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The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman

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Text Comments (14496)
Lucas Lin Win (27 minutes ago)
Donovan Masters (3 hours ago)
I think she was a spy that was ASSISTED on her suicide. Having a partner would explain the weird bruises, the fire, and the jewelry resting beside her. They put various twists on her death to throw people off.
Joe Darul (7 hours ago)
She set herself on fire to hide her identity. She killed herself, the pills were to do the job, the fire is to was so no one would recognize her.
Christina Borisow (1 day ago)
why couldn’t it have been a suicide and murder? she took the pills, knowing the enemies were on her case, not wanting to get captured alive. she knew too much about the other side, so they caught her before the pills took affect, and burned her alive.
soulless (1 day ago)
obv a murder..she a spy. spies make enemies...bruise indicates she was choked out, then the killer used pills to keep her asleep. then burned her to kill her and avoid detection or linking. body left there to send possible message to nation/pokice force..
llriv (1 day ago)
Sounds more like a schizophrenic than a spy.
blackrose_13092 (1 day ago)
It's possible she did set herself on fire in an attempt to make sure that her identity was obscured after death. If this was a murder, maybe she was hiding from someone? That may explain the multiple identities 🤷
Mead Wright (1 day ago)
I believe she is a spy it makes sense like the code is her way of showing where she stayed to give it to her boss and it explains why the labels are off her belongings and her more than 8 identities and lastly the wigs to hide her identity.
Cameron Maru (1 day ago)
You guys should do the Man of Taured
This exactly happened out my bday,oof
Why can’t they just examine the fingerprints on the suitcase or the items in there?
Sanna Jensen (2 days ago)
Some notes/answers from a Norwegian: - Norwegians are quite fond of walking in nature with or without hiking tracks. Even with their kids. - As others have mentioned Bergen is incredibly rainy which makes the visualizations hilarious. - Most Norwegians would not at that time be familiar with the smell of garlic. It does not grow naturally in Norway and was probably not normally found in groceries, let alone eaten regularly by people in fishing towns. Btw: I love this series!
Eden B (2 days ago)
I think she was a murdered spy. I bet the murderer didn’t want to cause any suspicion and didn’t want her to be identified. They probably forced her to swallow the pills to throw the investigation off, possibly making it look like a suicide, and burned her severely so she would be harder to identify. Whoever the murderer was was probably also a spy and just did it in such a weird way so they couldn’t get to the bottom of it. Whatever happened, this is some shady stuff.
Joe L (2 days ago)
What if she was murdered by the fire and then they dumped the sleeping pills in her mouth. That would explain why they weren’t in her blood stream yet because it really doesn’t take long. It probably takes longer to burn than it takes for the pills to dissolve.
Amoolah Alshamsi (2 days ago)
I think she swallowed these pills in hopes when she sets herself in fire she losses conscious and goes into coma
Domenica Vazquez (2 days ago)
my mom likes removing the tags of all of her clothes since they itch and has done the same to some of my own clothes too.. is that weird?
Cindy Victoria (3 days ago)
I bet It was a suicide/murder. The real Israel woman murdered or found someone who killed themselves that had a similar description to herself then burned the body so DNA was mostly gone. Bc she was a spy she did this to get her off the grid and/or stop someone from chasing her
Cindy Victoria (3 days ago)
I beleive the theory that she knew people were on to her so she either found a woman very similar of her description who had committed suicide and took that as an opportunity or made someone kill themselves so it would seem like SHE infact did commit suicide stopping the people chasing her as they believed she was dead. This would explain why the body was burned to remove DNA of the actual woman who died and also why there was her jewellery around the body as she could have left some of her belongings to make a connection. This obviously worked well lmao.
Jordan Willett (4 days ago)
He can't be that talk he's Asian which unfortunately for him means he gonna be short good at math and have a very small penis in a study done a while back the only people with sampler penises are India not like headdress wearing Indians but like the kind that smell like bad curry you know the ones
Analica Moreno (4 days ago)
Did anyone notice that “breadsticks, boots, burning myself alive” sounded like “beers, beets, Battlestar Galactica” from The Office
Casandra Lobberecht (4 days ago)
Accidental death? She accidentally took 50-70 pills and then accidentally set herself on fire? Interesting.
