 out of 40 on my history test 22!!!!!!
pwnzenoobs (5 years ago)
his lucky number/racing number
TheCommandoNation (5 years ago)
meaty the power hand is beast adjust and make it beast
k (5 years ago)
Mason Wortman (5 years ago)
please excuse my ignorence but what does 22 mean?
Gibson Orzecki (5 years ago)
is there gonna be a world download? :D
Dillon Janoski (5 years ago)
don't step on half slabs and pressure plates or pull levers they redstone traps that will make you fall or blow u up if you find a nether pocket dimension dig under the obdidian farthest away from the door there's a diamond block(not a trap???)
Buckity Blue (5 years ago)
Buckity is displeased with the lack of lapis.
Dillon Janoski (5 years ago)
don't die in the pocket dimension you will be teleported to limbo and the only way to escape is by finding the lowest point
Bryce Rajek (5 years ago)
22 fish
Leah Goin (5 years ago)
Bryce Devers (5 years ago)
KronicNinja (5 years ago)
it's efficiency, unbreaking, and fortune
Morten Gotliebsen (5 years ago)
Shannon Regier (5 years ago)
meaty you did not have to make thor or the hand of god you put pickaxe axe and shovel on your tech hand
Shannon Regier (5 years ago)
the hand of god has efficiency and i think silk touch
George Tice (5 years ago)
Join I'll see you there
joe dib (5 years ago)
make 2 or 3 more recyclers if you want more uu matter
Shirtlesslamp (5 years ago)
22 diamond in they project table:DDD
Kieron Irvine (5 years ago)
Can u make a boomerang pls
pizzapooper2000 (5 years ago)
meat wheres far cry 2
bobrox12346 (5 years ago)
Hey meaty, I've been a fan form birth. My birthday is the 22nd. Eee err!
Milan De Laet (5 years ago)
Next next next episode
Hunter Watson (5 years ago)
Make like a place where u can fight mobs or make a mob trap so u can get experience
22 fish
Johann MK Garcia (5 years ago)
watch minecrafted vid on power armor on FTB PLS LOOK
Johann MK Garcia (5 years ago)
meaty i dont like the color for the armor remove the color put it to default and use the secound in cosmetic
boomerangfreak (5 years ago)
I have only one word to say "Limbo" :) (U'll figure it out soon)
MiSt 526 (5 years ago)
Meaty, if you're going to fill up that Assembler with patterns, you should definitely make a pattern for the blank patterns themselves...
MiSt 526 (5 years ago)
Too bad they don't include the CCTV camera mod with Tekkit. Those Industrial Panels would look cool with security camera feeds from all around your lab
Wizzalien (5 years ago)
No Efficiency V (5)
Valentīns Persaņs (5 years ago)
find in crafting recepie or how it is calling (right side of the monitor with all items) you must find a item call Portal (it is the same the neather portal) you place it under your feet and you will be teleport at the neather but it will look thesame, and than you pleace it again and you will spawn in real world and oly 1 command will be broken (/home) you must find your home by you self And sorry for mine english, i know thet i don`t know how to write correct words, i hope you understand.
Valentīns Persaņs (5 years ago)
I tried the dimensional door! if you fall out of it! it is posible in creative mod, you will spawn in other dimension and there will not be working comands as /spawn or /home or something other, and ofcours you will try to died but still will spawn there and dimensional doors and wrap doors will not working and you can try to build the neather portal but you cant get it on fire and all obsidian will turn to stone, the only thing how you can get out of it is...
Super Monkey (5 years ago)
I'm thinking about buying an upgrade alienware m14x. The processor i have chosen is 2,7 ghz or 3,7 ghz if i use turbo boost. It has 6MB cache. The best one i can choose is a 2,8 ghz or 3,8 with turbo boost. It has 8MB cache. It's costs so much more that the other. Is 0,1 ghz and 2 MB chache worth the money? Does it make much difference?
Mother_Erick (5 years ago)
good enchantments
MrEliteOrange (5 years ago)
When r u gonna show us quarrys?
Linh Tran (5 years ago)
How do you make those computer
Seth Baker (5 years ago)
Think he has efficiency, fortune and unbreaking. Don't recall the level of each enchant though.
xPandasLyfe (5 years ago)
Why Video Stop
ThatGuyMarvin (5 years ago)
you can record on a ipad tho
Nicholas Osier (5 years ago)
there is no way to record there are no apps that let you record
Masre Super (5 years ago)
Michael Boyer (5 years ago)
Dont stop this!
Masre Super (5 years ago)
Do some thing with your gold computer in your lab. Eee Err vor all of you
Rezolute (5 years ago)
meaty should do minecraft pocket edtion on a ipod or anything thumbs up so meaty can see!
2technodweebs99 (5 years ago)
The terminals n stuff are cool. I'll maybe continue playing my tekkit lite SP world.

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