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Pythius - Neurofunk will Never Die [DnBPortal.com]

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✖ Become a DnB Portal patron http://patreon.com/BassPortal ✖ ➔Free DL: http://bit.ly/PythiusNWND Prague / Cze / 15.05.2015 / Live / Storm Club / dnb / Neurofunk / Drum and Bass ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DnBPortal ➔Follow http://twitter.com/DnBportalHQ ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal ✖ Pythius ✖ http://dnbportal.com/Pythius ✖ Storm Club ✖ FB: http://fb.com/StormClubPrague Web: http://Stormclub.cz ✖ Neurofunk Will Never Die ✖ http://fb.com/neurofunkwillneverdie
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DnB Portal (4 months ago)
✖ Become a DnB Portal patron http://patreon.com/BassPortal ✖ ✖ More video sets by Pythius ✖ https://youtube.com/watch?v=JMxU-ufNZvs (67k) #DnBPortal #DnB #DrumandBass #Pythius #Neurofunk #Blackout
Tomáš Holý (9 days ago)
name of first track?
Bogdan Mihai (19 days ago)
Amazing set!!! I simply love it!
Martin Kováč (1 month ago)
I want THIS NEUROFUNK back :(
amadej juhart (1 month ago)
ID PLEASE 15:16 ?'?
Ооооо! Как издавна я находил это волшебство. Спасибо. Супер.
Joe Duncan (5 months ago)
This is the absolute best Neurofunk and or DnB mix I've heard in a very, very long time. Really hard to compete with this one and I listen to Neuro all day every day. This is how you do banger after banger after banger, and do it well.
Martin Vasilev (6 months ago)
pythius' music is very cool but man when any of those guys start "dj-ing" it's the fakest **** ever... cringeworthy. i've listened to these songs numerous times and i gotta tell you, he ain't doing s**t when live.
Regix666 (7 months ago)
it's lord Pythius
pannel six (7 months ago)
no me canso de escuchar este SET tan Perrooo!!
David Eastaugh (8 months ago)
Holy shit what a set
pannel six (8 months ago)
te la rifas biiien chingon pinche Pythius saludos desde Mexico
Bogdan Mihai (8 months ago)
Oh my! This is incredibly amazing. Never heard something more beautiful than this. Even harder than Optiv's set from this channel. Well done Pythius! Keep up the good work!
DnB Portal (8 months ago)
Soon will be new one with Pythius ;) stay tunned :))
Terrence Black (8 months ago)
That opener is the #Best track ive heard in YRS.. #RSPCT #CYBORG #TECHNOID
AMGDROPt MiesHart (9 months ago)
whtats the first track called ?
Owen Conway (9 months ago)
Name of song at 14:55? By pythius I think
Maxim Kach (10 months ago)
ok neuro that cool!, but neuro so smal progressing ()=)( now
halo , hola , this game is better than ours , i cant listen it its too good for me , but a day i will continue this , and drum and bass will never die
Steve Beaudoin (11 months ago)
A W E S O M E \m/
Step DnB (1 year ago)
str8 freaky (1 year ago)
dizzayum!!! this master has me totally psyched up right now!!! puttin it down like str8 up biness but he is having a blast himself!!!! give me more more more!!!!
Lauret Ivan (1 year ago)
<3 ^ ∝
Denis Dusser-Lauge (1 year ago)
Matt Wilcox (1 year ago)
very impressive
DeadGhostThatGlows (1 year ago)
love the track at 16:00
DVT 3 psc (1 year ago)
Now I love pythius!!!!
RAKHOX (1 year ago)
modvs1 (1 year ago)
When does the drum and bass start?
basi L. (1 year ago)
schranz und geschrammel immer gut neurofunk auch goil geht härter
zdeněk Gebhart (1 year ago)
Ty voe... tadytenletípek Je DObrej..!! dík za tvou tvorbu ...:) jak na poslech i Na step si nemohu stežovati..:)
Sir SPeakz A Lot (1 year ago)
So drumstep is neurofunk?
Sir SPeakz A Lot (1 year ago)
RAKHOX Great explanation but not a fruitful one Otherwise this genre may have a negative look from how it's explained. With that said the fans could get the wrong type of invite, nah mean.
