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Is Xbox Game Pass the Future of Games? - Game Scoop! 468

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This week we're discussing Xbox Game Pass, God of War, Cuphead, and more. Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (249)
Jeremy DeForrest (6 months ago)
GamePass is fantastic. It's actually one of the things that Drew me to purchasing an Xbox One S this month. The ability to pay $10 a month and have access to every new Xbox Duty ghosts game and to be able to play some of the great 360 games I think it chance to play such as Fable 3 right now. I think it's a huge draw. And maybe it's also something that's when the force PlayStation to do something better than PlayStation Now.
Benjamin Wothe (7 months ago)
What kind of microSD was Daemon looking at? You can get a 128gb Samsung from Amazon for $40.
Stranded Alien (7 months ago)
I just used the two week free subscription to Game Pass and finished Gear of War 4 in two days and played a host of other games and I'm over it within a week as the games so far are mostly dismall. The fact is though that I played GoW4 for free and at most would have cost me $10.96AUD, so next time a single player game comes out that I can finish within 8-30 hrs I'm just going Game Pass for the month finish the game while playing other games and then I'm done. This can't be good for game developers unless the games are old and already past their used by date.
chakameat (7 months ago)
Some of that stuff about dark souls is true but fans don think like dark souls because of the challange and reward aspect. The best thing about dark souls is the discovery and the random little things that happen when you play also the atmosphere.
Rich (7 months ago)
another great episode...thanks!
George Thomas (7 months ago)
Thank you for addressing the genre distaste feeling! I always feel alone in my dislike for the same games you guys listed “dark souls, resident evil, over watch, etc.” I want my time spent to feel worth it!
fabienzaca (7 months ago)
Xbox box game pass is an amazing value especially if it has the big triple A shooter games. Even without them it's still very good. But I like to own my games physically and collect them so it's not really for me.
Spawn Cap (7 months ago)
Not as long as there is slow internet connections with limited data caps.
M0rtecai (7 months ago)
people grasping to physical copies of games are growing smaller and smaller, the future is digital, just like music and movies
ShaneJoshua1980 (7 months ago)
MORThings it is providing the HD sizes increase and systems/Hubs allow games to be stored and accessed easily and quickly
Weketeke5678 (7 months ago)
35:32 What is and forever will be...the roper report.
Roy Villegas (7 months ago)
Daemon shirt. Where can i find one?
Cpt Clown (7 months ago)
I love how the fact that dog Doug is wearing a suit blew his mind haha
Wesley Tomaz (7 months ago)
Regarding Miguel's question, there is a website that shows which eShop has the lowest price for each Switch game. savecoins.me It compares the prices converted into US dollars and Brazilian reais (the website is from Brazil) and then you can easily change the country for your account, make the purchase and then change it back. I also live in Sao Paulo and I have purchased digital games from the Japanese and Mexican eShop. I hope that helps.
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
rustyshackleferd22 (7 months ago)
You are way off on the sd card prices daemon lol
Kyllien (7 months ago)
Technically you don't own the games that happen to be on plastic either.
Ruthless Savage Hatred (7 months ago)
I don't like dark souls or horror games either.
Ruthless Savage Hatred (7 months ago)
I'm ok with a digital only future. It's better for the environment and uses less resources.
hvd iv (7 months ago)
if i was best buy why would i sell your $60 physical copies of xbox exclusives when you can play them for $10 on day one. fyi ms wants multiplayer games so you have to pay for xbox live as well....think about it.multiplayer lootbox focused online only games. $$$$$$$$$
hvd iv (7 months ago)
drm always online just like in 2013 but its ok now because of $10 exclusives. wont be long until xbox is just an app. the app box..lol
Finex3000 (7 months ago)
Happy bday Damon you are a cool guy and it shows man one love.
Kyle V. Hiller (7 months ago)
I coulda swore you guys already picked that game for 20 ?s. Either that or I could've just had a premonition.
Kyle V. Hiller (7 months ago)
Game Scoop! That's fair. For clarification, you guys are still my favorite. 🔥♥️🥇✌🏾😎⭐
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
We have repeats from time to time.
MMD (7 months ago)
Switch is like 600US$ in Brazil! =(
Canosis (7 months ago)
Game pass with Live Gold is $15 a month for the full service. I will give gamepass a try for sea of thieves. Hardware sales are going to be tough unless they partner with Amazon or something.
jcnba28 (7 months ago)
I thought of the correct 21 questions game since the beginning lol
Lenny Wright (7 months ago)
Hey guys great show! I think for video game 20 questions you should start asking if the game was "published by Nintendo" before made, that will eliminate Rare games, Cruis'n USA, etc. etc. faster.
Kyle W (7 months ago)
Good point on spoilers because of your jobs. Similar to Sam, they don't matter to me. Good work stands the test of time, without suprise elements. No one says, I can't read Romeo and Juliet, someone told me how it ends.
jcnba28 (7 months ago)
kevin h (7 months ago)
Just remember the STEAM BOX for your game pass
HR Shovin-Stuff (7 months ago)
I aint gonna buy state of decay 2 when it releases but I'll give it a punt with game pass like
rustypwns (7 months ago)
This was a great scoop. The best in a while. Look forward to it every week.
