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10 Amazing Science Experiments you can do @ home

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Super Cool Science Experiments You Can Do At Home list of experiments: 100 lbs (45 kg) of Magnetic Putty Slime without Borax - Easy Silly Putty Magnetic Thinking Gravity Paperclip Trick! Apple Battery - Science Experiment! Awesome 20 Dollar Bill illusion! Edible Science Experiments with food Baking Soda and Vinegar Candle Trick survival life hacks for real life This video is inspired by science experiment videos of quirkology and crazy russian hack some of them has magic videos like brusspup but most of experiments & science videos next video will be about putty slime. We sure to subscribe our channel , we will always make mind blow videos like this one and some brain game challenge too.
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Etta Nichols (4 months ago)
WHY DO YOU STEAL VIDEOS SO MUCH?!?! This is DOOZYPIPE’s video! https://youtu.be/FNCOuB81lqM
jordayn s (1 year ago)

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