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Minecraft ICBM Explosives Mod Showcase 1.3.2

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Subscribe to join the RCF today! Ratings are appreciated :D Mod download: http://calclavia.com/icbm/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Ch8kenpig Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ch8kenpig/3078176992539 Music by Kevin MacLeod
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Text Comments (7)
Rilwy Ghigi (5 years ago)
hay can i be in a vid:)
Kaitiey Esorgen (5 years ago)
You forgot creeper
N4TO (6 years ago)
Or the mo creatures mod
N4TO (6 years ago)
Do the mine and blade mod next
Ch8kenpig (6 years ago)
Yeah but you have to install a few other mods it walk you through them in the website in the description
Ch8kenpig (6 years ago)
The mod looks REALLY good definitely going to do it!
asa murphy (6 years ago)
My name is pronoced acer like the laptop make jsjs oh and do twilite forest mod ps FIRST :D

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