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Gears 5 4k Cinematic Reveal Trailer (E3 2018) Ultra HD

544 ratings | 23251 views
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Text Comments (258)
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
What point does Kait having to go there, I mean the Queen is dead so who or where is going to give her answers? It's the Queen's Pendent there ya go Kait there's the answer you spend a entire game looking for when you could have asked Marcus
Joshua Minke (3 months ago)
i personally dont give a shit that you play as a girl, this looks awesome
Marco Nadal (3 months ago)
Top Game e3 2018
Barcode731 (3 months ago)
This looked pretty dumb to me.
Richard Byfield (3 months ago)
if people want to say its liberal because a female is in it and a black man then that means white supremacy has always been real since white male protagonists are always the main characters.
SURLIERTROUt_94 Ocampo (3 months ago)
What the hell happened to jd
Walkin'Cat (3 months ago)
Dumb dialogs
Alexplus20 (3 months ago)
She's got a great tight ass but too bad about her high protein farts.
Cesar Diaz (3 months ago)
Clayton better be in it. But still looks like its gonna be a great game
Jinn the Nerd (3 months ago)
I hope the dead guy is not Oscar.
Savage Hippie (3 months ago)
My night why is there a 5 it should have ended at 3 they trying suck money out people
Who was that dead person
iinf3rnoz (3 months ago)
just a reminder to people who don't pay attention and complaining about the lead character being a girl. WELL, IF YOU LISTENED, THEY LITERALLY SAID IT'S GOING TO BE IN TWO PARTS, ONE FOR KAIT, AND ONE FOR JD. There you go.
Axl Baruck (3 months ago)
Marcus is a Ghost
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
And yeah. Literally the best looking video game to date. the amount of detail and texture quality is unmatchable!
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Oh I know who died that one dude who get spit up by the lurker at the after credit scene in Gears 4.
Nickolas Kupper (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ will people just stop bitching and whining about having to play as a girl.
Kinji Cross (3 months ago)
Who's the dead "Gears"?
Johnny Minamida (3 months ago)
This Faz character looks like he's gonna make the cutscene movie suck.
TheGodFather (3 months ago)
Hey i fucking love the gear series 20 ouf of 10 would play this they made the Hive (locust) op i mean come on the krylls are back and this infestation can take over machines how creepy is that?
TheAbhimanj (3 months ago)
Yay for feminism & SJW's ruining another game franchise.
Ciaran Murphy (3 months ago)
i think you could be playing kinda kat for some parts of the game and play as JD
FelSiC BOI (3 months ago)
aww man I wanted to play as marcus :/
GutsuBerserk (3 months ago)
This looks god awful. This looks like politics of War Feminist Edition.
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Bear in mind Gears 3, and Judgement had playable female characters who were badass. Also it all depends on if they make Kate a Merry sue, or have her actually develop and struggle. From what this trailer shows. Shes going to have to go through quite an ordeal. The only way this will be just feminazi/SJW trash, is if she is, again, made into a merry sue, who is amazing at everything and never loses at anything. Kind of like Rei from SJWars.
CODMASTA (3 months ago)
Cant wait to play as a strong independent women who will save the world better than any of her 4x bigger male partners
CODMASTA (3 months ago)
They just added this woman for the sake of 'diversity' and 'equality' and what not...its totally forced. a Gears game has always been played by over the top testosterone filled hulk soldiers, and now suddenly we get to play as a little girl crying with emotions....this is bullshit
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
what if she actually struggles though? what if she cant do it without Dels help? I dont think Kate is a merry sue. I think she will actually have to struggle and develop. Kind of like what she did in Gears 4.
Sean Marchman (3 months ago)
Don't play if you have a problem with female characters simple. Don't bitch about it.
CoSmiC BloBo (3 months ago)
There best be another Carmine brother in this game or else imma bust.
Raptor Cawk (3 months ago)
Who’s the dead guy?
iona2225 (3 months ago)
“I’m not going.” Everyone: “Okay.”
your mommy dearest (3 months ago)
Locust are sub humans.genetic experiment to create super soldiers went stupid. Myrrah went bat shit when they experimented on her. Same is happening to kate. As it did to her mother. Either you become the queen by choice like myrrah. Or be forced like kate's mom. Myrrah wasnt crazy before. Its years after having locust dna introduced into her. Like the notes myrrah wrote, she saw visions. Hear voices. Inevitably losing herself.
