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The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman

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Text Comments (13515)
Frankie Hernandez (8 minutes ago)
Cayleigh Elise did a video of the Isdal woman on August 25 2017.
Hannah Bennett (1 hour ago)
The reason why I can't be persuaded that it was a suicide is because the "hiking trails" is obviously a body dump. They found no lighters on her, just the petrol around the scene but they also discribed her as "wedged between two rocks" Unless she had lit herself on fire and then shimmied between the rocks it seems highly improbable.
Couch Potato Sam (3 hours ago)
Or, she was set on fire and took the pills in hope to die without the pain.... Think about it.... Or maybe I'm just wrong...
Alice Long (6 hours ago)
I think that of she was a spy and she did kill herself she took the pills to die and burned herself to completely erase her identity
vivi giapoutzi (7 hours ago)
Can I ask something she took 50-70 freaking sleeping pills how did she managed to stay awake to put herself on fire even if her system didn't digest them all??? I mean these are a lot of pills but those pills are strong
vivi giapoutzi (7 hours ago)
Maybe she was a criminal with all the money, identity thing and she was murdered for her thefts
Ann Margarette Sambilay (10 hours ago)
This is a crazy case.
S Myers (13 hours ago)
max is a goblin (15 hours ago)
Rawhead Rex (19 hours ago)
Sounds to me like someone went to great lengths to make the murder of a spy look like a suicide. Wasn't there something about a bruise on her face or neck? Maybe somebody knocked/choked her out,poured pills down her throat and set her on fire.
Just Dyl (19 hours ago)
I personally think that suicide with fire IF she was a spy sort of makes sense, because this would end up with her face being unidentifiable
AnApple IAm (19 hours ago)
She was a big time con artist
Skittles4Hannah (21 hours ago)
Who needs Bears, Beets and Battlestar Galactica when you can have Breadsticks, Boots and Burning Myself Alive?
Beth Barnes (22 hours ago)
Maybe she was a spy running away from something or someone? She went to a remote location to make sure they wouldn't find her and took the pills. If she thought they were close or something unexpected occurred, she then choose a faster method? But if she was methodical enough to erase tags in her suitcase, why not burn all her items if she thought this was going to be the end of her? If it was murder by someone of "higher power", why such a sloppy job?
phantom freddy (23 hours ago)
16:40 She accidently ate 70 pills and lit herself on fire.
Fiona Wallace (1 day ago)
What I find strange is it’s like I’m going to swallow 57 pills then set myself on fire then jump into a bunch of rocks not before I put my jewellery beside me and make sure I have a couple bottles around me it just doesn’t make sense plus it would’ve shown some of the pills are already absorbed how would she have been able to jump into those rocks or set her self on fire🤨
Ghostman 3221 (1 day ago)
oh looks like you got a little sun burn, there i told you to put on some sun tan lotion
Ghostman 3221 (1 day ago)
Stacie Greathouse (1 day ago)
I feel she was murdered. That she was forced to take the pills to set up a staged suicide to make things point to her killing herself but actually murdered.... Leaving no Trace back to who or what she worked for. Maybe she was a high class prostitute which could also explain the hotel to hotel too... Maybe she was murdered because she wanted out of what she was really doing... Whatever that may be.... The list could go on... But whoever murdered her obviously knew what they were doing to confuse who she is, how she died, or who she was working for....
Aivee Reid (1 day ago)
they burned her so people will not know who she is.
Caitlyn Syslo (1 day ago)
Maybe she was some sort of runaway, or had a stalker or something. Also, I mean she had a bunch of organs removed and put in a warehouse, so that kind of clearly states she was murdered.
DEUCE MONTANA (1 day ago)
If she had multiple passports wouldnt there b a photo in em? Unless she removed it everytime she used it
Ryley Schumacher (1 day ago)
So is Shane married or.... because if not I'd really like to be Mrs. Shane Madej
Lil Fluf (1 day ago)
She might have out herself on fire cuz she didn't want anyone to know who she was if ur burned alive it's hard to know who it was
miat789 (1 day ago)
Why doesn’t Shane do the commentary? He has a better sounding voice.
fearboss (2 days ago)
The shot of that woman posed at the crime scene is so damn creepy T o T I had to stop watching this last night because it just gave me such a bad feeling
Moo Moo (2 days ago)
I’m pretty sure aas got bullied as a child.
