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Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Official Live Action Trailer

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Text Comments (481)
Eric (14 hours ago)
“Rebel scum”
NY thegreat1046 (22 hours ago)
Pretty cool
Landon Mcivor (1 day ago)
This is so cool
Joesaurus Rex (3 days ago)
Poe Dameron and Captain phasma comfirmed
Enrico Grillo (4 days ago)
Si sono fidanzati?
Chris Pluciński (4 days ago)
I live dark side!
Britton Productions (4 days ago)
Which side are you on?!
Britton Productions (4 days ago)
Big Alien (5 days ago)
Star Wars battlefront 2 leaked gameplay
Ali Gaming (5 days ago)
Execute order 69
Bé Táo (5 days ago)
I hate jedi :)) im darkside haha
DarchyYT Večerić (8 days ago)
Love Star Wars soooomuch
Jesper Eurén (9 days ago)
Strange. Didn't see any loot crates in this trailer.
XxteaguexX60 gaming (9 days ago)
Aw they make a cute couple who always try to kill each other
Hell Arrow Noe (18 days ago)
Eddie Dog Rocks (22 days ago)
What about the kid who supports the CIS
ryle guinez (24 days ago)
this is why i joined the dark side
NeddyWallaby 20 (26 days ago)
that trailer better than new trilogy
NeddyWallaby 20 (26 days ago)
1:18 pubg: star wars edition
mattia de groot (27 days ago)
Im a rebel u know that
John EDMONDS (28 days ago)
Go dark side !
My dreams...))
AxisYT (29 days ago)
0:25 Free user. 0:28 Paid user.
CARLOS PIMENTA (29 days ago)
Anony Mous (1 month ago)
i dont personally like the trailer but its very creative.
Bé Táo (1 month ago)
I dont why im soooooo love the darkside
SlenderHITT08 Gaming (1 month ago)
The gril have right the darkside is best.
NavarDerth (1 month ago)
Better love story than Episode VIII, better villain than Episode VIII and better screenplay than Episode VIII.
Dumb Comment (1 month ago)
Execute Order 59.99 wait what , no, I need to buy another DLC to sell the game? oh man :C
Dumb Comment (1 month ago)
there are no bad guys or good guys, just jedi and sith
empire for life
Ugljesa Mitrovic (1 month ago)
thats ma girl
Gunners (1 month ago)
Now only if they did battles that intense in the movies..... like Rouge One
Mr. Snarky (1 month ago)
Every Battlefront trailer: PS4 chime Establishing shot Light piano tune Announcer debriefing "Let's give them everything we've got!" "Push on!" "grenade incoming!" etc. Highly scripted gameplay shots of troopers slowly advancing out in the open (guaranteed to get you shot in a real match) Musical beats timed to blaster shots and explosions (best part of the trailers, in my opinion) Cut to black Badass intro of hero/villain Hero/villain gameplay interwoven with starfighter gameplay End with fan service moment
Alexander Schmitt (1 month ago)
and welcome fucking loot boxes...
flame boy production (1 month ago)
I vote that girl because she is the first order and galactic empire these
Lord Aidan (1 month ago)
Oh sheit the death tree
Joci_ 126 (1 month ago)
squarek (1 month ago)
MisterPro (1 month ago)
is it weird that i ship them?
Declan McNaughton (1 month ago)
i feel bad for her at birthday party she was the only one dressed as a stormtrooper
Так они поебались-то либо дудки?
Alejandro (1 month ago)
The Empire was right.
Alfie W (1 month ago)
In between some sucky fucky
Kłebo (1 month ago)
Only dark side !!!!!
Panda (1 month ago)
Dat aim is so bad
Fouzaan Noble (1 month ago)
Wow, first time seeing this, really awesome
Olliver Aira (1 month ago)
This isn't exactly what I thought of when I read "live action" but ok... ._.
L.S the King (1 month ago)
Go Empire !!!!!!!
