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Far Cry 5's Microtransactions are Ignorable, but Not Cosmetic Only

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Text Comments (1519)
YongYea (5 months ago)
EDIT: Far Cry 5's microtransactions are far from the worst we've seen, but there's still not excuse for them to be shoehorned in there, and Ubisoft should learn what "cosmetic only" actually means... Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea! It's completely optional, but even $1 a month contribution will go a long way. Also, follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS - Thelionsam (Cipher) - Christopher Davis Kildahl (Cipher) - Shawn Duane Cottrell (Cipher) - Willie Houston (Big Boss) - Hiroshi Miyagusuku (Big Boss) - Commander Shepard (Big Boss) - KMille (Boss) - Michael Redmond (Boss) - Kyle Crawford (Boss) - Alex Moretti (Boss) - Jonathan Ball (Boss) - ComfyHat (Boss) - J Black (Boss) - Steve Colby (Boss) - Justconst (Boss) - Brenton Brown (Boss) - Jamie Alder (Boss) - Christopher Horkey (Boss) - Pawel Dziemian (Legendary) - Jonah Ferguson (Legendary) - Darius Harvey (Legendary) - StalkerSOC (Legendary) - Jake Betts (Legendary) - Princess Stabbity (Legendary) - Dark Fox (Legendary) - Teemu Hattukangas (Legendary) - JMorro (Legendary) - Darien Cunningham (Legendary) - Matthew Riggs (Legendary) - PrismatDragoon (Legendary) - Jade Rose (Legendary) - D Kurtti (Legendary)
Rachel Sarah K (5 months ago)
+Adam B I've been playing since around 7/8 as well. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily *fine,* but I'm pretty positive video games have nothing to do with my personal problems lol so yeah I agree
Adam B (5 months ago)
truth hurts Lol just discovered all the shit you wrote me 2 weeks ago. You need Jesus, friend. Yes, kids play the game, but the devs aren't exactly liable for that. They put the 18+ on their game, the rest is the parents' responsibility. For the record, I've been playing controversial, political, religious, violent etc.. video games since I was like 9, and I turned out to be completely fine.
Rachel Sarah K (5 months ago)
Seriously, shut the hell up. Far Cry 5's Microtransactions are NOTHING. I've played the game for 25+ hours, you are a sensationalist whiner. I used to really like you but now that I have experienced a game that you have gone out of your way to bitch about, I cannot BELIEVE you made this video saying the MT is "insidious". You are such a clickbait bitch.
Moogle Midgar (5 months ago)
yong yea is a fucking retard, the micro transactions are only cosmetic. you are the most negative youtuber i have ever heard, you never say anything positive. stop being an idiot and do research, lots of people in the comments saying how stupidly wrong you are.
Moogle Midgar (5 months ago)
Ninja Maiku ZA yong yea is a fucking retard, the micro transactions are only cosmetic.
Sr SneakyRussian (1 day ago)
Please do a video about CS GO
KeepDrive Plays (1 month ago)
Silver bars aren't even that premium, they can be earned during gameplay, if you invest a couple minutes into searching around the outposts that you clear, every single one of them, except the first, has a safe, containing some money and 40 silver bars, and as far as i understood, it's scattered around the world a bit too
Aaron Flowers (1 month ago)
Just a painfully average game overall, predictable and some of the worst “boss fights” I’ve ever experienced. I gave this game about 15 hours before shutting it off for good. Sadly, I feel you get more value out of the remastered Farcry 3. I didn’t have a problem with the micro transactions in this game though, they were entirely unnecessary considering how easy it is to earn money & silver bars through playing the game. My summarized experience with Farcry 5: “Oh look, I’m being attacked by a random plane again, ugh how fulfilling.”
Crashing Down (1 month ago)
Always pirate shit like this.
Uncharted Gaming (1 month ago)
Love events can give up to sometimes 120 silver bars, with a minimum of 80 a week(Depending on the Event), and while micro transactions are never good, Ubisoft didn’t try to implement the micro transactions to Multiplayer, so you only get an advantage in 1v1s where you turn on Friendly Fire. Personally, after four playthroughs, not because I was bored, but just because I wanted to brag about how many times I’ve completed the campaign, I haven’t even touched the store since the safes, and live events supplement all the silver bars I need, plus I get to earn cool vehicles, clothes, guns etc, on the way. Personally, again, it’s more than ignorable, something you can fully disregard as another option for lazy people. After all, 15,000 dollars can be earned within twenty minutes if you use a bow, have the right perks and have the right hunting spot, so never really been a problem. After all, Farcry 5 is personally up there with Warframe, in terms of microtransactions.
