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The Far Cry 5 Problem That MANY Are Concerned With

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The Far Cry 5 Problem That MANY Are Concerned With ➥Subscribe: http://Youtube.com/downwardthrust ➥Donate: http://Patreon.com/downwardthrust ➥Twitter: https://twitter.com/DownwardThrust 📬 dwt.mailbox@gmail.com (Send your questions for Q&A videos here) Thanks for watching! Video Credits: 46 minutes of NEW Far Cry 5 gameplay from PCGAMESN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUApJui_iAM& Misc. Footage from theRadBrad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td2v3EqFYuA&
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Text Comments (4728)
Downward Thrust (7 months ago)
The end of the video ends with an interesting question: is the repetition of Far Cry actually a bad thing, given that it's such an incredibly successful franchise? *What do you think of the upcoming Far Cry 5?*
Angela Storm (3 months ago)
Downward Thrust I played it I’m from the future and I think it’s great
Destructor Gaming YT (3 months ago)
Downward Thrust once you finish the missions it gets boring though... But the campaign was good.
PC Barber (4 months ago)
If it aint broke, dont fix it...
Dirty Dan (5 months ago)
This latest installment is absolute garbage, and I should have watched gameplay before buying it.
Splitzerx (5 months ago)
Downward Thrust I love it
UrMomGay (5 days ago)
People are sick of games like far cry 3 but when ubi release far cry primal they are upset cuz they want "something with guns" like far cry 3, go succ a dicc if u re one of those guys
Scott Deieso (11 days ago)
Farcry Primal was my favorite, because at least that was. totally different setting, i was hoping for a different time era this time
TrekBuilder (27 days ago)
For me, personally, I absolutely LOVED Far Cry 5. I've played it twice now, and have the urge to play it again. I feel nowadays for whatever reason, people feel that having repetition in a franchise is dull and boring,, and I simply cant wrap my head around that. Each game has a different plot, villain, and setting. For me, that is plenty to make a game be fun. As long as the gameplay and story is interesting, what more does a person need? I feel we as a society expect too much, and should be happy and grateful that we live in a time where video games even exist.
GuntherWenkYT (1 month ago)
I would like to see him do another video but review the protaganist. He/She does not speak, doesn't have a backstory, and feels very much like a robot.
bryce donelan (1 month ago)
Love far cry 5 and the DLC
Josiah Martin (1 month ago)
it won me over
Hans Arano (1 month ago)
People calling FC 5 is a FC 3.2 are u even serious u can really see the big differences in the game
A Brasilian Honey Badger (2 months ago)
Next Far cry should be in Amazonia ._.
Kampf Echo (2 months ago)
I finds f5 boring and the enemy's are still stupid and to easy for me. Not buying it
King of the Daddy's (2 months ago)
Every game is repetitive in same way. The problem is how often you release the games. GTA comes out every 6/7 years and it’s great. Call of Duty comes out every year and it’s boring af
DanRivers22 (2 months ago)
One thing that would be great is an open-ended story. What if I wanted to side with the bad guy in the end? I wanted to side with Pagan in Far Cry 4 but nope I had to settle for Sabal and Amita
steadyeddy100 (2 months ago)
Far cry needs to be made by people other than Americans it's getting stale
Mastah Binc (3 months ago)
They really need to change their direction for the franchise, just like the time when Far Cry 3 was a far cry from what Far Cry 2 did.
Trizzie Brah (3 months ago)
Its as if ubisoft watched this video, delyed the the game and fixed everything you just said was bad
Jakub Lubaczewski (3 months ago)
what about far cry primal. It's kind of different
frank Bensley (3 months ago)
its called FAR CRY FIVE , for a REASON !!!!!!!! ITS fuking Far Cry ,and its how Far Cryers ,like it ,Jesus ,cause its the effin same ! same as COD never changes ,, derghhhhh
KJ (3 months ago)
Aren't planes a new thing to come to Farcry? But good video anyway I do think ubisoft will stay with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude about farcry.
