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My Second Home | House Flipper #12

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Text Comments (50)
Pacific_Prowler (9 days ago)
This reminds me of South Park's White People renovating houses. You need that open concept.
Silf69 (9 days ago)
The house comment
Brandon LeDoux (9 days ago)
I don't hate, but it kills me when a YouTuber doesn't pay enough attention... I've been watching stuff here since the OG Meatycraft. Please work on it.
Noah Eachus (10 days ago)
Who's ready for dying light 2
TheCodemann17 (10 days ago)
There is the secret room in that house
TheCodemann17 (10 days ago)
At the end of the hallway
Elisa Hill (10 days ago)
hi can you geve me call of duty blak ops zombies plz
Adnan Khan (10 days ago)
Meaty you gotta watch the dying light 2 trailer it is awsome!!!!!!!!
LeDoctorTurtle (10 days ago)
Meaty in the little half bathroom break down the wall it’s two separate closet areas
Brevon Neefe (10 days ago)
I like it when meaty plays house flipper
Lup Yeh (10 days ago)
dude u hurt me so much..explore more.. lol
dfxjedi (10 days ago)
Ugly orange
Gaming Joe (10 days ago)
I want meaty to flip a house but demolish all the rooms and add them to his opinion
OhSoCali (10 days ago)
This house could use the open concept.😉
Altezrael224 (10 days ago)
Loving it Meaty! Keep it up mang JAAAAAM
James Huggins (10 days ago)
“These buyers suck the sausage” 😂😂😂😂
young dayday (10 days ago)
U missed an outlet in the first room
The Elysian Stratagem (10 days ago)
meaty you can change the color of the objects near the buy button!
David Angeletti (8 days ago)
For someone who games as much as he does, he seems to be good at missing little details like that. But who am I to talk!?
glamafonic (10 days ago)
When I did this house, I knocked down the wall between the toilet in the room by itself and the bathroom beside it. Also in the back bedroom next to the bathroom there's a secret room behind a wall. Check the minimap.
glamafonic (10 days ago)
Unsatisfying effect is just the name of the house, Meaty!
Mad Gamer (11 days ago)
Oosh get in there I've been waiting for house flipper thank god its here and big thumps up to the both of you meaty and mini meaty :-)
Prixorh YT (11 days ago)
Cold you play gta 5 pls
ProSheerTV (11 days ago)
Meaty When Dying light 2 comes out can you make it a series like Dying Light (1)
rmbozzo1022 (11 days ago)
The little water closet is pointless. Demo a side and increase size of room next to it
Gromie Dan (11 days ago)
Make one an office room
Bob Lorna (11 days ago)
222nd like and 22 existing comments.... Today must be my lucky day! On a more serious note, I’m still enjoying these videos! Keep ‘em coming!
george schaeffer (11 days ago)
meaty make sure u your in the all tab when searching for something
Hey meaty, are you planning to play Dying Light 2 when it's released?
freckles2437 (11 days ago)
Great game!
Camper Micro (11 days ago)
Dying light 2 trailer is out meaty go see it it so cool!!!!!!!!
Xanatus The God (11 days ago)
right above the buying now
Xanatus The God (11 days ago)
Meaty you can change the colors of everything
Xanatus The God (11 days ago)
also unsatisfying effect is the name of the house
Kevin O'Brien (11 days ago)
Meaty make it an open concept by taking down the 2 walls with sliding doors. The room in the back is too small anyways. You can make it a kitchen and living room combo
tree monster (11 days ago)
Play dying light 2
Boba Fett (11 days ago)
Nice meaty!
george schaeffer (11 days ago)
lovin these videos meaty. by the way its my birthday today jaaaaaam!
Dan Mitchell (11 days ago)
Hou flipper Hou flipper Hou flipper.....Yeah loves it!
joshua lee (11 days ago)
i said the same thing meaty why did u sell the bedroom set >< arggggggggggggggggg it was so dainty
twiztedmind 209 (11 days ago)
You gotta do your J-O-B if you wanna stay with me
Judah Treviss (11 days ago)
Yay I am the 9th comment that's a first plus good video and hope your having a great day and hope your eye is getting better
gaurav purao (11 days ago)
Creepy dudes with minivan 😂😂🔥
“Some weird looking dude who might drive mini vans” XD
Trent Lawrence (11 days ago)
Love this series keep it up
BuyOneGetOne (11 days ago)
Been waiting for this episode!!
Señor Hilter (11 days ago)
YouTube Unarmed (11 days ago)
Hey meaty how is your day going
ShadowMan_22 _ (11 days ago)
First also yay new house!!!!
Graham Klein (11 days ago)
First comment

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