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Titanfall with the Asdfs

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As the Galaxy tears itself apart in a brutal war, the Asdfs fight for survival by any means necessary https://twitter.com/BedBanana Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Dokudoku: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dokudokus Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWrZUGIDAZgU7wW23ZFYbA Wrinklenugget Asdo Music: Beginning: RoccoW_-_Weeklybeats_2_-_Daniels_Kruis End: Protector.101; R.unners
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Text Comments (394)
FuturPaladin489 (2 months ago)
Titan fall 1 campagne was cool
Vintron The Exonite (2 months ago)
240k views, less than 30 dislikes
Trond Granli (7 months ago)
The end 10/10
bob (7 months ago)
Dude thank you so much for doing Titan fall it holds a place in my heart forever😊👍
Herp_a_Derp (8 months ago)
Bed I love your editing style its so refreshing!!
Uriel Lopez (1 year ago)
Best and funny vidios
Josiah Ames (1 year ago)
Making all of those titans fall right besides each other then all of you get in them then storm the enemy is genius because they will not be ready for that many titans at once
Darth Bauls (1 year ago)
whats your gpu ?
NeonBOT (1 year ago)
The intro always gives me smiles :)
Kit Lick (1 year ago)
graphics are shit
Rocket (1 year ago)
"I'll be right back" 😹
Bruce Forte (1 year ago)
Titanfall 1 looked like a 2007 game, Titanfall 2 looks like a 2087 game.
Fabrooski (1 year ago)
You're so good at editing dude
Timothy Miller (1 year ago)
Thumbs up because of the first 30 Seconds. xD
Scourge and Solace (1 year ago)
So, who else is getting Titanfall 2?
Sonic Bralaunik (7 months ago)
I got it.
WorldOasis (2 years ago)
7:40, he missed the giant helicopter crashing into them
Spoonsz (2 years ago)
5:32 "captain temo on duty" fucking hayden
Helplesswhale (2 years ago)
I miss this game...... :( So glad titanfall 2 is comming out
Sonic Bralaunik (7 months ago)
Helplesswhale 3 yeet did u get it?
Larry The Soap Dropper (2 years ago)
This is my favourite anime imo
tander4100 (2 years ago)
This game looks like BO3 on crack
A meme Machine (2 years ago)
Well, it was made before bo3 and to me, it's better.
Jorge R (2 years ago)
This game looks like so much fun. How the hell was it forgotten after a month or two?
Jacob Lynnd (1 year ago)
sequel equal more mequal. I mean money
Firewolf1999 (2 years ago)
Easy leveling, and lack of content. It was super fun but they didn't add enough shit to drive people to continue playing.
Skeleton (2 years ago)
Lack of content.
Draft Punch (2 years ago)
Gassy mexican
Alex Basedfam (2 years ago)
Bro we like the same music
TheVoicedFlame (2 years ago)
Why did they remove that from the game
TheVoicedFlame (2 years ago)
+jake taylor i only play campaign missions
Yung Turkish Man (2 years ago)
+TheVoicedFlame there never was one. That's a special cutscene that plays in one of the campaign missions. The battle of Demeter I believe
TheVoicedFlame (2 years ago)
+Stig larsen the drop cutscene
Stig larsen (2 years ago)
Alex Johnas (2 years ago)
The end gave me feels
Sonic Bralaunik (7 months ago)
Which? This video or Titanfall 2?
fuckin nerd (2 years ago)
I wish I could've played this game
Crytica (2 years ago)
Not sponsored by mount and dew.
Gruuno (2 years ago)
Sonic Bralaunik (7 months ago)
And then there's the second Titanfall with a good story. "Trust me." - "I will not lose another pilot." - "I am 50% in love." Go BT-7274
A meme Machine (2 years ago)
It's online multiplayer campaign. It's weird.
Aurelion Sass (3 years ago)
How can i get this game?
ChasingAce (2 years ago)
+Rui Oliveira Origin
Gabe Sayles (3 years ago)
Jack Dwyer (3 years ago)
I love the Intro music and the intro it's the best
Fly Orb (3 years ago)
Why people would rather play cod than titanfall will always confuse me. Cod doesnt even ship out quality games anymore, they are just bringing in a new title and mask for the same game over and over and over. It's not even worth the money it costs anymore.
