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Anti-Gravity Wheel?

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Explanation of gyro precession: http://bit.ly/U4e8HQ More: http://bit.ly/GyroMORE Less Than: http://bit.ly/GyroLESS Equal To: http://bit.ly/GyroEQUAL Huge thanks to A/Prof Emeritus Rod Cross, Helen Georgiou for filming, Alex Yeung, and Chris Stewart, the University of Sydney Mechanical Engineering shop, Duncan and co. Ralph and the School of Physics. In this video I attempt to lift a 19kg (42 lbs) wheel over my head one-handed while it's spinning at a few thousand RPM. This replicates an earlier experiment by Professor Eric Laithwaite. He claimed the wheel was 'light as a feather' and could not be explained by Newton's Laws. I wanted to find out for myself what I really felt like. Music By Kevin MacLeod www.Incompetech.com "Tempting Secrets"
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Text Comments (13014)
AzoN Erik (12 hours ago)
2:14 2nd world war flashbacks
AnOnYM oUS (23 hours ago)
What's its weight
Newer Account (1 day ago)
Ready honey 3.2.1
Michael McMurray (1 day ago)
Cool, rigidity in space, keeps me level under the hood. Exactly, any applications?
our world (2 days ago)
It less than 91kg
Jim Thomson (3 days ago)
This proves god is real.
BrakItDown 7 (19 hours ago)
I hope you're joking
Henry Napstastride (4 days ago)
Try smarter, not harder! You could be anyone in pro lifting if they allowed this. Brains>brawn!!
teoretik v (4 days ago)
линия проделанный 10 кг маховиком-6м умноженный на силу вращения вкруг человека-где то 10н-итого 60дж и кушать труд по поднятию маховика на 0,5м. ничто не берётся из ничего!
Hakim Lakehal (6 days ago)
So the Whirligig Saw (Bloodborne) is actually a thing
Abdullah Yolcu (6 days ago)
This video explain why UFO's are turning like that video from Turkey Ankara by atombaba https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu0JqJ0YAYQ
HyperChannel (7 days ago)
This is reactless propulsion ! Combine it in the right way and you will get the reason for UFO sightings. Someone already uses it. No joke ! So you can forget the U of UFO. And Aliens too.
Anil Kumar Sharma (7 days ago)
Gowardhan parvat bhee is I techniques sey uthaya gaya tha ,usmay upar sudarshan chakra ghoom raha tha ,simple this technique is very very intelligent and known by lord Krishna five thousands year ago No literature founded ever written of western countries beyond five thousands year ago So simply every knowledge is coming from Veda's because Veda's are found ever written evidence of humankind's knowledge worldwide
Dirty Saint (8 days ago)
Well, duh. Haven't you seen Thor?
TIlak Sevak (10 days ago)
The weight machine was the idea i got in the start))
TIlak Sevak (10 days ago)
This is how Thor’s hammer could be working)))
Thomas Dugandjic (10 days ago)
Gek kō (12 days ago)
Thats why UFOs are Spinning:<
sten beetlex (12 days ago)
Hmmm....Now fill up a donut shaped container with mercury and do the same experiment.
Saayan Biswas (13 days ago)
Angular momentum conservation eh
Ualas Silva Melos (13 days ago)
So funciona na terra pois faz uma força contraria em um lugar sem gravidade e totalmente inutil nao serve em um foguete ou estaçao espacial
u are mad dude...that was EXTREMELY dangerous and stpd....u neednt to risk an arm or even you life if something went SUCH wrong....just 2 show us this....look morphy law EXISTS and if it would "visited you JUST A BIT" doing that u could easy died...but VERY EASY....or like said lost an arm AND U KNOW IT....just with the bearing cought tasked at an important speed or maximum your wrist, your shoulder and perhaps neck would be severely damaged by an instant 3rd degree lever loaded with no less than 1400kg of force at the end MAYBE MUCH MORE .
.... and believe me: the best quality bearings ALSO FAIL AND STOP ... nor crazy do what you have shown here without a very, very very reason NECESSARY OF LIFE OR DEATH OR FOR ANY REASON OF DESIGN OR CONSTRUCTION TOTALLY IN AVOIDABLE --- EVADIBLE ....no matter if they are titanium rods perfectly radiographed EVEN IF WAS ME WHOM MANUFACTURED IT I WOULD RISK A JAM OF THEM WITH SUCH GIANT VALUES OF WEIGHT AND VALUE OF TORQUE JUST "" SUPPORTED "" BY MY POOR WRIST
Math Addicted (14 days ago)
Is a gyroscope
Unknown Hero (15 days ago)
Gravitational force is particle of God.....Nobody could catch it like air.......This two power lies in whole universe.... We can overcome our weight only by meditation and perfect concentration and we can fly too.....!!!!!!
Abir Hasan (15 days ago)
This guy makes some amazing videos
Enrique Araujo (16 days ago)
Es así si por eso vemos las Naves girar y con un sierto bamboleo
Fuzion shift _ (16 days ago)
Ooof that guy was way into drilling the wheel
Sachin mae (16 days ago)
There is a glitch in the universe
Crazy Jake (17 days ago)
If it stopped spinning just right above his head😂, he is gone
Anwar Nwarrr (17 days ago)
maybe this is how ufo moves.
Sumit Saini (17 days ago)
SHIVA SURYA (17 days ago)
it should be less than the original weight
Duc Anh Tran (17 days ago)
The experiment is so exciting, but the next times you should wear a helmet
Lunnel Paloma (17 days ago)
Ahhhhh my ears 😣😣😣
Harpal sain (18 days ago)
sir Hindi language m banao
Simiral Entertainment (18 days ago)
For a real anti-gravity engine you need a huge amount of energy. This engine will work really on gyro principles. There is a solution to this problem, but nobody sees this yet.
rulanoz rulan (18 days ago)
Fantastic,with further experiments we can build ufo
KV Brar (18 days ago)
Bartender Itinerante (19 days ago)
@manualdomundo ou @ciênciatododia poderiam fazer e/ou explicar melhor o porquê isso acontece??
