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Radeon Vega Frontier Edition vs GTX 1080 Ti - Comparison

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Radeon Vega Frontier Edition vs GTX 1080 Ti - Comparison Tested Games : Mass Effect : Andromeda Battlefield 1 Deus Ex : Mankind Divided Rise of the Tomb Raider DOOM Hitman 2016 Grand Theft Auto 5 Mafia 3 Witcher 3 Dirt 4 Also Watch- intel i7 7820X vs intel i7 7700k - https://youtu.be/ZGCAJSAAwYQ intel i9 7900X vs Ryzen R7 1800X - https://youtu.be/ndYfhir0Ilo GT 1030 vs RX 550 | G4560 | Arcade - https://youtu.be/S8NES1k83KI RX 560 (4GB) vs RX 460 (4GB) - https://youtu.be/ot2yhXo21eY R7 1700X OC vs INTEL i7 7700K OC - https://youtu.be/qjGV2kR2YQk RX 480 vs GTX 1060 - https://youtu.be/vyMQXTSU3fI RX 480 vs GTX 1060 |DX11 vs DX12 - https://youtu.be/t2v4QzR7TkE R5 1400 vs i5 7400 | GTX 1060 6GB - https://youtu.be/LpxBvnDrd8E R5 1600X vs Core i5-7600K - https://youtu.be/3AAOfe3QDRQ RX 570 vs GTX 1060 | G4560 -https://youtu.be/RYrj8HWP4sE Ryzen 5 1600 vs Pentium G4560 - https://youtu.be/D7v4K1GB4JM Thanks For Support and Watching My Video... Please Subscribe my Channel... For More Updates... Twitter - twitter.com/njtech0 facebook - fb.me/njtech0 Background Music: T-Mass & Jaxxtone - Gave To Me [NCS Release] MUSIC :Hitimpulse - I'm In Love With The Coco Intro:Nishanth Kundar Elegant logo
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Text Comments (211)
PritomPaul BD Gaming (1 month ago)
poor AMD
Nas Fahad (2 months ago)
I love vega
Spillz (3 months ago)
Vega fr is pointed for mining and video editting and many other things not gaming tho..
Zsavage1 (4 months ago)
Biggest crock of shit testing I have ever seen... Nvidia threaten you too? hahaha
Mr.Think Lap (5 months ago)
Nvidia for Intel and Radeon for Amd only.
Big BluE (5 months ago)
Deus ex 1080 ti low fps 61 , vega fe max. Fps 57 . Vega fe RIP XD
dato dumbadze (3 months ago)
still cant take it?
Big BluE shut up idiot..., it's not a gaming card noob it's a procduvity card as...! You are such of a 12 year old nvidia kiddy
ҜĦỮŞĦVΔŇŦ .Δ (6 months ago)
Radeon Vega Frontier Edition is for movie editing.. totally unfair
Mus T (6 months ago)
Look at that difference in the 4K GTA V benchmark. But mate, I don't think you understand. The vega fe isn't meant for gaming. That's why it sucks at it. It is meant for heavy workloads like the ones in a server PC.
Charles Jr (7 months ago)
Is it bad that I only come here for the music? Lol
Jeysson Humpire (7 months ago)
nvidia quadro vd frontier
Perfectionist Mind (8 months ago)
lol worst with higher price. XD
MushinNoshin (8 months ago)
Rip amd
dato dumbadze (3 months ago)
stop defending it vega is big fail atleast vega 56 is decent
elver galrga it's not a gaming card it's a procduvity card
Rathernot Disclose (9 months ago)
So, what you're saying is, don't buy the vega FE if youre a gamer
NJ Tech (9 months ago)
Murat (9 months ago)
GTX 1080 TI monster :)
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
it isnt monster fe is for content creators. compare rx vega 64 to this 1080ti.
Tarel sun (9 months ago)
The Intro is awesome :D
NJ Tech (9 months ago)
Sean Bernard (9 months ago)
@NJ Tech I like the composure of this video and all but I was expecting different content. For instance lets say Render times... yeah! For animation maybe or heck 3D Modeling oh and don't forget virtual reality. I know that the community only believes that gaming is the only thing fun and interesting, but what about the creative audience. Try getting those guys too.
