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How to fix Steam "An error occurred while updating"

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Text Comments (303)
Lqrve (1 day ago)
I fixed it this way; Task manager >> Advanced >> Close "csgo.exe (32-bit) I hope this worked for you ;)
Xato_play (5 days ago)
Thanks men
distrro nezinomas (9 days ago)
that dosent help i tried everything but nothing
sharona (10 days ago)
Tyyy it worked❤️
Ben Folland (15 days ago)
thanks a bunch! clear download cache worked for me :)
josh Latic (15 days ago)
cut cut cut cut
josh Latic (15 days ago)
fun of your intro song
Bunda09 (20 days ago)
Steam is fucking mrdka z krtka jebu to do piče kurwa fix... Jebka vyhoněná seschlá jak babka vyjebaná
HackerAlien99 (23 days ago)
thank you!
Edgy bones (23 days ago)
Thanks dude love ya no homo
GamingProductions (26 days ago)
Fake lol dont you guys see it ? 0:25 Offline on the message then on 1:20 He Cut it And Went back online and it worked .. Nice
Jack Hornyak (1 month ago)
Donni Донни (1 month ago)
Инет вкл
ByExotic (1 month ago)
Haizisis (1 month ago)
Nice cut 1:20
Haizisis (1 month ago)
Donna Hobson (1 month ago)
turned off fire wall worked for me your the best!!!!
Donna Hobson (1 month ago)
thanks man :D
FlukiestList690 (1 month ago)
Oh shit thank you this actually works I was trying to re install Arma 3
Keith D (1 month ago)
Thank you, the last step worked. No thanks to useless Steam support of course who just tried to blame their buggy system on a third party.
kubusrebus (1 month ago)
switching to another internet helped me(hotspot from my phone)
Aleksa Proto (2 months ago)
gentlewilliam3 roblox (2 months ago)
The clear download cache never works for me
Kentarius (2 months ago)
Thanks Dude it Worked! <3
Golden__Universe (2 months ago)
The clear download cache worked for me thanks
Raze Star (2 months ago)
Thanks dude
Just Human (2 months ago)
but i dont have firewall on macBock
BaconLocks (3 months ago)
Yuri milianMus (3 months ago)
gust LIFF (3 months ago)
thank you you are a lifesaver
Sergiu Colesnic (3 months ago)
no it dint work
Gravy (4 months ago)
first one worked for me thank you :D
mac picar (4 months ago)
Frank Herring (4 months ago)
but can you fix the volume balancing between your intro and your voice throughout the rest of the video?
Východniar Šimon (4 months ago)
man this is so bad 1:20 this vid sucks
Sean Collier (4 months ago)
Did no one see the cut
Jo King (4 months ago)
i have problem but it is not bcs no internet connection it's content servers unreachable
Jo King (4 months ago)
the intro pls
bubbly (4 months ago)
Fucking cut
Power Artz (4 months ago)
OkysP (4 months ago)
Ty very much
Nick Desert (4 months ago)
thanks it worked
dr triangle (4 months ago)
I tried all of them but did not worked for me.
SenpaiX (4 months ago)
Thanks man u helping me
Black Knight (4 months ago)
SO what i did to make mine work i did the flushconfig thingy then i uninstalled steam and restarted my pc And after u restart it just wait a few mins then install it back again
Marius Bed (4 months ago)
MegaDZ (4 months ago)
name music intro plz
MegaDZ (4 months ago)
thank you very very much <3
FeArhsma21 (4 months ago)
Thanks that worked! Clear Download Cache!
Johannes 5543 (4 months ago)
fck u
Mk Makidiel (4 months ago)
so good
Lloyd Millare (5 months ago)
wow thanks a lot.. worked for me.. change download region.. thanks man.!
George Boang (5 months ago)
TY so much dude. Very helpful God Bless You!!!
