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Minecraft Daily | Ep.112 | Ft Steven and Rachelkip! | UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAHH

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Text Comments (931)
Cloudy DarkSkys (3 years ago)
4:32 SLYYY! Embrace the gay!
Adam Navarrette (4 years ago)
Steven is a master builder, they predicted Lego Movie.
Carrion Hound (4 years ago)
Wtf rachel lol
SunWolfSummoner (4 years ago)
Stevens a master builder....also a psychic to the future Lego movie;)
Cole Smith (4 years ago)
He is?
MineGurls (4 years ago)
omg she says 'id sooner kiss his girlfriend. shes pretty'
serena prohm (4 years ago)
4,300th homie like. 1,158th homie commenter. IM PROUD
Taz (5 years ago)
Golem dance party!!!!
Arredracus (5 years ago)
I guarentee most of us are fat assholes who won't do shit, don't overhype, be realistic.
Mia Jordan :3 (5 years ago)
At 9:35 golem dancing in the back ground :3
Epsilon (5 years ago)
I was screaming at sly! Me: HE SAID TYPE NU NOT NUKE!!!!!!!!!
Sarru (5 years ago)
Sly likes a girl? He's obviously in lesbians with her then.
Sarru (5 years ago)
I'm not saying I don't have a dirty mind at all...but I didn't even notice you spelled it that way. xD My mind just read it as "Let's".
the booty of fate (5 years ago)
i see them as mythbusters
Leander Loomans (5 years ago)
just kidding xD i know Sly has a gf
miniclip7951 (5 years ago)
i can see sly and steven as either rocket scientists or physicians
Tristan Tarrant (5 years ago)
beat that bully up bash his fucking brains out bro
RagingSpartan24 (5 years ago)
Lol, Star Wars was on while I was watching this episode.
Leander Loomans (5 years ago)
Steven and Sly are lesbian!?
juggernaut HeyTacoMan (5 years ago)
Deadmau5: Skrillex is kill! Me:no D;! Deadmau5:yesssss!
Zerollaneous (5 years ago)
They all are my friend...
Kayla Janes (5 years ago)
9:00 silver golem break dancing:-)
Kayla Janes (5 years ago)
I wanna kiss Felix to
Raptor9774 (5 years ago)
9:53 iron golem break dancing
Scott lucky (5 years ago)
whats the wepon mod they are using?
Scott lucky (5 years ago)
better yet homies AND nobs it does says in alecks intro
TheAtomicCreeper (5 years ago)
Awe I think some people's butts need to be ripped off so they can suffer not sitting down ^^ Homies unite!
TheAtomicCreeper (5 years ago)
Rachel: I'd rather kiss his girlfriend than him. Sly and me: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!
StupidJeb (5 years ago)
we need the homies to unite so we an beat his ass
uno horny boy (5 years ago)
9:22 Break Dancing Golems
Jey Cake (5 years ago)
9:24 hehehe the body guard
colton farler (5 years ago)
predator missle primed
KATmoveQUEEN (5 years ago)
Bro fist
Blake Toby (5 years ago)
Borrow Sly's lemons, then have you and your homies invent a combustible lemon, then burn your bully's house down. With the lemons.
That's what we are here for, moral support. :) HOMIES UNITE!
Zachiemon (5 years ago)
9:55 random golem doing 360s
rainbowdiscounicorn (5 years ago)
Always check your items and house when Sly starts humming/singing.
Tiana Chen (5 years ago)
Well I had to let it out but he really cheers me up cause he's so funny
Big Red (5 years ago)
Im behind in the series but i really hope to troll Aleks they hide a landmine in his house maybe in the next Wtf edition
Calum D'Arcy (5 years ago)
Marzia is pewdie's girlfriend
AbnormalAbbi (5 years ago)
Wow... that's kinda a downer of a comment. o_-
lanielbitchez (5 years ago)
Anyone else see the bodyguard spinning around in the background at 9:20?
TheEsperanza243 (5 years ago)
Yeah, he is - Smiljan, Croatia. But you would know if you live in Croatia. The country still exists.
