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Minecraft Mine Little Pony PVP Battle

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Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/748553-100-mine-little-pony-v10/ SPOILER So what happened was I installed this mod and went along with my friend Sparrowmint to this server. We heard in chat about ToxicBinka losing his items so we felt sorry for him and basiclly started a civil war on the server by challenging this huge "faction" to a "duel". Due to exterme skill and a healthy dose of luck we defeated their leader UndeadGuardian (now he really is undead) and their forces surrendered to us and gave ToxicBinka back his stuff.
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Text Comments (3)
legofoxanimations (5 years ago)
The music at ze beginning is by Two Steps From Hell, not sure what the track is called though.
IndominusBatesy (5 years ago)
whats ze music at the begging? ~ smileyswelove/822/ ~
unjumble (6 years ago)
Haha you just hear like big epic music and big battle then someone in the chat goes this server sucks lol!

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