Maximilian Schoch (1 month ago)
That escalated quickly
SCP-1048 (1 month ago)
Star Guy (1 month ago)
Cringiest shit ever
je5us [F2P] (1 month ago)
What's with this THERE MUST BE ATLEST ONE STONG WOMAN in the Sar Wars..
Martin Max (1 month ago)
Too Bad that the game sucks. 😩
Hellcat9k (1 month ago)
You have smart people and then you have people who like rebels
Steve Lee (1 month ago)
And who gave you permission to take off your helmet?!
Rebel scum.
Christian Alvarado (1 month ago)
They need to just kiss already
Negociador PT 1143 (2 months ago)
what a porn intro!
Gabriel Morris (2 months ago)
I'm with the girl on this one
Leonor Núñez Opazo (2 months ago)
love star wours😀
Leonor Núñez Opazo (2 months ago)
love star wours
Dendi Dendi (2 months ago)
Star box battle box 2
Steven Chandler (2 months ago)
The moving company in the beginning is called imperial.
MinecraftBrian7 (2 months ago)
How did she get a AT-AT in Real Life?
SnipingFlute (2 months ago)
MinecraftBrian7 uhh, internet?
Nicolas Bellingham (2 months ago)
If only the game was as good as this trailer
Grastaper Cortez (2 months ago)
But their friends?
まゆみまるも (2 months ago)
Bestgaming (2 months ago)
1:26 Wehre are the speeders?
Alexi Berthe (2 months ago)
Lets shoot at each others with lethal laser weapons, but with a smile
ии мв (2 months ago)
She looks bad and evil oh god i like her
Jose Lopez (2 months ago)
did anyone notice the moving truck said imperial moving
Thot Exterminator (2 months ago)
Top 10 Anime Rivalries
давай ИГРАТЬ (2 months ago)
I understand why the girl was not wearing a helmet ,she just realized that the helmet will start to miss.I hope she's not sick with disease stormtrooper.
давай ИГРАТЬ (2 months ago)
Yeah ,its good variant too.
SnipingFlute (2 months ago)
давай ИГРАТЬ Either that, or she just gave the guy her helmet in high school.
marvelous_saint (2 months ago)
the cringe i mean who keeps up a grudge against each other for years and years
Dylan Boonthueng (2 months ago)
this is an very good trailer!!!!
Capt Draxtroll (3 months ago)
ya sorry kids we tried to screw ya got busted your xmas gsme fixed now.. .To LATE it hate ea why they couldnt stfu know there god damn role from luanch now were left half ass fan base pc is dead but a comerical not detailing core change great idea lol
Gabriel Cruz (3 months ago)
Cosmic Salmon (3 months ago)
Is a live action micro transaction
A v R (3 months ago)
Coming "Soon™".
Sporty Zmech (3 months ago)
When things are taken too far
Stockcar 24 (3 months ago)
Ps sucks
PROJECT JHIN (3 months ago)
I am with girl dark side
God modern star wars blatant whitewashing the prequel eras is so damn forced.
Mike Kasongo (3 months ago)
Yo Is that coutinho!?
lord herke lile siipo (3 months ago)
Good girl good girl
haolee (3 months ago)
OK I turn to the dark side now, she is hot
GamerBoy TheAwesomeBoy (3 months ago)
I was assuming they would be Jedi but I guessed wrong
The Cooking Channel (3 months ago)
May the force be with you I wish I could have a PS4
Josh (3 months ago)
I'd side with the sith. Empire rules!
How To Boss (3 months ago)
im luke skywalker you can defeat me, Dies month later
Strikefighter Xan (3 months ago)
German Ball (3 months ago)
Ashton TheGamer (3 months ago)
We must bring peace
Babamanga 16 (4 months ago)
Food for Thought! (4 months ago)
The cringe is real
SKELEE (4 months ago)
Surprised they're not rubberbanding...
JavaJiveGaming O.O (4 months ago)
Hey hey hey! I thought you said no more helmetless Stormtroopers!
TV김완두 (4 months ago)
sonet monia (4 months ago)
Veri good GG😎😎😎😎

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