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The Best Video Game Prequels - Game Scoop! 483

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This week we're discussing video game prequels, Nintendo Switch Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (260)
Sticky Greeen (1 month ago)
I know it was a joke but it didn’t age well
kuribo04 (2 months ago)
About the not worth going back since there's so much stuff coming out I prefer going for the best, the probability that everything new is among the best is low, I prefer going for the best of each time But at the end it obviously depends on what you wanna spend your time on
Cam (3 months ago)
This Nintendo news sucks. I was planning on buying a Switch when Virtual Console would release or at least announced with a date. Guess I'll have to get a Wii. That has the largest VC library, right? I'll get a Switch when it's cheaper.
IamJacksColon4 (3 months ago)
she looks like bayonetta
Real_Sgt_Tom (4 months ago)
I picked up a copy of King's Field from a yard sale just a few months ago because I realized it was a From Software game from the PS2 era...nice!
Pencil Style (4 months ago)
Awesome channel 😃 Thank you.
Holidays (4 months ago)
Awesome channel 😃 Thank you.
VGJunky (4 months ago)
Dang that's the first time I absolutely knew what game it was based on the questions asked and then panel couldn't get it. The Sony published in Japan only was a massive hint
Mendel Eberhardt (4 months ago)
MGS3= Greatest prequel of all time... please leave your hate below
Dai Nobu (4 months ago)
My idea of a perfect game is a mix between Zelda and Xenoblade.
André Santos (4 months ago)
third question not a straight yes or no answer?!
André Santos (4 months ago)
can you guys give me the scoop on were to play shadow of the beast II on PC, I played it on the Amiga back in the days... I'm thinking Psygosis!
André Santos (4 months ago)
sonic generations ??
AwesomeByrd (4 months ago)
I think my first online game was Shadow Ops or something like that on the original xbox.
Karel Klos (4 months ago)
Didn’t bleep it out lmao
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
My fav ign show but why have nobody played the souls series ? It’s so good I don’t understand how the atmosphere the challenge the weapon and armor sets such goodness . Dark souls 2 brought back my love for gaming and I’ve been gaming everyday since then . Last of us also please play past the throwing bricks and bottles it took me a few tries before I got hooked but another one that just makes me love gaming .
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
I guess I’m surprised because I generally agree with your opinions on games . Still my favorite hour on YouTube guys 👍
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
Game Scoop! Hahaha fair enough
Game Scoop! (4 months ago)
We have played it we just don't like it.
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
Stop saying mmo !!!!!
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
Why don’t you guys ever ask genre ? I many many bad questions are asked before some of the basics
Nintendad816 * (4 months ago)
He said u can play multiplayer that doesn’t mean that’s how most people play it you guys ran with that come on scoop
Chance (4 months ago)
Daemon! Casey needs to be the permanent 4th seat. Her demeanor and unique gamer preferences compliment well with the everyone else's tastes (retro, mobile and arcade games). This episode didn't have the random and overly loud "special" guest from a different podcast. This episode had Casey and she was a great fit as always
AngryGrumps (4 months ago)
is Justin ok at 6:03-6:08??
Devin Ferguson (4 months ago)
okazakikun1 (4 months ago)
there was no bleep.
Natasha Cavata (4 months ago)
well even though you (justin) dont care for stuff from 70s and 50s , I think Im about the same age as you(i dont know how old you are) and I love some stuff from that time .... so I maybe your kids will like lord of the rings after all XD
Ryan Eichler (4 months ago)
Sam, the Game from Ender's Game would be brilliant. I remember reading that book for the first time at 14 and wishing a game like that existed. There's such a sense of wonder with that segment of the book
MHM (4 months ago)
Darryl LaCroix (4 months ago)
Would love a Switch but didn't want to pony up for the expensive pro controller. But there's a usb stick I found on www.kazuzu.ca that lets you use your XBOX or PS4 controller with the Switch! Why don't more ppl know about this thing!?
Polyfez (4 months ago)
My first online game is RuneScape on dial up at a friend's house.
Cory Adams (4 months ago)
My first real online console game was the first Socom for PS2. It was amazing!!! First headset for team chat too. Been chasing that amazing experience ever since but nothing brings me back to that first experience. PUBG has come close I will admit.