NJ Tech (9 months ago)
Working on New Template... I'll add soon..:)
Maher Maysara (9 months ago)
Thanks man
NJ Tech (9 months ago)
Mohamed Mokcheh (9 months ago)
The FE is not for gaming
haoN (10 months ago)
Vega 64 cost just as much as a 1080ti but is just as good as a 1080
haoN (8 months ago)
1080ti isn't $1000 buddy :P
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
are u stupid amd isnt focusing on 1000$ cards
chologonzalo999 (10 months ago)
Now with this video I can see how bad optimized are some games and how WELL are others. Im tired of lazy developers with crappy optimizations.
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
lol it takes weeks to make fuking super mario, not a game with 100 other scenarios and possibilities, i am programmer myself and I now how hard is that, luckily not a game developer but I am programming games in Unity sometimes.
Khánh Nguyễn (10 months ago)
AMD's just a loser
Khánh Nguyễn (8 months ago)
ok fine ! hehe
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
r9 490x is made for 8k and features 36 gigs of vram say bye to nvidia fanboys.
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
are u stupid amd isnt focusing on 1000$ cards
HZXT (10 months ago)
ANYONE CAN BELIVE THIS COMAPARISION 'CAUSE WE CAN'T SEE THE CARDS, YOU ONLY PUTED GRAFICS AND A LITTLE GAMEPLAY, Also it is very curious that the graphs and data you explain are very similar to reviews of tech webs, will not be that you have only made a copy and paste to make money with the video?
Mahyar Mojarrab (10 months ago)
this card is made for work stations . solidworlks . catia . inventor . cinema 4d . 3d max . maya . specially if they need to boost up of the render speed with GPUs . or GPGUs . this cad is not for gaming .
SNIPER X (10 months ago)
GTX ✌️😍
dato dumbadze (3 months ago)
yea, yea in ur dreams
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
r9 490x will be double (even maybe triple) the perfomance that 1080 ti so yeah.
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
gtx is for gaming and its 1700$ in my country so
Anjani Kumar (10 months ago)
i really feel bad for AMD guys.
dato dumbadze (3 months ago)
blablabla i talked to nvidia and they said they will release gtx 7069 that will be 12 gtx 1080 tis in one card
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
w8 for r9 490x double-triple the perfomance, amd card chip designer had an interview with some local news and he said that r9 490x is going to have 8192 bits.
Huy Pham (10 months ago)
You should benchmark rx vega FE vs gtx 1080ti FE
Redmu9 (4 months ago)
founder edition?
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
gtx fe doesnt exist are u dumb.
solatorobo (10 months ago)
vega 64 is looking great
Cdino (10 months ago)
Rx vega... fe is not for gaming...
Just Jordan (10 months ago)
Not a bad vid, but it makes no sense to put the Vega FE against a 1080ti. I already knew what the results would be. the Vega FE isnt for gaming.
pushpanjali Gupta (10 months ago)
Guys I want to tell you that vega frontier edition is workstation graphics card not designed for gameing they are designed for editing and content creation but I challenge nvidia vega 56 and 64 will beat those gtx cards🤘
nothing (10 months ago)
Fuck. AMD really screwed us over this time
3than (10 months ago)
To all the people that are like frontier edition is not for gaming, neither is a quadro but it can still game better than this disappointment.
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
quadro is 2000$ and more so please.
Jday94Games (10 months ago)
Radeon is optimized for amd processors, you used an intel. Nvidia is optimized for Intel, so it's obvious that if you use an Intel processor, on an amd card you do not have the maximum performance. And then you should compare the rx series. Anyway nice video, beautiful graphics. Bye.
POOR GAMER (10 months ago)
I think his CPU is a bottleneck
ctpOMG (10 months ago)
A lot of salt from AMD fanboys in this comment section.
Andrej Srnka (10 months ago)
This test sucks , because this Amd Vega is not optimalized for gaming
Dario Santana (10 months ago)
Good intro! :D
NJ Tech (10 months ago)
_aJaY_ (10 months ago)
Wait for the RX for God's sake!!!
horizonLeBlanc (10 months ago)
yea , u are really sad
Zuzu (10 months ago)
Idiot kiddos..vega not for gaming -_- Ti for gaming..RX for gaming by amd:)
Balal Shah (9 months ago)
RELOAD Rx sucks as well
Kylo Ren (9 months ago)
azzim mohd (10 months ago)
why not use ryzen threadripper
NJ Tech (10 months ago)
Bro working on it..:)
MyWall 4 (10 months ago)
hey man, why radeon vega?? its not made for gaming...its for workstations.
