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Mine Little Pony - Mine Little Pony mod - w Ch8kenpig - Part 17 -

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Text Comments (166)
Giannina :3 Buracchio (6 months ago)
me ah creeper
Madison Christie (1 year ago)
john is sasuke
Prizim Gamer (1 year ago)
If everything that Jon says is a lie...than he probably dose not even like apples MAYBE THATS ALSO A LIE!!!!!!
Prizim Gamer (1 year ago)
Btw wit does the wither look like in this texture pack?????
Candycat Productions (1 year ago)
Ch8ckenpig where did you go?
HappyChappy Raps (1 year ago)
make a secret escape room to the way out
Imagene Loucks (2 years ago)
maybe Jon still is corrupted by the gold apple.
Prizim Gamer (1 year ago)
Probably but wouldn't he have lost it when he was killed or maybe keep inventory was on.
Sabrina Cat Lover (2 years ago)
Plz make more😢🙏🏽🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏻🙏😿😿😿😩😭😩😪😥😞😢😢
Giannina :3 Buracchio (6 months ago)
Sasha Chan (2 years ago)
I looooove this series!!
They're gazebos (2 years ago)
try and look for the emo pony and see if you can see what his name is, look him up on YouTube and see if you can find anything, maybe you can find out who the emo pony is.
Imagene Loucks (2 years ago)
U mean Haywire?
Swirly Chupcakens (2 years ago)
Eathan always finds dungeons and Jo/Joe always finds mineshafts
more......make or play
peaceful world (2 years ago)
maybe you can make sonic rainboww just try
Erica Henderson (2 years ago)
I have a question for bumblebee pig bubble get yourself feeling when you were showering John and bread that was so funny Implus why are you such a nerd you just like books out of time in Minecraft for do you read them in a real world to because eat that I wanted to ask you do you think I should reading public cuz people be judging me on however because I really really good they start calling me Brainiac a nerd and I was asking you do you think I should read out loud because sometimes I'm scared to read out loud so I'm going to ask you because I think you're intelligent and you're smart
Erica Henderson (2 years ago)
Pizza & I single people call you and Erica sometimes people call me a nerd in my classroom because I read too many books and I'm always getting books and I have a whole bunch of books in my desk
Erica Henderson (2 years ago)
can you guys do what you have said when you when you were on the gang you have said that you were going to create something for us for everyone. Actually do you want to play with us I got the regular regular minecraft and I want to play with you guys because um I think I think Johnny at the keys a pro or Ethan he said he was on 5 level 5 so I still want to play with you guys. So if you could just comment
Erica Henderson (2 years ago)
you guys if it says like Erica Henderson or something that's what moms because she let me use her ass because I'm I don't have my own so this is for my phone and eating your voice sounds just like your British or something are you British that's just a question
Erica Henderson (2 years ago)
how you guys I'm 10 years old and I like to your video and my brother does too I think I just want to say that is really awesome anythin listen to Johnny because sometimes he says you're a nerd and you are a nerd and I want to exercise a question how old are you because my brother keeps saying you're 16 or something
KAITLYN SCARLETT (2 years ago)
this is amazing but scary ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Nelwati Jamal (2 years ago)
Why jon be evil from now????!!!!!!😨😨😨😨😨
Jayden Hector (2 years ago)
can I join the rcf
ernie dacquigan (2 years ago)
say I love u kole
Kayla Eads (2 years ago)
my house burst to flames to
Zar Bluet (3 years ago)
I am kind of scard I mean come on Jon is gone in two ep hmmm where can he be???
Justin10551 (3 years ago)
can any play on a laptop
amani Davis (3 years ago)
Stop letting him destory your stuff fight. find his house and destroy all of it. and them ban him.
DokkiPokki (3 years ago)
Emo Freak (3 years ago)
Jon is not the one that did it haywire did but 🔲 jon 👆 Framed
Emo Freak (3 years ago)
Kylie Vong (3 years ago)
Activate the kitty cannon 😸😸😸😺😸😺😸😸😺😸😺😺😸😸😸😺😸😺
Zoey Fen (3 years ago)
+Kylie Vong fine, you?
Kylie Vong (3 years ago)
Hpw are you
Zoey Fen (3 years ago)
+Kylie Vong hello
Kylie Vong (3 years ago)
Hello Madeleine
Kylie Vong (3 years ago)
Kylie Vong (3 years ago)
Where are ypu jon i wounder how do you get a mine little pony seed
Jessica Covey (3 years ago)
hard core bra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoey Fen (3 years ago)
+Jessica Covey he said parkour
Ellise Robson (3 years ago)
Sorry to here about Jon are you OK if I we're you I wode never Talk to him ever a gen
ernie dacquigan (2 years ago)
do you even know how to spell words
Ellise Robson (3 years ago)
I wode live to play with you gays And how do you even got my little pony as minecraft? And hi do you get the Kitty canane anyways I wode love to play with you gays and my name is Ellise Robeson and I wode love to play with you.
Candycat Productions (1 year ago)
Ellise Robson go to school.