Andrew Quinn (4 months ago)
My first online game was in late 1998 with Starcraft: Brood War. I got hooked in August 1999 with Counter-Strike. My first online console experience was Quake 3 Arena on Dreamcast using the Broadband Adapter! I remember PC gamers hacking into our servers and destroying us with their mouse & keyboard lol.
YaguPL (4 months ago)
First mp expierience was Diablo. Summer of 97 , after polish release. My brother, our friends and me playing the shit out of it.
Df Ghgg (4 months ago)
Devil May Cry 3
Erick Orduno (4 months ago)
I think the best explanation for Mario’s Universe is in Super Mario Galaxy. In it, Rosalina explains that things die and become stardust, then there are new beginnings from that stardust. Furthering a cycle, as Casey suggested. So every Mario game ( maybe even including the sports ones and kart) may be apart of the same timeline, but they’re apart of a universe that resets and creates a brand new scenario. Some that include throwing blue shells at Rose Gold Peach, others where the setting takes place in a theater where the clouds have been lowered on a harness, and some that include possessing (or “cap-turing” whatever) objects and animals.
Zachary Zito (4 months ago)
Thanx for reading my question about your perfect game. I thought they all sounded great. If anyone wants to pitch more here I promise I won't steel them and make millions... mwa ha ha.
Lamont Pierce (4 months ago)
I feel old watching this
KalamityKode (4 months ago)
Justin is the only Cop that consistently makes me laugh. That lean-in to the mic to admit your offense to Sonichood.. hilarious.
Nugene Ambers (4 months ago)
Jesus i couldnt believe it when they were guessing Dark Souls and Bloodborne they COMPLETELY FORGOT Demon Souls. fantasy rpg and kind of a part of a series but not really and PS3 exclusive.... for shame
Tommy Lee Lynn (4 months ago)
Justin is wrong. Nintendo isn’t the only company that charges for cloud saves. Sony does too.
op2001 (4 months ago)
I hope we hear from James and that dreamcast online situation. Unless he's a time traveler.
Ruthless Savage Hatred (4 months ago)
Put this podcast on Spotify please :)
Aaron Jones (4 months ago)
I think of the 8 player co-op from Resistance 2 and now that the servers were shut down it's gone forever - I hope it gets preserved in some way. Why would anyone watch the original Star Wars films from 77-83, they're old and their effects are quite dated. I remember playing Quake via dial-up, I would dial a friends house and we'd play - probably the first game I played online.
Jorge Arcienega (4 months ago)
TheAndinator92 (4 months ago)
What song plays at 41:20 ?
ShionShinigami (4 months ago)
Of course the Metal Gear franchise, the whole series is build on prequels and sequels. :-D
jwick6 (4 months ago)
yyaaaaayyy casey's on
Kevin Lawler (4 months ago)
My ideal game: I want an Alien: Isolation-style Jurassic Park game, where you're a JP worker left on the island right after the events of the first movie (but done well and not completely disappointingly like the Telltale game). The ultimate goal obviously being to survive and to get the hell off the island for good! By being in the style of Alien: Isolation, I mean first person hyper realism where you are hopelessly out matched and virtually unarmed. Maybe you can find the security shed and a rack of SPAS-12s at some point and have a little payback fun, but really it's free-roam on Isla Nublar with all of the worst dino nightmares from JP roaming freely. The whole island would be open world, and T-Rex, Dilophosaurus, the remaining Velociraptors (we'll pretend there are more they didn't show in the movie) herds of herbivores, and other new dino threats are all persistently roaming the island. You can hear T-Rex approaching like in the movies, see the water rippling, see the trees shaking and birds flying away and know that you need to run and hide, or stand perfectly still to avoid its vision-based movement. There could be some forced set pieces, but a lot of it is up to the player to encounter the dinosaurs as they explore. You COULD boot up the game and walk right into the kitchen of the visitors' center and see if that raptor escaped the freezer room, or you could go in a completely different direction and never see that at all. A Jurassic Park game with the level of detail and care taken to preserve the aesthetic that Alien: Isolation had, and that isn't a run and gun Turok with the JP brand slapped on it. One that is instead terrifying but also gives the sense of awe and adventure the original Jurassic Park gave us :)
Zachary Zito (4 months ago)
Sounds good to me too
Abraham M. (4 months ago)
Kevin Lawler This sounds rad.