Lydia Pierce (4 days ago)
My grandma committed suicide in the 70's by overdosing on sleeping pills. I find this episode rather upsetting by no fault
vesogry (4 days ago)
You didn't say anything about a few important things. The most important is that according to a witness she was followed just before her death.
leah foster (5 days ago)
“Breadsticks, boots, burnin’ myself alive.” Me too
Elise Hovland (5 days ago)
danielle phelan (5 days ago)
Red Sparrow!
Heather Westhill (6 days ago)
The code looks like a set of license plate numbers.
Revan (6 days ago)
she could have been burned by the sun
lily5000555 (6 days ago)
wut if like she staret speaking ingles and then she just goes '' Wist je dat ik ga branden vandaag of anders moet it naar een hand gaan en hem eeten ;/'' then the other guy goes '' wtf are u saying'''
Arne Magnar Berg (6 days ago)
Hurts my norwegian soul when ryan slays these names
Austin Torres (6 days ago)
What if she was just running from something...
Maxwell Grimsley (7 days ago)
Maybe she was a spy, and took the pills in an attempt to kill herself, to possibly get out or away from something. But perhaps before they could work, what she was trying to escape caught up to her, and whoever that was, killed and tortured her in the worst way.
Miss Fox (7 days ago)
Burning flesh actually smells like burning hair plus she could have grew up sometimes in Germany and then moved to the USA or vice versa
xpandabearriotx (7 days ago)
Idk why you leaned more towards her being American, since the test pinpointed her "origin" to the french/German border. You know what also borders France and Germany? Belgium. And since the tracking suggested that area, she stated it as her point of origin multiple times (which could've been her undercover identity, but also just a smart choice bc since it's true she could talk more about her Homeland if needed) + she spoke flemic, German and french (which would make perfect sense if she grew up there, bc the countries are close together and people near the border interact or have family in the neighbouring countries) i dont think american is the likely solution. Could be a well formed identity but could be strong evidence suggesting she's from Belgium/France/Germany just as well.
WalkingCane (7 days ago)
Yeah we cooked a lady... Big Deal
Hanna Jane Lucero (7 days ago)
spontaneous human combustion hihihihih
Milo (8 days ago)
I think that the reason she was burned, either by suicide or murder, was to make sure she couldn’t be identified.
Jessica C (8 days ago)
One of her identities must have been Carmen Sandiego
Millie Shonkwiler (8 days ago)
What if someone used her off the cliff and burned her to take off the evidence
Millie Shonkwiler (8 days ago)
*pushed* her off
Shurui MSP (8 days ago)
I am from Bergen and I live in Bergen. And I can also say that for like 1 year ago I was talking a walk with my family in Isdalen, but we didnt go to where she was found 🙂 The Story of Isdalkvinnen (Isdal Woman) is kinda creepy, like is she a spy? Did she take suicide? Did someone murder her? Even after 48 years of trying to figure out who that woman was, they still dont know who she is/was 😱 Some people have also said that she have been seen with someone called Mr. X, but Mr. X was never found... so is he dead? Where is he? She also acted strange, like someone was thinking: is she afraid? Scared? We may never know. I am not an Expert of this case, but maybe I can answer a few questions about her, so just comment questions under this comment (lol). BTW, I am only 12 ♥️♥️
Being set on fire = hoping it burns away any facial features so she cannot be easily recognized?
Sora Shinju (9 days ago)
21:38 they burn your insides/intestines and organs
galaxyraindrops 17 (9 days ago)
I thought Death Valley got its name because it was so hot and you couldn’t survive it on your own, not because of suicides lol
Sylviax (9 days ago)
Oh my god, listening to Americans (even though I'm american myself, but also Norwegian) saying Norwegians names is so hilarious.
Luna Juiliana (10 days ago)
Maybe the killer gave her sleeping pills so when he or she burns her she’s out so she can’t run or scream
zelma perez (11 days ago)
Maybe then drugged her then sit her on fire and out to many evidence to hide their tracks I mean their spies
Lyaa December (12 days ago)
honestly, i think she was a spy and she messed up her work knowingly she was obviously gonna get killed by her organisation, she ran away and swallowed those pills but little did she know she was already being followed.Before the pills took a turn to kill her she was hit on her neck maybe using one of the bottles and she was probably trying to fight back and was burned to flames from the front which also explains the boxing position thus the organisation trying to hide her identity and removing everything that may lead to any evidence of clues exposing them.