Paul Peralta (2 days ago)
If she was a spy and didn't want anyone identifying her she would probably burn her face off until no one can identify her. The pills are still a little confusing tho
Chassey Gabon (2 days ago)
Maybe the burning was a torture method or something. I mean, if she was indeed a spy then torture must have been involved somehow. Like, rivals or nemeses could be trying to get info out of her, but she can't so she could have resorted to sleeping pill as it could have been the nearest thing to her. But that still doesn't explain why she swallowed 50 something sleeping pills. Maybe the bruising on her neck could mean forceful swallowing of the pills. But the person/s didn't think she deserved such a painless death and decided to burn her instead with petroleum and a blowtorch, SLOWLY if it even is possible, before she actually died of the pills.
Aszkorb (2 days ago)
If i'll die a want to in the most weird and absurd way so there will be an episode just about me :3
Sahar Amjad (2 days ago)
oh my god the way ryan says petrol,,,
Rutledge Missroon (2 days ago)
what if she was a spy who was running from the Norwegian government because she was going to release some damaging information about the government and she tried a impromptu suicide with the sleeping pills and when her pursuers found her dead body and they burned it to mask her identity but someone else planted her bags at the train station to spur an investigation into her and the information she had but it hit a dead end and the government found and killed the person who planted the bags effectively ending any discovery evidence of whatever information she and her accomplice had. The bruise is from where the agents pulled the dead body in to the depression where it was found. The body was found because the agents were going to return to the scene of the burning to clean up the scene but couldn't because the family found it in what the agents thought would be a isolated hiding place and they didn't want to draw any attention to themselves by trying to cover it up after it became open to the public.
sophia (2 days ago)
maybe she didnt want people to recognize her so maybe thats why she burned herself ? idkdkkdk
พิม. (2 days ago)
it does make sense to burn herself kinda if the theory that she is a spy is true. sleeping pills to die and fire so it would make it hard to identify her.
Jessie Powell (3 days ago)
It's possible she could have been hiding from someone/something. If she was a spy, this could be possible. My theory is that she was afraid she was going to get caught, so she took the pills to commit suicide. This said person could have then caught her and burned her alive to kill her, not knowing that she had already taken these pills.
braun3812 (3 days ago)
Ripping of labels means there was victim's name on it. Not brand name.
Ariana Hameed (3 days ago)
okay but maybe she knew someone was following her or trying to kill her or smth so she tried to commit suicide via pills, but then they took her and burnt her
Ariana Hameed (3 days ago)
thiccc plot
CrazyDrawings Tv (3 days ago)
I mean, I remove the labels on my clothing! Not because I'm a spy or anything, but because I have sensory problems and labels feel like sandpaper on my body..
Nat Creates (3 days ago)
Buzzfeed unsolved? You mean (wheeze)?
wait were her dental records ever checked
the fire could have been inodder to not be recognized or identified
Junior Cyclist (3 days ago)
Potentialiply trying to burn off finger prints?
The Chad (3 days ago)
my theory is that she took the sleeping pills in anticipation of having being tracked down. And unfortunately the pills had not taken effect before her interrogation and subsequent murder
kermit two (3 days ago)
She's sure she'll be murdered. Maybe she just swallowed those pills to boggle the authorities to make the case more confusing.
Gregory House M.D (3 days ago)
She is obviously hiding from something, considering her belongings she has a objective where she was. I don't mean something crazy, I think she was a spy as Well, or she was hiding from someone.
Electra Pinckney (3 days ago)
She might've attempted to kill herself with the pills and maybe some other spy covered her in gasoline and tossed her on the barbie then threw her over the edge where she got wedged in the rocks and gained that funky bruise.
lord wizard (3 days ago)
thats not asia
julia demartino (3 days ago)
If she tried so hard to keep her identity a secret while she was alive burning her front side would make sense if she killed herself because then they wouldn’t be able to identify her body
jsanchez2351 (3 days ago)
What if the lady was being followed by someone. She then made different identities and constantly changed hotel rooms to hide. Then once she realized that the person or people where to close on her trail so she took the pills to commit suicide but soon after the people abducted her and set her on fire to make it look like a suicide. Idk it's just a guess.
jsanchez2351 (3 days ago)
This will also explain the strange bruise and having the tag removed from all of her possessions.
