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Crysis 3 (Game Movie)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is my attempt to make a feature film of Cevat Yerlis epic actiongame: Crysis 3. I have been working with this project for quite some time now, and the ending result was pretty good, though not completely perfect.
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Jackson T Theodore (7 months ago)
Prophet is now can do anything The suit combine with him his shell now become nano shell
Jerlin Vinso (10 months ago)
Capricorn: Is English your second language ?
Spectral Tiger (1 year ago)
Damn looks like most people here didn't even payed attention to the story when playing crysis 2. It starts showing us that Lawrence Brown somehow found his way to NYC where "Ceph" aka (the aliens) are releasing the "Manhattan" virus. And it shows us in the intro and beginning that Lawrence is sick from the virus and almost out of time. But fortunately he finds Alcatraz who is seriously wounded and won't last much longer but the suit can keep him alive. So before he gives him the suit he transfers his mind (memory or whatever) but it's kind of locked and slowly through the game it gets unlocked and melds with the mind (again memory or whatever) of Alcatraz. Prophet was code name of Lawrence but the name stuck to the suit (confirmed by Gould who welcomes Prophet and knows under the suit must be Lawrence but a fell moments later during the diagnostic he finds that Lawrence isn't the person inside the suit and pulls a gun on Alcatraz asking him who the fuck is he?) so by the end of the game Alcatraz is Prophet. The suit is some form of alien DNA or Organism dunno some (mumbo jumbo) and it needs time to find a way to fight the Ceph "virus". In the end of the game when Alcatraz walks in the core of the virus spreading machine or wtf it is we hear the suit voice saying "This is it, Marine. Finish what i started. Clearly Lawrence talking to Alcatraz through the Suit. And in the very end when he is being asked who is he. He proudly says. They call me .... Prophet. In the end of Crysis 3 the suit has taken the form of Lawrence because he is the one that started it all and it was his fight and his sacrifices, Alcatraz was just a tool a dying Marine who was given a chance to fight back once more. like if you have learned something new and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about something we can't all be all mighty and knowing P.S Sorry for my bad English. Not a native writer/speaker.
DanielKasia DanielKasia (3 months ago)
Now I understand EVERYTHING the to you!!I never understood how Alcatraz became Prophet,THX FOR EXPLAINING! !!😊😊😊
James Duffy (11 months ago)
You are correct, but how is Alcatraz a "tool"? Can you explain?
PAMAJ Luiz Fernando (1 year ago)
Infelizmente não estou podendo colocar alguns jogos porque tem brasileiros me hackiando atrapalhando passar os jogos e uma vergonha como pode existir pessoas assim 2000 FDPS BRASIL: Pamaj
Foxtrod (1 year ago)
Se houver um monte de hackers que perturba você, assim você só tem que denunciá-los à polícia. Se isso não funcionar, então eu acho que você vai ter que aprender a colocar-se com eles.
nicecar (1 year ago)
Hey atleast he tried to make game movie on that low fps... i would have been fed up playing that game low fps for hours
Lance Lim (1 year ago)
Im watching this coz im stuck in one level
Harry Belafonte (1 year ago)
or have English Language with English Subtitles lol, if so put CC so option so we can turn them off, if not remove audio all together, both is just stupid
Karazu X (1 year ago)
So sad I couldn't play this game anymore. I managed to reach mission 2 and tried setting the resolution to the highest. After that, the game keeps crashing and I cant even set back the resolution. Reinstalled but the game wont load up anymore.
Be Ready! (1 year ago)
Still the best trilogy ever if you have played Crysis 1 you will know who are Psycho and Prophet deammm the hipe is real !
max martikainen (1 year ago)
the fps on this...
Roberto Plevnjak (2 years ago)
CELL power, pure energy for everyone!
Sudai Pipit (2 years ago)
nice...wlau pn blum pena men game ni...crysis2 je da hbis men..