Nunacoow Mukalaal (8 days ago)
Lyaa December The police also are suspect here. There was a witness who came forward in 2002 who supposedly passed her in the valley and said he saw men in black coats following her a mere days before her death. That, and many other hotel witnesses who said they saw her having 'meetings' with foreign men, were never recorded in the inquiry reports by the police.
Lady Heart (12 days ago)
Maybe she was a crook on the run. Maybe she had a hang-up about labels on items and the tags in clothing made her uncomfortable or another hang-up. IDK, all joking aside this quite strange.
sparkzyreece (12 days ago)
The way Americans say petrol omg
Liana H (12 days ago)
Ooh maybe she's a spy or something
Liana H (12 days ago)
Imagine just casually being on a family hike and you just come across a dead person. So what did you do this weekend? Oh we went on a hike...
Fire Fox (12 days ago)
I think she was killed by someone else. Again, someone forced her to take the pills and then they set her on fire till she was unrecognizable so no one would be able to find her.
Shaun McFall (12 days ago)
My theory is she knew someone was out to kill her and was tired of it all so she swallowed the pills to pre-empt her murder but they got in anyway and set her on fire
Keeva McNutt (12 days ago)
You've heard of "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica" Now get ready for "Breadsticks, Boots, Burnin myself alive"
Hildur Hängpatte (12 days ago)
The lady sounds a lot like Tracy Whitney in If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon 🙈🙈
Shyann Jones (12 days ago)
So theory here, What if she got into some trouble while she was doing her sky thing. She didn't want someone to kill her so she swallowed the pills to go out on her own terms. They person whom she was face to face with, wanted to make sure she was actually going to be dead and set her on fire.
daughter child (12 days ago)
Banjo McClintok..
Jesse Nielsen (12 days ago)
It’s obvious that she was a vampire who got tired of living for centuries, took the sleeping pills, and her body burned when the sun came up. Come on, Ghouligans.
KooriShukuen (12 days ago)
Cyanide works by jamming up the Krebs Cycle (or Citric Acid Cycle), preventing your cells from using oxygen to make ATP, the 'energy currency' of cells. It is not instantly fatal like in the movies (shock, horror, the movies don't accurately depict reality?!); people have recovered from cyanide poisoning, intentional and accidental, with varying levels of long-term consequences.
Tyquan Henderson (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who think they joke around and laugh way too much when talking about murders and everything
ComicCat Laz (12 days ago)
I think it was all three.. the woman consumed the sleeping pills and wanted to not be found, so she escaped in the mountains. She was followed there by the murderer who started the fire with the petrol, and the woman accidentally fell into it. The person then pushed her off to where she was laying, which got her the bruise, she burned to death, and the reason why she was mostly burned on the face was because she used a lot of hair spray. As for her identity, I think it was none of the ones who she labeled herself as, but that’s just speculation.
maul485 (13 days ago)
She was a high class 'broad' and someone didn't want to pay her.
Civilian (13 days ago)
What if it wasn't just garlic, but fruity garlic? That shoe salesman was lucky to come out of it alive and well.
Camo and Pearls (13 days ago)
I need a Banjo McClintock/Ricky Goldsworth movie...
Blossom Saturnalia (13 days ago)
Maybe she was a spy, realised someone was after her and tried to kill herself with pills thinking that the police or whatever organization she worked for could identify an intact body. The enemy didn't want her to be identified so they took her away and lit her on fire
Rebellious Rom (13 days ago)
What about the mob informent that went rouge
Windows Desktop (14 days ago)
Maybe she is a spy, and uses the fire to disguise her identity as she knew if her face was visible she could be identified and cause a stir. But why when she could've just buried herself or something, fire does seem very murder-esk... Everyone in the comments is saying this, when it's 100% possible she may have been discovered and a Spy vs. Spy scenario ensued. The world just won't know sadly. One thing I think everyone should take into consideration she had no weapons. I think a Spy would have more than just fake ID's, wigs, and clothing on her. She could have been a Gypsee.
Kristin Hope (14 days ago)
There had to be somebody else bc if she lit herself on fire her whole body would have burned. So somebody must have put it out before it burned her whole body
Earnest Williams (14 days ago)
How is it possible than adult native English speaker has so much trouble pronouncing "petrol"??
