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Why Mark Zuckerberg Seems Evil

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Why Mark Zuckerberg Seems Evil Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: http://bit.ly/2H6fGAg We're hiring! Find out more about the position: https://www.charismaoncommand.com/brilliant-operations-digital-marketing-manager/ Mark Zuckerberg is having a rough time. Not only does he have to deal with congressional hearings but it seems like a good portion of the internet hates him or at least doubts his humanity and it isn't because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal; it's because of the way that he presents himself. So in this video, I'm going to show you the kind of sad reason why some people are just harder to trust than others and it's easier to write them off as potentially evil and it's why negative reputation is just seem to stick to them no matter what they do. I'm also gonna help you find out if you are losing trust without even realizing it plus teach you what to do to get it back. So first off, as a principal, we humans like and trust people who show us that they have nothing to hide. And this isn't just metaphorical. Seeing the inside of someone's hand — seeing their palms tends to put people at ease. The handshake actually originated as a way to show that neither person was carrying a weapon. But Zuckerberg almost never shows us his palms when he speaks which winds up feeling unsettling. First, let me say this — I care deeply about the democratic process and protecting its integrity. Facebook's mission is all about giving people a voice and bringing people closer together. 0:33 We trust people who show that they have nothing to hide 1:09 Your smile is key to improve your charisma 2:42 Congruence is another key that Mark Zuckerberg lacks Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (6534)
Jacob mp (2 hours ago)
he's not evil he's just smart most people's that are smart people tike there crazy or evil because day don't get you believe
Gothhana (3 hours ago)
I just assume he's either somewhere on the autism spectrum, or he's too busy calculating literally every single interaction and how to respond "correctly" to remember how to smile/relax/show the emotions he's supposed to be conveying. lol.
S (6 hours ago)
"Congresswoman, i'm not sure what that means" (meanwhile in his head/processor: "remember to kill the congresswoman after the end of the conference")
Dijon Brown (6 hours ago)
This guy definitely watched rsd videos
Tiffy Moore (6 hours ago)
I want to kill him
Wild Thing (6 hours ago)
mark zuckerberg obviously lived an alienated childhood. he is poorly socialized, he doesn't embody social cues because he wasn't exposed to them. most likely because his family was so wealthy that they didn't have to send him to play with the peasant children
boris the wolf (8 hours ago)
I feel for him i act judt like him when im nervous
Awesome Bent (10 hours ago)
Maybe he's unhappy about his life.
Sarah Christine (11 hours ago)
hes not very charismatic because hes socially awkward leave poor mark alone lol
Zed The Caribou (12 hours ago)
In the thumbnail, it’s zuck, It’s Z U C C
Jeff Navarro (12 hours ago)
Even Stephen Hawking's voice sounded less like a robot.
Darth Vader (15 hours ago)
Who gives af... U use his app
Crusty Cobs (18 hours ago)
Duh, Zuck has Aspergers Syndrome, a high-functioning form of Autism. Don't expect him to act as YOU expect. I'm not defending him, he is not attached to other humans in the same way. Personally I avoid social networking, and there is reasonable data supporting that this is all a big spy machine.
10X GAME (23 hours ago)
zuckerberg is a good person (he is hearing us!)
TheMlgBro Gaming2 (1 day ago)
dayum talking infront a person(strange poeple) is hard work, especially in crown ;( Mark is relatable
The truth is, the more money you get the more haters you get and the more of your habits are observed by envious people.
He reminds me of a serial killer being questioned in a court.
This Particular Boi (1 day ago)
He seems like a nice guy, and he seems to care about others, it's just his social skills are 0.
Dark Wanderer (1 day ago)
I think he isn't a bad person
Yo 1 (1 day ago)
It's clearly that mark is anxious, and has some social disorder..always acts like confused robot
Kobsoul K (1 day ago)
Idk man he gives me the deep chills like, evil or not I'd hate to be near him ahh imagine his head turning 180 degrees and he's like doing that fake smile AHHHHH!!! My edges have left the room!!!!
xavi er (1 day ago)
But how hard must it be for him? He invented somerhing amazing and is so famous an rich now and has to explain everything even if he’s not very social , i hated talking before groups in my youth and money wouldn’t change anything of it
Antonio Davis (1 day ago)
He reminds me of data from star trek. ..creepy
Fav Club (1 day ago)
I am more Zuckerberg in this case
Sadou asta-adji (1 day ago)
This was funny😂😂😂common he is a nerd and finds it hard to be among people,its a social issue awwwww.He is cute.
