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Minecraft Daily | Ep.251 | Ft. Kevin, ImmortalHd and Steven | Lvl 38 Walter is a joke!

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Text Comments (1818)
Turner TheKilledGamer (1 year ago)
I am the first person to comment in over a year.
Seb (23 days ago)
i'm the first person to comment, a year after it was a year since anyone commented.
Brandon Arango (2 years ago)
Brandon Arango (2 years ago)
your pokemon is a joke and still taking gold block shamw
David Sly (3 years ago)
14:30 exorcist ocelot
Squishy Child (3 years ago)
I love Sly's mew it's so cute😄 I wish I had one🐱😊🐱
Angel Luis (3 years ago)
Brings back memories
Foxy The Fox (4 years ago)
i just noticed mew has a gender in slyfoxs pokemon thing
Noah Stadther (4 years ago)
Alucard (4 years ago)
Begone, with the thunderfap!!
baugh3 (4 years ago)
hakuna ratata!
Flavio Costa (4 years ago)
Kakuna Ratata
UK Jib (4 years ago)
but although blastoise is a water type, i got destryed by a charizard that was a lower level than it, 8 levels lower, maybe shell shocker isn't as strong as sly thinks, no afense
Amber Brown (4 years ago)
Can u do some battles
Miranda Heaton (4 years ago)
koffing, the creepers of pokemon lol
Please join us we need help building
SavageCombo HD (5 years ago)
Aaron Licon (5 years ago)
lol relax, its just a game
Martin Boesen (5 years ago)
Okay that's it!!! I've had enough!!! Of all the cheep things I've watch you do, this has gone too far. I REALLY HATE how you use the same SPAWNED gold blocks in each session to make an overpowered amount of rare candy, and I can't take it anymore. That's NOT how the game were supposed to be played, You're ruining the game and I'm not enjoying it. I'll rather watch a whole session of you mining. I don't care about how old this video is, I just hope for the love of games that you'll read this.
K&D EPICNESS (5 years ago)
Walter sucks
Gui Shark (5 years ago)
You mean forgetting the ''n''?
lovewolfes66 (5 years ago)
Δ Δ .
Be gone with the thunder fap????
centralbullitz (5 years ago)
does anyone hate sly for how he uses rare candy on like a pokemon who needs like 20 exp to next level or is it just me...
dallas la porte (5 years ago)
xXNukedUpXx (5 years ago)
Super Toilet keeps making a recovery.
Naoi Okay (5 years ago)
you need to make a stadium
TheSpaceman617 (5 years ago)
He needs paralysis for catching pokemon with already low health and if it did damage it would kill the pokemon before he can catch it. Dumbass
Leander Loomans (5 years ago)
why is this marked as spam? it's just an honest question... geez guys
Arredracus (5 years ago)
DAMMIT DUMBASS! Sly didn't want discharge because it does damage. The only reason he has pikachu is to help capture pokemon.
Spike40532 (5 years ago)
Xor'Kov (5 years ago)
Because his Minecraft skin. :L
TheWolfman90000 (5 years ago)
lol crash bandicoot i love that game so much
Cosmic Conical (5 years ago)
Dallas? ?sallaD
Cosmic Conical (5 years ago)
UH. The proper pronunciation for Hitmonchan would be how it's spelt! as in the mon is pronounce like the mon in Pokémon. The same for Hitmonlee. It's not Hit'mone'chan or Hit'mone'lee. like, really?
sonic heros (5 years ago)
no need to be mad XD
DreadedAgony (5 years ago)
haha i love 15:21
king tut (5 years ago)
lol sly should've fed pikachu the rare candy until he had eight left then feed the rest to the mushroom flower shit so they were all over level 40!
Thdersk rolaod (5 years ago)
question if sly is latino why is his animation white?
apatra (5 years ago)
@qdjsyuu yeah man i know what you mean ALSO! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while: bit.ly/12Ky9Iv?=qrtwn
Fyshkabob (5 years ago)
crossfade cold 9:16 <3
RitzKrakerz (5 years ago)
UNSUBUnSUBUNSUb!!111one110eleven!! (Just kidding)
RitzKrakerz (5 years ago)
TRUTHY ALI (5 years ago)
@onhmzzc yeah i agree def a top 10 and dude! check this game is really damn addictive -> bit.ly/13qY1UI?=jdexm
Wonek-Aqworlds (5 years ago)
never fight a pokemon while you're in the water
s buente (5 years ago)
he is trying to get apples for rare candies
Tyler Stark (5 years ago)
it's called breaking friends
faizaN naseeM (5 years ago)
@glnyskb yeah man i know what you mean btw! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight > bit.ly/1bTEQem?=iyrse
logan thomas (5 years ago)
he does it to get apples so that he can make rare candies
Standingtall Hazel (5 years ago)
Can you play Sky Block
Kevin Tu (5 years ago)
Y do u mine wood then throw it out?
Jacob Hillman (5 years ago)
After pixelmon can you do,yo-gi-oh plz.