FUGALS WORLD (3 months ago)
Just finished farcry 5 it's disappointing I won't be buying 6 if they make it. They did awesome with assassin's Creed. This is total let down
DogTheLog (3 months ago)
Falcon 10348 (4 months ago)
Wow this has lots of wrong info and it was all wrong in the end because 5 is far different from the others and I pre-ordered gold edition
Bob Fisher (4 months ago)
Almost everything you said is completely just facking dumb. Its like you've nvr played farcry... and you only talked to stupid people who have played an hour or so minutes of far cry 4 and 5... am i wrong try to convince me 1 of 11k people who like this terrible video
Christopher (4 months ago)
I uninstalled Farcry 5 after a few minutes because the story was... I don't know. I've had some pretty transformative, positive life experiences the past few years. I just can't play games that are so negative, killy, and dark anymore. I'm looking for something new, positive and transformative. Something deeper. Something new.
Rick Robinson (4 months ago)
this is the best Far Cry for sure.. I didn't care for the earlier games, never finished them. This one is much more immersive and addictive. I love Far Cry 5, will be playing for a long time after the main story is completed.
Amit Mishra (4 months ago)
@Creator of this video...What else do you want in game? You want far cry yo be like hitman?
Coen T (4 months ago)
Please let far cry 6 be something like fc2, 3 or 4 again.. I really dont like the Far Cry 5 setting.. Thats why i didnt buy it..
Crazy Elvis (4 months ago)
For me far cry 2 and 3 are the best in the series
Von Andrade (4 months ago)
I still like far cry to be far cry. Unlike other titles like assasins creed trying to be witcher 3, except it has uninspired boring sidequests.
ballyhoo321 (4 months ago)
Same game different trees
Skodward (4 months ago)
You can't just play all of the story missions whenever you want. You get kidnapped when you completed a milestone in a region (you can achieve that by doing convoys, outposts etc.) and then a story mission starts. They made it like this do you can't just complete the game in a couple hours but that you actually have spend time is liberating outposts
Jon G (4 months ago)
Oh wow, I very recently became far cry series and thought this exact thing. I checked 1-5 and opted for 2, it felt like 3-5 kept using the villian as the main character, like their presence takes over the players in a way.
Chief_ Philly (4 months ago)
Aye go look up David Koresh that nigga b on butt
Tristan Lahasky (4 months ago)
I’m not sure what Ubisoft will need to do for far cry 6 to keep the series from running out of steam for the older players just so long as it doesn’t take away from other aspects that are already great.For players like me who this is their first far cry game I am perfectly fine with the current formula.
jx592 (4 months ago)
Far Cry does the same thing, you say? Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity?
jx592 (4 months ago)
They never lost me... Except with primal i didnt Even look at it
Diego Augusto (4 months ago)
The only problem with Far Cry 5 is the insane spawning/despawning rate. Kinda takes you out of it if you have to contend with 2 cars with enemies and wild animals who are bullet sponges every 100 game metres
Boshua Jaldwin (4 months ago)
I love Far Cry 5 but I have a problem with the difficulty. It's too easy on normal and sometimes it's too hard on hard. Hard usually gives me a fair challenge but its damn near impossible to stealthily take an outpost.
Brandon Campbell (4 months ago)
No one is concerned with this bullshit. You're literally creating a controversy singlehandedly. lol
Brandon Campbell (4 months ago)
I've had more fun with this game than most in the past few years. So, yeah, to answer your question, no. We're good. This game is good. We're all good here. Thanks for trying, though.
Kim Akbari (5 months ago)
This channel is a complete whiner! This game is sucks boohooo, that other games sucks huaaaa! Fuckin cut that attitude
Jack Frost (5 months ago)
$100 BUCKS?? uP YOUR ASSHOLES..Programmers must be on CRACK !
Classic Assassin (5 months ago)
This game is garbage
Brandon Campbell (4 months ago)
But, like, if you played it, though, you'd realize it's not garbage, though.
Alexander Thrill (5 months ago)
You are wrong. Far Cry should not change its traditions. Be grateful it has a lot of vehicles. You are blind.
DarConall (4 months ago)
Alexander Thrill Just as blind as the game A.I.
Lubeit Firstdaddy (5 months ago)
Sht don't buy
Sebastian Valentin (5 months ago)
flaw in your vid, animal skins not needed for crafting, only money, it's what gets those upgrades
tertertr tetrete (5 months ago)
Concerned? If they make a different game, it will be a different game. It won't be farcry. They cant just make a different game and call itFar Cry
Gin Geek (5 months ago)
This farcry is a downgrade instead of an upgrade i mean half of the animations are gone
Gin Geek (4 months ago)
i don't really get what you are saying but ok...
