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Detroit: Become Human #7 - WE FINALLY HOOK UP (EPIC)

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Text Comments (24627)
Katis Katis (5 hours ago)
it literally took 30 seconds for pewdiepie to realize that Simon was back
vidura (5 hours ago)
Oh that pacifist fail. lol. Is very nice.
Xelek zeis (5 hours ago)
14:53 One Deviant Slides in Hahhahaha
Katis Katis (6 hours ago)
just saw a 3 minute ad, you're welcome.
Angie Espinoza (7 hours ago)
And Markus is Dr. Avery from Grays Anatomy
Dylan Milne (11 hours ago)
Look at the revolution Thomas Sankara did in Africa.
Heim Drifa (11 hours ago)
Equal rights for Pewdiepie! Pewdiepie is people!
şķąţęŕ Bøi (12 hours ago)
Cant the only one that thinks she looks like scarlett Johansson, I thought that the moment I saw her
ihatescreennames89 (12 hours ago)
That baby froze to death.
ihatescreennames89 (13 hours ago)
Most stores have bollards of steel and filled with concrete in front of the doors that are embedded three feet into the ground.
nolan corlett (15 hours ago)
Jelte Mikkelsen (16 hours ago)
The industrial revolution did not have many deaths.
Spodermon (18 hours ago)
Kahayle (20 hours ago)
People's Revolution here in the Philippines pewds is a peaceful revolution that made a great impact
O Tangy (1 day ago)
Dab lol
Rose Salamone (1 day ago)
It already is happening though, just not with androids. People would be more sympathetic to a toaster then another human and that's the issue. but anywayyy
Schatten2712 (1 day ago)
1:48 Yeah! the Indian revolution, does Gandhi ring any bells? you should know about it.
Gael (1 day ago)
Kill all the deviants then provide new guidelines as to how to make sure your androids don’t go rouge and bingo bingo David cage more like David needs a more well thought out story
russ cabbageass (1 day ago)
jeez pewds, there was Gandhi and MLK. two peaceful revolutions that had massive impacts !
Mariane Enriquez (1 day ago)
An example of a peaceful revolution was EDSA People Power Revolution in the Philippines, so called 'bloodless' revolution, where unarmed civilians protsted against the tyranny of then president, Ferdinand Marcos. Army soldiers met them in the streets, armed with guns and tanks. The protestors only had flower neklaces and rossaries in hand, some with their entire families walking along side them. The revolution eventually ended with Marcos ousted out of power and restored Philippine Democracy. 😊
Electrohops Gcp (1 day ago)
Markus is jesus
Alex Pinkowish (1 day ago)
"Have there been any peaceful revolutions ?" What about Ghandi idiot
a game questioning what is human and machine and where the line is drown with the AI pewds: *Hank likes me and that's all that matters in this playthrough* oml x"DDDD
JakeTheBossRS (1 day ago)
Peaceful revolutions mahamid gandi
Floof (2 days ago)
35:47 Felix has a hank orgasm lmao 💀
Justice McKenna (2 days ago)
14:52, did anyone see that android in the corner
Hdjudjjs (2 days ago)
48:50 it already is though lmao
BrokeCollegeStud (2 days ago)
48:00 why does pewds never press "no more slavery" ?????? HMMMMMMMMMMMM
BrokeCollegeStud (2 days ago)
26:30 why is pewds going so deep into this?? does he want an android... will he kadonkadonk honk honk her?? ... we will see in a few years on pew news
Vanitas (2 days ago)
BrokeCollegeStud (2 days ago)
What happend to EpicGamerGuy55555555
Mr. Goldentortle (2 days ago)
There are such things as Android THOTS ALEXA PLAY MEME REVIEW THEME
Diana Costa (2 days ago)
yes there was been a peaceful revolution! there was one in portugal and it's known as the carnation revolution since they put carnations in their guns instead of firing them.
Classic (2 days ago)
My theory is the phyco Elijah the creator of the Androids programmed them to be deviants and have the ka9 as a virus.
Mr. Incognito (2 days ago)
A Peaceful Revolution you say.. EDSA PEOPLE POWER from the PH
tycooneer minecraft (2 days ago)
Plz be friends with her
Sinister Turtle (2 days ago)
2707noah (2 days ago)
Berra Gürsoy (2 days ago)
41:18 "0 from 100" lol
SMJ M (2 days ago)
Please don't talk when they are😑
JOSEF REI RENE (3 days ago)
14:52 Android: "Moonwalked to get to markus" Pewdiepie: 14:55
Mad Titan (3 days ago)
connor has best story others are shit
Tedi Malekian (3 days ago)
that blonde android though, holy shit she is beautiful
KhOrganization (3 days ago)
North: ”ThE sCrEenS¡” Pewdiepie: “tHiS¿” _few minutes later_ Pewdiepie: *runs past 2 screens*
Laura Bell (3 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that in the tag suggestions on the bench at 17:25, one of the symbols is the desert ritual symbol from Beyond: Two Souls?
Skywagon (3 days ago)
36:35 "If Youtube doesn't work out" *bitch*
Maddy Au (3 days ago)
the despacito meme is so dead.
Skywagon (3 days ago)
D34D peace (3 days ago)
thx for the tip to get a wife
Vojtěch Plíva (3 days ago)
Velvet revolution, Czech Republic, 1989 - got rid of communism (almost 2018 government first time since revolution rules thanks to commrades)
DJ ME (3 days ago)
Markus: My name is Markus, and just like you, I was a slave Felix: Until I started playing Fortnite I'm fucking dead 😂
Teddie (3 days ago)
U made my elexa play despacito😂
A-Spoonful-of-Suga (3 days ago)
Beatriz Calixto (3 days ago)
There was a peaceful revolution, in Portugal in 1974 25th April
Emmanuel Parreno (3 days ago)
14:19 Connor?
