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Leaked Footage - Super Sonic Military Spy plane !! UFO sightings 2014

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Text Comments (870)
Carol Curtis (2 years ago)
Damn Geese get every where lmao
NWViewer1 (3 years ago)
Don't be too hard on this guy. This is certainly better than a lot of the fakes you see out there. But, yes, it's still a fake.
Dagaan Galakticos (3 years ago)
Another lie. You think there's no consequence to this sort of misrepresentation? Your horizons diminish each time you do something like this.
hanikayaman (3 years ago)
Leaked Footage?  My Foot!  Loads of noise but no substance. Just a source of annoyance.
nozmoking1 (3 years ago)
"2014"? This video has been around for several years in one form or another. 
ATAK BILL (3 years ago)
This is a totally different aircraft.This is no alien craft. It's man made but I believe it's in the trial point. Alien crafts don't make loud noise but if I stand beside this camera man I would slap him behind the head for the crappy footage.
Oz X (4 years ago)
These are jinn, its what they do
xSuperKiroPlays (4 years ago)
Top secret lie
Daniel Plowman (4 years ago)
Supersonic birds.  LOL
Josh Andrik (4 years ago)
Absolutely incredible, this video is one in its own. Those vehicles are too big for RCs and way too fast for human body’s limits of g force. In my opinion they are UFOs for sure.
Jackie Vee (4 years ago)
Dots ...  the new  aircraft  is DOTS   .. oh my  !  and  nice  shot of  a tree  too..  LOL
Hudson Grissom (4 years ago)
Super blurry amateur UFO shot #18382954848376593, definitely an experimental air craft, you can tell by the big white blur in the middle. 
Issue reported: Spam or misleading > Misleading thumbnail Timestamp selected: 1:36 Additional details: see for yourself.
SCU 19 (4 years ago)
i think aliens are gay
Richard Williamson (4 years ago)
I like that bit at 1.48 that the dogs bollocks
AceOfHeart2012 (4 years ago)
Thanks for that crisp, crystal clear definitive footage.
hubert bruce (4 years ago)
As I figured this video too is bullshit. How can you have a camera that powerful but as soon as the "object" come into plain view you pull back on the zoom? It's the same way as all other sightings that are either out of focus or fuzzy.
Wolfram Eisen (4 years ago)
some glowing dots in the far....NOT subscribed.
Don Cely (4 years ago)
Sweet mother of God... the best UFO photos and films seem to have come from the late 40s, when film was crappy, and 8mm cameras were about the best you could have nearby when... "WOW! Did you see that!? Let's grab the camera... yadda yadda." Now every person on the planet is texting or talking on Smartphones with better cameras than have ever existed... AND NOT ONE PRETEEN NYMPHOMANIAC WITH A TEXTING FETISH HAS DROPPED HER iPHONE, getting an actual shot of a "close encounter" of whatever kind? What's up with that? Give me peace. 
barry nicholas (4 years ago)
I should have seen the 'thumbs down' before wasting my time looking at this nothing video. You must have something seriously wrong with you for sharing this !
Jason Belken (4 years ago)
Beware of the dots. Those are the one thing the government has been working on for years. Super Sonic Dots. 
1.618 0339887 (4 years ago)
Cover photo of the video looks pretty cool. Looks like some new hi tech nasa drone
1.618 0339887 (4 years ago)
wrong. that was chuck norris's paper airplane
Rada Silva (4 years ago)
UFO? This is not UFO! In the description of the video says it is Super Sonic Military fighter plane, then it is a identified object! ¬¬
Christoph Küstler (4 years ago)
I wonder, why UFO sightings are always recorded by people who don't seem to have the slightest idea of how to operate a camera, let alone pull focus. XD
In Trump We Trust (4 years ago)
US technology is the best in the world 
Christopher Lugo (4 years ago)
It's obviously swamp gas from Jupiter reflecting off of a weather balloon but i'm not a rapper.  
Roy Robson (4 years ago)
*Snooping in on an RC plane contest, huh? Always make sure you zoom out with the potato camera when sight is clear 'check' and zoom in when trees obstruct the view 'check'. Get the fuck out of here.*
Ernie D (4 years ago)
If it was a Super Sonic Military fighter plane this video would never been posted.
Styles64 (4 years ago)
Wow Birds!
ecerejo (4 years ago)
UFO shots are always out of focus!  I Wonder why!
Cactus (4 years ago)
its 2013 and people still record video with fucking potatoes.
Steven Cabral (4 years ago)
that sucked
Pekka Puupää (4 years ago)
Shit leaked from ass
kostman23 (4 years ago)
leaked footage from inside your vagina?
Jack Frost (4 years ago)
Jasper Rasper (4 years ago)
Yep UFO travels Billions plus miles through space to get to earth then buggers off.. don't even stop for a ice cream...man that's so Weird
televoice (4 years ago)
That is so wrong! Fake Shit!