CarilletaReach (3 months ago)
your mommy dearest Wait what Myrrah notes?
your mommy dearest (3 months ago)
Auto buy for me. Always been a fan of gears of war. A series that is not afraid to kill off important characters. Marcus had his time, its time for others to take charge. But then again im only holding on this tight because of marcus fenix. And for some reason when i watch this, the quote "no parent should have to watch their child die" comes to mind. But then again i hope they dont kill off marcus fenix.
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
literally the only character that got killed off was Dom, I mean Anya died of health issues of some kind. But those are really the only two main characters to die. Tai was a throw away character. And Dizzy was thought to be dead but wasnt. the Carmines are litterally made to be red shirts. With Clayton Carmine only surviving becasue he was voted to survive by a promotional thing. Also if Marcus dies for any stupid reason like people thought he did in Gears 4, the game will literally be dead to most of its fanbase. Marcus needs to go out swinging or survive and die of natural causes.
GojirafanNeptunia (3 months ago)
Can y'all people quit complaining? They're going with something new for Gears of War and y'all are bing big babies over playing as a girl? Grow up people. The game hasn't came out yet. XD
Hip-Hop Homework (3 months ago)
this game died with Epic studios...at least for me anyway, the "innovation" in design gets lamer with each subsequent iteration, how many different versions of coke need to come out before people realize "you can't beat the real thing?"
Predator459 (3 months ago)
When people get salty cause they won't be playing as a 6'8 testosterone fueled beefcake and start crying out "feminism" because the player character has a vagina, and people say SJWs get triggered easily...
Sleeper Elite (23 days ago)
+terraincognita69 I play as a girl alot on Gears 3.
terraincognita69 (23 days ago)
also you said the word "salty" so you're obviously normie trash which makes your opinion invalid
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
Predator459 I ain't pissed I just wished to kmow more about Kait before I play as her, so for me idfc about playing as girls
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
Predator459 Judgment you played as a girl...
Predator459 (3 months ago)
@ingusmant And you've got no argument beyond petty insults. I responded to your "no one cares" point by pointing out that people cared, including you. There's nothing whataboutism about a direct rebuttal to what little argument you had. Having a bad day or something? Need to vent?
A.P.G Gaming (3 months ago)
The Locust take over machines now like the infested from warframe or was that a thing they could already do
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Parasites born from a mutation with the Locus and hardened Emulsion. The emulsion didnt really play a big role until the end of Gears 2 and over the course of Gears 3. where it was explained that Emulsion is a naturally occurring fuel on Sera, but it is also a parasitic organism that mutates and controls its victims. The swarm seem to be an evolution of the Lambent(those who were infected by the Emulsion).
Trici LSR (3 months ago)
well swarm are now parasites from what i see.
Jaron Cooper (3 months ago)
If any of you played Gow5 You'd know why kait is the main protagonist now
A.P.G Gaming (3 months ago)
Okay who the hell was the guy she’s crying over
007DMX007 (3 months ago)
Girls Of War 5
redhurricane24 (3 months ago)
This game's story mode is about as compelling as rat shit inside a bathroom.
Anthony Gutierrez (3 months ago)
Wait, there was a 4th!?