RAKHOX (1 year ago)
drumstep A sub genre of drum and bass where the beat structure is "half time" but the remaining elements still adhere to the usual tempo and melody pattern style neuro-funk A sub-genre of drum n' bass that orginated with Ed Rush & Optical. It usually uses harsher and darker sounds and synths than techstep, and is generally spinned at a faster bpm to create a psycho-killer effect. It is the most heavily distortioned drum 'n bass.
danrico23 (1 year ago)
ten konec je fakt mocnost
Xbox One (2 years ago)
Mr Taff (2 years ago)
the mix is awesome but why the hell is the dj so dead? i would jump around like crazy=D
Mr Taff (1 year ago)
DardyGamer (2 years ago)
dnbdave (2 years ago)
So much winning in this set it's like jackpot+ up in here.
Bijan Wan (2 years ago)
Stoyan Ivanov (2 years ago)
27 minute track name????
yeahSOwhat (1 year ago)
Stoyan Ivanov oops i did it again, original by b.spears
Dead Inside (2 years ago)
Franz Marcks (2 years ago)
Played after him a week ago. This set is not half as good as the one he dropped there. o.O
Dávid Csomor (2 years ago)
This man is a fuckin' genius. Not capable of making a single mistake.. Not in his own tracks, not even in his sets. Takes me to a whole new world, like a black hole. Sickest bastard ever!!!
Dávid Csomor (1 year ago)
yeah, after all mixing is all about pushing buttons and turning knobs... you should wake up man :D
yeahSOwhat (1 year ago)
Dávid Csomor he is the best. after all who could push buttons and turn knobs like that....actually, ANYONE . wake up buddy and stop kissing his arse
Henning Tammen (2 years ago)
Nice set up, is there a big dnb scene in prague? Because im going on a classtrip there in a month, so i´d like to know where to go to, when you want to rave ^^
yeahSOwhat (1 year ago)
Tomáš Vrbka or try "U dvou kocek" that's hardcore
Tomáš Vrbka (2 years ago)
+Henning Tammen at Prague here is the best dnb scene man 3:) go check Storm and Cross club
sputtertag (2 years ago)
Thanks Bro :)
Fetuj Heroin (2 years ago)
OMG fight club remix SICK MAN BIG UP
Purple kush (2 years ago)
this set needs a tracklist
notthis prickagain (2 years ago)
it's there now
mickael mace (2 years ago)
31: 50 ouaaaaaa
Jet Son (2 years ago)
That´s exactly what I needed to start the week! Cheers, dude! Thank you!
Luka WTF (2 years ago)
Do Stormu sa vzdy rad vratim >)
Bambule (2 years ago)
Some nice rollers here /me likes! XD
firehead (2 years ago)
Jj to byla libovka !!
Miroslav lacko (2 years ago)
welcome to the FIght Club .
John Hofmann (2 years ago)
If i'm ever elected POTUS, the song at 32:00 is going to be our new national anthem
notthis prickagain (2 years ago)
Haha, I'll make sure it's banged out at my funeral
HKCmoris (2 years ago)
Help! I need the name of the one that starts at 11:40
HKCmoris (2 years ago)
+HKCmoris oh nvm it is Audio - Foodchain isn't it
zdeněk pelán (2 years ago)
mazec stojí zato poslechnout do konce !! :)
Nickolas Alekscyev (2 years ago)
ughmm when is his hands actually gonna cause music cause looks to me like a bunch of loops and nothing else. First song is one of his so props to that on his DAW
carlos holanda m.h (2 years ago)
insane set bro
Александр (2 years ago)
d&b попросту пушка ;)
Tiberiu Barac (2 years ago)
Blackout 4 Life !
thefunguisvip (2 years ago)
Big kapo (2 years ago)
17:11 name song ?
Thomas Marklew-Brew (2 years ago)
Is that Storm club?! I was there for LiR afterparty in the summer aha, awesome
whoops nope (2 years ago)
this set is fucking nuuuuts. I need more of this in my life again 😕
Todd Lockley (2 years ago)
I came here for the guy who wears his sunnies in the club!...
Silent Guy Gamer (2 years ago)
black sun empire is amazing! :D
Joshua Gillette (2 years ago)
neurofunk whatever its drumb and bass sick set though by this guy never thought he would spin a great set like this its pretty dope
bobby lazar (2 years ago)
RoboGames CZ (2 years ago)
RoboGames CZ (2 years ago)
+Leopard Plugdj jo dík moc
Leopard (2 years ago)
+RoboGames CZ pořádně se podívej, dal jsem ho tam a komplet
DnB Portal (2 years ago)
50 000 views !! Wicked video set with Pythius :)
Noci (2 months ago)
200 k
Fakof Gugl (2 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL I would down load it, but better listen and watch it here and give u more views! GJ!