MYE (2 years ago)
_1_ _Лайк_ _=_ _+1_ _год_ _жизни_ _твоим_ _Родителям!_ _Подпишешься_ _на_ _меня_ _=_ _твои_ _РОДИТЕЛИ_ _БУДУТ_ _ЖИТЬ_ _ВЕЧНО!_
IFurom Gaming (2 years ago)
my family and I watched ths together ^^ thanksxzx for shearing
Jade River (2 years ago)
Its not a MOVIE movie, Its 3d Comp Gen GAME STYLE movie, not movie style movie ..............
MCG Jony (2 years ago)
i miss this game wish we had a crisis 4
MCG Jony (2 years ago)
+WANNTEDD135 lol
WANNTEDD135 (2 years ago)
Trust! I was half way until my bloody Xbox broke
Great job man...loved it!
cool kid (2 years ago)
If you're gonna make a movie try not to have a shitty pc so you dont run the game at 10 fps
The Tillman Review (1 year ago)
That's bullshit.
Oscar Jung (1 year ago)
Lol my Lenovo 14" laptop y700 for $699 run it fine.
A normal person (2 years ago)
+Aether Gaming hes do his best so GTFO idiot
Java AI (2 years ago)
+Aether Gaming It's both. The engine is a huge part of it, and the engine's ability to run well is determined by the game itself. You can't put a game with graphics like Arma 3 or Crysis on the Source engine because it wouldn't be able to process all of that at once.
cool kid (2 years ago)
+DGXJ94 Its not the engine its the game. I could make a minecraft on cryengine and it wouldnt make the game need a beastly pc
Arvid Qwarfordt (2 years ago)
I LOVE THE GRAFICS ON CRYSIS its better then farcry lol
Aggelos Gougougiannis (2 years ago)
Wtf the GRAPHICKS IS REAL??!!??!!
Chris Nguyen (2 years ago)
Good job, you made it all realistic 👍🏻
StopItStepBro (2 years ago)
I just want to say thank you for making this because I absolutely love this game and you just made it better!!!
KarimAlim (3 years ago)
great job
KarimAlim (3 years ago)
I understand nothing of crysis 2 Prophet took suicide so why he lives in crysis 3??????
James Duffy (11 months ago)
+edelbiev you are correct, but you don't have the events in the correct order.
Reactor Engineer (2 years ago)
+Malik Edelbijev no problem
KarimAlim (2 years ago)
ok thx man!
Reactor Engineer (2 years ago)
+Malik Edelbijev In the game,the first part of the story was in crysis 1 where everything started.Then CELL froze Prophet to skin him and get his nanosuit [btw they did the same thing to the whole crew] but Psycho and some other nanosuit soldiers saved Prophet from the CELL [this all happened in crysis 3].Then Prophet saved the world once again,this time from the alpha ceph.And then he returned back on earth.Then in crysis 2 ceph strike once again,this time with some kind of virus that kills everything exept themselves and release the virus on earth.Prophet gets infected by the virus and he doesnt have enough streght to stop the ceph for the 3. time.That is why he chooses Alcatraz [you in crysis 2] and saves you from being infected and getting killed.He takes off his suit and puts it on you.He then suicides so the suit can reboot to a new owner [you] and then you will save the world from the infection.
Arthur SCHOPENHAUER (3 years ago)
need real movie
Malykai Singleton (3 years ago)
Malykai Singleton (3 years ago)
boos fast
Malykai Singleton (3 years ago)
Chinga3000 (3 years ago)
Fuckin ell,shameful display ! He cloaks after he's spotted ,what a cretin,showed yourself right up on YouTool.
