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Far Cry 5 Battle Royale USA Is Done Fly Around And Talk

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FAR CRY 5 https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA05847_00
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plrrt (1 month ago)
what are biggest things you did learn after making this map? it looks amazing btw!
plrrt (1 month ago)
I can't find the hay thing asset. where is it located?
plrrt (1 month ago)
yeah i know. still it bothers me if there's no details. you can't have it all. i just need to learn and cope with it haha
Clever Witty Gaming (1 month ago)
think gameplay aspects awell where you are building a wall for example can you put a hole in the wall for my diverse gameplay plus it adds to budget and think about building not all need to be open and fully detailed
plrrt (1 month ago)
i'm struggling really hard with my budget management . i want my maps too big, too detailed. working on a battle royal style inspired map myself but yeah. it takes so much time too make something that looks good.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 month ago)
Probably would say that even when you have an idea in your head and you lay down the foundations of the map it can always change my map when it first came out had not as much detail or content i wanted so i also learnt that balancing budget with content could be a bit of juggle.
Teri (2 months ago)
Looks great, definitely would like to play it

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