Sean Russo (2 months ago)
This felt alot harsher than it needed to be. The in game currency is ridiculously easy to obtain. With hunting being so easy there's literally no reason to purchase ingame currency. They were most likely forced to put it in and purchase of it can support the studio but its 120% unnecessary with how easy it is.
joe butcher (2 months ago)
Honestly I’ve played 5 and money grinding isn’t that hard if you have a decent melee weapon and a bow and are willing to hunt wild life got 4000 in 10 minutes from hunting
RedKoop (2 months ago)
Prestige items are identical, so why does it matter?
Tiaan Jordaan (2 months ago)
I never felt like it was a grind. I enjoyed everything I did in FC5, even if it was hunting
Daniel M (3 months ago)
As long as it cosmetic without rng I don't see the point to complain about it. The game itself is complete enough to enjoy without extra payments.
mike wallsch (3 months ago)
I happened to have finished the the game, without grinding, and having more money than there where things I wanted to by with it. I think lack of weapons was the real issue.
Dhsj Jenenw (3 months ago)
Wtf are you all talking about? I finished cry 5 with only a weapon I steal, a little upgrade here and there. In fact, I think that you could even finish the game with the first weapon you have with a little upgrade.
Thomas Murrell (3 months ago)
Honestly, only 4 weapons matter: Bow & Arrow AR Bolt-action rifle (any sniper other than the garbage ACR) Sawed off shotgun I found myself needing only these and now I've got over 50k in cash. I can probably buy EVERY premium weapon at once now, but I can care less. Once you find the weapons that fit your playstyle and have 1 method of transportation for air, water and road each, everything else becomes obsolete and a waste of in-game money. Now before you accuse me, I'm not excusing their in game payment system. It's not the worst but I still think it shouldn't be there at all. Let the items be instead achievement weapons, where the players have to do some sort of crazy stunt (like how some items are with the Clutch Nixon challenges) to unlock them. All in all, I don't think it's that bad, while I do think the monetization method shouldn't be there at all still.
Azhrei2000 (3 months ago)
Not sure if I commented on this vid already, it showed up in my recommendations again, but if this is like AC Origins they MOST DEFINITELY are ignorable.... I got everything in origins in-game in heka chests in a couple days on PS4. Stop blowing things out of proportion, not all of them are bad. Ubisoft has never really been ANYTHING like EA....
Oxy Dioxide (4 months ago)
Money is so easy to make in this game. There is literally no grind I'm constantly sitting at 20k plus money all earned in game just playing and having fun. I'm at that money even with buying outfits, attachments, cars, helicopters, basically whatever I want. A tip to make money is get the perk for 2x harvest from plants and animals and use a bow and arrow (2x harvest of animals). With this tactic you get 4x the skins to sell for hella cash. Go find an area with bear hunting and you can easily make thousands in just a few minutes. Bring Boomer the follower dog to spot out animals to kill or use a ultimate hunter potions for an easier time finding animals.
MonsterKat (4 months ago)
Far Cry 5 just felt OK and I kept thinking I could be spending my time on better games.
Tiana Mjoen (4 months ago)
Far cry 5 was fun. Im glad I got it, and Im happy they got rid of the bonfire/bell tower grind that got old quick. I don't really care about the silver bars, since I poach enough critters that I usually have 30K ingame cash on me at any given time, and already own every prestige item/skin using the ingame cash. Overall it was fun, I've always been a fan of Far Cry, and they'll keep my business.
Chronos (4 months ago)
For fucks sake you don't put microtransactions in a paid game you bought the game and then you get dlc
404 Error (4 months ago)
I don’t see why this comment section is going all crazy if you don’t like the micro transactions just don’t buy it and far cry 5 isn’t even a grind
Shahriar Yousuf (4 months ago)
9000 is costly!!! u serious!! I have 102000$ and I'm not even halfway through the game....its not that hard to get money, hunting, fishing, selling, side missions, prepper stashes r an easy way to get money quickly
FrankDaTank1218 (4 months ago)
The Microtransactions are a non-issue here. Searching outposts and doing live events got me enough bars to buy several things without spending a cent on them.
