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GIRLS THINK EVERYONE IS JEALOUS OF THEM! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and let me know if you are jealous of them! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! EMBARRASSING GRANDPARENTS WHO JUST DON'T CARE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUYFPQBu7Fk
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SSSniperWolf (1 month ago)
Do you wanna look like them??? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Matt (1 day ago)
xXAcyril Plays MSP (22 days ago)
SSSniperWolf I would rather kill myself. Not even joking.
Ruchi Bengali (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf noooooooooo
Chloe Besson (1 month ago)
Hell no , ilyyy
LadyNoir Nalu (1 month ago)
zketcher z (4 minutes ago)
I had a blonde moment and almost corrected her when she said 8 fingers. Totally forgot thumbs arent technically considered "fingers"
Annamaria Jiboc (4 minutes ago)
Curtis Grove (7 minutes ago)
Um... pufferfish isn't really the type of thing I'm into, but ok...
Mr Brian (8 minutes ago)
Mani Etemadi (1 hour ago)
Hmm.... I've seen these two before..... Oh! Weren't these the frogs from the amphibian section?
Lilian Hii (1 hour ago)
I really don't like to be mean so I will say I don't want to look like them cause I like my own look but I also will say their not ugly😊😊😊
DashieeLemon (1 hour ago)
Those 2 women are murderers. Of brain cells. Gosh just love yourself just the way you are 😂😂
Shelby Bourke (1 hour ago)
The mom was 18 when she Had her daughter That is just wrong
I HAVE A 3 HEAD :(((
Diamond Queen (1 hour ago)
wolfie the wolf (2 hours ago)
They look uglier in real life than the ugliest roblox character in history
Jessika16 LW (2 hours ago)
Poor girls! But whatever floats your boat!!
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
Mamadi Fadika (2 hours ago)
You: they laugh cuz dry life a joke Five seconds later Me: ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Falling off chair)
Heather Gretter (2 hours ago)
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
Sandra Davis (2 hours ago)
This video made me feel better about myself
luis villamar (2 hours ago)
Oh hell no.
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
Anime LOVER (2 hours ago)
Was I the only person that waited for the last second of the video expecting to see the “yeah”?
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
Luna Sugar4 (3 hours ago)
0:12 she looking like a balloon, give me a needle and she'll pop
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
TheNightfall 0011 (3 hours ago)
I would pefer a pencil growing out my head than looking at you two pufferfish OW SHE STABBED ME
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
TheNightfall 0011 (3 hours ago)
Madison Williams (2 hours ago)
Okeri Karamata (4 hours ago)
Them Huynh (4 hours ago)
My mind telling me NoOoOo BUT MY BODY MY BODY ALSO SA NOoOOOoO
nicholas zirkle (4 hours ago)
They look stupid
Tammie P (5 hours ago)
You can’t be friends when you’re a mother!!! So gross yeah!
Tammie P (5 hours ago)
IT'S THE BIG A (5 hours ago)
00:30 true
Julia Feser (5 hours ago)
I dont
Jaquari Ingraham (5 hours ago)
Oh they are girls I was thinking she was a gorilla when I saw her
Nicole the fox (5 hours ago)
I dont wanna change i wanna be myself like if u do too!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊 ✋✋✋✋✋✋
Sonia Ashbee (5 hours ago)
If the mom is 38 and the daughter is 20... that means that the mom had her kid at 18 YEARS OLD?? I mean its ok too but really? that young?????!!! By the way please like this comment, the most likes I ever have gotten is 2... And does anyone know how to fix the description?? It has been doing this thing where it puts the description of another video I have watched
izzy aaron (6 hours ago)
No i dont
Dottie Ostrander (6 hours ago)
Hell no
JustYourAverage Alien (6 hours ago)
If I got a dime each time one of them said "yeah" I'd be a billionaire
Yolpo 36 (7 hours ago)
There uglier then a blob fish
Pearl's Face Tho (7 hours ago)
If I see these hoes, and I have some scissors with me... *pew pew*
Loretta Cole (7 hours ago)
M Medina (7 hours ago)
Ummmmmm noooo
Mr. panpan (8 hours ago)
They say that they look prettier but look at thooooooooooose . . . Really ugly people lol
Kayla Thibeault (8 hours ago)
I dont think there pretending and deep deep deep deep deep down you know that yourselfs 😂😂😂😂. Thank you😂
Trent Gifford (8 hours ago)
GalaxyPlayz Games (8 hours ago)
I I l I lo I lov I love I love S I love SS I love SSS I love SSSn I love SSSni I love SSSnip I love SSSnipe I love SSSniper I love SSSniperw I love SSSniperwo I love SSSniperwol I love SSSniperwolf I love SSSniperwol I love SSSniperwo I love SSSniperw I love SSSniper I love SSSnipe I love SSSnip I love SSSni I love SSSn I love SSS I love SS I love S I love I lov I lo I l I
savannah grall (9 hours ago)
Who would want to be them I mean
Lucia Songalia-Rosario (9 hours ago)
Don’t stand near the fire or else they might melt :T
rc world cr club (9 hours ago)
Hell on
Mini Godinez (9 hours ago)
I hate hate hate hate hate atttt their looks
Night Darkhound (10 hours ago)
I saw the Pomeranian in the back round... *I **-WANT-** NEED IT*
Midnight (10 hours ago)
I already have perfect eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boone Paulin (10 hours ago)
What are those trash bags
Ethereal (11 hours ago)
3:22 except Trisha is actually prettier and a better person
Life is a meme (11 hours ago)
I have a 3 head lol
Taurceus the great (11 hours ago)
PJ & Fatty (11 hours ago)
I bet if I bet if she would have grew up like a regular girl should look 10 times better
airicka's universe (11 hours ago)
Oh hell no!
