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Restylex farcry 5 map editor : Looking out : Why i like editing (Vietnam journey) part 2

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Welkom to the Restylex Farcry 4 Map editor You tube channel ! On this channel you can find custom Far cry 4 /5 maps for the PS 4. Why use the Farcry 4 /5 editor ? Personal for me it's the option to be able to make what's on my mind. It gives me pure enjoyment, creativity and freedom ! Restylex, you got any tips to be a good map editor ? Yes, be sure to: 1. Make use of google images for custom items - Make yourself a folder on pc and call it "project .....". drop the images in it 2. Let your creativity be sparkled with some music on the background during a map make. It can be a long sit 3. first drop all the items you want to use on the green grid. Color the item ground to make them visible / Pre selecting items saves time 4. When making a large item Always make sure to build the item in the middle of a grid cross + 5. Enjoy yourself ! ... and i've you got any questions, let me know :) ! PSN account: Restylex (My spoken languages Dutch, English and a bit German)
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