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Gun Size Matters (with Shenae Grimes!)

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Click to RT! http://bit.ly/RTGunSize Note! The version I uploaded here was a TV safe version we made for our spotlight on Late Night with Carson Daly. Here's the bloodier version we meant to upload http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3PjLfDR1kU The words that every gamer nerd dreads to hear. Easily our most tragic movie to date. Also, it's not an anime crying effect, it's a Looney Tunes crying effect! I guess I ain't Grizz. Featuring Shenae Grimes (90210), playing the sun to my Icarus. Special thanks to Logan Olson, Desmond Dolly, David Welch, Brian Firenzi, Jimmy Wong, and Alicia Martinez. Also special thanks to Jason Hwang for lending us his Miata, and evike.com for lending us the Barret 50 cal prop --- Website! http://rocketjump.com/ Twitter! http://twitter.com/rocketjumptweet http://twitter.com/fwong Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/rocketjumpdotcom Second Channel! http://www.youtube.com/rocketjump2 Check out our store! http://shop.rocketjump.com For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (14044)
Izabel De Sá (2 days ago)
They are using aimbot
Gabriele Rocca (3 days ago)
This is pure gold ahahah It's hard to dance like that!
Solar JP (10 days ago)
Lurk SD (11 days ago)
The first FreddieW I ever watched and it aged so well <3
Nik DeSilva (15 days ago)
Poor guy he lost his girl friend
Jalen Gauthier (18 days ago)
Play it in 2.0x
Renaldo !!! (18 days ago)
2018 :)
xXbio-chemicalXx (20 days ago)
8 years
Liam Ekström (22 days ago)
Omg 360 noscope lolololol
三浦由章 (22 days ago)
he Next Three Days" Soundtrack - Be The One by Moby
SterixDSS (23 days ago)
1:34 360 OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!
新地獄玩者 (28 days ago)
er....I just wanted to say artistic , but when I see the end......er.....
Jason Salz (1 month ago)
Gun size doesn’t matter. Confidence matter, doesn’t give a fuck attitude matter
Rony ahmed (1 month ago)
ক্রাশ খাইলাম মেয়েটাকে দেখে
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
Pyro Head (1 month ago)
1:53 They do alot of video editing... still didn't edit out the hose where the water comes from...
HawK! (1 month ago)
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
提督の決断3 BGM - 連合艦隊メインテーマ
tomplutv OG (1 month ago)
Hes a cheater yhe one is trick shot soo he can get it
tomplutv OG (1 month ago)
Soo ture Hahahhaahahah
Siddharth Nair (1 month ago)
The ending was so sad. ALEXA PLAY DESPACITO 2.
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
Gun Size Matters (with Shenae Grimes!) D
Savage Panda (1 month ago)
0:33 camera is in wrong position...
Anonym 2.0 (1 month ago)
OMG😱😱😱😱 360 no scope!!!!!!
derptommy (1 month ago)
Poor guy my sister will d8 you as long as you like 8 year olds XD
Aeonville Tondo (1 month ago)
360 noscope
Dricx Varilla (1 month ago)
This is why the better u swing it, the better chance you have...
Rakib Hasan (1 month ago)
苗梅梅 (1 month ago)
Money, Money, Money
Lingon Berry (1 month ago)
Damn. Getting splash by your own tears
J B (1 month ago)
Who can do the 360 no-scope😂😂
ZERO 5PTM (1 month ago)
How that water from?
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
三浦由章 (1 month ago)
Wistbacka (1 month ago)
Oh hi, Mark!
pegp (2 months ago)
I cant believe that this video is now over 8 years old, how time flies
Fluke' วหยย (2 months ago)
นี้มันmr an mrsชัดๆ
Saw the pipe when freddie crying
SRboo (2 months ago)
Khe berga!! :v
Joey Massey (2 months ago)
You can literally see the hose
But damn she's hot
Mike D. (2 months ago)
0:50 : miata!!!!!