Anthony Gutierrez (3 months ago)
Playing Persona 5
Cory Deh Llama Guy (3 months ago)
Where have you been for the past year
ingusmant (3 months ago)
Peak-a-boo Shooter 5: stronk wamin edition
Whiteknight 0101 (3 months ago)
So stupid like girl your not what we wanted we wanted a second war between humans and locusts but now swarms and we wanna know what happened to jd like with scars beard and the arm and how Marcus reversed age
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Im pretty sure we will find that out in the game. Like with Gears 4, what they showed was the stuff half way through the story. This will be no different. We will see what happens to JD's arm, and also see who gets offed at the start of the trailer. (my money is on Oscar, kates uncle)
Middle Class Men (3 months ago)
Gears 5 th wave feminism
Devin Ledford (3 months ago)
GUYS WHAT IF GEARS OF WAR 5 WAS BEFORE 4 OMG I KIND OF MAKE SINCE BUT ALSO AT THE SAME TIME IT DOESNT LIKE BEFORE THEY LEFT THE COG HERE MY POINT how it make since: 1.marcus doesn't look older in fact he looks younger and his bear looks like its still growing in 2.that dead guy could be her dad (in the begining) 3. JD doesnt act like a dick unlike in gears 4 hes nice and cool 4.also jd isnt bald so he could have shave his bear off and let his hair grow back 3.why would they rejoin the cog after leaving it? so maybe gears 5 is before they left the cog reasons why it doesn't make since: 1. jds arm was not like that in gears 4 which mean some thing happened to his arm between four and five(but his arm could have heal by the time of gears four if im right (IF) ) 2.it COULD have been her uncle and not her dad that died meaning it is in the furture (because if you beat geras 4 and after the credits it shows her uncle getting out of a snatcher 3.why would they rejoin the cog after leaving 4.they could have rejoin the cog because f what happened in the fourth installment to their outsider camp and they have no leader because reina(SPOILER ALERT STOP READING THIS IF YOU DONT KNOW THE END TO GEARS 4!!!!!) (i think i spelled it right) died at the end of gears 4 5.jd has a scar on his face but in gears 4 he doesnt so he must have gotten a scar in between gears 4 and 5 6.a the end of 4(SPOILER ALERT AGAIN) kate hides her necklaces back(which has the locust sign on the back) exposing the front that her mother gave her right before she died 7. marcus could have shaved his beard 8.every one looks more like adults that young adults Thanks for reading all of it if you did
Mad Squirrel Mods (3 months ago)
Finally! Take that, whiny fanboys! It's happening, whether you want it to or not!
The Looinrims (3 months ago)
The game looks cool, but I gotta say Jarring as all hell, what the fuck happened between 4 and 5? I presume the opening of the trailer is the start of the game When did JD even become such an ass? Did they rejoin the COG? Where the hell are they? How did Oscar get back? That was Oscar who died right? What the fuck is going on? Some might say they’ll answer this in game but the change is so radical that i feel like I’m missing a whole game, like this should be Gears 6 Still gonna buy it, and definitely gonna love it, have loved every Gears game (even judgement, tho to a lesser extent) so I don’t see that changing Perhaps the game will slap me silly for being silly now
GATEWAYFLMZ (3 months ago)
Girl superstition suck
Nick Calderon (3 months ago)
So I have to say that if there are two storylines: one for Kait and one for JD then I'm sold. But if it's just this storyline then I will be severely disappointed, not because "OH THIS GAME IS RUINED BY FEMINISM BECAUSE THERE IS ONE GIRL CHARACTER THAT HAS A REASON FOR BEING HERE!!!", but because of the fact that they will be dismissing the role of Marcus and JD as Gears of War is still a story about the Fenix family. Like seriously they will be making the same mistake as Halo 5 where instead of being an equal amount of missions with Blue team and Fireteam Osiris, it was entirely focused on Osiris. So until I get info about whether or not this game has two storyline or not I'm not jumping on the hype wagon just like Halo infinite.
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
Nick Calderon same
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Yeah I hope so to. If its just Kate, ill still buy it and play it. But I REALLY hope we also get to play as our man Marcus, and new hardass JD.
DeadPoolJr. (3 months ago)
Her uncle died.
Jazmanny JimenezVEVO (3 months ago)
No thanks. I stay with 4
Jazmanny JimenezVEVO (3 months ago)
John Shepherd yeah i like all gears of war. But man in this want marcus look like the gears 1
John Shepherd (3 months ago)
Jazmanny JimenezVEVO gears 2 you tragladon
ImTO Temperred (3 months ago)
Oh my godddd I hate not playing as Marcus, but this game looks so fucking amazing
Frzty Toast (3 months ago)
And what why the hell does it feel and look like Skyrim ??!
Frzty Toast (3 months ago)
I can’t enjoy this... it’s not gears of war anymore
Gerardo Reyes (3 months ago)
This is cool thanks for uploading. Great trailer
J lock (3 months ago)
So...it's basically GOW 4 part 2. Got it. Well...I gotta say it looks pretty darn terrible. Nobody wants to play as Kate and nobody likes a Marcus that sits there like a fool while some girl tells them what to do.