Raoul (19 days ago)
but do you even lift?
KONDURU KRISHNA (19 days ago)
Thors hammer found
Naveen .N (19 days ago)
Weight is somebody less
Tajgames (20 days ago)
This glitch will be patched later in the 3018.01 update. Please remain patient while the team takes a look at this and solve the issue. Thank You
rob welch (20 days ago)
X (20 days ago)
Imagine that the whole thing is in a box without knowing what's inside  and than try to explain it....
Tantiwa Hopak (20 days ago)
That was good but can u do it with your hand still?
Mr. A (21 days ago)
What about your weight , was it equal . I think it will be equal
Wolfgang Breitenseher (21 days ago)
This is because the symetrical object in spinning motion isnt connected to earth anymore but to the universe. :) The alignment of electrons changes so rapidly, that gravitational effects are secondary.
Aroww 1411 (21 days ago)
Hi mom
Anass Arkiza (21 days ago)
Could this be used to create artificial gravity?
Nilesh Gaikwad (22 days ago)
Aerodynamics 🤗🤗 Air pushing beneath the wheel and acting like Newton's 3rd law of motion 🤗🙏🙏💐💐💪🤞🤘👍
noel sardan (22 days ago)
Better than religion
Dans Mans (22 days ago)
Yes, i remember Gyroscopic Precession
Hulbog Stonethrower (23 days ago)
Gravity disproved again....
Moxa1 Makine (23 days ago)
Ray Brensike (23 days ago)
Maybe if he spun it fast enough it would take him to the moon.
clifford yawn (24 days ago)
I'm wondering if there was a second flywheel next to the first flywheel spinning in the opposite direction... spinning the same speed as the first flywheel, what would happen. Sings: what goes up, must come down. Spinnin' wheel got to go round. Talkin,' bout your troubles, it's a cryin' sin. Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel spin
Sunkara Raju (24 days ago)
Awesome bro I like it
John Gross (24 days ago)
Need a wheel on each side and spin them the opacit direction.
Andreas Köhler (24 days ago)
Wow. One can also call a Propeller a Anti-Gravity-Wheel.
Luke Leighton (24 days ago)
Vietnam falshbacks
Karissa Brady (25 days ago)
This is a very old discovery
Frank Cruz (25 days ago)
awesome video
X Leshens (26 days ago)
Did some dumbass really make this just to define the laws of physics, to DUMBASS kids
Al Kraus (26 days ago)
What would happen with TWO flywheels on the end of that shaft spinning in OPPOSITE directions???
Here's what's happening, retards. The spinning wheel has stored kinetic energy. The wheel comes into contact with the bar and imparts some of its energy due to friction. Therefore, when the bar touches the wheel in one direction, the wheel pushes it up, and when the bar touches the wheel in the other direction, it pushes it down.
VAIBHAV (26 days ago)
Why this idiot wasted 30 seconds waiting for the momentum n speed of the wheel to drop instead of lifting the wheel immediately
silva silva (26 days ago)
If I take the tires off my car and replace it with metal wheels , will my car fly ?
Dave Leonard (26 days ago)
Potato Slices (27 days ago)
Weightlifters hate him
TSG lexer (27 days ago)
WTF DO you mean you might know what that means hell no I don't why do you even ask
Sa Tee (27 days ago)
Those who have been taught the old sciences have a lot of catching up to do...
GamePlayer (27 days ago)
Now Wr can Flying. Not fuel not carbonate. Juste rotation
COPELAN FOGLE (27 days ago)
What do you mean. It follows gravity normally. I think you might have been doing this too long
Jason Scott Lee (27 days ago)
Dude talks to much, lost some torque while he was explaining over and over what he was gonna do.
Robert Stennett (27 days ago)
Another con artist.
Justatheory (27 days ago)
I thought mjolnir was destroyed?
Kids in Africa could have eaten that wheel.
Shawn Anderson (28 days ago)
Thumbs down on video for cliffhanger
Илья Седов (28 days ago)
It's not antigravity. It's only physics 😉
vrsca89 (29 days ago)
Thats some nazi UFO technology right there...
sunshineo23 (29 days ago)
It is counter-intuitive but then think about it if you put it on a slop it will climb up itself a long way until it slows down. Then it is less impressive. Yeah it's lighter because it is lifting itself while losing energy
pari saneie (29 days ago)
how about if it was 50kg? could u lift it??
Rocky***77 (29 days ago)
Is that interstellar BGM ???
Side TSG (29 days ago)
I did this too the shovel when I hold the shovel with one hand and do it horizontally it so hard but when I spin my self around with the shovel it goes up it it’s like weightless now I don’t feel the heaviness
Random Josh (1 month ago)
Ive experienced something like this with a 7” angle grinder. If im thinking right
Before Birth (1 month ago)
So how to implement this towards a spece ship
Beautiful exiting
Diego Marquez (1 month ago)
U ugly
Lucky G (1 month ago)
Lucky G (1 month ago)
Logan Joseph (1 month ago)
Germichael Magadia (1 month ago)
more, less than or equal to? whats the answer!
YOONMIN BTS (1 month ago)
Its 19kilograms and you can lift it with one hand Im 19 kilograms😂😂
Satan Derp (1 month ago)
I wanna throw it while its spinning
bmw power (1 month ago)
jithinp2906 (1 month ago)
I know this scientific principle for a long time but its amazing to see in reality
In Ink (1 month ago)
Nice vid
버부리 (1 month ago)
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