Teresa Ciolek (5 months ago)
I'm glad they didnt' change much. Why? Because the game is fun and i love!
Thchification (5 months ago)
my fav far cry 3, y? becoz of vaas he said it "he made u keep playing"
Artem T-rex arms Lobov (5 months ago)
I feel like expectations from consumers is way too high now. The same old mechanics is what people like and that's why they buy the sequel. To get more of the action. They don't have to reinvent the wheel.
The Real Silent Slayer (5 months ago)
I’m sad because once you complete the game no cultist spawn and it’s boring all you can do is the outpost if you haven’t completed them all by the end game, hunt, fish, and play farcry arcade or co-op
jamie reid (5 months ago)
jesus h Christ it's a sequel of course it plays like previous games, no one complains that grand theft auto has played the same since gta 3, I'd be more concerned that every farcry character since Jason Brody has had the voice of desmond miles
cookytrix (5 months ago)
all they have to do is bring back the fc2 style of MP and it would be a smash hit.. but they are idiots
Mysterious Conroy76 (5 months ago)
Gta 5 is #1 Far Cry #2
Correy kinsella (5 months ago)
its not good lees of everything in 5
Ray Ivey (5 months ago)
"Rule" America?
Beyblade guy q (5 months ago)
Its a game okay isn't that inuff its still playable
nguyen khoa (5 months ago)
7:04 Look closely at the guy just killed by him
MrDemonicDan (5 months ago)
If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
paulspydar (5 months ago)
and you dont even have to play it really, just watch your two guns for hire do all or most of the work, pretty pointless really but I keep playing them lol
Stephen Ovadenko (5 months ago)
Seriously. The formula and setup should be similar or it wouldnt be a sequal to far cry. They should keep 75% or more of the same general interactive equalities in the game series. Sure, they should expand or perfect but it shouldnt feel overly differnt. If it was all new it would suck as a sequal to an established series. It might be a good cool new game, but i expect to be able to pick up a new far cry game and automatically know how to play because ive played the other ones. Why does everyone... at least the critics want new gameplay for gameplay that they fell in love with. New stpry. New map sure but why do people want the game to be so god damned different in gameplay style.
JD Hood (5 months ago)
I'm sick of aliens, zombies, dragons or all the other cartoon fantasy games. The Far Cry franchise has never failed to entertain. Even though the very high-level plot outlines are similar, as each edition came out, I play it over and over and over, I never have to take the exact same paths and choices to get from game-start to game-end and I never get bored with it. Far Cry *never* disappoints. I've been through FC5 on PC a couple times now and it still feels new and I'm looking forward to some (eventual) DLC's. I honestly enjoy resetting the outposts after beating the game and just wandering around at random, ignoring the story. If you don't like it, fine. Go chase a dragon, run from zombies or fend off aliens. Whatever floats your boat.
Tyler Wells (5 months ago)
I just wish you could re-populate the entirety of all the regions because not having random enemies just kills the fun of the game. The once fun road trips to an objective are now desolate and basically force me to fast travel to find anything.
Jens Petter IkkeOppført (5 months ago)
If I want to play a Far Cry game, I purchase a Far Cry game. If I want to play a different kind of game, I f...in by a different game.
Brennan Angelone (5 months ago)
Your seven things were way too vague
Whelan101 (5 months ago)
The game is awesome!
NomaD The Great (5 months ago)
If you want a different gameplay experience, play another franchise, The witcher and The Elder Scrolls for example... It's farcry, it's going to stay farcry.
Magnum Handout (5 months ago)
I totally get that change is a good thing, but honestly, what more is there to possibly include in a far cry game? We got a new story, new characters, new weapons, new vehicles, new setting. Yes the gameplay is nearly identical but that’s because that’s what far cry is all about, that’s what we love about the game. Why would we change it?