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
No its Gears of war 5. Because its the continuation of the story set up in Gears 4. Saying its Gears 4 part to, is as stupid as saying Halo 3 is Halo 2 part 2.
Trici LSR (3 months ago)
i'm more surprised Marcus didn't say i killed the queen AKA Grandmother. not that hard to figure out, who the only human is in the locust army.
W S (3 months ago)
I think they should have stopped at gears of war 3, this is way too complicated
Lil Homo (3 months ago)
This is where gears is heading now instead of fighting the lockst we are just doing what ever now
Bryce Kesner (3 months ago)
just give me a carmine standalone game already...
Bryce Kesner (3 months ago)
it would be funny though if you were carmine you become a hero that saves everyone only to be killed randomly at the end
your mommy dearest (3 months ago)
Bryce Kesner lmao thats funny. The game would really be about all his brothers dying throughout. You wouldnt be able to survive. Just death at every corner.
Da Bx (3 months ago)
This looks like a really stupid game imo
geezy1776 (3 months ago)
Wow this looks bad. And I'm a gears fan boy.
Jinn the Nerd (3 months ago)
Hey let's just wait. Of course I don't want this game to be turned out to awful like Halo 5
Shadow Buddy (3 months ago)
I remember gow 2 and I stoped playing the series then and now I have no clue wtf happened and what the game is gonna be about
TH3 BLACKGHOST 21 (3 months ago)
What the hell happen to his hair and his arm?
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Why Gears 4 literally ended on a cliffhanger and teaser for another game.
TH3 BLACKGHOST 21 (3 months ago)
I played the entire Gears of War franchise and I never thought they would come out with a fifth
Tyler Vivas (3 months ago)
The truth will set you free.
Nappyheaded Josh (3 months ago)
Why are we still complaining and hating on games before they even come out?!?
Magma Productions (3 months ago)
Welcome to the gaming world.
Johnny Minamida (3 months ago)
Freedom of speech.
because it's a gears game with a female lead... lol were you paying attention?
Velislav Perchemliev (3 months ago)
Because we, ourselves, dont know what kind of games we want nowadays. Atleast that's my opinion.
Miguel Mata Games (3 months ago)
JD is infected with a spreading virus and now he takes his job seriously.
Miguel Mata Games (3 months ago)
Did they kill another Anthony Carmine?
Cory Deh Llama Guy (3 months ago)
its Oscar
게비스콘 (3 months ago)
more of same
is this really a gears game and the lead character is a girl?...
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
I don't know about "loved," they were certainly tolerated but they also were not the lead characters. Doesn't matter the genre, this is a war game. Women would never be on the front lines, it's just stupid. Star Trek Voyager did it right. Followed one of the best shows and male leads with an awesome female lead. And they did not by not having her act like a man when it came to solving conflicts. Women are not made for battle. This is an evolutionary fact.
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
I can believe a female character in a Syfy or fantasy game. Becasue its Syfy and fantasy. Bear in mind Gears has had playable female characters before in Gears 3 and Judgment, and Gears 4(duh) And everyone loved them. So im not going to cry over it in a syfy genre like Gears. Now Battlefield where the game is built on authenticity. I have a huge problem with a Redhead, british, female, steampunk, soldiers, with magic robot prosthetic's surviving on the battlefield. I will never buy that game becasue of that.
well it's not up to anyone. It's up to nature, biology and evolution. There can be female heroes, they just are not on the actual battlefield. That doesn't make them any less of a hero. But it is the way the world works. Taking a female lead in a war game is just silly. Could it be done right? Of course, but if it's like a regular gears game then it's just silly.
TheGodFather (3 months ago)
Mystery Science Gaming 3000 hey others would say differently 😕 And no i wasnt implying on amelias flight being in or a part of a war im just making a point of no female heroes being appointed properly in a conflict other than the ones thatre subtle
avery johnsonn (3 months ago)
But this shit look good
avery johnsonn (3 months ago)
Only one word to this: feminism
Jinn the Nerd (3 months ago)
LOL People are triggered.
