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Mexican Standoff (ft. Key & Peele)

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Tweet! http://bit.ly/1aKhP8t Support the site and the podcast - get a FREE BOOK! http://www.audible.com/rocketjump Two cops get more than they bargained for when they face down a ruthless criminal... Special thanks to Key & Peele for appearing in our video! Freddie will be in their Halloween episode on October 30th at 10:30 PST Music by John Robert Matz ( http://johnrobertmatz.com ) Sound by Kevin Senzaki VFX by Arnold Aldridge and Tanner Merrill Camera by Ben M. Waller Cast: Agent - Keegan-Michael Key Cortez - Jordan Peele Asian - Freddie Wong Cop - Brian Firenzi Cop - Alec Owen Police Photographer - Lauren Haroutunian Hacker - Arnold Aldridge Sniper - Jamie Lukaszewski Wife - Ellary Porterfield Kidnapper: Jake Andrews Dead Body - Danny Vink Written By: Matthew Arnold, Will Campos, Brian Firenzi More awesome videos at RocketJump.com! For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (21485)
Mykah Filimaua (1 hour ago)
"Im not a gun, I'm a human being!" "Well your crying like a little girl" "Screw you I'm killing everyone"
Sam (9 hours ago)
This is alot like Dear Sister....
Omar Quintanilla (11 hours ago)
Keegan: "You mean the hackers wife who just filed for divorce?" Jordan: "Bullshit that marriage is rock solid" Keegan: "Ahhh haha, I guarantee you it''s not, I've been hitting that for 6 months....boom" LMFAO!!!
Omar Quintanilla (11 hours ago)
Jordan: "Nice try, but I've had a unmanned drone on that snipers ass this whole time" Detective: "You mean the unmanned drone the hacker just took over?" LOL!!!!
Josh Lacey (11 hours ago)
4:23 *T H I C C*
Jimmy Bobbert Joseph (11 hours ago)
So the blueberry pie double crossed the gun as the gun double crossed the human as the human double crossed the pie? This is worse than trigonometry, and Idk how to do that.
黃美蓉 (1 day ago)
Bluebarry pie
AKG Panda (1 day ago)
omgitsAli Hasnain (2 days ago)
so funny
cb (2 days ago)
>>law and order
Silver Samurai (2 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is such a clusterfuck
TotallyNotCool (2 days ago)
my favorite vid of all time
KingOfPirates (2 days ago)
This should be an official movie
Cade (2 days ago)
DiddleyBo (2 days ago)
Nikku Gerald (3 days ago)
Flow The Fox (3 days ago)
Jawf94 (3 days ago)
Mission Impossible 6.
Grimlock 852x (3 days ago)
what if everybody's gun became a person
Ronan Mahaffey (3 days ago)
What is happening
유토피아 !! (3 days ago)
johnsonlol (3 days ago)
nyrryl cadiz (3 days ago)
Son of a gun.....
Dylan Monahan (4 days ago)
Did anybody else see that the microphone at 2:58?
High Flyer (5 days ago)
So a gun fucked a woman????
Joshua Luth (5 days ago)
I lost track at 2:17
Red Knight (5 days ago)
He was actually a blueberry
We Are Legion (5 days ago)
I'm just so Fucking CONFUSED!!!!
Deanstrack (5 days ago)
There are kwa markins is an airsoft brand
r u i (5 days ago)
mpjopa tv (6 days ago)
he is a PIE
Queryus (6 days ago)
Mexican Standoff? Build a wall dumbass.
Z Films (6 days ago)
Too many plot twists my brain can’t handle it
Dreamer (6 days ago)
You were crying like a lil gun lol 😂
Aaron Barlow (6 days ago)
Finally gun control morons have a point, guns themselves are dangerous and get up and murder of their own accord.
Franco Fallone (6 days ago)
"guess again, we've got a SHHniper trained on your position" - key. wtf key?
けろべにす (7 days ago)
KAI X GAME (7 days ago)
Kobe Kola (7 days ago)
steeze17 (7 days ago)
“And then this asshole turned into a gun”
Olas (7 days ago)
Still easier to follow than Mission Impossible: Fallout.
Josh (7 days ago)
Man, I just wanna know what task force their in, and how I can join. Never a dull moment in wizard city
Some white guy (7 days ago)
My brain just... fucking melted.