Trent Clark (4 years ago)
only zooming in when behind the trees lol
chuuska1972 (4 years ago)
how the hell did i get to this dumb page?
Blowfeld20k (4 years ago)
WTF?!?!? what is wrong with you guys ... another BS video posted on youtube and another brain dead flamewar over IF aliens expend planetary levels or resources to visit our planet ... but in secret. Anyone with a brain and genuine physics knowledge can work that one one. Meanwhile everyone completely misses the reason this vid and many like it are posted .... check the view count. Thats your reason right there 2,000,000+ views, all gets turned into cash return for the post as long as he has the right options ticked in his account. PLEASE PLEASE WAKE UP FOR REAL PEOPLE!!!
Zk AY (4 years ago)
lol total assplug
Christopher Pike (4 years ago)
Incredibly easy to fake.
nimitzopsoi (4 years ago)
this guy is a clown. hes like 'ho look a uFO'
X1 (4 years ago)
Radio controlled planes.
Ronnie Pirtle (4 years ago)
The truth is I really did see balls of light flying over military bases all the time in the late 70s and early 80s that looked a lot like this when I was growing up in the Mojave Desert! these things are CRAZY FAST TOO! With that being said, Your camera work still sucks bad buddy! Lets take it up a notch if your going to post crap on here!   PS. your only getting a thumbs up from me because. they do have real Orbs that look like this. Usually they fly in packs or 6 to 8 each one is a different color, they play Cat and Mouse with each other flying around the skies. then when they are done testing them, they all line up in a big circle, merge into one big light then they set down behind the mountains at the military base. that would happen every week, once a week for the 5 years that I lived there! Your camera work still sucks though!
jobete1964 (4 years ago)
I got the same sort of feeling watching it as you get when you open a bottle of pop and its gone flat! Totes amazeballs!
Gagan Deep Purple (4 years ago)
3:27pm, Why can't someday everybodys have high end lens to give us proof..sorry it..sucks
incognito (4 years ago)
Bernie Shaw (4 years ago)
henkima (4 years ago)
Only me that Closes my Eyes and sees a motorway`?? xD
Alex R (4 years ago)
OOOOOOH...LOOK A UFO, let me get my worst quality camera!
apprentice0ne (4 years ago)
Well, the zooming in and out seems kinda logic to me. Because if you stay zoomed in the objects will move quicker out of your view. Which makes it harder to track them. Besides I doubt you can ever persuade a sceptic on this subject with just a video.
Jim Radley (4 years ago)
nice video of birds
MrGoodwaterm (4 years ago)
Video fake
GreenEyed Devil (4 years ago)
You know your country is in bad shape when your government's version of a "supersonic military fighter plane" is a children's kite. Where is this from, North Korea?
EthanK-R (4 years ago)
the plane you show on the video picture looks like the black knight
Stan Bissonette (4 years ago)
I have no idea what you were suppose to be showing, you say UFO, there was nothing there to indicate anything.
jim ellioitt (4 years ago)
ok, I'm convinced, you're a dumbshit
Dragon Scales (4 years ago)
Zoomed in at 400% I see Godzilla!
Pat Kowalczyk (4 years ago)
you need to practice zooming unless you were purposely zooming out of focus. There are real ufo's ,some are ours and some our theirs . The real real ones are the mother ships with orbs of light that shoot out like drones which can render any electrical circuit worthless from 500 meters.
breezebro (4 years ago)
Every time they go behind the tree he zooms in. When they come out from behind the tree he zooms out.
Turkey UFO Incident (4 years ago)
The Turkey UFO incident took place between 2007 and 2009 and involved over 12 witnesses. During that time reports of unknown aerial objects were reported across Turkey while a series of videos were taken by a local resident named Murat Yalcin. The objects were seen by many people who live in Turkey over several days and nights. They filed reports with SIRIUS UFO Research …
rewolf w (4 years ago)
look like cars light in mountain road
oregonian1966 (4 years ago)
That was about as convincing as a bigfoot video.
leopold klop (4 years ago)
The only thing that Leaked was you Grandfathers Diaper
lessevdoolbretsim (4 years ago)
Another fine usage of CGI.
Jacob Daboul (4 years ago)
Fake. 0:53 it passes in front of the tree....
A1flipflop (4 years ago)
Ummm  change title to captured a real bigfoot (not a fake) on film first time ever while see the latest top secret supersonic (not Super Sonic<<<incorrect) military plane even though from this distance it looks nothing more then photoshopped (again not fake and not a hot air balloon and not a waste of time)
Life's Adventures (4 years ago)
 The camera man really sucks.  A near total waste.
usman khan (4 years ago)
plz someone explain to this guy what supersonic is. the object that is flying in the footage is not even close to supersonic. it looks more like someone is flying a kite
Bill Weihrouch (4 years ago)
LOL< the noise was cars on a highway behind them. The camera work was done by a frikkin chimpanzee.... Why even bother posting this?