Chinga3000 (3 years ago)
Pissed there will never be a Crysis4
Stormtrooper Rhodes (5 months ago)
Chinga3000 there could crytek could consider a kickstarter campaign to have it made but not lots of people know about the game in the first place
Radix (3 years ago)
Why is he frozen in space?
lol true
KerfuffleCookies (1 year ago)
+xXJorgesTheKingXx JD I have a similar approach, I just wrote down what I remembered from playing and put a small comedic spin on it. :)
im only 10 and I am not really smart so I just do things short but better information :D!!!
ok ok ur right
KerfuffleCookies (1 year ago)
+xXJorgesTheKingXx JD At the end what actually happens in that he is sucked into space by the portal after defeating the Alpha Ceph. Once there he has a whole inner monologue about sacrifice and being human and whatnot? He then thinks that if he uses Archangel and fires on the Ceph Warship then he can destroy it. Luckily for him, it works and the resulting blast sends him hurtling back towards Earth. And as it happens he lands back at the Ling Shan Island by some major coincidence. :P After which he continues his inner monologue and goes all Predator on us as he walks back to his shack. The End... ? :P
Paul Kyle (3 years ago)
Psycho don't need a fucking suit,because eez fucking British.Well,eez English mate and bollocks to you all.
Capricorn (3 years ago)
well I don't mean he sucks at it but he isn't so good at it he is ok but im not  saying he is TERRIBLE and he isn't AMAZING but ill just say he isn't so good and he isn't so bad at it I mean I cant say he sucks at all games but he messed up at some things is this is what im saying
Capricorn (3 years ago)
just saying not trying to be a dick but I think this dude sucks at games he messed up on a lot of things and just isn't do well I played the game and beat it I know a lot of you guys are going to be a douche and say WELL NO ONE CARES IF YOU BEAT IT but like I said not trying to be a dick but just saying he isn't so good a the game and I really do not care of I get dislike on this comment
Capricorn (2 years ago)
Thanks for telling me??? Uh Yeah ...
Capricorn (2 years ago)
Very defensive Before That and was in a bad mood ... Aha?
Capricorn (2 years ago)
Alright? ..
~lol~ dont be too defensive
Capricorn (2 years ago)
Would one respond as lol?
reda benazza (3 years ago)
Can Baran (3 years ago)
Warhead ?
derim006 (3 years ago)
+reda benazza mass effect123 is little better
Epiphany (3 years ago)
dafuq that ending 
PartimeVillian (3 years ago)
why won't cell use nano technology? it's so strong
AshExo TM (2 years ago)
+superdahoho Et's becowz CELL are piece of garbage, they only want Prophet's Nanosuit to enhance CELL's armor
stephen connell (3 years ago)
Wow ,what a great job you did creating a smooth flowing and interesting movie out of the game. Top effort.
stephen connell (3 years ago)
+Eagle6355  Could you do one for Halo and Mass effect?    They have  great stories and would be great as movies..
Foxtrod (3 years ago)
Thank you :)
Sigiswulf (3 years ago)
Wait- What happened to Alcatraz? Seriously, what the fuck happened to him? I thought the player was supposed to be Alcatraz the whole time, and there I see him as the original PROPHET. I'm so confused.
Salise Productions (2 years ago)
+Guardsman Boris oh i was confused of everything
Robert Edge (2 years ago)
+Viper4kPlayground good english
snowey 950 (3 years ago)
If u pay attention it says, that the nano suit can change him to be any thing like Seth or even prophet.
Sigiswulf (3 years ago)
+Glef Hylo Salise Nomad was one of the soldiers who had a nanosuit in Crysis 1. Alcatraz is just a marine. 
Salise Productions (3 years ago)
Hannible 100 (3 years ago)
Well I will be fucked in the arse if I could drive that fuckin Car! 
ME KOLME (3 years ago)
your video are coped iretsiam173
TheNatSecWonk (3 years ago)
The story was pretty sick, but the multiplayer was a fucking failure. The servers were the worst I've ever seen, taking 30 minutes of constant refreshing to find a single match, then to have it shit itself and loose connection. Worse than crysis 2.  Graphics were pathetic online as well, for consoles. The difference between campaign and online graphics... holy shit.... killzone 2 had far better visuals online, and that came out in 09.  
