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Petscop: The Best Game You've Never Played

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not a game theory more garbage ► https://goo.gl/ov2EBw Twitter ► https://twitter.com/PyrocynicalVEVO Part 1: Bait and switch - 3:18 Part 2: Digging down - 14:10 Part 3: Remembering - 29:20 Part 4: In the shadows - 36:30 Part 5: Newmaker - 38:50 Part 6: Cycle - 48:50 Part 7: Black box - 57:50 Part 8: Marvin - 1:02:10 Part 9: Changes - 1:05:50 Part 10: What year is it? - 1:15:25 Conslusion 1:17:55 Petscop subreddit ► https://www.reddit.com/r/Petscop/ (Only post things related to Petscop) Petscop document ► https://goo.gl/9cchbi pyro subreddit ► https://www.reddit.com/r/pyrocynical ► Facebook ------------- https://www.facebook.com/pyrocynical ► Steam Group ------- https://bit.ly/15E33o3 ► Instagram ----------- http://instagram.com/pyrocynical ► Twitch ----------------- http://www.twitch.tv/pyrocynical ► Tumblr ----------------- http://pyrocynical.tumblr.com sauce Petscop OST: Even Care Demo Theme (Recreation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA9FhGp8ans Petscop OST: Even Care (Recreation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx3DCwbaDS8 Petscop boxart https://www.reddit.com/r/Petscop/comments/6djqoy/petscop_box_art_actual_size/ Game ► Petscop Intro / outro music ► Whitewoods - Beachwalk
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Pyrocynical (8 months ago)
I gotta deeply thank you all for backing the videos. That being said, I do understand that this isn't the regular content I make, I do go over this in the conclusion of my video but I'll try to do a write up here I know this video doesn't equate to two weeks of effort, for the most part I took a break, and my regular content is returning with the next upload I just wanted to come back with something different Petscop has really interested me, the way it tells a story and communicates with us as viewers is just amazing and I'm sure this isn't the first case of an alternate reality game done right but it's one of the best I've seen To those that didn't enjoy this video or saw the lengthy duration of this video I'm sorry to dissapoint, I'm scared of YouTube becoming a chore so my brain racks up ideas, most are never visualized because of the time they take and YouTube has this ideology of quantity over quality. With my channels turning to inoffensive, bland content like daily vlogging (something that requires it's own video) to conclude I'm very interested to see how this video does and to see if I can do similar stuff like it in the future, gosh bless tl;dr: I took a break, this is a one off video, normal videos with next upload
Oliver Binetti (29 days ago)
Pyrocynical k
Axel Gust (1 month ago)
Eh I liked the long video
BlueStorm (1 month ago)
Hi pyrocynical
Clazam (2 months ago)
Will you do an update for the two new episodes of Petscop?
Bryer Barton (2 months ago)
Pyrocynical do a follow up
Ally Khandros (1 hour ago)
why are you whispering into the mic so quiet
LeoArctica (6 hours ago)
Probably one of the few vids I seen you so serious Pyro, it felt weird but also very interesting ^^ nicely made.
Cup Cake Unleashed (10 hours ago)
I was working on a game with a similar style. Found this video and it really helped me get out of a creative clog.
More Petscop kid pls
ShaneDrawz (4 hours ago)
I find this video very entertaining, I suggest watching it with your brightness all the way down. It makes it better ;3 ( edit: Make more! Theresa buncha new ones! )
Grant Flick (15 hours ago)
The game is about kidnapping children and murder
X Uno X (16 hours ago)
JE - 4234EBF (17 hours ago)
Tiara.... Newmaker... Plane...… Help me get out. He is not here. He ran away. He vanished...
JE - 4234EBF (17 hours ago)
JE - 4234EBF (17 hours ago)
Petscop. Rooms. Inncoent
JE - 4234EBF (17 hours ago)
The sticker is hidden. In the darkness.
JE - 4234EBF (17 hours ago)
Hidden knife. Save the children.
JE - 4234EBF (17 hours ago)
Help Michael. The schoolyard is locked. It had the pieces. The Shadow Man took it. Kill it.