Caiastice Crap (3 days ago)
I think personally that this was a murder. This theory is only about her death, not what led up to it, btw. I think the culprit somehow knew where she was going to be and followed her or lured her there. They caught her by surprise and struck a blow to her neck, effectively knocking her out. They then tried to kill her by forcing 50-70 pills down her throat to make it look like a suicide. But after waiting a while, and she still wasn't dead, they got impatient when the pills weren't taking effect as quickly as they wanted, and doused her body in petrol before setting her body on fire. Then they ran. This is my opinion of the death, I'm still puzzled by the circumstances because each one I come up with has multiple holes in it or pure assumptions not supported by evidence
Chris Ass (3 days ago)
I don't think she removed heart tags or labels just for the fact of her suitcases being found at a train station 3 days later. The suspect could have did that. Or if she did do it and committed suicide maybe she didn't want didnt want to be identified to cause heartache to her loved ones.. Idk ijs
Jerome Ley (3 days ago)
Lol, respectable spy deaths never gets solved?
Tarantastic (3 days ago)
Maybe she knew she was being chased so she took the pills and went in the middle of no where to die on her own terms, but when the people who were chasing her caught up to her they decided to end it there by burning her.
LightWarrior Kaz (3 days ago)
I still think it's a suicide. If you're a spy, you wanna do something to hide your identity after death, hence the fire.
Sofia Bari (3 days ago)
I’m calling it she’s a vampire who’s on the run
Jessica Rice (3 days ago)
What if like— considering if she WAS a spy— to keep the information away from probably an enemy, she swallowed the pills, and then this enemy burnt her to a crisp? It’s both a suicide and a murder to gain and detain information
Abigail Johnson (4 days ago)
Lesse here... what two things were accomplished in this murder? 1: Isdal died and 2: no one knows how or who she was. If I was going to murder someone, I would make sure they couldn't be recognized after the fact, and obviously adding as many non-complimentary clues as possible caused investigators to fail. Giving evidence that leads in circles makes for an unsolved case and a scot-free murderer. Obviously since this is unsolved, the method to confuse worked
Fortunate_ Apid (4 days ago)
19:55 those are tic tacs aren't they
Katie Ricchh (4 days ago)
Love this show! But about this one.. theory: Domestic abuse or stalker. She was on the run from someone trying to hurt her. (Fingerprints gone, clothes gone, constant moving, alternative ID's, etc.) They caught up with her. Forced her to take the pills. Then "had they're way" with her. Burned her to cover any evidence.
improperusername (4 days ago)
So...I am leaning towards accident/suicide. I wonder if she was burning something, and something she was burning exploded, which is why the front of her was burned and not the back. Also if she was burning something that would explain the smoke in her lungs. Not so sure about the jewelry though.
Chris Hamilton (4 days ago)
Cyanide works as fast as in the movies without a doubt!!! There are quite a few documented cases of people, accused of murder etc. taking cyanide pills in court immediately after receiving guilty verdicts in order to avoid jail time. Possibly some new content for any upcoming seasons of Buzzfeed unsolved - True Crime?.
if she was a spy "killing" her self would make sense so then agency could say she's "dead" but she might still be alive somewhere. A fake death??
Jamie Diorio (4 days ago)
I’ve smelt burnt flesh *IT DOES NOT SMELL LIKE BARBECUE*
Malin Hensel (4 days ago)
Tenct (4 days ago)
JamieChristine2 (4 days ago)
And this is like the sommerton man, all the tags were cut off their clothes and they both used codes
Axiom Bias (4 days ago)
maybe she lit herself on fire so no one could identify her?
a97188 (4 days ago)
Norway looks a lot like the Verdugo Hills...
Libby Margaretten (4 days ago)
Raise your hand if you think the bruise is a hickey
Max Zirkle (4 days ago)
a while back people would write their names on their clothes tags so it could be used as identification
Sophie Man-Hudspith (5 days ago)
maybe she did something bad as a spy and her agency thing needed her to die fast and forced her to take the pills but thought that someone was watching them or something and decided to set her on fire so that she'd die faster. but idk
Maybe she was trying to do some asmr “label removing asmr” makes sense right? 😂
- oldapple - (5 days ago)
Zannah Anne (5 days ago)
the setting herself on fire could have been to erase her identity if she were running away or hiding
JamieChristine2 (5 days ago)
What if she was did work in espionage and got found out about who she was so she swallowed all those pills because she knew she was going to die but before she could pass away peacefully she was found by the person/people’s she was spying on and they killed her
Lauren Winchester (5 days ago)
Please make merch that just says, breadsticks, boots, and burning myself alive!!!