The Whiplash (3 years ago)
did anyone else note
Lewis Ahern (3 years ago)
Nikolay Vasilev (4 years ago)
48:35 Woooo!
Nikolay Vasilev (4 years ago)
You have something Prophet. something the Ceph will never or understand
Nikolay Vasilev (4 years ago)
they called me Prophet
SPARTAN-115 IBRAHEEM (4 years ago)
i just like this game its epic man its epic !!!!!! 
Ethereal Nightmare (4 years ago)
why crytek engine logo has an illuminati eye on it ?
Manny Saucedo (4 years ago)
damn crysis is the best
Roberto Plevnjak (2 years ago)
Join CELL, fight for CryNet!
Bob Dole (4 years ago)
If you Enjoy Great Vocals Come check out Self Confineds Singer Jimmy at goo.gl/TzNdd7
Papa Smerf (4 years ago)
44:02 Anomaly on the right, take bolt and detector maybe artifacts are nearby.
jeffrin john (4 years ago)
Hats off to your efforts bro. I have nothing to say....just plain admiration
David Harden (4 years ago)
Ok so some of you probably thinking since you play crysis 2 and when Alcatraz took over profits suit shouldn't it be him in 3 but if u saw that at the ending he has blue eyes black ppl don't have blue eyes Alcatraz lives on with the upgrade to the suit some how the changed the skin for him to become prophet
Chinga3000 (3 years ago)
+David Harden What drugs you on ? Fuckin moron
Some black people do have blue eyes. It's called genes or genetic traits from both end of the parents.
65firered (3 years ago)
The suit was haunted by Barnes's ghost in this game. Alcatraz's dead body is still inside the suit while Barnes's ghost controls it.
86BuzzSaw (4 years ago)
this looks amazing for an xbox360 game.lol
Serinity (3 years ago)
That's cause he's not playing on the 360...
cobra kills (4 years ago)
psycho at the very end is a bad ass and has a perfect ending
CrackahJackk (4 years ago)
What the hell happened to this game? Multiplayer never took off and it just flopped.
DGXJ94 (2 years ago)
This is what happens when call of duty dominates the market and copies other people's ideas and says "look what we did, wow such, much great, graphics sick" And all the Doritos and dew cretins in high school flock to it cause it's a easy game that any half brained chimp can learn to play......... Gone are the days of in depth stories in single player that make you think and try to understand the situation.....instead the cretins of the video game world just want a walk here shoot that game..... Call of duty ruined video games for good
+Chris Voravong I never said that...
Chris Voravong (2 years ago)
+Alexei Brownski Wait.. so you're saying that CoD dosen't have 5000 frickin 12 year olds?
These games are all way too focused on multiplayer, which CoD, Battlefield and Halo dominate. Crytek would have been better of making them single player only.
CrazyRobotPRODUCTIONS (4 years ago)
Call of duty and halo happened, all attention from these games are just sapped away when a new one of those is annouced or released.
jackydan (4 years ago)
well done ! <3
david devlin (4 years ago)
I may buy all the crisis games now thanks to you good work
Yan trenteneuf (4 years ago)
pas mal mais cela aurait été mieux sans le hud
BlackEagle (4 years ago)
like if you think that the clips are just the same like call of duty! 
CrackahJackk (4 years ago)
+The Steel Arc please don't be serious...
The Steel Arc (4 years ago)
+CrackahJackk God, you are such a hypocrite...
CrackahJackk (4 years ago)
Like if you automatically dislike comments that start with "Like if you..."
The Steel Arc (4 years ago)
Ah, k.
BlackEagle (4 years ago)
this shit was my brother i really dont know what he means
William Jones (4 years ago)
What is the ost/song in the beginning???
Urbany (4 years ago)
Awesome! Thanks
RSV11121995 (4 years ago)
from 00:00:00 to 2:48:56 this was a perfect joy man........ yeah..... hats off to you man
Richard Heil (4 years ago)
Great story...Well done on putting this together! I enjoyed every minute of it!