Goku Super Saiyan Blue (18 hours ago)
OOF 28:40
jade studios (19 hours ago)
I love this do more plz
Deivydas HD (20 hours ago)
Dont put memes in a scary video
Mashak (1 day ago)
32:00 I believe that PS1 can pull off randomly generated sceneries, for example, LSD dream simulator could actually randomly generate entire worlds, constantly changing textures.
awesomesauce296 (1 day ago)
*_That’s a dead kid_*
K I T S U N E (1 day ago)
Pyrocynical the movie?! HOLY SHIT!
Austin (1 day ago)
4:00 Not gonna lie, it's 2:40 AM, I'm wearing headphones, and my room's pitch black... I turned on my lamp.
Brett Landy (1 day ago)
13 ads
Dumb Ass (1 day ago)
Holy SHIT-
Edwin Tsang (1 day ago)
Welcome to game Theory
Fred Patrick (1 day ago)
and what if its real? think about that...think...
Sileon45 (1 day ago)
Will you make a new video for the new episodes?
too rad (1 day ago)
game theory
meme boii (1 day ago)
Did i see sovietwomble clip? Far cry bullshittery? Hmmmmmmm
Kimberly (2 days ago)
Please make an update video about the new Petscop videos!
arch1e b (2 days ago)
Petscop is the Dark Souls of fake games
10 Ads Holy Balls
Летов Егор (2 days ago)
This video has created the memory of one of the best evenings I can recall. The thrill and intrigue are off the charts. Tottaly support the idea of no-reveal ending. Maybe a bit more polished, but it had to end this way. Great job, really glad I stumbled upon this channel.
ElYouKayEe (2 days ago)
This is the perfect thing to watch while doing a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 200cc online marathon, wow
Slick Pick (2 days ago)
Updated video soon?
fallen knight (2 days ago)
Detective pyro is on the case... Case file: some creepy ass shit
eLUKEtric! 2.0. (2 days ago)
These videos are really good. Keep it up pyro!
Joshua Hacker (2 days ago)
Watched the whole video, it was great!
That One Guy (3 days ago)
t h a t s a d e a d k i d
Jess B (3 days ago)
Why 12 ads
gay lol (3 days ago)
This is different from your other content, but this is very interesting. Petscop 11, 12 and 13 is out. I please beg you to make more of this mysterious game.
Yoshion (3 days ago)
holy fuck he understands the whole get scared when a game crashes in the dark thing i have! YES YES YES YES THANK YOU PYRO
Milana Mathers (3 days ago)
Miss me with those 11 Ads nigga
Enwei chi (3 days ago)
If you watch game theory it's creepy
Sanky The hedge hog (3 days ago)
Pyro, why are there so many fucking ads?
I feel it would be interesting if the 1st part used personified fear (this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ92RVruaxs, maybe it would be too much nostalgia)
Veaux (4 days ago)
How did he manage to get 11 ads on this?
Catastrophe (4 days ago)
pyro the vids have new updates , get on dat shit
Pablo (4 days ago)
• Omos • (4 days ago)
Bill Ye (4 days ago)
make a bideo a doki
BoJibbidy (4 days ago)
Undertale pt.2
Michael Brewer (4 days ago)
6:35 8-bit Ryan?
mama smith (4 days ago)
i wanna be paul's friend honestly
Zdeluxe BR (4 days ago)
look at those adds dude lol
Updated Memes (4 days ago)
You put 8Bitryan!!??!!??!! Shit dawg!!
Blank Blank (5 days ago)
3:41 if only it instead had a Personified Fear effect
AirForce Brat (5 days ago)
Guys, Noir Ascii uploaded a full petscop analysis, its pretty good. He goes into detail with it.
psycho sam (5 days ago)
Of course it was the video that he told us not to subscribe that reminded me to should subscribe to anyone who hates diss trackers and likes petscop.
Juicy Kissez (5 days ago)
Hey there's 2 more episodes now. And one is abnormally long. Please help us
Nonetrix (5 days ago)
Maybe they will Release it and maybe it’s a ps2 fan game and it’s a trailer
Antonio Brother (5 days ago)
what if the character in petscop was salad fingers ?
bluelfsuma (5 days ago)
If I ever hear the word "child" again, it'll be too soon.