GDEmmanuel Loaiza (2 months ago)
I see that tube at 1:53 that they used to make him cry from the video, "Making Freddie Cry"
ShadowSLAYER R (2 months ago)
Bdash52 (2 months ago)
omg looking freddies videos after a long time again! the cringe is real! in a good way (kinda)
Malcolm Massey (2 months ago)
1:34 is why I stopped playing Black Ops 2
grant copeland (2 months ago)
Freddie you need to take out that pretty boy and get the girl back. Right after you say “bitch don’t throw my shotgun on the ground like that!”🤣
Alone Warrior (2 months ago)
1:55 oh boy Really ??? perfect VFX
Raheem Shah (2 months ago)
Nice video bro
That reminds me some anime scenes
Bolt Marksman (2 months ago)
I was getting to ready to cry, but Freddie's tears came first.
Glitchy (2 months ago)
John Whitam (2 months ago)
Ripper (2 months ago)
Is it just me or did I see Niko from corridor
JA Art (2 months ago)
i found the cause of the california flash floods.
Bucky Frost (2 months ago)
What The F...
*RB*Phantom (2 months ago)
That was 70% Aimbot 30% Wallhack
Deb Copeland (3 months ago)
Mp5k? Pffft screw that, i'll just grab my steven db and some C4.
Chance Brady (3 months ago)
These were the best.....😔
Stefan Milanovic (3 months ago)
local trap (3 months ago)
Awesom girl is so beautyful
Bidisha Entertainment (3 months ago)
which movie
MODY GAMER LOL (3 months ago)
MODY GAMER LOL (3 months ago)
The end let cry
AhmedMLG 1234 (3 months ago)
Space Bear Mendez (3 months ago)
it's water works from fortnite :3 2:04
Andrew 007 (3 months ago)
Yo bro How did u do that crying scene?
prashant Sonawane (3 months ago)
People come in front of them just to get killed not to kill .... story of every movie
Jah Boy (3 months ago)
Who else peeped the miata
estrella Bisoy (3 months ago)
1:53 i see the water hose
La Fong Official (3 months ago)
Benhur Mente (3 months ago)
That crying awesome
Szilard Dietzel (3 months ago)
Nice little miata
Dark king (3 months ago)
DECIPHER_11 (3 months ago)
Any dude who does a real life 360 no scope deserve a motherfuckin model
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 éo nhịn dc
Arijit Hazra (3 months ago)
Go guns blazing
Jagbir Dahiya (3 months ago)
sala kuch bhi bna dete hai. ...but acha tha. ......hahah
Kamal Mc (3 months ago)
The Outlander (3 months ago)
Ujjawal X (3 months ago)
that girl is seriously hot as hell.
Umer Farooq (3 months ago)
Is it season or movie??? If this is what is this name??
BushidoKi (3 months ago)
But... a Miata though.
tre_space1449 (3 months ago)
Rasheed khosa (3 months ago)
Please try ghost rader
BOSS De (3 months ago)
Ohoooo hit I love your film that's really good
ItzVFlare 1 (3 months ago)
“I’m sorry Freddie. 360 noscope”
JAYYYVVV (3 months ago)
Gun digger
Khadim Ali (3 months ago)
Wow nice tears from eyes Love you from new subscriber 😍😍😍
chance yang (3 months ago)
Took me 8 years to figure out what car that was
SakieE 007 (3 months ago)
360 no scope cs go
paul hipolito (3 months ago)
Freddie’s emote is waterwork in fortnite
CyanAK 120 (3 months ago)
She is a slut
Timothy Lei (3 months ago)
Very dramatic crying
Angry Astartes (3 months ago)
I bet he's compensating
TheeAdeptBranch (3 months ago)
These darn Miata drivers
Jacob Alfante (3 months ago)
0:14 is that the guy from the corridor
Your Average Otaku (3 months ago)
You cry weird
John moss (3 months ago)
Best scene ever hahaaa..1:33
Hong Tran (3 months ago)
The crying xD😂
YGK (3 months ago)

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