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$10M Fortnite Fall Skirmish SOLO'S (WEEK 2) ROYALE FLUSH #FALLSKIRMISH Myth, Tfue, Ninja, Nick eh 30

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FUNNY FORTNITE FAILS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ki_a_1BOGg SUBSCRIBE FOR COOL FEATURES AND A CHANCE TO WIN A GIVEAWAY (WINNER WILL GET PRICE PAID IN GIFT CARD OR PAYPAL) BECOME MEMBER! : https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=G6SkZ76IHDk&action=sponsor $10M Fortnite Fall Skirmish - LIVE EVENT (WEEK 1) #FortniteBR #FallSkirmish Leave a like and maybe Subscribe :) #fallskirmish #fortnitebr #fortniteskirmish COMMANDS: !donate !subscribe !giveaway !help INSTAGRAM : Fortnitehub_yt DONATE: https://streamlabs.com/fortnitehub2 MEMBERS: Donators XavierFp23 $5.00 - Plz help, a youtuber and his fans are flagging all my vids Morongo Wah23 $14,99 - Nick eh 30 Morongo Wah23 $19,99 - Hit a trick shot Jaephin x $2.00 - Nick eh 30 best fortnite player GraNtDoPeGAmeR $1.99 - Nick eh 30 has to win Josue Labra $1.99 - Hi awesome gamer 1 $1.99 - Gucci Th3 Domination101 - $1.00 is nick eh 30 in this game? King Killa - $1.99 Jerppa_ XD €20.00 - can tilt my channel $10M Fortnite Fall Skirmish - LIVE EVENT (WEEK 1) #FortniteBR #FallSkirmish $ 10 मीटर फोर्टनाइट पतन टकराव - लाइव घटना (सप्ताह 1) # फोर्टनाइटBR #FallSkirmish
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Text Comments (14)
Nick Nedzweckas (3 days ago)
who ever likes ninja like
Nick Nedzweckas (3 days ago)
I love ninja'
F S (14 days ago)
Unknown 2016 (14 days ago)
Bruno Santic (16 days ago)
double tap boys (17 days ago)
Carefree 82 (17 days ago)
thanks Mr Bus Driver!!
Mr. ToCsI (18 days ago)
vF BlooZz (18 days ago)
Is it me or there’s 285 hours?
Tilly Netflix (17 days ago)
because your not ninja
vF BlooZz (17 days ago)
Tilly Netflix your not even subbed trash kid
Tilly Netflix (17 days ago)
Tilly Netflix (17 days ago)
Mokhtar Amer (18 days ago)

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