Emmanuel Parreno (3 days ago)
Yeah EDSA revolution from philippines
AnotherHel (3 days ago)
honestly, I used to loooove your let's plays. But I can't watch them without cringing all the time. All the edgy "hahaha im so funny jokes" about women, and other controversial stuff it looks like you really want to cause more talk about you. I just wanted to see you enjoy a game, like you should in all let's plays, otherwise, why are you playing? Just make meme videos whatever. I clearly can feel that you don't like to make these kinds of videos anymore. and it's saaaad. idk
Endless Void Studios (4 days ago)
yxmmy (4 days ago)
Megan Williams (4 days ago)
deadass didn’t even realize these characters were based off real people, but when i saw Markus my mind was like “DR AVERY”
Reagan Noelle (4 days ago)
You do not know how often my fucking Alexa was getting activated because of this series. Like good god everytime he said Alexa, I just had to turn behind me before he said anything else and say *_"NOTHING!"_*
Andrew Kuria (4 days ago)
The intro was harsh
xMxry (4 days ago)
Bergatrollet (4 days ago)
Uhhh a Gandhi quote. Eye for eye and the world goes blind
D B (4 days ago)
2:00 Well the fall of the wall in germany was a peaceful revolution you could say
Holoss Larsson (4 days ago)
Simon to the left at 15:25?
Brian G. (4 days ago)
Was it ever explained why Markus basically has a telepathic network with all the other androids? He seems capable of directing the actions of all the androids simultaneously like some sort of hive mind.
The Suminto Girls (5 days ago)
16:04....twinsies!!! #sisterhood
allyed (5 days ago)
every time felix says epic take a shot
Joseph Silva (5 days ago)
Detroit- Becoming Hanks Friend
BlitzyRPG (5 days ago)
In portugal there was a peaceful revolution that put an end to portuguese faciscm. No armed conflict and no blood spilled. it was more of a symbolic event however. At that time Portugal's economic and social structers were quite shaken already, so it was obvious the regime was going to fall. Even so, the day after, while people were celebrating, 2 psycho policeman went on a rampage shooting people in the street hurting lots of people and killing a few, lol funny (jk) im very culterated
Peacebrotherminion (5 days ago)
mlk jr was a peaceful revelation
Jessica G (5 days ago)
I love Pewds because he always happens to choose the same options I would in video games
DiamondRhino64 (5 days ago)
Do it the Gahndi way, they can only shoot you so much before running out of ammo.
Outshined1987 (5 days ago)
Brave Sir Robin boldly ran away
Emily Green (5 days ago)
Way too many waaamen jokes Felix lol
YourBoyWobbbz (5 days ago)
Independence of India was technically a peaceful revolution
Stone L (5 days ago)
Just me, or does North look like Ellie Goulding?
xbrxken souls (5 days ago)
Just shoot it Connor *I have no soul*
Elicia Acosta (5 days ago)
felix jesusss christ stop talkingggg🙄
Maerski (5 days ago)
The Markus' protest part shows how media can skew everyone's opinion by changing the wordings here and there, not even giving a fair ground to both sides, taking the side of what they think is right without actually weighing both. I hope that doesn't happen in the present we are living right now so the future doesn't have to suffer.
Rommel Sagun (5 days ago)
my point from my previous comment is that Philippines is the first country that had a revolution in a day with no deaths or blood shed (*bloodshed ) you can search "People's Power Revolution"
Rommel Sagun (5 days ago)
as far as south east asia.Philippines had a peaceful revolution. (well its where i'm from.) There were many revolutions before this one,some were violent but another peaceful revolution is titled as "People's Power",it was against President Marcos who had like more than 20 years as president. it was from 1960s to 1980s ( i forgot my history)
Son Ton (5 days ago)
WOW watching Felix play games is getting worse and worse. How can you play video games for a living and SUCK at it? Ruins the whole vybe of the game. Like if you agree...
Francis Catanghal (5 days ago)
The Philippine Revolution pewds! Try checking it up ..
Hoka Je (5 days ago)
MonsterGamer 23 (5 days ago)
36:19 kinda like that thing u always used to do on FRIDAYS.
Sgt.Wrecker (6 days ago)
Marc James-Finel (6 days ago)
Indian revolution
EmDrew Appleby (6 days ago)
pewds please stop making my alexa turn on
sam demoss (6 days ago)
i was right next to my echo when you said "alexa, play despacito" and it pucked it up😂
Ecenisa Kutlu (6 days ago)
You are sayin alexa like 15 tlmes and every time it turns on and it played despacito 👍👍😓😓😂😂
Arherumor (6 days ago)
Even in video games midia is shitty
gager Heyman (6 days ago)
Right when he said “someone’s Alexa just went off” I was telling my Alexa to stop cuz it went off
Spencer Petersen (6 days ago)
The velvet revolution in czech republic shed no blood
Ben Shahabi (6 days ago)
i cant take that thumbnail
Leo Whieldon (6 days ago)
*"ON MY ORDERS!!!"* "I didnt know they were gonna shoot me"
Pupstar (6 days ago)
Lucas Engelbrecht (6 days ago)
Androids: Marching in the streets. PewDiePie: *W e l i v e i n a s o c i e t y*
Phê Cần (6 days ago)
too many bad decisions

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