Jessica Croft (2 years ago)
Do you even English bru?😐
Zoey Fen (3 years ago)
+Ellise Robson hi :3
Julia Brassart (3 years ago)
What for the mine little mine little pony seed is
Danika Rizqiamulia (3 years ago)
Zoey Fen (3 years ago)
+Danika Rizqiamulia HD
Rosemary Kirkpatrick (3 years ago)
The book said under our control duuuuuuuuuh
Candace Flinders (3 years ago)
destroy what is his
Lps Rocks (3 years ago)
Why Jon why
xLuna1980 (4 years ago)
nead is a girl i don't like nead voice ow i want the girl one please :)
Sansational Sans (4 years ago)
Bumblepig's different I don't like that I want the old voice
dibstink (4 years ago)
Jon your a pain in the bum -.-
Enevia Acosta (4 years ago)
Love your episodes
Harmony Devine (4 years ago)
Like why would Jon do that he's your best friend hay wires not your friend even doh Jon blows up so many pyramids he's your friend
kim pate (4 years ago)
Jon is dead to you you should have loved him
Maxi Waxy (4 years ago)
shania lancour (4 years ago)
+ did u get the diamond
shania lancour (4 years ago)
and can't u fly?
shania lancour (4 years ago)
so much effort into it?
shania lancour (4 years ago)
then why do u put p so
Deshannon Hawkins (4 years ago)
that evil pony guy did it
Steph TheBunny (4 years ago)
/invisible or so thing like dat makes a person invisible even at the top.
Kelvin López (4 years ago)
Nooooooooooooo Jon yyyyyyyyyy? :-(
Mystic Wolf (4 years ago)
Liars golden tools brake really quickly
ElmoisTrash (3 years ago)
They were being funny. They know that. That's the point in saying it because gold tools work fast but break in an instant
Freya Gadsby (4 years ago)
They might not know that
Aura the Electro Wolf (4 years ago)
Can you fly? Or can't you?
skydoesminecraft668 (4 years ago)
you can fly
katelynn anderson (4 years ago)
PINKIE PIE I'm haywire ;)
Beyoncé's World (4 years ago)
I really miss haywire this s getting boring
Carmen Corza (4 years ago)
Muted Bunneh (4 years ago)
How dare u jon •-•
HypoFox (4 years ago)
guys mountain sheep has returned
MicTheLawl (4 years ago)
I have a disorder where i watch theese videos too much.
violet gamer (4 years ago)
A boy
LPS ANGELIC HEART (4 years ago)
is bumblepig a girl or a boy It's hard to tell 
LPS ANGELIC HEART (4 years ago)
Jon you are not my fav pony anymore dashie is now
Luckythebrony (4 years ago)
Why not build a phony house?
Oreo 'n Neon (4 years ago)
I don't mean to be rude, but you guys are really gullible. I'd use a little more strategic reasoning, but your way is good. If that's the way you like it... Love your vids! Definitely subbing!
Was this planned Ch8kenpig? TELL. MEEEEE!!!!
Dee Drone (4 years ago)
Maybe the pony who is doing stuff to you is one of your fans trying to trick you
The Skill Of Fun (4 years ago)
I just reliesed  that the ending song is faster then the first episode
7jess aj1349 (4 years ago)
 i know who hay wire is he is hero brine and when he is on you could teleport him and maybe if you defeat hay wire then john wont be evil anymore ;]
Ch8kenpig (4 years ago)
Sorry for the lack of episode this week, next one coming shortly!
Prizim Gamer (1 year ago)
Can't wait
Connor Schulz (2 years ago)
+WingZeroCris I second this
ZERO (3 years ago)
u r RAINBOW DASH the BEST FLYER of Equesteria AND U keep building up when u could FLY 
Patty S. (3 years ago)
Why is bumblepigs voice diffrent
Emma Perdue (4 years ago)
Ye Floof (4 years ago)
Guys! Test the new texturepack lemons & harmony!
Ye Floof (4 years ago)
Stupit Jon
Bradley Hodge (4 years ago)
do you
JapaneseDragon (4 years ago)
I think that Jon is being held captive and Haywire pretended to be Jon when writing the sign. Just a theory though.
Finley Dyer (4 years ago)
Marcus McCalla (4 years ago)
What happend with flying and magic?!?!
ultracyber (4 years ago)
weres the episode 18?
Kawaakari (4 years ago)
Can I join the series?
dragonrider71103 (4 years ago)
Maybe the wither escaped!
madison cross (4 years ago)
more pwease
whitewolf 26246 (4 years ago)
its wird that jon was lieing case the dudes skin is apple jacks and she is the elument of hounisty :T
whitewolf 26246 (4 years ago)
i know right stick with the show ppl
Emily Sayers (4 years ago)
Yes you right
ultracyber (4 years ago)
you are correct, I am disappointed with Jon
kaiden htut (4 years ago)
I love you
Maira Bates (4 years ago)
Maira Bates (4 years ago)
Yay your back to minecraft pony!!!!!!!!
Haley Matheny (4 years ago)
Haley Matheny (4 years ago)
Wait I just thought of something.Did anybody else see the Wither Soambra? So if this is a *MLP themed boss will the ender dragon be called ender dragon Crsalios? (*for those of you noobs who don't know is My little Pony )
Haley Matheny (4 years ago)
I was saying that people who don't know something so simple
Kaia Goldsmith (4 years ago)
everybody knows mlp stands for my little pony and you are being a jerk for sayin people who don't know are noobs mabey they have never seen the simble befor   T_T
Ihas Cupquake (4 years ago)
yea do part 18 i will die too if you dont we want part 18
Eve-nly Day (4 years ago)
Dashie you can fly,remember?
Andie M. (4 years ago)
You can fly, remember?
ellen richardson (4 years ago)
if you don't do part 18, I will die
Prizim Gamer (1 year ago)
Steven universe character 😮
CoolHunterz (4 years ago)
Pls do part 18 PLSSSS?
CoolHunterz (4 years ago)
Plsndo part 18
Chixhip 12 (4 years ago)
prussian_ blue (4 years ago)
You can fly you know
Noodle (4 years ago)
do u have speed on this?
Noodle (4 years ago)
bad quality otherwise AWESOME
Belle (4 years ago)
Do u know haywire or is this Not a skit
Motivatedraptor (4 years ago)
Great vid you guys should do stuff with subscribers
Chilllyhood (4 years ago)

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