Amanda Martinez (5 years ago)
Tell a teacher
ColdProductAisle9 (5 years ago)
I shall fight for you good homie >:) I will fuck those bullies up <3
Skzzi (5 years ago)
Dan Keeling (5 years ago)
*the homies ARE
Dan Keeling (5 years ago)
Remember the homies range always here 4 u dude
Dan Keeling (5 years ago)
Get some friends round you and either nod at the bullies or agree with what they say about u, some of the get really confused
Dan Keeling (5 years ago)
I've got that amazing quality that allows me to take the piss out of myself or just nod at what their saying :)
Dan Keeling (5 years ago)
Pedropiper (5 years ago)
just remeber it gets better :D
matej batarilovic (5 years ago)
btw nikola tesla is from croatia i think i live there Ps:Big Fan
Alma Apitan (5 years ago)
im bullied to but when i wacthing diz i feel like homies
Tiana Chen (5 years ago)
Oh get bullied to and my dad died a few days ago but sly cheers me up even now my dads dead
Furret (5 years ago)
I get bullied, too...
NEO_Creater (5 years ago)
Remember. everything's alright when my homies unite!
xSimpleGamerx (5 years ago)
Dean Welch (5 years ago)
fig deshidkesnodemdisjiehee I djsdjejrrurig uncompromising ghost by jgjvkhjbjbjbh budder
kenehia neupane (5 years ago)
bro, its all right just remember that when you get home you have the best back up the HOMIES.
Thomas Mckenzie (5 years ago)
Don't let him/her/them push you around. Stand up for yourself. If you don't feel comfortable fighting get a teacher or something man. Just remember though that all the Homies are here for you.
3D3N (5 years ago)
GTFO its a sly video
ZoMgEpIcBaDbOy (5 years ago)
'With his eyes closed' I don't remember that part. 'But that's what you told me Sly.' loooool
drack killa (5 years ago)
thats really nice u should get some friends and bullie th buliee
the master baiter (5 years ago)
shut up.
giselle rodriguez (5 years ago)
Dominic Huneau (5 years ago)
Hey thanks Sly for making all these great vids. I get bullied at my school and when I get home I just watch some of your vids and I feel a lot better.
Dominic Huneau (5 years ago)
Hey thanks Sly for
StealthBlade98 (5 years ago)
list is super long like 40 different mods i believe
John Peterson (5 years ago)
nice vidios.what or the mods your useing?!
Logan Wells (5 years ago)
are a homie XD
Logan Wells (5 years ago)
get a m16 and a 44 magnum and your set homies u
misslillykins94 (5 years ago)
aaaahhh the budder shoes
Abbigail Sophia (5 years ago)
9:51 bodygard gose crazy in the backgrond
Chelsey White (5 years ago)
everything really
Hector Candray (5 years ago)
Im a Homie and a Bro, and i went bananas when she said she wanted to kiss Marzia @w@
Hector Candray (5 years ago)
when my homies unite ._.
DeffinetMeat542 (5 years ago)
and your expecting what
Reed Parsons (5 years ago)
rachel a lezzy OOOOOOOO
Chelsey White (5 years ago)
I didnt expect that
Vocaroiiids (5 years ago)
Xggressive (5 years ago)
what about minecraft marriage
iReaperzxz (5 years ago)
he could spell nuke, he wasn't putting nu, like Steven tell him to do. He just kept putting nuke.
Chelsey White (5 years ago)
Wow they just shout outed to pewdiepie
ThEsOcKcHiCkEn (5 years ago)
Porrim Maryam (5 years ago)
I-Refuse-Tø-Wipe (5 years ago)
Whats that tesla mod?
TFC-The Fookin Champ (5 years ago)
Thank you
jason dean (5 years ago)
the other guy should've respected your opinion i like pewdiepie you don't nothing can change that
TFC-The Fookin Champ (5 years ago)
I never said you were, I said you were replying.
jason dean (5 years ago)
i wasn't arguing at the end i said "i don't judge" people are entitled to their own opinions
TFC-The Fookin Champ (5 years ago)
Why are people still replying to that comment?! Let the argument die
jason dean (5 years ago)
Hey people like what they like and dis-like what they dis-like pewdiepie may be immature but he stands out in the 15-billion youtubers we have to day it's ok you don't like pewdiepie i don't judge
SpleeF S. (5 years ago)
Sly.... Such a troll
MastaMaori (5 years ago)
lol tells people to dislike and gets top comment
PKblaze (5 years ago)
The irony. Oh the irony.
Jameis Mariota (5 years ago)
He won't read your suggestions
Excalibur! (5 years ago)
Excalibur! (5 years ago)
I love Rachel and her laugh XD
awesomeguy183 (5 years ago)
Not gonna like. People are fucked up.
Tanjid Satter (5 years ago)
Anyone one see spinning iron golem at 9:35

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