Kalfax plays (10 months ago)
i think that you should do a new comparison after a few months, to see what itll look like once the drivers for the vega gpu has been updated a few times, and possibly also do a comparison with the rx when that comes out, and a few months after its been out, that way you will see the performance for real. this is exciting and all, but it seems to me like its a rather unfair test as of right now anyway, also considering they're not both gaming cards, you should test the cards in productivity aswell if you want an overall comparison.
Cristian B (10 months ago)
This video has bullshit written all over it. It's like comparing Quadro with GTX. One is for gaming and the other one WS. Wait until RX Vega will come out!
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
+jonathan oxlade nvidia fanboy salt over here.
jonathan oxlade (10 months ago)
Why did AMD sell it of as a gaming card fucking cunt oh your probably the same cunt who said the titan Xp is not a gaming card lol even tho nvida did not say it's a gaming card it still fucking performed fucking better than this overpriced and waste of good fucking expensive HBM lol AMD will always fail at gpus but cpus lol poor intel maybe it teaches intel to not be sleeping on making small improvements because when a company make a big announcement with bigger improvements while intel looks at the specs of there line up and cry it teaches them a lesson but nvida will always be working on masive jumps and I also heard MCM stacking is in the works so AMD is already choking on the dust
M-R -H (10 months ago)
idiots vega its not for gaming WTF but its fine for game
Felix Brunshtein (10 months ago)
:-( AMD out is OUT for GPU hit's really sad
Donmonic21 (10 months ago)
I was thinking to buy myself GTX 1080Ti for my Mini-itx PC that I was built for mistake, but my GTX 1070 is pushed harder on my Dell XPS 8700.
Bubba (10 months ago)
It's not a gaming gpu!!! These tests aren't useful.
Derp Playz (11 months ago)
lol this is fake my freind has a gtx 1080ti and he got 154fps on 1440p on dirt :P
Mr.Think Lap (5 months ago)
Derp Playz he is using ultra graphics and 2154p
Cyanex's girlfriend (10 months ago)
you got 154fps because you are using the custom preset you dummy
prodigieX (10 months ago)
Or maybe he has some settings turned down
Kalfax plays (10 months ago)
maybe he just has better silicon, or maybe he overclocked it.
Sky D (11 months ago)
nice.. using a FE vs a zotac amp extreme. i
Perfectionist Mind (8 months ago)
Coffee Tech Still that doesn't mean that that is okay to compare a referance graphics card with a special version.
Perfectionist Mind (8 months ago)
PinkasBrown44 It is not crying. It is the fact. There is no reason for crying for brands. They are not the football teams.
Coffee Tech (9 months ago)
cry baby cry nvidia best gpu ever made i like my baby girl 1080ti ftw3 evga
PinkasBrown44 (10 months ago)
Aaaaaaaalways crying... Just switch to Nvidia. Stop fighting the flow.
butter peanut (11 months ago)
Berker Fenni (11 months ago)
1080TI has GDDR5X memory not GDDR5
Theworthsearcher (11 months ago)
The FE is not for gaming. RX will be for that. ;)
SkyOfStorms (7 months ago)
AMD is dominating in the CPU market except for the ultra high end area ($1500+ ridiculously priced cpu's.) Ryzen was a huge hit and I now prefer them over intel because there's only a small drop in fps for a huge increase in productivity, and because intel has been price gouging for a while and now they will have to step up their game and drop prices if they want to stay relevant. However, their gpu's still need quite a bit of work.
Heath Sousa Jr. (7 months ago)
SkyOfStorms yeah, but their ryzen Threadripper processor is still a beast over the i9 so an ideal gaming /work station pc (i like to develope model and play games) would be a ryzen threadripper x1960 with an msi gtx 1080 ti, right?
SkyOfStorms (7 months ago)
And they still failed at it.AMD is competing and sometimes even losing with almost two year old architecture
Heath Sousa Jr. (9 months ago)
lol their 9th gen is out and it's still lacking
Balal Shah (9 months ago)
Theworthsearcher hahahaha
gabrix 117 (11 months ago)
AVLRECORDS (11 months ago)
fuck amd wat a FAILURE shit!! goddamn fuck all of you fanboiszz who waited for nothing WGHAHAHAHAHAHA now you feel the SHITTY dissappointment.. noo00bsss
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
reported for abuse.
Der Tux (10 months ago)
AVLRECORDS That was a work Gpu dumbass
KW0311 USMC (10 months ago)
AVLRECORDS im glad i didnt wait and got the strix 1080ti, by the time after market vegas become available volta will be coming out.