Rexium (7 days ago)
hold on: freddie and the special agent [idk his name so ill say that] cought up to the enemy [idk his name either] a sniper is aimed at the enemy, but the enemy has a UAV which has been hacked by freddie and special's hacker but the hacker's wife was kidnapped but they divorced then special is actually on the enemies side but freddie has another sniper on him but they knew that they were on opposite sides all along but actually, enemy is a sleeper agent activated with blueberry pie but freddie is a corrupt agent but it turns out he is blueberry johnson and blueberry johnson is freddie but special is actually a gun then they try to figure out who is on whos side but cant so they just kill eachother then it turned out blueberry is a blueberry pie and special killed him and they are actually wizards in wizard city what the actual fuck
Prithvi Sundar (7 days ago)
Plot twist off extent
Catalina Rowan (8 days ago)
lol i just died and came back after this as a blueberry pie lol
NotOllyIrish (8 days ago)
whats up with this gun racism
Christian Thielst (8 days ago)
4:03 *adaptive training pistol*
pingwin pingwinowski (8 days ago)
*all along*
Teodoro Santos (9 days ago)
Fuck this is COMPLICATED
Maliphresh (9 days ago)
U dirty gun😂😂😂
Maliphresh (9 days ago)
Mission impossible fallout be like 😂😂
Rober2403 (9 days ago)
Spoilers This is kinda what Mission impossible Retribution felt like.
Ice Cream Dino (9 days ago)
Richard Stephano (9 days ago)
Holy nostalgia, i remember me watching these golden videos, lonelyislanf with they YOLO song, freddie with their VGHS series
psycat magi (9 days ago)
This had me in tears hahahahahahahahahahahhahaa
Karma Mystery (10 days ago)
And the snipers win like always.
Gavin Wilkinson (10 days ago)
Never been this confused in my entire life.
Peter Liang (10 days ago)
This got very confusing.
khanh khanh (11 days ago)
uhh this is confused
DailyShell (11 days ago)
Yeah thats makes no sense though. There were multiple guns not just one and they all fired so there would the the guns, bullets in the vest and clothes, and bullet casings. Guns dont vanish =/
FanBoy (11 days ago)
The snipers must be so confused
Funny John29 (11 days ago)
They all end up killing eachother at the end
Él Céntenariò (12 days ago)
Shits funny asf💯😂😂
Big Off (12 days ago)
That was funny afffff
leticia arias (12 days ago)
Lmfaooo WTF. Its gold though 😂
Machinen Kanone (12 days ago)
Who wants Chinese blueberry pie ?
Jory Jones (12 days ago)
And it turned on this was a Key & Peele sketch on their show the whole time.
Sifiso Kubuli (12 days ago)
Hey guys this is awesome How do you guys come up with such captivating dialogue???
xXGrEyZXx (12 days ago)
That damn gun gives me nightmares
Yu Kamiya (12 days ago)
Who else came here from 9gag?
김재용 (13 days ago)
I felt the same atmosphere at Mission Impossible VI !
eliborio camacho (13 days ago)
"Shut your mouth, you dirty gun"
Yusuf Fahdhia M (13 days ago)
Mission Impossible Fallout in a nutshell
Super Nova (13 days ago)
William Reid (13 days ago)
0:58 u mean cuckey chezz over here
Palieux (13 days ago)
4:04 A D A P T I V E T R A I N I N G P I S T O L
cheezy booty (14 days ago)
Jojo's bizzare adventure in a nutshell
Potato Chip (14 days ago)
Imagine being the sniper watching all of this go down
Tempest (14 days ago)
Lae and order: wizard city? Id watch it.
Finessin Savage (14 days ago)
sednII A (14 days ago)
2:55 : Mic on the top
Dinotroi (14 days ago)
Caralho, tem até legenda turca mas não tem pt-br :v
Samagud TV (14 days ago)
Garret Foster (14 days ago)
Accurate representation of Mission Impossible Fallout.
KFG 311 Gaming (14 days ago)
Wait what about the sniper
SciSi (14 days ago)
You can't escape... THE LAAAAWWW
Adam Billman (14 days ago)
Head Canon: these are wizards LARPing to be normal police officers. Extreme LARPing.
Zane Kun (14 days ago)
What the hell fucking happened...?
prakhar kush (15 days ago)
connect the dots for me someone
Donnelle Raeburn (15 days ago)
there is something you should know about me .... am a blue berry pie
Your Name (15 days ago)
Best Cemedians
Oscar La vista (15 days ago)
Yo I’m so glad I never watched this high 😂
Peter Tran (15 days ago)
Ford die constantly looks happy like he’s always smiling lol
WOPER wop (15 days ago)
This is mission impossible fall out explained in one video
Preston playz (15 days ago)
Krondelo (16 days ago)
lol they take a timeout to figure out the logistics of the whole situation! "You were over there."
TyrantrumGaming (16 days ago)
is it me or is the cop with the mug "the law" from the show VGHS?

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