Michel Cote (5 months ago)
or play the game and find the silver bars that at every outpost.
tray4168 (5 months ago)
Cant believe someone actually bitched about this. How do you sleep at night? Chill with the grinding terminology.
BobsAndVegane (5 months ago)
Its microtransactions aren't that bad, even though they're not cosmetic only, since it's easy enough to unlock the weapons without much grind. Just unlock the perk that gives you double pelts, use the one-hit melee kill drug, and smack a bunch of bears, bison, or moose. You'll can get between $2000 and $3000 (sometimes more) per stack of 10 pelts, which with the perk would require that you kill 3 animals. If you attack a herd of aggressive animals, they'll come to you and you'll get the pelts in 10 seconds. So, fill up on several predators' pelts and find a hunter or fisher or find the hunter or fisher and kill 10 of the animals around them. Better yet is to find a vehicle garage, since they can't be killed by aggressive animals. I'm not defending the presence of microtransactions, but this is definitely a step in the right direction compared to methods used in other games.
The Multi Gamer (5 months ago)
People always complain about the way game companies are using new tactics to make money and its totally bs. You all can't expect games to get massively better every year and have no change to the cost of the games. On average a triple A developer makes like $150,000, and game companies do not get all of the money from selling games on consoles as the console developers also get a cut from each disc sold. It's a courtesy they do this stuff so instead of you having to pay 120 dollars, or maybe even more, for a game you don't like you can pay 60 realize you don't like it, and not buy the extra stuff. instead buy parts such as dlc or microtransactions to games you actually enjoy, it's how most game developers survive now.
Or you could use cash or find silver bars in safes (and join other games where if they haven’t opened the safe it will have cash and bars for the both of you) or participate in events
Zeven (5 months ago)
From what i've seen from the in-game pop-up messages, there is a safe in each Outpost that contains 40 Silver Bars.
CWM- ASSASSIN (5 months ago)
Just grab a bow and head to the southern parts of Faith Seeds region of the map, tons of loot there. ( saw a bear chasing a wolf, chasing a bear, chasing a deer )
Rachel Sarah K (5 months ago)
This game is one of my all time favorites now, and after doing EVERY side mission and winning the game, I can honestly say that *I never even noticed nor needed Microtransactions and the only "insidious" thing here is you lying about it to push your anti-microtransaction narrative, Yong.* The other people in the comments complaining about them? They were never interested in the game in the first place and want an excuse to talk mindless shit. This game has a thrilling story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and exciting, challenging gameplay that never gets boring. If you are actually missing out on this game because of microtransactions, you are doing yourself a great disservice. And I'm disappointed in you, Yong. You never even played the game to come to your conclusion, these are the least necessary MTs I've ever seen.... the prestige weapons ARE cosmetic only because they ARE HONESTLY WORSE THAN THE REGULAR IN-GAME WEAPONS, although you can buy BOTH with in-game currency. After playing for about 10 hours you will be able to afford EVERY helicopter, EVERY car, EVERY weapon... I had more money than I could spend by the end and *NOT ONE THING was locked behind a paywall.* Shame on you, Yong. *You are actually tricking people into missing out on an amazing experience to further your agenda.* Stick to complaining about the real problematic games, this simply is NOT ONE OF THEM.
Tom Petty (5 months ago)
I don't see what the problem is with other people wanting to skip the grind, I mean I haven't even touched the micro transactions, and I mean it's just a skin that you could easily buy with in game money
CRISTIAN SASSARO (5 months ago)
People complain too much
Will Not (5 months ago)
Took me 20 hours of normal playing no grinding no focused hunting or anything to be able to buy all prestige weapons and 1 attachment for each slot plus a suit so I guess they've handled the balancing nicely
Alan Luna (5 months ago)
You might be grinding for awhile? this is how I know you made this video before you actually played the game. There’s no grind. Literally hunting is the best way to get money and it’s easy so I know you just bullshitting. Fuck outta here
Sarthak Pratik (5 months ago)
Just hack the code, and give yourself some free silver. I mean if you have a PC.