Flayxz (2 years ago)
18:00 A nice cold czechian beer for this awesome dutch guy
Mihael Terziev (2 years ago)
16:42 :D :D :D :D plqk plqk plqk plqk :D
Mihael Terziev (2 years ago)
just subscribed cuz of this dude >:D :D
Oscar Ortiz (2 years ago)
Wait and bleed !!!
Steve dnb (3 years ago)
Well well....This guy is sooo sick!!! I don´t know how..:D !
Keine Angabe (3 years ago)
nechti nedrbka (3 years ago)
PYTHIUS!!! u r the BEST..AMC and Pythius should do some wicked tunes
Drugcide (3 years ago)
29:55 start the real shittt!!
swolf4444 (3 years ago)
29:50 slipknot: wait and bleed :D
Igor Kurchatov (3 years ago)
Or hide speed case from Paris to New York flashing lights steelin a privet jet for a joy ride missing plans computer hacking briefcase carrying jungle swinging back flipping bat finking what the duck is it cos it like a stomping Dr who or what did you see it
As we stand with our bothers in arms side by side together we stand divided we fall ashes to ashes life to sort so party we me must peace as we follow the doves light as we go into the darkness
Mojmir Sukeník (3 years ago)
Nechci hejtit ale byl tam vubec nakej mix nebo jenom pousti song za songem?
Ivaylo Arteaga (3 years ago)
45:59 Hello, name of the track please? Pure banger :X
Nils Khalifa (2 years ago)
+Leopard Plugdj yeah just found it after this comment.. :D But thx ;)
Leopard (2 years ago)
+Nils Khalifa it's dub / unreleased track so there is a small preview https://soundcloud.com/leopard105/c4c-moongerm-pythius-remix
Nils Khalifa (2 years ago)
+Leopard Plugdj diddn't found this mx anywhere :(
Ivaylo Arteaga (2 years ago)
Thanks an awful lot! :)
Leopard (2 years ago)
+Ivaylo Arteaga it's Cause 4 Concern - Moongerm (Pythius remix)
K355L3R (3 years ago)
Just Awesome !
ƑÆṰ ℳḭƘƎ (3 years ago)
What's the name of the first tune?
ЧудА ПечЪ (3 years ago)
Napalm burns just a beast..
ЧудА ПечЪ (3 years ago)
ваще рвет меха нахер!!!!!!
DMNBK (3 years ago)
Can't wait to see him in 2 days from know :))))))) Damn it !!!!  Is there a nice soul around who can tell from who is the tune at 35:17. Would be nice ! All my eternal gratitude and hope to see any fo you in front at LIR for this awesome EPIC guy!
DMNBK (3 years ago)
+DMNBK Well apparently it's Executor from Pythius thanks Leopard! As it's forthcoming well got to wait :) Thanks man!
ticklestick (3 years ago)
incredible set
Jakub Bakala (3 years ago)
DJ mrtvy bez energie .. len tam stoji jak kár.. ppči (y)
+Jakub Bakala Pythius je pán.... nemusí u toho skakat, to co udělal a děla za tracky bys ty ani nenakreslil :D
Rosťo Voe (3 years ago)
+Jakub Bakala Sice mrtvý bez energie, ale hraje nezkutečně !! :)
Marek Fišer (3 years ago)
lookin for the first sample.. anybody plz?
notthis prickagain (2 years ago)
tracklist is up lawd
ILong IBottom (3 years ago)
00:05 whats is the name of this fucking song <3
force 2341 (3 years ago)
Fuck 14:50
ryan spring (3 years ago)
Looks like the czech republic knows how to fucking partaayyyyy!!!!
Relpad (3 years ago)
give me that music 29:35 !!!!!
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
Almost 20k views! Wicked set by Pythius!
Yamil Rosario (2 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL indeed!!!
Benjamin steffen (2 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL 80k views ;)
Tomas Pekar (2 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL co ti jebe iny naklad
DnB Portal (3 years ago)
+Jakublaci lol almost 35k views :D
Jakublaci (3 years ago)
+DnB PORTAL 34 795 !!! Big UP
dusk (3 years ago)
junior303 (3 years ago)
This is how neurofunk sounds nowadays? Fucking joke
Art Rea (3 years ago)
in need of my jet pack. destination: prague cz, cross club is calling me 😌
Rahul Kumar (3 years ago)
Why Neurofunk artists doesn't use Laptop performance..is there any particular reason?

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