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
Normally I would agree with you about the fact that most people and devs have an agenda or no backbone. Kate was established as a main character in Gears 4, and I have no issue with playing as her. She was a well written and likable character, Just like Lara Croft from the tomb raider reboot. I do however hope we at least get to play as Marcus and that new hardass JD for at least a few missions. I like how they are making JD more into a unique character and not as bland as he was in Gears 4. Although Del still looks to be really bland. I miss my Cole train WOOOOOOAH!
John Shepherd (3 months ago)
ReduxEditor335 I never once accused them of that. No projection please.
ReduxEditor335 (3 months ago)
John Sheperd Like I said, it's the first trailer. Wait for some more info before narrowmindedly accusing GOW of becoming SJW.
Juice Gentleman (3 months ago)
Fucking feminists bitches have ruined every game they have touched. Ah well at least they didn't infect my childhood with their bitch face ideology.
UNCLE BOURBON (3 months ago)
Marcus shaved
- AnActualDoggo- - (3 months ago)
Ok as forced as this looks... HOLY SHIT! It's like infamous; being vigilant or going dark
Altiar Beezelbub (3 months ago)
I would get an xbox for gears..that was my series my man
Gabriel Nembhard (3 months ago)
The way how Kait cries just shows that Oscar was killed....possibly 😔
Jonathan Parker (3 months ago)
I'm sorry, but what the hell happened to JD?! He looks stupid, he's acting way different than when we saw him last, and what's up with the arm?!
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
I actually love the new JD's look. Looks more badass like the other OG gears, and way more unique then how bland he was in Gears 4.
Anthony Orlando (3 months ago)
Jonathan Parker probably been through hell!
brannon broadnax (3 months ago)
Hollow Pro (3 months ago)
Tyler Vivas (3 months ago)
Is it Kate a half human and half locust? From her grandma was a queen of the Locust. So why Kate is she a hybrid? Or something more then a human?
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
The Queen is pure human. She was a scientist who led humans infected with emulsion into the mountain, were they mutated into the Locus. only problem was that the Lambent were killing off the locus so Adam Fenix promised to cure the Locus but was taking a long time. So the Queen got tired of waiting and started a war with the humans to force Adam's hand to cure the locus.
Cory Deh Llama Guy (3 months ago)
Well I have not readthe comics soonim guessing Myrrah is human???
Josh Johnson (3 months ago)
Tyler Vivas if her grandmother is the locust queen she’s kind of human, myrrah was human but experimented on with locust dna
NathanDraxter (3 months ago)
i hope it turns out the pendant is nothing and she was just on her period...
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
NathanDraxter Nigga did you play Gears 2?
Angel Gionzales (3 months ago)
NathanDraxter Bro you made my day lmao 😂😂😂
*THAT BITCH IS GONNA TURN INTO A LOCUST ...* just shoot her now and be done with it.
Tyler Vivas (3 months ago)
Like they say... face your nightmare. Find the truth.
Alexis McCall (3 months ago)
My money's on Oscar being under that blanket. Maybe.
Alexis McCall (3 months ago)
John Shepherd: Shame if it is, though. Oscar was cool. :(
John Shepherd (3 months ago)
Most likely is since he survived the last game and because of how emotional Kait got.
So is JD dead or who was that under the blanket
Jinn the Nerd (3 months ago)
What? Oscar survived. Haven't you guys played 4?
Dorian Frizzelle (3 months ago)
mister umm I forgot yea bro HOW??
John Shepherd (3 months ago)
mister umm I forgot how are they?
Cory Deh Llama Guy (3 months ago)
My god you are both retarded
Dorian Frizzelle (3 months ago)
Markimation Studio Jd Fenix is the bald dude. Remember her Uncle from GOW4? That’s probably who it is
Trooper (3 months ago)
I like the hopeless war feel to it, but if the Locust are winning this war (well it looks like to me they are) than do they need a Queen? Because it looks like that's what they are focusing on.
Justin Perry (3 months ago)
Good point. What if she mutates and becomes their queen at the end. Then Gears 6 will be about defeating her.....maybe.
Raul Romero (3 months ago)
RedAlertSteve _ (3 months ago)
Utopia Lord (3 months ago)
So I guess JD is infected with the Swarm virus.