StanDaMan (1 year ago)
i have titanfall 2 on ps4 and i really don't like playing it, i would rather stick to BO2
______ (2 years ago)
its because titanfall lacks content , everyone thinks that the gameplay was great and all but if a multiplayer only game lacks game modes and maps then it isn't going to hold peoples attention
N. Y. (3 years ago)
+effkanurr I don't really care for that game myself, but I guess I've never been too in-depth with it. 
effkanurr (3 years ago)
+Piper Johnson Or csgo
N. Y. (3 years ago)
+Jawuan Harris Not to mention Battlefield.
Baconga (3 years ago)
He kills Gassy Mexican at the end of the vid lol
cry me a river (1 year ago)
Stilonmajor u mean 8 months
Stiltonmajor (2 years ago)
+Larry The Soap Dropper WOOO oh... I mean another month
Larry The Soap Dropper (2 years ago)
+Up from the Welldown now another month
Up from the Welldown (2 years ago)
now a month.
ThatBants (2 years ago)
+baconga1 And another 2 months later :P
Mr. Sunshine (3 years ago)
I say this was the only good game to come out for the console peasants new fangled Xbone and the PSPVita4. Its way better than most games that came out from EA. So good the Call Of Buddy: Advanced Snorefare 10 copied it.
Tranker (3 years ago)
More! :D
edward james (3 years ago)
BurntBurrito (3 years ago)
+edward james Please check the description before asking someone else to check it for you...
Xandranxanda (3 years ago)
Twas such a fun game. Its a shame that the lack of stuff at launch pretty much killed any chance it had. Still fun, but rarely find games with more than 4 people.
viki viki (3 years ago)
You and your friends playng deam fotress2
RequiemForADream110 (3 years ago)
Nine months on and I keep coming back to this fantastic ending... exceptional job, sir.
Dana Card (4 years ago)
what do you play titan fall on origin or steam
Moises Zelaya (4 years ago)
You sir know how to make a good video :D know how to make you and your audience have a good time
Gunsblazin94 (4 years ago)
He killed Max at the end lol
The Viper Voice (4 years ago)
Tell cat butts I want to know what the server name is that he got banned from I can make them unban him
John Kramer (4 years ago)
Did any of you guys see that Tanner killed Gassy Mexican at the end?
Yeager_Charlotte (4 years ago)
nj killing Gassy Mexican at the end there lol
Joshua Carr (4 years ago)
I just wanna say, I've been watching the "____ with the ASDFs" videos for a couple years—started with bf3—and I really enjoy the shit out of em.  This one was no exception.  You should know that I'm probably about to go watch a bunch more over the next hour or so...Thank you.
DiegoAlanTorres69 (4 years ago)
I love how they make this game look not-so-next-gen at least until half of the video
Noah Beverly (4 years ago)
You killed gasey mexacan
austinX117 (4 years ago)
where do you get your music bedbananas?
Phirebird 27 (4 years ago)
At the end right before he got extracted he killed gassy Mexican
Alessandro L (4 years ago)
gassy mexican was there!
Hi_ImKyle (4 years ago)
Rebel Scum (4 years ago)
wait gassy mexican was killed in the end!
Decodinator X (4 years ago)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute... that last guy you killed in the video had the gamer tag "Gassy Mexican"! he's another youtuber; he's played TTT, Gmod murder, and prop hunt with guys like Seananners, Chilled chaos, and Goldglove!
WonderLoaf (4 years ago)
You killed +GassyMexican  at the end.
Jake B (4 years ago)
Last kill pf the vid gassy mexican!
david lunn (4 years ago)
You guys are funny as hell man,so refreshing to see gamers having fun and not serious walkthroughs n stuff, keep making me laugh please, big respect from Wales U.K.