Level VII Gaming (5 months ago)
You only "grind" a lot if you don't know what to do. Hunt, fish, prepper stashes, all help to get the funds and resources quickly. In around an hour or less, i can hunt and fish then sell for a good 15k. Thats me just messing around. You can make much more. Look to tips and tricks videos for that.
Mega Milk (5 months ago)
f a k e n e w s m i s s m e w i t h t h a t g a y s h i t
Metroid Killer (5 months ago)
Clash of clans isnt pay to win. Because you can also get every think by just playing the game .》;p
Dead Helix (5 months ago)
So many people in the comments are acting like feminists, the fucking micro transactions literally affect nothing, the only people who would but them are the lazy fucks who can't even play a damn game, Me and my friend 100% the game with no realife money spent other than what went into the game, if you don't want the game cause you don't support micro transactions then you're fucking stupid, just dont spend extra on silver bars, also the story is amazing, I rate the game 10/10 in my book. It gets an extra point for shovels.
Brian Ogilby (5 months ago)
Like many I have a bias against Microtransactions and I dont like Ubisoft (part of the big four bad game companies: Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA and Activision) although I do like alot of what I have seen and heard otherwise of this game (better things then most other AAA games with Microtransactions). So IF I do manage to bite the bullet on this one it will be when the price goes down significantly. I sure wont be buying it now but I may well make an exception later on.
Kit Carson (5 months ago)
One thing I also discovered is that in your second play through.......there will be no Silver Bars or Money in any safe.......nope......empty. So they do wish players to buy Silver Bars so they do dangle those fancy looking weapons and hope that you will buy some Silver Bars sooner or later and to help insure this they take them out of the safes........beyond the first play through. However I do have to agree with the developers of Far Cry 5, all those fancy skin weapons are just cosmetic........I got an M60 and a flamethrower and Boomer on my first long hike of the game when you must go find Falls End. Hint...........transport trucks have them in the back, raid a few of them on your hike.......no they do not have fancy skins but they have the same stats and the M60 is the best gun of the game, give it a reflex sight, silencer and extended mag.......bad news to all who face that thing. Just pick up a weapon and carry it around for a bit.....and it is yours. It will then be found in the store inventory as you now own that weapon just for picking it up. But yea........they are devious......and do wish you to purchase Silver Bars.....hence in your second play through they remove silver bars and money from all the safes.......all the while still dangling those fancy weapons in your face hoping you will buy some silver bars. KInda silly actually as once you get the harvest master perk and learn where to go hunting....money is easy to come by.......you can own all the fancy weapons you want just buy them. 7200 bucks is not much once you learn the game and where to go hunting. Hey I am a solo player.......I cannot see these things or fancy clothes in any event........so it does not effect me............this is more of that multi player nonsense. I would love to see a new game plus arrive.......but I very much doubt that will ever occur. Cheers!
Ryan Neilan (5 months ago)
I really don't understand why they put microtransactions in as you earn so much in game cash and get silver bars from outposts. I have about 700 SB now and 30k just sitting there.
Goth Draagun (5 months ago)
Any game with any kind of microtransactions, deserves a 0/10!!!!!
CJ T (5 months ago)
you make enough in game cash that by the time you complete every quest, you can buy them. you can get $ in an hour simply by hunting. People just need to learn self-control.
MrSkyguy43 (5 months ago)
I feel like that the micro transactions were just put in the game to satisfy higher ups , “grinding” literally takes 10 minutes to get about 10 grand from just fishing so it’s actually very very good and I actually like them
WhiteTiger073 (5 months ago)
Its Not Fucking Hard To Earn Cash
Jordick (5 months ago)
Honestly, the only place where MTXs belong is the F2P games, and even then they have to be cosmetic only and without any randomness. But big publishers ignore this and implement those MTXs into their 60$ games anyway, because stupid people keep buying them.