Robel Kahsay (3 months ago)
wish i played gears of war 4 but i'm curious why kait is the main protagonist?
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
lol mic drop
Can’t think of a name (3 months ago)
She’s the locus queen grand daughter
Ruston Toups (3 months ago)
1. There's two sides to this story, Kait's is only one of them. 2. I can answer that, if you don't mind spoilers
Unadvised Films (3 months ago)
Trooper (3 months ago)
OH MY GOD. I can't wait for Gears of war 5. I loved gears of war 4.but I hope to god it doesn't turn out like halo 5. We all know how that went.
Cory Deh Llama Guy (3 months ago)
Ummm sir we don't talk aboht 4 and 5 we only talk about 1 2 3 w1 w2 odst and now halo infinite
Trooper (3 months ago)
Yeah I agree.I just hope that this trailer is not a lie. But I have Faith in gears of war 5 every game so far became what it set out to do.
Unadvised Films (3 months ago)
I’m on your side about Halo 5 it sucked and it’s an embarrassment to the franchise
Trooper (3 months ago)
Unadvised Films. Sorry I'm mean the one that all most killed halo. But enough about halo, lets see gears of war at it's best.
Unadvised Films (3 months ago)
We don’t talk about Halo 5
Idle Commentator (3 months ago)
Ruelle becomes a popular choice of a singer for trailer.
ohh gothim54 (3 months ago)
Just want to know that's all, who is under the blanket in the beginning?
ohh gothim54 (3 months ago)
ベラグ ジョン No!!!! Not the nigga oscar
ベラグ ジョン (3 months ago)
nah if you pause and go frame by frame it is Oscar. the body has the same vest and shirt that Oscar had on in Gears 4.
CarilletaReach (3 months ago)
I say he is not Oscar
chickenwing2k2 (3 months ago)
ohh gothim54 ....gotta be oscar. He was her only immediate family left
genesis (3 months ago)
Maybe Oscar? I mean he survived that Swarm raid.
Tara Mccann (3 months ago)
Yes finally gears of war 5
KiDMalkovich (3 months ago)
One trailer that looks deeper than the four other Gears combined I'm hyped
Red Big'un (3 months ago)
Mark Lee All of this dork rage... over a video game.
Mark Lee (3 months ago)
KiDMalkovich no, no fucking way you just said some stupid shit like that, have you not seen gears 1 mad world trailer? It is still seen as one of if not the BEST trailer in the world, it is revered as the best by most of the gaming community, gears 3 had such a dark tone to it's trailer that people were actually speechless in the crowd, just cause a stupid fucking character has trust issues with another in the trailer doesn't put it anywhere near the top 1000 games, and I love gears of war, it's my favorite frranchise and I can tell this game is going to have an amazing world with amazing gameplay, but the characters are gonna be complete shit all because JD, Del, and Kait are all trash, and kait is by FAR the worst of the three.
Can’t think of a name (3 months ago)
It’s deep but not as deep as gears 3
Alexander Scott (3 months ago)
KiDMalkovich not deeper than 3s trailer
Aj Felder (3 months ago)
Why Marcus look younger?
Sleeper Elite (2 months ago)
Aj Felder He shaved
Chaster Legend (3 months ago)
I guess shaving makes you 12 years younger .... in gaming!???
Alexis McCall (3 months ago)
It's pretty amazing how much younger shaving makes someone look. Doesn't necessarily mean it looks better though. R.I.P. Marcus' glorious beard. ; _ ;
Trooper (3 months ago)
Aj Felder . yeah i was thinking the same thing
Dark Lord Zarthan (3 months ago)
Shaving does that
killerpizza 6968 (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie this game looks like its story is going to be a giant cluster fuck
Sir John (3 months ago)
dumbed down last of us
Michael mcjenkins (3 months ago)
Ohhhhhh man I like where this is going
Ethan George (3 months ago)
All of these games are gonna take over fortnite
Ben Wisdom (3 months ago)
Minecraft hunger games is still a thing? Lol
Cory Deh Llama Guy (3 months ago)
If that could only be possible...
El Diablo (3 months ago)
Another BS political correct liberal feminist garbage!!
Konto GR (3 months ago)
If we play only as kate and its and again 2 co op I won’t buy it

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