TheAndrewbyte (4 months ago)
My perfect game....turn based strategy game featuring He-Man and The Masters of The Universe. You play as He-Man, but the real draw is building your team over the course of the game with all the crazy characters and their special abilities.
Game Scoop! (4 months ago)
Would play!
Adam Coles (4 months ago)
Oh Casey 😍😍🙄
James Alexander (4 months ago)
"They bleeped it out just like we will." - Deamon Hatfield lmao
brightgamer (4 months ago)
I hate that the company "From Software" is more known for Dark Souls now because all I want from them is a current gen Armored Core game and I don't think it will happen due to how popular the Dark Souls are. :(
kevinno (4 months ago)
In 20 questions, when they started talking about Dark Souls, and we then heard the game wasn't on a Microsoft console, I was just screaming "Demon's Souls!!!" internally, and they never got it. They had all the information they needed extremely early on too... So sad :'(
CheapestGamer (4 months ago)
kevinno I was in the same boat. As soon as they mentioned that you could create your character, and pick your gender. I spent so many hours playing Demon's Souls. So good!
B man (4 months ago)
Im really not that hyped for RDD 2... The last trailer didnt help at all. Im sure itll be a good game, im gonna play it. Im just not hyped, im normal about it
Sammy (4 months ago)
That GOD Bolder quick time even got to me too, On both play through.
Effin Casual's (4 months ago)
Someone forgot the bleeps😂😂🤣
Effin Casual's (4 months ago)
Prey on 360 was my first online game i played ALOT of,but my first online game was counter strike on pc
Effin Casual's (4 months ago)
I myself have always loved QTE,seemed to just keep u involved in the game
Mikail Lo (4 months ago)
Maybe the Mario games are just retellings of the exact same adventure where Mario goes to save Princess Peach. And it's different Lakitus chronicling different parts of the adventure.
Pedro Rodrigues (4 months ago)
You didn't bleep it! XD It was weird seeing Damon saying the F word I don't know why. :P
Wabbi (4 months ago)
I don't even play online games, so pretty much I have pay $20 a year to not have to worry about losing my saves. Cool Nintendo. If there's no way to back up saves for free by the time Animal Crossing comes out, I'll sell my switch.
Wabbi (4 months ago)
K C The Fritos
Casey DeFreitas (4 months ago)
Hi :D
HipHop Samurai (4 months ago)
Yakuza 0 is an amazing sequel as well
Cleife117 (4 months ago)
How did it take so long to get to Metal Gear Solid 3?
LaZy. B. (4 months ago)
origins or a zero "0" sooooo dragon age origins is what exactly a prequel of it self ???
Daniel Rogers (4 months ago)
Cant believe they didn't get the twenty questions it was so easy.
CiKi (4 months ago)
Bill James (4 months ago)
Bearshare! Love the show!
Joshua Bearden (4 months ago)
"They bleep it out, just like we did."
Jun Daherp (4 months ago)
Casey bae!
Mr. 2006 (4 months ago)
I have listened to every episode of this podcast... but 20 questions is ready to die.
JD Cantu (4 months ago)
Best video game prequeal hands down Yakuza 0!
Brett452 (4 months ago)
Great take on Nintendo. Really disappointed to hear about the lack of VC, or whatever they are deciding to brand it as now. You guys hit the nail on the head in that, their first year goodwill is done. They need to start cleaning up the eShop, make the UI cleaner, etc.
Shawn Houde (4 months ago)
I watch Game Scoop for the Sam Goofs and Sam Gems. Scoop!
Zach Mills (4 months ago)
That EGM issue was awesome. RIP Factor 5
Mike (4 months ago)
The worst quick time event from Resident Evil 4 would have to be when you are being chased the boulders. The amount of times I got crushed by then frustrating!
Juan Thompson (4 months ago)
You didn't bleep out the fucks! I fucking love it! Fuck yeah SCOOP! Another amazing show!
Levi Wyatt (4 months ago)
It seems like there's a trend in video games to make a game, have a sequel in the next game, and then do a prequel for the third game.
Mike B (4 months ago)
Delta Force Land Warrior and Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear was my first online experience ... .. I was about 11 years old. Then... Final Fantasy 11 a few years later... in which I played for about 5 years..every day.. made high school hell to finish lol.