Rae Goggins (4 years ago)
One of the better cutscene movies seen, great that you added gameplay so it flowed rather then seeming segregated like so many others.....a lot of effort this must have taken
John Murillo (4 years ago)
Play more games than that probably and nice HD.
Sheft (4 years ago)
I lol'd at your username.
Beornvith (4 years ago)
Wow Impressive !
jason max (4 years ago)
Cry Engine 3 is best
Yunus Emre Özüberk (5 years ago)
@dogukan sikti
dogukan berk (5 years ago)
bu amınakodumun yılanı bende ölmüo gavurun tohumu
FearTheCalm (5 years ago)
You got some pretty intense frame drops there, buddy. I understand why, A heavy game like that while running a recording program. Your PC held up great though, and you did a fantastic job. The frame drops were noticeable though; sadly I can't provide you any solutions, as this is something I have never done. (You maybe don't have to turn the settings up so high, since youtube compression artifacts eat up a lot of the fidelity). Just trying to help. :p
Arctic (5 years ago)
Thank you for including sub titles I dont want to turn my speakers up all the way just to hear properly
Milos Preocanin (5 years ago)
Bravo for patience and effort, really sick concentration to make this all happen :) Please tell me what is your PC configuration that You played on and record video ?
ddubs43 (5 years ago)
i think its the best outta the 3 for gameplay, story is good to but the 1st story was what made me like the series. so much more fun to have aliens pop up half way
Nate1525 (5 years ago)
Gameplay is laggy
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Thank you very much! So far, I have made five "feature films" out of five video games, but I have only uploaded three of them on my channel because it takes a freaking lot of time to upload a couple of hours long video here on YouTube. I have also made some episodes of some games as well, which lasts at least over 1 hour or 2. :)
scrotie mcboogerballs (5 years ago)
just subscribed
scrotie mcboogerballs (5 years ago)
I like that you did every mission instead of just the fucking cutscenes its boring just watching that you should make more of these How many have you made anyways?
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
It's the weakest game in the series, but has one of the best graphics in gaming history, got a nice story and some fun shooting. But the multplayer is tedious and the singleplayer campaign is really short.
thedreamliner2012 (5 years ago)
I just bought it...before I play, I want to know if I wasted my $50 or is it worth it?
SchmidtzZ (5 years ago)
EPIC !!!! =D
XBignudgeX (5 years ago)
I wasn't emotional on the last day of year 6. Not even at the farewell night. But,when the ending part of Crysis 3 showed up and Prophet started speaking, I was nearly crying......
john pumpernikle (5 years ago)
remember me
Danny Does Things (5 years ago)
Hot Damn I gotta use Youtube downloader AND GET THIS SHIT AND GET MY POPCORN AND WATCH :DDD
vangunholder (5 years ago)
man i always crack up when the cell say " the entity know as prophet thats YOU AS*HOLE!" lmfao
Austin Rattanavongsa (5 years ago)
The Alpha Ceph disliked this.
Austin Rattanavongsa (5 years ago)
They Called Me Prophet Remember Me
Austin Rattanavongsa (5 years ago)
Loved this
Austin Rattanavongsa (5 years ago)
They Called Me Prophet Remember Me
Austin Rattanavongsa (5 years ago)
They CalledMe Prophet Remember Me
spartanlord91 (5 years ago)
9:30, when all else fails bow and arrow doesnt
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Thanks sooooooo much!!! ;)
CMDR Boom (5 years ago)
THANK YOU for this! I ended up watching three versions of the C3 'movie', and not only was this one the most complete, but it was a proper PC B-E-A--utiful version! (And it had an ending! Something after a few hours that one would think rather mandatory!) Bravo all 'round.
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Thanks! :D
Tammy Nguyen (5 years ago)
nice video!

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