BlueGreyWolf (27 days ago)
And stupid people keep supporting it by being complacent about it, how there's no problem if it's "only cosmetics!" Especially the lie of video games being expensive to make now days! As if it's the consumer's job to cover a company's expenditures! Edit: This video brings up some interesting things about video games expenditures: https://youtu.be/0qq6HcKj59Q
The Great Santini (5 months ago)
Its not hard to make money at all in farcry everytime i go hunting for animal skins i bring back 10k+
capitalknockers666 (5 months ago)
This might be the first game with micro-transactions I've played where I don't feel the game artificially ramps up the grind to encourage you to buy them. It is so easy to earn anything you want in this game, the micro-transactions really are there just for numbnuts that feel they need to have everything straight away.
John Eby (5 months ago)
Grind? I play for a few minutes and make thousands. I have done grind this isn't it. I haven't had any trouble having the money to get anything I want that's unlocked.
itsVilu (5 months ago)
Given that 10k can be made in around 5minutes or so, I don't know why anyone would want to pay real money. It's a pure braindead-whale trap.
iisdatboi (5 months ago)
Lmao go hunting for 20 min and u have 30k at least
firestorm5432 (5 months ago)
You don't even need to buy silver bars because you can find them in safes and you can just buy everything with money anyways I can fish for 10 minutes and buy the most expensive thing and it is cosmetic only, it has a different name and price with a fancy paint but have the exact same stats it is appearance only
Ninja0Pain (5 months ago)
Far Cry 5's microtransactions are confusing as hell. Money is so easy to come by it's not even funny. They even provide ingame and weekly opportunities to earn the "premium currency" that's easy too! There is no point to them, they seem to be added as a formality if anything.
jimmy000001253628484 (5 months ago)
you can grind out 9000 in game cash in less than 1 day by hunting animals alone and selling their skins
P0LAROIID (5 months ago)
really...it IS cosmetic only dipshit, have you even fucking played it? and no, you're wrong. Nothing is bought solely with silver bars and you can use cash earned in game or silver bars to pay for stuff. it IS both. shut up. it doesnt take a long time to earn things. you have to do missions and hunt,and fish to earn weapons and such, youre just bitching for the sake for bitching. fuck off. when you buy 'prestige' items its just a camo, the more powerful stuff is no different than its base counterpart. and you have to earn resistance points to be able to unlock stuff to buy. and guess what, i have a trap card fucker. you cant buy resistance points. you earn them. by playing the damn game. then when you have enough you are able to buy said weapon. so just stop jacking off your little ding yong to hating microtransactions that dont effect shit.
SuperPunkGamer (5 months ago)
In the new community event you can make silver IDK if it's a normal thing until the next event but ya seems seems mostly harmless, I gotta disagree with you on the prices for the weapons, if you choose to not buy silver, it's really not hard to grind, the hunting/ fishing is lucrative, and for me I honestly forgot I was grinding so it's kinda OK but your right they shouldn't have put this in the game in the first place shows that they wanted to put a pay to win system I'd hold off any judgements until the next DLC for the game or an update
raymund usi (5 months ago)
The Lefts and SJWs goes apeshit triggered because the rednecks are not "evil" enough and somebody say "Obama sucking libtard". They are also angry because Donald Trump is not featured
Pawel Kapica (5 months ago)
I totally disagree with microtransactions as a business model. That said I have played trough the game now and didnt even use any of the silver bars I found nor did I purchase any with real money. I was almost never buying ammo and saved all my money. Still I had no problem to buy the best weapons and also the prestige ones in some cases where I liked them better or they had better stats. Just explore (which I think is fun) and dont waste your credits on ammo that can be found everywhere if you look. Loot every body and animal you kill. no problem. I have been giving Ubisoft a lot of shit for their repetitive and badly designed games recently, But Far Cry 5 was different. It was real fun
Matthew Fejes (5 months ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? All of the prestige weapons you unlock early in the game or don't really cause a splash, this is about as cosmetic as it's gonna get. This is just bitching, the silver bars are there for kids who want an easy win. Seeing as half of the weapons you can unlock in the first hour and the rest don't provide you with any noticable edge, I say fuck you good sir. Fuck you for tarnishing this good game with this false information.