Mr. PopCorn (1 day ago)
Evil? Yes. His hair gives it away, his hair looks like it's about to shoot up a school. No? Okay I'll leave..
Lucas B (1 day ago)
Im ultra incongruent and this is because am dead inside
Ariana Cantu (1 day ago)
Wow, Mark really needs to watch Charisma on Command.
Cecille Chan (1 day ago)
Seems? Are we going to continue being turnips?
Mark Prothero (1 day ago)
He has Asperger's.
Gary Phillips (1 day ago)
Bruh he’s just awkward. You’re overthinking this.
Ostrich160 (2 days ago)
The sad thing here is that Mark Zuckerberg could be a genuinely good guy trying to do the best for humanity, whereas Elon Musk (taking him as an example because he seems to be popular, respected, and has some charisma to him) could be genuinely evil but we'd trust Musk more simply because of his charisma.
John Grabowski (2 days ago)
Perhaps he just "seems" evil because he keeps doing evil things, then apologizing contritely, then doing them again, then apologizing contritely, then doing them again, etc...
ibraheem sultan (2 days ago)
he is still a lizard, i dont care what evidence comes to disprove this.
Wayne Chiang (2 days ago)
We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.
Fritz HansZirkel (2 days ago)
Jesus he's just evil
christopher kettler (2 days ago)
Donald trump shows his palms allday do you trust him
Theroux (2 days ago)
I don’t think it’s Assburgers. That would assume he’s always been like this. And if that were the case, why are we only now noticing?
He looks like a Soy
Maybe he don't want you to learn his character
Stacy Cless (2 days ago)
Send this vid to Zukerberg
Rupayan Bose (3 days ago)
I feel he just vomited before the Congress contents he just memorised .. !
Chris Vance (3 days ago)
The problem with the dude is that people who come from abusive families have issues with emotional resonance. Like... they can't express themselves because they have been conditioned to fear being open because they got beat and/or emotionally abused. I'm sure he would have been normal if he was loved as a child. It seems like he has narcissistic traits likely because his family thought of him as an object to be used for praise rather than a person that should be loved... Just as he acts now about all of us.
Craig Summerlin (3 days ago)
america isnt a democracy
Edwin V. Orantes (3 days ago)
He’s an alien that the government created.
Jocy! ! (3 days ago)
Dude Zuckerberg is weird
Akın Karalı (3 days ago)
Cause He is social media’s Hitler
Joe Ninety (4 days ago)
Kimiko Ueda (4 days ago)
Guys guys, I think Mark Zuckerberg has autism I’m not kidding I grew up with someone with autism and I see a lot of the body language and vocal tone in them that I see in Zuckerberg So I kinda feel bad when people call him evil or a robot cause what if he’s got autism or something similar and people are just ignorantly picking on him for it It gives people incentive to bully people with similar traits too
Mike Cohen (4 days ago)
Warren buffet is evil globalist scum
Anathema Nu (4 days ago)
He's pretty much a dirtbag.
ferdon mukai (4 days ago)
whatever I try to delete my facebook it never gonna happen  ?
wth12 (4 days ago)
R o b o t
Eduard Cojan (4 days ago)
a real smile/expression lasts at most a fraction of a second
outof sight (4 days ago)
maybe he has bin mobbed at school and fb is his revenge
Kian Edz (4 days ago)
We do not send data to advertisers
Divine Joshua (4 days ago)
Very helpful
smhx mylife (4 days ago)
*Just stop. Okay? He just has social problems like i do.*
Tomas Av. (5 days ago)
Shirley Porter (5 days ago)
He has a duping grin like Canada's P.M. This jerks are deceivers. Live to lie. Manipulate, manipulate, not human
Tezcax (5 days ago)
He is also ugly as balls. And evil.
Salmon Ride (5 days ago)
Nice job team.
101jir (5 days ago)
Reminds me of a comment by Michael Emerson (known for his role on Lost and Person of Interest) listed on his IMDB. His response when asked about why he is drawn to playing creepy characters: "A better question might be what is it about those characters that appeals to audiences, or an even better question is why do audiences perceive them as creepy? Let's say I got to the studio one day and I play it in neutral - I don't make any judgment about the character or the material or anything. And then when it comes out and it's all chopped together and there's music and stuff, people go 'my God that's scary!' But I don't know what the scary element is. I don't know if it's something in me. I don't know if it's in the playing of it or the perceiving of it. It's an interesting issue, though." I would love to see a video on that, specifically as it applies to characters like Ben from Lost.