Jacob Hillman (5 years ago)
After pixelmon can you do,yo-gi-oh plz.
Sin cosin (5 years ago)
well people consider it unlimited because if sly doesnt replace it himself Steven does it for him
Atomic Perspective (5 years ago)
pause 00:02 penis
Dallas McKenna (5 years ago)
Wow......I didn't know Jihads a ratitat......IF ANYTHING I'D HAVE A VENOSAUR
Alexandria Curry (5 years ago)
Alexandria Curry (5 years ago)
He should have stared singing My immortal by evanescence
Alexandria Curry (5 years ago)
lol evanescence Bring me to life XD
TheOnlyNinja513 (5 years ago)
Who keeps replacing the gold sly keeps stealing from the super toilet?
naruto navid (5 years ago)
i really don't care if he break the gold from the super toilet 1 didn't he make it out of his gold and 2 it always comes back 3 how often do you see people using it
Sebastian Vang (5 years ago)
8:13 LOL the same three blocks he took wen that sink was in the middle of the town
Evanjalin Luvaides (5 years ago)
@ksumfjx i agree one of my top 10 also! man you would probably enjoy this online game >>> bit.ly/14WixiU?=mptvf
Xblazer (5 years ago)
but remember he make that gold from super toilet
Xblazer (5 years ago)
but remember he make that gold from super toilet
Like and Subscribe (5 years ago)
I meant walter
Like and Subscribe (5 years ago)
That's my best friend Waltor
bobbywars316 (5 years ago)
how is it cheating and unlimited gold then?
Sin cosin (5 years ago)
no he take the blocks they placed around it and they just replace the block during or after the recording it doesn't "make" gold
IgBtac0 (5 years ago)
CynicalxKoshka (5 years ago)
btw i love that song cold by crossfade
CynicalxKoshka (5 years ago)
lol i live in dallas :3
bobbywars316 (5 years ago)
how does it make gold can you please tell me. do u just use it and it creates it?
bobbywars316 (5 years ago)
what mod is super toilet from?
anthony howell (5 years ago)
then why post it in the comments? send him a pm if you really care that much IDIOT
alexander ford (5 years ago)
be gone with the thunder fap
Cacey Is A Shrub (5 years ago)
"ha ha beacha boys" oh hell no! you don't touch a black man's radio!
blazinblade7 (5 years ago)
Hey im just stating my piece of mind, if anyone you have a problem because im asking him not you idiot.
anthony howell (5 years ago)
lol have a problem? go watch another pixelmon series
JXK3 (5 years ago)
At 3:50 sly sang evanscene :D
amy yazmine (5 years ago)
Yes when speaking in my native language.
-KVT- (5 years ago)
thx :)
LupieSama (5 years ago)
Well at least when he had all those Rare Candies he threw them away, You got to give him credit for that.
WildGamingDog (5 years ago)
Jake_Marks (5 years ago)
Jake_Marks (5 years ago)
A flying Onix.
PKblaze (5 years ago)
But there is no way he would have been able to get it if the mod wasn't glitched as the mew would have fucked him up.
-KVT- (5 years ago)
He didn't use any rare candies on his lvl 51 Mew... just sayian...
guenthercorp (5 years ago)
Kokomo ftw!
Red_RawrYt (5 years ago)
1:20 what is that Pokemon
PKblaze (5 years ago)
I would because it's true, if the nest ball wasn't glitched he wouldn't have had mew and without the rare candies Sly would be completely screwed seeing as how he's used like 50. I mean, take that as you will, but if I were to ever meet Sly, or ever play with him, I'm not going to suck up to him, he's just a human like everyone else in the world. I'd just talk to him like with anyone else.
Jason Bae (5 years ago)
well, to be honest it makes the video more interesting. Its my opinion and im not saying you have to agree with it, but i think it makes it better
newguy237 (5 years ago)
i bet that if you got the chance to play with sly you wouldn't tell him that.
Simeon Nikilov (5 years ago)
lolz fuck it steven and kevin anre frickin team rocket literally and immortal is simply immortal don't feel bad about it :D
Lexie Pellegrin (5 years ago)
"Do you have a water type Kevin?" "Uh no." "Ok do you have a ground type pokemon?" *sly falls into a cave system*
Major Sherlocke (5 years ago)
*cries in hands* DISCHARGE! D,8>
Aamir Tahir (5 years ago)
anyone can go into each other's house and steal all of their things or go to the shop and cheat in the iron or steal from the item frames, doesn't matter if you can, you shouldn't
neko (5 years ago)
I'm fan of sly singing musics even musics who's not from he's band :3
Chris Dunn (5 years ago)
0:40 wtf?
Lewis Blair (5 years ago)
It's the leters on the keyboard from q to m
Mine Craft (5 years ago)
Is it just me or does sly break supertoilet often >:3
Emelyne Hoang (5 years ago)
Pokemon... Pokemon... Pokemon ... NARUTOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Bharath Premlal (5 years ago)
At 15:00, his pokemon were at max health.

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