Timothy Baxter (5 months ago)
Lol this is so dumb those 7 things are present in any free roam game ever like cmon
Derik NA (5 months ago)
I will say that 5 has added some small invasions to the farcry 3 engine. They have toughened up the enemy ai, they are more comfident foes, and my favorit finaly have true co-op. Other then that its a bad reskin with some balancing isues, worst of all, they compleatly gave up on multiplayer even though 3s Call of Duty style multiplayer was a smash hit! Balancing isues- (incase you were ceriouse) insane health numbers on animals- “deer” god I cant kill a deer with a sniper riffle as it escapes shooting it 3 times in its flank! The ai is way too aware- like a hive of ants, you shoot a silenced weapon that head shots a gent on the roof and it hits the rooftop from your raised position... every ones on alert byebye stealth bonus... Weapons and vehical expenses- They re-fit these for micro transactions, takes abit too much to buy clothing and weapons... gata love that 2k$ sweater vest. Oh and made ammo harder to come by so it’d take your money as well for shame! Perks- They dumped alot of the farcry 3 development system into perk points you get from... chalanges... odd way to get perks sorta uncreative too. But worse is that these perks is also were you get weapon holsters and your grapeling hook... sorta a bad place to have such important mechanics locked behind... Otherwise just some odd health mechanics on vehicles. Rubber airplanes are durable as they take a nose dive and live...
Derik NA (5 months ago)
Wrong 4 added a good bit, fist trial at in world co-op, auto driving pathing and shooting from the driving seat, grappling hook “my personal favorit”. Sadly these inivations lead to a mediocer muliplayer and god awfull gunplay... 4 is the worst farcry game. But its update to the farcy 3 ebgine with these systems are important, and can buid great games if utalized proper... 5 is not said utilization... Just like three was not the proper way to go off from 2s stellar innovation and unique mechanics! Also how you forget farcry primal? I never played it but I know what that was.
F S (5 months ago)
Far cry sequels are bordering on being expansions.... or more likely, new chapters.
James Bednar (5 months ago)
So, "Far Cry" series has now turned into the "Call of Duty" series: same damn repetitious thing?????? IF you do not like what the series is doing, then do not play the damn game.
Stream Playing (5 months ago)
It’s different
Stream Playing (5 months ago)
I hav it
Divergent Droid (5 months ago)
Ubisoft does Not want my money. I can't go to Best Buy or Walmart, give them 100 dollars for the Gold edition with Season Pass DLC on dvd, take the dvd home and play the game on my computer that's not hooked up to any internet.. just like games should be and have always been. However Ubisoft doesn't offer that.
Brandon Cruikshank (5 months ago)
I want them to add a M4A1 M16 in the game and a R700 and a G11 from black ops 1 in the game
delzottoj (5 months ago)
people have too much free time, its a video game.
Greenest Hue (5 months ago)
Can I romance my cousin? That would make it much more authentic.
Horst Hacker (5 months ago)
Oh God...when Soy Boys try to draw Attention from the Work of others. You made no Point at all in the Whole Video... and Pagan Min was NOT the Villain. This is the new Generationof Gaming Cucks...i bet you want a game where you can be a Woman and get all the Attention your shaved Vagina needs.
Baron Rassilon (5 months ago)
My only complain is it seemed to short of a game. The bosses were fairly easy to beat. Otherwise I enjoyed the game. Maybe rather than destroy Father and his empire, take on the role of Father and try to build your church. Use the bliss on people, destroy those who oppose you. Just a suggestion.
Christopher Foreman (5 months ago)
So stupid , most games only change a few things between games. Far cry 5 is great and changes a lot. 4 changed enough to be a new game so stop whining.
Richard Smith (5 months ago)
Also the biggest let down in gaming history. 9 or 10 times he is captured and 9 or 10 times he is not slaughtered by the Cult instantly like some Hollywood B movie where the bad guy yammers on and on until the hero can escape. I call B.S. All those interruptions do is ruin the game. The Deputy was being brain washed to murder Eli - He was warned and told he was to kill Eli. The Deputy must be a deaf mute as he had ample opportunity to tell the Wolf den of the plan. OR to tell anyone. The game had a chance for greatness, but blew it on the dumbest ass story line to date. The game forces one to rush toward the ending. In fact not all aspects of the game are completed before the ending arrives. Everything one does is resistance points. I give the game a 4 out of 10. Are the County people to ignorant to burn the bliss plants after the regions were taken? The consumer was taken for a ride to piss away 70 bucks.
dalleravn (5 months ago)
I like this video is questingin Farcry, not on the political, but on the gameplay. but i would like if you come with some soulutions on the problem. how ever your ending is a giant THUMPS UP! a god question.