SotNist (4 months ago)
I like QTE's in the original God of War games, or recently, Knack 2. I don't like them when they're just no-warning, short-window game over sneak attacks, and it does require some cohesion and taste to work. One cool thing about Knack 2 is that all the buttons you press initiate scripted actions which parallel the same button->action type during actual gameplay. I like that because it combines the design principles of "the player should be doing the cool things" but still makes it seem intuitive, and gameplay oriented.
Zachary White (4 months ago)
My dream game would definitely be an open world Pokemon MMO but I know that will never happen :(
Casey DeFreitas (4 months ago)
I feel like it COULD happen, it just definitely would not be with the same battle system as the core Pokemon games. It'd have to be something different.
Tom Franco (4 months ago)
Daemon how does it feel to work with Bayonetta?
Javdalf the White (4 months ago)
SCOOOOP! Great episode/podcast this week
Don't worry 'bout it (4 months ago)
I had an idea for a game. Actually, it would just be a mode in GTA V online. 1 person is the terminator, or the computer is the terminator. Just trying to keep away, eventually be able to destroy the terminator. maybe it's just survive long enough, whatever. Could be interesting.
Evenmoresteven (4 months ago)
The price of Nintendo's online service isn't the problem. Honestly I think all of this virtual console stuff could have been alleviated if they just announced that more than NES games would be coming to their Netflix style online service. I would be willing to pay more than $20 a year if I knew that the classic games service would include SNES and N64 games. NES games alone just don't bring that much excitement.
Pepe Le Puke ! (4 months ago)
Paying for online is a scam.
Marcus Augustinus (4 months ago)
The NES Classic doesn't fix what I want most, which is Zelda 1, Zelda 2, and SMB3 on my portable system that I currently carry. I have bought those games on every Nintendo system and I want to buy them again on Switch!
Vita Spieler (4 months ago)
Yakuza 0, baby!
Howie Lee (4 months ago)
Favorite prequel game is Devil May Cry 3
Cpt Clown (4 months ago)
Also, you didn't bleep that out hahaha
Nick Stancato (4 months ago)
If Japan doesn't have to pay for online, then royally f*** Nintendo. That proves they don't *need* to charge then
Cpt Clown (4 months ago)
The question about your earliest online game, Sam seemed soooooo bummed he didn't have an earlier online gaming experience than halo 3 lol it's ok Sam, your still the God of gaming knowledge
LLOASAAT (4 months ago)
I was waiting for the virtual console to come to Switch before buying the console. Don't think I'll bother now. You don't go to Nintendo for cutting edge graphics etc. You go for their good library of games. Why would you eliminate that library or at least hold it back?
LaVar Green (4 months ago)
Sam, the arcade version of Donkey Kong DOES exist but it's a hidden game in DK64. The Factory level is there.
Joseph Childs (4 months ago)
Dang, I'd never heard of Over Horizon. I need to check that out
Devon Archer (4 months ago)
There is an online tower defence game with multiple classes that you might want to check out called Sanctum + it's sequel.
LaVar Green (4 months ago)
The Grand Theft Auto series are in fact tied together, Justin.
LaVar Green (4 months ago)
"Super Mario World 2" Yoshi's Island is only called Super Mario World 2 in the states. It's not a prequel to SMW
Jannradio (4 months ago)
Demon's Souls is totally part of the "Souls" series! God damnit Daemon, I love that game man.
VGJunky (4 months ago)
I guess. I don't personally consider "Souls" to be a named series in the same way that Metal Gear Solid or Zelda are, even though Demon's Souls is clearly the same game. In my mind I still split them between Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, and Bloodborne so I completely understand him saying "I think so"
Bully Hunter1000 (4 months ago)
It appears everyone is losing passion for 20 questions. Maybe it's ran it's course, and should be intermixed with some different games to break up the monotony of it for the players.
Lawrence whittemore (4 months ago)
Me and friend played Duke Nukem 3D all the time. We used a dial up modem to connect to his cousin's computer who also had it and we would play for hours. This would've been like in 96/97.
TheCurrykiev (4 months ago)
First online game.....probably Kingpin on pc. A brilliant FPS for a 16yo. Anyone else remember it? Ultima Online/unreal tournament were the games I LOVED though.

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