Bird Gang (5 months ago)
I have barely had to grind in this game, I spend maybe 10/15 minutes hunting and can get anywhere between 3/4k to 8/10k. Please don’t exaggerate the extent at which you have to spend time to earn money. It makes it seem like you haven’t actually played the game and are just talking out your ass. I don’t like the MTX’s either but I can sneeze at the game and I’ll generate enough cash to get what I want. Argue for the pointlessness of this and how shoehorned and stupid they are instead of making some false assumption about the game. Edit: BTW if you’re having trouble making money then you’re a fucking terrible player and really should consider something easier... like not playing the game at all considering how the difficulty curve just plateaus about 10/15 hours in. This game is cake, making money in it is cake and if you’re doing badly then you need to either play better or stop and play something else.
Marco (5 months ago)
Killing retarded brainwashed cult christans is all that matters.
THIRTYSIXBLACK (5 months ago)
Happy to say I have not purchased an Ubisoft, EA, Activision, or WB game for over a year because of all their shitty business practices. And I have still had plenty to play from Bethesda, or games such as Divinity and Pillars of Eternity. There's lots of other options out there outside these crappy corporations.
Zachary Richardson (5 months ago)
Far Cry 5 is a good game. Probably the best triple A game so far this year, does it excuse the microtransactions? No. Still. Far cry 5 is awesome, and if there wasn't microtransactions, itd be one of the best triple a games in awhile. And puts dumpster fires such as Destiny 2 to shame.
The RongDong (5 months ago)
All they buy you is a few weapons and clothes so far, once you defeat anyone of the regions getting money isnt that hard, youncan easily get 10k after defeating one
ilikemorestuff (5 months ago)
Sorry YongYea .. I do not agree with your definition of grind. To me, grinding in a game is when you start anew, Running with rifles Man vs World mode for instance. You are complaining that Far Cry V will reward you for playing the game? Get real buddy.
Steep (5 months ago)
No loot boxes .... Yet.
Erabu kun (5 months ago)
If a game is good I will support it by buying it like I did with AS:Origin. But I will never spend even one penny beyond the the game base price. MTX can be ignorable and have not pressence in the game unless it is effecting the core gameplay and then it is time to boycot the title (like most EA titles, 2K or any other shady mobile games like clash of clans ect...) Freemium gamea are cancer and freemium-like AAA are even worse. Atleast Ubisoft is stepping in the right direction but we still need to guideline them and encourge them to make honest games and maybe some new AAA ips.
Quang Ly (5 months ago)
Triple AAA game, Rich company tons of money support, and so much more advance stuff compare to an Indie devs. Somehow Indie dev have more integrity than the Triple AAA. Like you guys become big thanks to the community and build a foundation and get undying support and what you give a TRIPLE A game with transaction. Indie devs might have an excuse like well we small, but they rarely does it and they do their best because they want to build that relation and have an undying love form the community. Seem like triple A game now a day like, We make you pay tons of money, and also if you want skin and other stuff well pay for it. Might as well quit making Triple A title and game. Just join the mobile apps game and leave the game making to real people with a passion and drive.
Firmicute s (5 months ago)
tbh, I want a game that makes completing it a bit harder, a game where you can race through everything super fast.. I love morrowind for example because unlike skyrim you cant become the overhoncho of everything and everyone, if you suck at magic you cant become member of the mages guild.. so here, having to work for a full arsenal but being able to progress ell enough without excessive grind.. I think I'm more okay with that
John Smith (5 months ago)
I went hunting for about an hour, came back with 10k in my pocket. There is nothing that I can't buy. There's a way to make money, all you have to do it play the game.
TayV 813 (5 months ago)
There's more than 8 safes by far. I'm at nearly 600 silver bars without buying any. Not that it makes it any better.. but it's ridiculously easy to stack cash by hunting.
Matt Wilcks (5 months ago)
Slags of pointless micro transactions - proceeds to shill his Patreon. Pretty hypocritical if may say so myself.
Matt Wilcks (5 months ago)
The bugs are the biggest criticism... yet only I am encountering them arghhhjhhh
KalHimself (5 months ago)
So if the prestige weapons are just reskinned weapons with the same stats, then how are these microtransactions "not cosmetic only"? You dont want to pay to get the weapons yet you dont want to play the damn game long enough to get them either.
Ramen Dragon (5 months ago)
I agree with you here!