Big Bad Wolf (5 days ago)
He is socially awkward, that's what there is we are just overthinking it
DigitWorked (5 days ago)
I'm like mark zuckerberg No no, not the human part haha not like i'm any lizard monster. I'm growing up shy, pretty nerdy too. you know.
DigitWorked (5 days ago)
oh and i'm an introvert
play awesome (5 days ago)
That's why he is business man
snow man (5 days ago)
Zuckerberg reminds me of Data from Star Trek.
Fawn Whisperer (5 days ago)
"... or even walk with motion in their arms" I don't know why that killed me. I felt like you were nosediving straight into "or blink, or chew their food, or breathe oxygen".
Ely F (5 days ago)
How is it that I can get free tips from this channel and a man with that much money hasn't gotten a private speech coach
fireaza (5 days ago)
As a robot, I'm offended by all these comments implying that just because someone is a cold, unfeeling automaton, that they are evil!
606's 707 (6 days ago)
Thank you for this lesson. This will be useful for me.
Charisma on Command (2 days ago)
~ Awesome!
Seb Sandwich (6 days ago)
Evil? More like android!
jhefferheff (6 days ago)
Page is so useful.
Balram Bandgar (6 days ago)
Isnt he looked like Harrison wells in the tv show of the flash 2014
Michael Nyamaka (6 days ago)
Mark always covers his computer camera with black tape whilst using it, fear of getting spied!
octemberfury (6 days ago)
Well, I guess having good or bad charisma is kind of irrelevant when you're a genius billionaire. If I were Zuck I wouldn't give a single fuck if people thought I was evil or inhuman.
Colette Cadet (6 days ago)
What a pervert!! I hate that evil man. I hope facebook dies a horrible death and I get my privacy back. I swear on god he destroyed the internet and altered our lives in the worst way possible ...accident or no accident. I still don't trust this scumbag.
Artsy Cat (6 days ago)
What if he's just autistic?
The Cupcake Wolf (6 days ago)
i dont understand why people think hes a robot yeah i know hes a bit weird but im a bit weird everyones weird in their own way gosh dont judge him so harshly people
Steven Wheat (6 days ago)
Zuckerburg had a great idea, but unfortunately millennials can't handle other people's opinion (even if it's exaggerated) and are easily ass hurt and triggered. It's creating divide. Social media is cool but it's biting us in the butt..
He seems to have authistic traits, maybe that's why he seems to act incongruent
Sofie Kümpel (6 days ago)
Yeez, leave the poor guys alone. He’s a super-nerd, of course he’s akward
I mean, the guy literally has the power to control your data online and your private messages at the click of a button, and he acts extremely reserved and robotic, I really don't trust the guy. Not saying he's a robot, but there is something off about him, that could be because he's a robot...or a lizard
Why we hating on him, he created Facebook. Without it, we would spend all our days outside getting burnt.
I am not a *robot*
majesticwartortle (6 days ago)
Brainwashing is cool!
KoreanPolish*G-Man (7 days ago)
I didn't like how he was during the hearing. I know they are old and do not understand how technology works but he was very disrespectful to them. His whole demeanor was bad. Before I was just like what ever Mark is just a Millennial CEO. But after seeing that vid he just a big douche.
Sanctus Manifesto (7 days ago)
Research "Tubal Cain" in freemasonry, it's the same exact symbol of the the Facebook logo.
Sanctus Manifesto (7 days ago)
I think he's related to the Rothschilds.
Eddie Schneider (7 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg is a socio-path. He's clearly not to be trusted: down with FACEBOOK!
jason Crout (7 days ago)
my schools learning program ,summit learning,was made by the zucc foundation
Oof (7 days ago)
He's not evil he's a developer. people make him seem robotic though he's a introvert. (Not very social) When you're inside of a room filled with people that (I don't think) know about developing as much as he does. So yet he trys to simplify to the court. His facial expressions doesn't mean much it's just him trying to say something but he isn't all that social, and doesn't laugh. Example: Have you ever seen a meme that was really funny but yet you don't laugh because there is no one around? If so then you might get where i am coming from. Zuckerburg isn't usually in a social environment, making him used to not expressing much.
hornet 666 (7 days ago)
Pretty sure he is an aspie.
Lill Painter (7 days ago)
there is something super off about him. he sounds like dyslexic person trying to read from a teleprompter.
Rat On Youtube (7 days ago)
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Interesting facts (7 days ago)
He just lacks some basic emotions. So what's the problem in that?. Let him leave his life.
nunyuhbidness (7 days ago)
i didnt think he was evil until now
Akira Fenix (7 days ago)
Wait a minute... If he were a robot with wi-fi connection how hasn't he been hacked yet Oh he has avast.

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