Rose Staar (12 hours ago)
mama sniper, why is this zoo looks so ugly?
K— Lyfestyle (12 hours ago)
Oh god.... it reminds me of those dummies.. like Annabelle ,chucky, but like they gonna do them and honestly I don’t care bc I don’t know them but they’re to full of themselves
barbara perry (12 hours ago)
Michelle Rose (12 hours ago)
They can fit with the walking dead and no one would notice
Michelle Rose (12 hours ago)
My little sister likes barbies she wouldn't want to play that one
Michelle Rose (13 hours ago)
Unstable Fangirl (13 hours ago)
Take off some of that foundation, take out their implants, take off that nasty lipstick, go easy on the highlighter and mascara, and work on their personality a bit and they would probably be a little pretty
triggered doggo (13 hours ago)
Kim Kardashian is shook
BH ASMR (14 hours ago)
She looked crazy 😝
If they have a fireplace I'd tell them not to go near it because plastic melts
Vionix (14 hours ago)
Nope not at all
New york Expert (15 hours ago)
I love there look!!!!!😛👅😏🍑 ( when u tryna lie )
Daniel Mcdaniel (15 hours ago)
More like a nightmare
Daniel Mcdaniel (15 hours ago)
Never they look like the surgeon was drunk
rayya bie (15 hours ago)
Nope i hate that look
Destiny Louima (15 hours ago)
😱 WHF!! Trust me sweet heart no man would want to look at them
Brianna Gray (16 hours ago)
Why do I feel less ugly?!?
Ashley S (16 hours ago)
3:22 I was thinking about that before you say that lmao😂
Lotti Ingrid (16 hours ago)
Um yeah... Can you get a brain transplant?
Its Funneh (16 hours ago)
They look like they are taking drugs😵🤬
Gacha Verse (16 hours ago)
Dat kiss do
Deny Sa (16 hours ago)
They are ugly as heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell
Diamond Queen (16 hours ago)
lobit the fox (16 hours ago)
no I dont
Mangle Loves foxy 4EVER (17 hours ago)
Sssiniperwolf, no thank you, they look so ugly 😂
Ailish O'Brien (17 hours ago)
Why does ssSniperwolf look like my cousin In a good way
4RandomKids Productions (18 hours ago)
4RandomKids Productions (18 hours ago)
Proper Plain Jane
Natalie AlvaradoMonge (18 hours ago)
NOPE I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE THEM There Plastic Is Gonna Melt🤢😶😐
MoonWalker (18 hours ago)
I thought my brother was going to throw the trash
YouTuber Dolch (19 hours ago)
No i don’t like her look
Trashmøuth Bunny (19 hours ago)
I wouldn’t be too annoyed at them if they were NICE ppl but they fr think everyone gives 3 extra shits about “their look” if you can even fucking call it a look.
Crystal Queen (19 hours ago)
... wth did i just watch
Lol Gaming (19 hours ago)
And there’s more
Leander Pereira (19 hours ago)
Hell no
Cool Cat_arethe#1 (19 hours ago)
Jay Sierra Games (20 hours ago)
The only word they know is yea. THEY SAY EVERY SENTENCE!! * does of the word Yea* 😑😑😑😐😐
stef mgr (20 hours ago)
Imma totally so jealous not like dude I have to look it them cuz hey UGLY as HELL
Abby T (21 hours ago)
My question is what guys are into this?
Luke Clements (21 hours ago)
Ok don't want to be mean but I absolutely hate there look
Thomas Murphy (21 hours ago)
eyebrows to hairline $9 cab ride
Rhythmic TT (22 hours ago)
You put the potatoes heads in place.
Jen Gamez (22 hours ago)
Friend: hey wanna *HANG OUT* later? Me: Sure let me get my *STUFF* first.. Teacher: SUSPENDED! (bless you)

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