Sterling Tech (15 days ago)
I think she was anmafia agent
Prashant Chaudhary (15 days ago)
probably the woman murdered was herself thinking about suicide, this spy woman found this as an oppurtunity to get rid of her past, she helped her consume the pills, waited for her to die and had already planned to burn her face so that she couldn't be identified for the time being (because being a spy she would have known that her employer would have great detail of her biometrics and they'll find the truth someday, but not at the moment which would give her a headstart), when the time started to execute the plan she might have got info of someone trailing her, which lead her to hurry up the process (persuaded the victim to eat excess amount of pills), and still it was slow and fearful of the trail might know about she planning to escape ruining the whole setup and getting caught as a spy in action(if the trail were us agencies) or a spy looking to backout(if the trail was from her own organisation), she burnt the woman alive without waiting for her to die. The End.
Emilie D (15 days ago)
this is my fav so far!!!
Joshua Leonard (15 days ago)
If you’re a Soviet spy in Norway, you don’t want your body turning up with Cyrillic alphabet tags in the clothing. Even the most inept bumpkin sheriff would catch that and know this is more than just a missing person.
Mbegr22 (15 days ago)
What if she has a partner, and she attended to kill herself, but wanted to get rid of the body so she asked someone to drench her body in oil and then lit her to flames.
sakura the first (15 days ago)
ok my theory is a little far feched but here i go. i think she took the sleeping pills to try to kill herself before someone elts killed her and they got to her before the sleeping pills worked and burned her instead
Miracle Molden (15 days ago)
Ricky Goldswirth lol
Mendy Peters (15 days ago)
it's tough being a spy geez louise
Mendy Peters (15 days ago)
*toothy tale* aw geez
The Noobiest Peanut (16 days ago)
She removed the labels because all the brands weren’t sponsored..
milk tea (16 days ago)
Like Lizzie, this should be a movie. Sounds too good to be real.
Diana Davi (16 days ago)
I have a question, i heard somewhere that when you attempt suicide by sleeping pills, you don‘t fall asleep peacefully but actually suffocate in you sleep and it’s quite painful. Does anyone know if that is true?
Space Melon (16 days ago)
It was Hillary Clintion.
fleekygoblin (16 days ago)
mal renee (17 days ago)
Maybe she had to be killed for spy reasons amd she didn’t want to have to be burned alive so she took the pills to maybe die before she was set on firev
mal renee (17 days ago)
breadsticks, boots, burning myself alive.
Richard White (17 days ago)
If she was truly a spy, her bosses that hired her to spy would definitely know she's dead. Also, she could have swallowed the pills and had a fellow spy set her on fire after so she wouldn't be identified.
EvanSswag 21 (17 days ago)
She burnt herself to hide her identity duhhhhhhhhh
The visuals for this one were a lot more unnerving than the actual content of the case.
Pee Pee (18 days ago)
Maybe she was lighting a cigarette and she lit her hair on fire. There was a can of hairspray near her. Although that could've been faked but idk. Maybe it just actually happened despite her suspicious activities
Do the glare witch
emma johnson (18 days ago)
She could have covered herself in gas then panicked not wanting to be in pain and took pills instead, fell asleep died and the sun lit the gas and burned the front of her body?
Lily Riley (19 days ago)
melissa stone (19 days ago)
maybe she was found out, she knew someone after her was coming, she took the pills but the person found her before the pills could kick in.
I Art Sam (19 days ago)
Also, I think if you overdose on sleeping pills, it's not like falling asleep. It's kinda unpleasant since you would have to vomit a lot and I think the pi's would thin out your blood. So being shot in the head would be a quicker and because of that less painful death than this many sleeping pills.
Annabel Kiselyak (19 days ago)
The best part of this episode is Ryan attempting to say the occasional Norwegian name.
Jessica Kasten (20 days ago)
“We cooked a lady” WHEEZE
Ainsley King (20 days ago)
"EEHYUCKK GROSS" -Ryan Bergara (February 16, 2018)
Zoi Andersen (20 days ago)
I really like the videos and pictures! Super cool
Obtuse Wolf (20 days ago)
She most likely committed suicide, taking the theory of her being a spy, maybe she was identified or failed her mission. She probably tome the pills to kill herself and as she was dying burned her self to avoid being identified
Aysha Kimble (20 days ago)
The place of mysterious suicides in the middle ages? Sounds like witchcraft

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