Fum3s (11 months ago)
1080Ti memory bandwidth NOT 384GBs, 480 something GBs I believe.
horizonLeBlanc (10 months ago)
oh yeah , on 1080 Ti :)))
Fum3s (10 months ago)
1080ti is NOT 384GBS, I know because I own 2.
horizonLeBlanc (10 months ago)
no u didnt it is 384
NJ Tech (11 months ago)
Thanks Mah Mistake in editing... its 484 GB/s...:)
Walt Kowalski (11 months ago)
Walt Kowalski (11 months ago)
NJ Tech (11 months ago)
Vega - 300W 1080 ti - 270W
Andrei Bolo (11 months ago)
The King of the Iron Fist Tournament VII
levente59 (10 months ago)
Yet... :D
NJ Tech (11 months ago)
is GTX 1080 ti...:D
Maybe you guys should to use the amd's processor?
mikey cockson (11 months ago)
Rx Vega will be very different (i work for AMD) I can't say anything more.
XPurpleHazeX _ (7 months ago)
He was right tho the RX Vega did come out
Wildzaka02 (8 months ago)
What need to work ti AMD?
Perfectionist Mind (8 months ago)
PinkasBrown44 Ahahaha. How nice likening you've done. 😂
Perfectionist Mind (8 months ago)
xXOreoChucklezXx People are so gullable? Wtf are you talking about? No one ever believed him here. LOL
Perfectionist Mind (8 months ago)
PinkasBrown44 Ahahaha. A nice analysing you've done. 😂
Sabarish Waran (11 months ago)
hey admin ...this is totally unfair...AMD on release of the card said it is not for gamers....and it is focussed on content creators... they also requested gamers to wait another month or two to get gaming focussed Rx Vega series
Zsavage1 (4 months ago)
your an idiot if you think GENERIC benchmarks are true.. not only that but there are settings in the drivers for gaming and others for productivity on the VEGA... this video is major BS
itzmorzzz (8 months ago)
i think vega is worth for content creators and gaming its a multiple use gpu and that's good
Mister X (9 months ago)
ctpOMG It has 16gb
Lo Roger (11 months ago)
Vega FE vs Fury X?
R4YZ0N (11 months ago)
NJ Tech Titan Xp 2017 vs Titan x pascal 2016
NJ Tech (11 months ago)
Yep... I'll Upload...
Gam3W0rlD (11 months ago)
$999 for cheap performance vs $700 faster performance I thought AMD was king of price performace ratio lmao 1080 TI FTW!!
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
it actually is, threadripper isnt. i7 isnt made for gaming.
Kalfax plays (10 months ago)
yeah, the FE is about as good as a 1070 or something, while the RX will be about as good as a 1080, or slightly above it, according to current benchmarks at least, but the rx isnt out yet, so well have to wait and see for sure. and the rx is cheaper than the FE, so a good buy for a gamer.
Kalfax plays (10 months ago)
while what you're saying is true, it can play games, that is not the main reason as to why the vega FE was made. sure, it can play games, im not saying that it can, but the RX will be better at it, and at a cheaper price.
Teach Game _YT (11 months ago)
Darryl Uijlen (11 months ago)
working card vs gaming card good comparison...........................................................
SH4RKZ (8 months ago)
+Rodrigo Juez salt
Darryl Uijlen (11 months ago)
Vega isn't dead lol Because the VEGA FE does normally, doesn't mean RX Vega will be the same RX Vega leak results: Higher than gtx 1080, lower than gtx 1080 ti aka between 1080 and 1080 ti. If RX Vega will cost 450 euro, AMD is doing good.
zozokaapromovie (11 months ago)
it has no optimized driver for gaming, and volta comes out next year so its not almost here.
Rodrigo Juez (11 months ago)
Darryl Uijlen The titan X is a working card and has the same gaming performance of the 1080 Ti, the Quadro is the same and many other cars why this is not fare? I'm tired of AMD fanboys VEGA is dead before the release and I am not an nVidia fanboy I'm just saying that it comes more than a year late and Volta is almost here (I'm not gonna buy any of them) so AMD must start working on the next arquitecture because VEGA is dead so VEGA 2.0? I don't know but something similar to the Jaguar CPU's going to happen.
Leonardo Bruno Martins (11 months ago)
dalhe gtx
Samuel Ferreira (11 months ago)
Leonardo Bruno Martins imagine a titan
Rick (11 months ago)
Gergő Vigh (11 months ago)
The Gtx!!! :) √√√√√
david montenegro #conTV (11 months ago)

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