DrLucifer (5 months ago)
i was worried for nothing far cry 5 is the best game i ever played
J Colton (5 months ago)
What did far cry 4 do differently? You can win the game by sitting still and listening to the bad guy. It might not seem like much but putting that in gave you the opportunity to skip (ie not see) all of the hard work they did for ages. You also neglected to mention they removed the mini map in Far Cry 5 to encourage their organic discovery system. Though the enemies spawn too much people say. Interrupting all the time.
WheezinGeezerTV (5 months ago)
The good part is that for every person who leaves, someone new takes their place. Same concept, different story. Better graphics. Different location. So the mechanics are the same, but as you said, if it ain't broke don't fix it. You can't please everybody. I love it!
Turbowat? (5 months ago)
1st world problems
DoubleJ (5 months ago)
Your problem isn’t a problem to others if they never played Farcry before like me. farcry 5 is my first farcry so I don’t see any of the problem that you’re talking about. Did you ever consider or think someone could be new? Apparently no.
David (5 months ago)
If it changed it wouldn't be far cry would it?. Yes it is nice to see improvements, but they have to be improvements, not changes for the sake of making a change.
Caylan Crabtree (5 months ago)
I’m sorry but if it’s the same I don’t really see why that’s a bad thing. It’s a far cry game. You know what you’re getting. And if they were to change key components then each new game you will have to learn a whole new set of controls. With things being the same you get the nostalgic feeling and you can truly enjoy the new storyline..
xDisRupTz Gaming (5 months ago)
I can agree with alot of the stuff youve said. However after playing the game i feel its refreshed enough to enjoy it all over again. Theres also enough new stuff in the game to keep it going. We cant keep verbally shitting on games. Yes theres critics but the work involved in coming up with a well polished game is insane. Support or dont buy.
Jeff Cossey (5 months ago)
Things that sucked about Far Cry 5.... Every time you destroy a helicopter it's the same crappy explosion and it looks like a plastic model bouncing off the ground... The airplanes fly like bumper cars... Why is it that every Far Cry game dialogues written buy a filthy mouth adolescent.. why does every other word by just about every character have to contain the f word.. In this day in age you should be able to turn this language on or off depending on what your preference is if you don't do this it's just lazy development...
Levo GAMES (5 months ago)
The arcade mode (scenario editor) is always present and community created content will keep this game alive. As for innovation, well - don't go too far. I want Far Cry to stay true to its origins and to the established expectations. They may expand the options (game world, missions, equipment, customization pieces, vehicles etc.), they may introduce one or two new mechanics. But it has to fit and it shouldn't change too much. It should blend in and enrich the Far Cry experience.
Mark Tse (5 months ago)
the boss cutscene interruptions were terrible to the point that it didn't make up for the fact that we don't ahve to climb stupid towers all the time.
Mawashi Geri (5 months ago)
I’d like weapon degradation to make a comeback, maybe in a “realistic” mode?
Carlos Castanheiro (5 months ago)
I love FC5,i beat it and i'm replaying it on Hard. But i know exactly what you mean. It needs more and i know exactly what it needs too. If you look at games like Fallout 4 and Kingdom Come, you'll see what FC5 needed. It needed a survival difficulty, with elements,such as,'Hunger, you would have to hunt to feed yourself, cook your food,drink water,sleep. It gives a lot more realism and stuff to do. Taking antibiotics for disease etc. Fallout 4 is still my favorite game, i got it since it came out and never even completed the story,because i'm living the game,there's so much to do. It's simply perfect. If they make FC more like Fallout 4,it will no doubt make it better. Survival and realism. But that's just what i wanted. And another thing this game needs that Fallout also has is the buildings and closed areas. By this i mean, you go into the buildings and it feels realistic. Also there's repeatable quests, i love to just go kill stuff and if i get bored,there's many types of repeatable quests. Fallout 4 does NOT have co-op though. Its just what i think. Peace.
Antiochus III the Great (5 months ago)
Far cry 2 was the best in the series.
Jonas Torenvlied (5 months ago)
Most important question: Where is my BEARD!? Or at least a Hulk Hogan mustash..
Tom Holland (5 months ago)
It feels a lot like Wildlands.

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