Lost Joker32 (5 months ago)
Yea that $9,000 price on those guns may seem like a lot however if you unlock the harvest master perk and the inventory upgrade you literally go hunting on the mounts sides in faiths region and slick make 10k easy if you hunt for about 15 minutes
Julius Benter (5 months ago)
Just don't put microtransactions into single player games. And just put out a well develop game and sizable worthwhile DLC's
ThunderGod97 (5 months ago)
Microtransactions aren't going away from AAA games. The companies enjoy the extra profit far too much. So in a world where this is the reality. I chose to support companies that do it THE RIGHT WAY. While I agree, these aren't solely cosmetic only, that is the only fault I find in Far Cry 5's microtransaction system. What you have is an awesome enjoyable game. I don't find it a grind to play this game and earn the in game money...I find it fun. There are three types of store transactions: In game currency, Silver bars ($$$), or Ubisoft Club Points (earn by playing their games). All prestige items can be bought using in game currency. SOME prestige items can be bought with Silver Bars. The rest of the items are solely purchasable using those Ubisoft Club points (very limited). The effort required to purchase those prestige items using only in game currency is really not that much. This is after 29h played in the game and nearly done with the 3rd of the 3 areas in the game. This system could be very different if they wanted it to be...so criticizing the game for its microtransaction system when it is one of the best examples of a microtransaction system in the AAA game industry is just bad. We should be saying if microtransactions have to be a thing in AAA games, then this is how we want them. Ignoring them or demonizing everything involving microtransactions doesn't do anyone any good. They are a reality, accept them as such.
Ian's Meme Factory (5 months ago)
I assume that whoever made the original statement had a stroke or some shit, but considering none of it is exclusive and you can get everything in the game besides Uplay exclusives (which I have all of besides the community shirt and FC:P outfit) with the basic in-game currency, I don't really care about the microtransactions myself. Map editor is shit though, seriously you had perfectly good source code on the SAME FUCKING ENGINE but you still managed to take like 5 steps forward, and 3000000 steps back
Napa (5 months ago)
I'm astounded that people are saying they won't buy this game due to these transactions. These are the kinds of micro transactions you should WANT. This isn't RNG loot box bull crap. You pay the money, you choose what you get. And it's a skin. The regular versions of these guns can be found for free, or bought dirt cheap with in game money.
batmanxgr (5 months ago)
Man!!! Stop attacking Ubisoft!! Ubisoft FTW!!!!
Dakota Cappaurcci (5 months ago)
I mean there aren’t many guns so you can easily acquire every one of the guns
jaydenthie1011 (5 months ago)
In a way they are sorta cosmetic only, the guns arent any better for being prestiged they just look cooler and you can get non skinned versions
The_throat_boys (5 months ago)
I don’t care about the Micro transaction because you can just get the money to buy it...
Deviant Affinity (5 months ago)
No matter how many of us speak up against microtransactions, or even boycott a game because of them, they are here to stay. For every person that does not purchase a game, there may be ten who buy MTX in the same game, completely mitigating, or even out-earning, the loss incurred by a missed sale. The question is about how the MTXs are implemented. Far Cry 5 is about the best case example of how this can be done. Signature weapons are non-intrusive in the shop menus, and purchased with regular, in-game currency, as well. Also. The silver bars, which can be purchased with real currency, are handed out in-game, too. The signature weapons are NOT game changing. The only impact they have is that they can be purchased prior to unlocking their vanilla counterparts. No big deal. This video is nothing more than whinning about something that is not really there to complain about. MTX are here to stay. Deal with it. NO ONE will get any additional money from me for ANY MTX. But the reality is that they earn... Big time. Deal with it. Far Cry 5 does not deserve praise for their handling of microtransactions (at this time). But neither do they deserve the negative attention. There are far worse companies out there that need their BS called out. Let's focus on them.
Ack Sha (5 months ago)
If someone wants to spend real money to get a weapon they think is cool in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME who cares. I’m 1000% against pay to win elements in multiplayer games but why would someone spending THEIR money to affect THEIR game experience bother you in the slightest? I don’t get it. To be clear, I haven’t spent a dime more than the $60 cost of the game. I think the micro transactions in this game are silly but why would someone else doing it upset you?