Cebu Viners (5 months ago)
2018 working ??
youssif 2004 (5 months ago)
f**k youuuuuuuu
Jotaro Kujo (5 months ago)
Demi bun (5 months ago)
SKY-911 ty bro
Nadya Ahmed (5 months ago)
Moooooother fucccccker i do it and all my fucking games gooone mother fucker
Joevan Capote (5 months ago)
thanks bro
Tapu-Cha Ley (5 months ago)
Thx bro
Jayvee Yano (5 months ago)
thank you this is legit!
Rodrigo Conocono (5 months ago)
SKY-911☆CS:GO☆ NC dude i follow what u did and it works .. ^_^ same error when i run DOTA 2 .. thanks man ur great
Nyan Koi (5 months ago)
thank you! this really fixed the problem
king cyber (5 months ago)
Thx it Helpsme Pretty Wel
Satej Raste (5 months ago)
its good :D
Stefi TV (5 months ago)
no working
TYberiasaurusRX (5 months ago)
Where's settings
Miracle Bro (5 months ago)
Thanks dude , it work
K!ller Csgo (5 months ago)
Thnx mate it worked!
Chetan Ezio31 (5 months ago)
hey thanks its working
Fast Pro (6 months ago)
I have one black ops3 errors to run app during the update it was work it is not how. Rest pc and did file and they did not work. Steam need to do a update to steam to stop is happen. Other games that I downloaded they play and work they take time to load but black ops3 does not load to update error.
いちじょまい (6 months ago)
Intro Music: P-Holla - Do It For Love
anthony delos reyes (6 months ago)
what is enter beta access code to unlock private betas on PUBG ?????
NAME CHANNEL (6 months ago)
Ty still work
EnglishChikenLoner (6 months ago)
well i have a win7 32 bit system and i cant run rust the play button doesnt show up but when i go in the store it shows up i click it and a invalid platform error pops up
ZeUniverZ Gamer (7 months ago)
he just cut the video at 1:20 FAKER!!!
So I Skate Now (8 days ago)
Doesn't matter xD, it worked for me
Justin MP (2 months ago)
ZeUniverZ Gamer stfu that will happen idiot
Oyun Dünyası (7 months ago)
oha how much game do you have la
RAPHAEL DE LEON (7 months ago)
thanks dude it work to me
Joshua Vue (7 months ago)
Does anyone know how to make the game work to play it kept saying bad image but it’s not please help me and won’t let me play
Morariu Mirabela (7 months ago)
I tried them all and they aint work plz help
radu matei (7 months ago)
sssssuperrrrrrrrrr inro
djsjak djskx (7 months ago)
robiehuncho (7 months ago)
thanks g
Jireh Chai (7 months ago)
It works!!! Thank you Sky
Cody Jackson (7 months ago)
Yeah I keep getting content file locked while updating elite dangerous. Absolutely nothing will work
Law senpai (7 months ago)
music into name pls (ty for the video <3)
Tapas - CSGO (7 months ago)
guys just typ in "alt+f4" on the keyboard and everything will work fine ;D
MyNanIsAcabbage (7 months ago)
Thank you so much :D
Gevonski (7 months ago)
intro music? Also thanks
Kosolix (5 months ago)
Gevonski no problem it's a good song:)
Gevonski (5 months ago)
UndeadPandaxD thanks
Kosolix (5 months ago)
Gevonski do it for love
DYLAN NALYD (7 months ago)
Thanks for nothing douchebag
Seal (8 months ago)
I payed 20 euro for cs source and i cant play still doesnt work
ates kirazlı (8 months ago)
Matej Miškovský (8 months ago)
ty dude!
Michael Sutherland (7 months ago)
This really works? I'm having the same problem with ghost recon wildlands.
CSGOcashMoney Kennyisgod (8 months ago)
XGAMER 0oSYRo0 (7 months ago)
what is your name on steam
Calvin Catur (8 months ago)
Tech Master (8 months ago)
Thanks it worked! Just got a sub😀😀😀😀😀
giorgi gurchumelia (8 months ago)
Region change worked! thanks
Simranjeet Lidhar (8 months ago)
It's working! Cheers!
Ferz Ae (8 months ago)
Thanks it worked :)
Rainbownoob br (8 months ago)
Can someone tell me wtf is going on in the background .Sirens

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