Isobel Romano (5 days ago)
When youve gotta hit that 10,000 word mark
Antonio Brother (5 days ago)
*screams in headstone*
CheezIt97 (5 days ago)
You need to finish up the series
Erik (5 days ago)
Watching in bed. Trying to sleep! YAAAY
Icant McSwim (5 days ago)
R. Stephen Macri (5 days ago)
13:46 mr Stark I don’t want to go
ODD Bin (5 days ago)
Dude.... Please make part two with the new videos, I don't want to watch Garme Thyroid.
wtf soph (5 days ago)
this is 100% your best video, i fr watch this shit like 6 times a week
Lola Fischer (5 days ago)
damn son you should be collaborating with Lemmino
spagbowl (5 days ago)
We need update
60Hz Master Race (6 days ago)
The guy is still uploading these.
Álvaro Gordillo (6 days ago)
There are more Petscop Videos now
Álvaro Gordillo (6 days ago)
A part 11,12 and 13
Kristóf Petes (6 days ago)
SIKEEEEEE I have adblock
Jazzy Playz (6 days ago)
I banish thee to the underworld.
TheRadPlayer (6 days ago)
Petscop is definately some student's multimedia project for university.
Cyber Punk (7 days ago)
I found something.....interesting..to say the least: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMeOpshA-bg
InkiToast (7 days ago)
god damnit pyro this is the one video i always listen to this video when im doing something else, its really calming.
Shadow Gamer (7 days ago)
Great drinking game, everytime Pyro says game take a drink and trust me you'll be DRUNK
Boladorn (7 days ago)
This was amazing
Xisckeril (7 days ago)
spooki nooki but it engages me even though i'm a big wuss
Enderman20007 (7 days ago)
So many midroll ads...SERNANDOE CONFIRMED
Buunow (7 days ago)
I watched this whole and i fucking loved it to bits. Great job i hope that there will be more videos on this genre.
UITayl (8 days ago)
*this is just thughts !* that maybe means he killed he's 7years old brother (mike) in he's 8th years birthday and he tryed to kill he's sister (care) but he didn't find her ,and he was afraid if he's sister will tell some one about what he did maybe he was a morder and he killed alot of kids and he's living in he's own world with unreal persons
Gabriel Mezadri (8 days ago)
33:3, it seems you were right, because there is only a blue pen on the table.
Lolbit Productionz (8 days ago)
Here is some good flowey rule 34 https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2743151
Doge Gamer (8 days ago)
12 ads xD
Ben Dover (8 days ago)
Please make part 2 the guy made 3 more vids on petscop
Icon G (8 days ago)
I know you made this a long time ago now but I loved this video. tbh I prefer the longer videos of yours (Hunt Down the Refund, This, etc) I hope more are on the way!
runningflame (8 days ago)
also that silent hill music is really making me nut each time i hear it being used as background
Randy (8 days ago)
This is fkn scary
Evan Henderson (8 days ago)
This game is terrifying
The Abundant Gamer (8 days ago)
You can make whatever you want and I will still watch it... what else is there to watch on youtube that has good to decent quality
Blue Dog (9 days ago)
This sounds weird as fuck but What's the background music I wanna listen to it my self
Leek Malual (9 days ago)
im watching it wish me good luck
xrayinsect (9 days ago)
hes rich
xrayinsect (9 days ago)
look how much adds are in the video
Alexandru Paun (9 days ago)
Talking about a game which probably has a story behind murder 5000 Ads Memeulous talking about facebook groupsa NO ADS FOR YOU
Wayzilla (9 days ago)
runningflame (9 days ago)
did u mean counter clockwise
Nfkical (9 days ago)
Pyro I think the beeping with the opening door is moris code
Alliboba (9 days ago)
Ey Pyro, I'm late as hell to be watching these but I think it's great. It's a break from the "overwatch, commentary, overwatch-" cycle. Keep it up < 3
ReclusePhayder (9 days ago)
'kay, I'm retreating back to youtube trending. Oh look, it's a pyrocynical MLG video! P.S.: On the honest, I'll actually watch this in it's entirety once I sober up. I just don't wanna deal with this shit when I'm drunk man. Keep up with the good work my man.
GenericGamertag (9 days ago)
Oh, hes Just talking about early-access

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