Jacob Gosney (4 years ago)
Did anyone else notice how that last scene is him killing Gassy Mexican. 10:10
*killed GassyMexican*
Lord Wobbuffet (4 years ago)
Intro music makes it so much better
Tyler (4 years ago)
you killed gassy 
9:10 life lesson learnt ......never use sidewinder on rodeo! *sigh-splash damage-sigh*
LoXBeast (4 years ago)
Vaguelz (4 years ago)
i love the end how right when the guy dies he leaves the game
jared stamper (4 years ago)
an actual human (4 years ago)
I think there should be an option to crush pilots you pick up as a Titan. That would be brutal and awesome!
Edward Garcia (4 years ago)
Hat song is at the end!!!!!!!!!
Mikkel (4 years ago)
10:12 Gassy Mexican!
Kim Jong Gaben (4 years ago)
whoa gassy mexican
verybadname 3 (4 years ago)
You killed gassymexican!
DevilGhoul Ryan (4 years ago)
Zak Day (4 years ago)
Gassy Mexican!!!!!!!
Jason Choi (4 years ago)
Last person killed: Gassy Mexican lol
KIDzBEATz (4 years ago)
Gassy mexican was in that game (last part)
aldo aguila (4 years ago)
the song is Protector 101 - Runners
SirChop (4 years ago)
I'm your 165,000th subscriber!
ermagico nanetto (4 years ago)
What song did you use in the end?
Angel Rodriguez (4 years ago)
I wanna see you guys play league of legends lol
Thelos90 (4 years ago)
http://fast2play.de/rewardsref/index/refer/id/1167512/ für schnäppchenjäger ;) a great website to buy games ^__^
Sinkatze (4 years ago)
You make the game just look so much better than it is, great work!
PartyPIG_ _3095 (11 months ago)
Sinkatze fuck you titanfallvis awesome
breakfestbacon (2 years ago)
+Godzilla its awesome, every round feels like a scripted campaign event even though its not, same with the picture-esque backdrops.
breakfestbacon (2 years ago)
+Jimmy Sanchez DLC's are free
Jimmy Sanchez (3 years ago)
 The DLC's were terrible. .-. lol
Sinkatze (4 years ago)
+Brokkolesz Yeah true, I shouldn't say I won't buy it as we don't know. If its something worth and I'm not hooked up to something else, of course I will get it :)
cole the reviewer (4 years ago)
im drinking the dew watching dis
AyyLmao (4 years ago)
Name of the song at the end? :o
AyyLmao (3 years ago)
tyvm +Richard Gibbs
Richard Gibbs (3 years ago)
+TheZxta Runners by Protector 101
Andreo Hucht (4 years ago)
they make eveyr game helarisu
Mr. Meems (4 years ago)
This looks too much like a souped-up Call of Duty game. FPSs with levels and unlocks are a thing of the past.
Onyxianz (4 years ago)
at 10:10, he was playing with Gassy?
Magicpiggies (4 years ago)
and even though i don't like this game and i see it has many flaws, that final montage is absolutely orgasmic
Magicpiggies (4 years ago)
absolute awesome man, keep up the good work!
Enchanted Lepe (4 years ago)
Absolutely amazing video! Amazing montage at the end, incredible music, keep up the good work man :D
LockYourDoors LYD (4 years ago)
he was playing with gassy and lolrenaynay
Sabrina Sanchez (4 years ago)
oh wow I got a titanfall ad
Robby (4 years ago)
Lol at the end you killed Gassy Mexican.
Seditious Spyke (4 years ago)
The montage at the end was just lovely
MrVegiss (4 years ago)
That was a sweet montage in the end ! Great work :D
Toxic Lag (4 years ago)
I loved it when you parkour at the end it was awesome
zachary marcure (4 years ago)
Fantastic video!
Ricky Vendetta (4 years ago)
what was the music at the end?
Nibzero1 (4 years ago)
In the end it says you kill Gassy Mexican was it fake ?
Alex Duper (4 years ago)
Killed Gassy_Mexican lol
Milo Jay (4 years ago)
He killled gassy
10:12 bottom right of the screen. Gassymexican was playing with bedbananas
hobber mallow (4 years ago)
+FameXviisionz He streamed it
Hoagster (4 years ago)
I believe it. :)
jiyo (4 years ago)
Do you really believe that?

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