Finesse God (5 days ago)
She probably was a prostitue
Cowgirl (5 days ago)
Well what if she knew someone was was after her going to murder her then she finds out and she doesn't want this someone to take her life she decided to take her own with the sleeping pills but to late the murderer finds her before the pills take effect and boom she gets light on fire but that still doesn't answer why her back for some odd reason was not burnt
Hannah (5 days ago)
What if the hairspray was used to improvise a flamethrower?
damagedgoods (5 days ago)
Sound like the “Peter Bergmann case” - also died mysteriously, acted mysteriously, no labels or ID, used an alias etc
dedicated Democrat (5 days ago)
She could have been a con-artist and someone got tired of her games!!!
The T Bard (5 days ago)
Here’s a theory. She’s a spy, and has confidential information. An enemy agent is on her and she tries to kill herself so the agent can’t learn the information. He/she gets there earlier and takes her to Death Valley where he/she proceeds to torture her by burning in order to procure aforementioned information.
Andrea (6 days ago)
That American pronunciation of Gisle tho
What if she indeed set herself on fire in order not to give out information to whoever may have been on to her.. Scary af
Aunnesha Bhowmick (6 days ago)
theory: if she was really a spy then she probably had valuable information. someone may have been after her so tried swallowing the pills to commit suicide but she didnt die in time, the fire was either a last resort to remove herself or the person after her used the fire to kill her. who knows
Jaytheradical (6 days ago)
Lots of wigs and makeup, traveling around, using fake names at various hotels and moving rooms when she gets there? This is how prostitutes travel for work.
Firstname Lastname (6 days ago)
She could have been a Con-Artist. Multiple identities, different disguises, plenty of money. She traveled around conning people out of their savings. Switched hotels often to avoid her victims. OR she could have a high dollar prostitute, maybe even blackmailing her johns. My point is, this behavior doesn't necessarily say 'spy'
Maya I (6 days ago)
I binged this whole series!!!
Katie _ (6 days ago)
She probably wanted to die sleeping but burned herself to hide her identity. But she would have needed to set herself on fire before she went to sleep.
Chelsea Ramsey (6 days ago)
I remove labels because they're itchy.
Alfy (6 days ago)
If she was a spy or involved in some shady stuff then maybe she could have taken the pills to commit suicide because she knew that someone was after her but before she died she went up to death valley to light herself on fire so that the case would be as confusing as possible and so that it would make it almost impossible to identify her.
Baruch Ben-David (6 days ago)
To my un6, the isotope test showed that she grew up in Europe near the border between France and Germany. The DNA test showed she was of northern European or North American descent.
blooky cat (6 days ago)
breatsticks, boots, bUrNiNg mYsElf aLiVe
S H (6 days ago)
wait how did she get from the station to death valley by walking? ..too far. by taxi? ..thered be a record rental car?.. also, why, did she leave her things.. was she kidnapped.. or if she was a spy did she chase someone from the station to the place... also, could she have been a high class escort.. as this would explain the travelling.. cash... clothes... hotels.. changing rooms.. accents.. and suicide.
Dazz Sach (6 days ago)
she could have set herself on fire just so no one could identify her when they find her dead
Andrus TV (6 days ago)
She was murdered by another agent, of a different group or country. The agent either met her in Death Valley or forcibly took her there, then made her swallow the pills. Only moments after death from overdose (as soon as the other agent knew she was deceased) he/she set the body on fire so no remains would be left. Mystery solved.
Annabel Pelayo (7 days ago)
They hit her on the neck, she fainted, they opened her mouth put on the pills (with water), set her face on fire (while laying on her back) so they wouldn’t recognized her (the spy she was. That’s my theory.
Bell's Ring (7 days ago)
From her skin samples, couldn’t they have used the DNA to find her living ancestors? If they did that they could of found some stuff like photos, and other things like that to determine her identity.

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