Christopher Stone (5 months ago)
The speed up progression with Silver Bars is more for Lazy People
Whitey McCracker (5 months ago)
Ahhh no. This is still pay to win, and in a full priced game. Let me explain: sure, you can’t buy the prestige weapons until you unlock them via progression, but by purchasing them, you remove the grind required with the non-progression items. The grind is a time sink purposely programmed into the game to incentivize players to use the micro transaction system. A non-pay to win system would require you to grind out that in game purchase before you can use the micro transaction skin.
Ebisu (5 months ago)
>Able to buy with ingame currency >Use cheat engine on PC >Lmao @ console scrubs
Declan Mentzing (5 months ago)
Gonna have to disagree with you, not sure if you actually played the game, but the Microtransactions are not shoved in your face, No Items bought affect gameplay at ALL, they are only reskins, THEY CANNOT BUY PROGRESS OR LEVELS!
Sir Xela (5 months ago)
I said in another comment section that I'll be skipping Far Cry 5 because if the microtransactions & I'm was honestly surprised how many people were defending this. Single player games should never have microtransactions if they come with a full game asking price.
Sir Xela (5 months ago)
cassi75474 not sure what you're trying to accomplish by continuing to defend this game to me but it's not working. Anyways you enjoy your game & I'll enjoy the games I like that don't include ANY microtransactions. Sound fair?
Ian's Meme Factory (5 months ago)
They aren't pushing shit. This is the least shit microtransaction implementation in years, also I'm not even spending money on it. I just bought the base game for $60 and haven't spent a cent more if you don't include taxes
Sir Xela (5 months ago)
cassi75474 I've already read enough posts trying to defend the microtransactions in this game & your post isn't gonna be the one to change my opinion of them. As I said to someone before, if you wanna show them you're ok with them pushing the line further & further that's up to you, they aren't getting my money though. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ian's Meme Factory (5 months ago)
Except I have the game, and I know for a fact what they're trying to do. The game is extremely difficult with the planes and ridiculously overpowered helicopters that can destroy your vehicle instantly to try to push you to make your friends buy the game so you can play co-op and actually experience the game, and the microtransactions (Which are literally worthless because you can buy them with cash in like 10 minutes because hunting is broken beyond belief, with a single black bear pelt (which are really easy to kill) being worth a little under 2k, so you don't need to buy them with real life money anyway, also all of them are cosmetic anyway so its like who the fuck cares.
Sir Xela (5 months ago)
cassi75474 no, no it's not. It's a Far Cry game, which means the main focus should be the campaign. Don't try to make excuses for it.
EngiBones (5 months ago)
Gonna torrent the game and give myself unlimited of the currency like i do with any single player game with Micro transactions. Seriously companies FUCK OFF WITH THIS.
reubz1123 (5 months ago)
Silver Bars are honestly pretty useless I found it quite easy to grind for stuff that you can get with silver bars.
savvyjac (5 months ago)
There are silver bars in almost all the outposts and even some inside secret locations.
Plori (5 months ago)
I think some people are missing the point... It's not about how the game is playable without using the microtransactions, it's that they're in there in the first place. It means the company can do the hands up "you're the one that implied it not me" gag when someone calls them out for something. It's there way of tricking people so that they can put micro-transactions in without backlash and when they do get backlash they say "I don't know what you're talking about, you don't have to use it..." they are using school yard arguments to get away with stealing people's money, just trying to look out for the future and the people who can't look after themselves.
Well there are people who can't afford 1 micro transaction in this world, if I start to complain about small things like this. I feel bad about knowing that there are people who have it far worse yet we are here complaining about something we can ignore. We should complain about things like Star Wars Battlefront 2 but not this.
Dayvie (5 months ago)
Wow, it's Farcry 3 with other assets, no radiotowers and micropayments. You really miss out on something if you don't experience this game (jk).
Rchevyier Cadwall (5 months ago)
"Grind significantly" it takes me 10-15 minutes to hunt enough animals to get around $20-$25K (which is by far the least amount of grind in any game I've ever played) not to mention that the "premium" silver bar currency can also be found in safes around the game world, which slowly adds up over your time playing the game, which allows you to purchase a few weapons without having to use your standard cash.
IIIDarknnerrtIII (5 months ago)
I finished the campaign, I've spent like $10 on the game for sliver bars just cos I had extra money, and when I finished the campaign and tried to play and continue to do the cult outpost, etc.. but it kept taking me to the credits screen...got played

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