A stupid as ThirdPhaseOfMoon's crap.
Alfred Newman (4 years ago)
This was a complete waste of time.
Rusty Nail (4 years ago)
Oh look, it's behind the tree, ZOOM IN! Oh it not behind the tree, ZOOM OUT! lol Well, I guess the video worked. We all watched it and they likely profited.
OrusMD (4 years ago)
100 хуёв в пятую точку оператору! блять, подождал покамест за елку спрячутся -приблизил, будто из-за елки показались -отодвинул! гений дебилизма! содомит  one operator cocks in the ass! fucking waited until after the tree disappear-closer, as because of the Christmas tree, seemed alienated! debilizma genius! bugger
Turkey UFO Incident (4 years ago)
The Turkey UFO incident took place between 2007 and 2009 and involved over 12 witnesses. During that time reports of unknown aerial objects were reported across Turkey on a repeated basis. At the same time a series of videos were taken by a local resident named Murat Yalcin. The objects were seen by many people who live in Turkey over several days and nights. They filed reports with SIRIUS UFO Research which is Turkey's primary UFO organization. The videos show various objects including formations of lights, round, disc, and cigar shaped objects which maneuver and hover over the sea. The video was recorded with a camera that had a tele-converter adapter capable of filming at 200 times optical achieving a great amount of detail. One thing that makes this case credible is that it was analyzed by "The Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey" and "TUG National Observatory" which reviewed the footage with the goal of discovering a hoax but were unsuccessful. The film has been studied by experts from Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Russia. After several attempts nobody has been able to successfully debunk the videos. To the current date they remain unidentified.
Roger Gomes (4 years ago)
Fuck you, you have nothing else to do? will seek employment
Michael Guyer (4 years ago)
OH MY GOD!!!! Theres a speck on the screen!!!! It must be Aliens!!!
Oct ogre (4 years ago)
Who told you it was aliens...Its just a UFO it happens all the time...
some dude (4 years ago)
i wish i could see how many thumbs down a video has before i fucking click on it
Greenpogo Anti (4 years ago)
Well that's got to be the slowest 'supersonic' flight I've ever seen.
Nova Sky (4 years ago)
interesting how there are 3 of them following each-other.
Ram Berto (4 years ago)
I love how no one right under these "UFO's" ever has a camera or sees it....its always somebody with the worst camera ever from a million miles away!  WHY?
Styles64 (4 years ago)
cause it's all bullshit?
Spider Pope (4 years ago)
See the thing about super sonic aircraft is you don't hear them until they are already gone, hence the super sonic part. This video is many things, footage of anything super sonic is is not.
Andrew Hasfun (4 years ago)
Looked like a para glider using a trike with a swan following it.
exxodas (4 years ago)
nice kite drones
Andrew Lazin (4 years ago)
I love the idiots that say "fake" in the comments section without even taking the time or intelligence required to think of how much effort and time would be required to fake many of the things in the amateur footage of UFOs.
Shadx27 (4 years ago)
I saw three birds flying around with their feathers catching the light only at certain angles.
Robbie (4 years ago)
Why are people so aggressive,insulting and down right nasty to others....?
gino lell (4 years ago)
Paul Sayer (4 years ago)
piddydog (4 years ago)
Just kids flying kites.
Jonas Malabrigo (4 years ago)
Rephrased for michael andrews "stupid people like you, Believes in Nothing But Themselves"
Jonas Malabrigo (4 years ago)
+michael andrews at least 4 people believe and understand the essence of what i'm saying....  
michael andrews (4 years ago)
says the guy who cant write a coherent sentence.
Nick D (4 years ago)
It's a dinosaur! They're back!
gray photojournal (4 years ago)
whatever it is seems rather awesome, too bad the video is shotty - nice try
Frank Gibson (4 years ago)
biplane Sean (4 years ago)
as an rc pilot i know exactly what that is now ive watched it a few times, its just an rc plane towing a line with lights attached to give at a distance an apearance of formation flying, look and your see how they follow the path and turn in the exact same line at exact same speeds. tight turns a little random and sharp(something a full size wouldnt do) and could not be done in that formation of follow the leader. so a fake again that has been set up by the pilot and cam guy( well he did happen to be in the right place at exactly the right time to film it right lol)
biplane Sean (4 years ago)
well it was lucky the guy/girl with the cam happend to be in the middle of nowhere pointing his/her cam in that direction and having the sens to zoom in at something u couldnt see untill he/her did zoom. talk about a series of luck lol
Robert Burns (4 years ago)
Looks like a duck

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