Glozwell (7 months ago)
I'm not sure if it's the future of games but I am willing to make the slightly less broad predictiction that it is the immediate future of xbox games
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Aaron Jones (7 months ago)
Surely the main issue for Game Pass or other subscription services would be how viable is it to add new games to the service? An upcoming that I can't get into is the new God of War, which is strange because I was a big fan of the previous 6, yet this new one fails to appeal to me - although that'll probably game after I play it. I'm not sure if this counts as a super hard game, but playing The New Colossus at the moment, I do find myself pondering why I keep at the game when I don't find it much fun - probably because I liked The New Order a lot.
ValhallaOutcast (7 months ago)
Not sure retailers would like it
Jermel Purse (7 months ago)
I have no idea what SD cards on Amazon Damon was looking at. The 32 gig cards I saw were $12 the 128 gig cards worth $40.
youdosuck (7 months ago)
Jermel Purse ones with gold on it. Actual gold.
eSKAone (7 months ago)
What about the Ghouls 'n Ghosts music?
MasterJazz09 (7 months ago)
Stuff like game pass is the future does not mean physical games will disappear
Micael Amore Cecchini (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot for reading my question, really appreciate it! It's gonna help a lot on my "fun planning" in US
Greg Hakes (7 months ago)
Game Scoop! - Digital game sales are a No No. Their trying to steer everyone a way from physical copies so they can completely control game prices. Once Physical copies are eliminated, they will reset the prices for digital games to $69.99 a game and you won't see any discounts on games but maybe 2 times a year, Christmas and maybe Memorial Day.
Greg Hakes (7 months ago)
E_DUB - I don't think were Pals. When games are first released there alway's the same price. I'm talking about Physical copy disks being a better choice after 3 to 6 months cause you can find them onsale at retail stores while at the same time both MS. and Sony will still be asking full price for digital copy. And if they ever go Digital only, say goodbye to game sales on a regular basis. Maybe 2 times a year they will have a sale on games.
E_DUB (7 months ago)
Greg Hakes So then you aren't talking about when the game releases then. Got it. And I was replying to your individual comments pal.
Greg Hakes (7 months ago)
E_DUB - replying to my Comment Twice doesn't make you right. LOL.
Greg Hakes (7 months ago)
E_DUB Yes they do. When their inventory gets too high they discount the games and make less profit.
E_DUB (7 months ago)
Greg Hakes the whole reason I built a PC was to take advantage of all the digital sales. It's only been recently that PSN started to take notice and have more frequent sales. Why do you think digital 3rd party games cost less on Switch than the physical versions??? Sorry dude but I'm done with this debate. Your whole argument is based on specualtion
Daniellm11 (7 months ago)
All you need is PS4 Pro, Switch and high end PC! R.I.P. Xbox... Want to play the BEST games THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE? GET a PS4 PRO, SWITCH and HIGH END PC! XBOX is pointless! R.I.P. XBOX!  BEST exclusives PS4! Want to play games on the go SWITCH! MARIO ZELDA BEST GAMES! Want to play a games available on PS4 and xbox and PC. GET THE PC version! BEST VERSION! Want to play the best XBOX GAMES.....GET IT ON PC! recent Halo games not on pc BUT HALO sucks in my opinion! The rest is all FACTS! FACT!
Mr Glass (7 months ago)
TRIGGERED little pony....lmfao.
Daniellm11 (7 months ago)
Alexander Chilton i dont agree but ur entitled to ur opinion
Alexander Chilton (7 months ago)
Daniellm11 Maybe the PC itself you can get for 550-600$ in the US (I guess) but then you would need mouse, controller, keyboard, monitor, games. With Xbox One X you can just get the machine and game pass. That's clearly a better deal, right now.
Daniellm11 (7 months ago)
Very true that u can on a budget. Many ways u can build a as powerful same or just 50$ max more.
Alexander Chilton (7 months ago)
Daniellm11 Not true at all. In my country it would right now cost around the double amount to get the same performance as an Xbox One X. If we talking about the same budget. Also, I get that a PC is more versatile etc. But if we are talking strictly to game the Xbox One X is honestly the way to go if you don't have THAT much capital but still care about graphics. But then again, just play third party games on PS4/Pro it is not too bad either way.
Marcus Augustinus (7 months ago)
I'm totally with Big Tony Style on the art style of Persona 5. I keep hearing how awesome it is but I see the art style and am like, nah.
Markus Benjamin (7 months ago)
Of course once everything is digital only to save even more profits they will all want a subscription model. Think about the money saved on production and distribution. Xb now have their DRM just in a subtle way, it looks good now but that's short term. This will be the end of choice and they will control how you consume. MS wanted to be a service from the start of this gen. If they do it in small phases you won't even notice until it's too late.
Markus Benjamin (7 months ago)
Not really,.it's just the progression of business, maximum profit minimum costs is the perfect balance. Psn didn't stay free forever, xb live has 60 million subs, ms want to get those 60 million on game pass. Once they do they can slowly tweek it and change it, roll out to pc etc. Look at office etc it's on MS rival platforms now. Mine craft purchase is a good example too. They said a while back they want to be the Netflix of gaming. If all publishers did this when digital is the only purchase choice that's going to be tough to accept.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Markus Benjamin Paranoid Much?
George Vanderbilt (7 months ago)
I require physical copies.
Jonathan Lowry (7 months ago)
the camera shot of Daemon is to intimate .... scale it down a little.
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Do I make you uncomfortable?
Austin May (7 months ago)
The novelty of the hat question has worn off. Move on
bill clay (7 months ago)
nice vid!! as much as I absolutely love cuphead, they would have sold another million if they would have made it more accessible via options. I know a few people who quit it two after the bouncing blue ball thingy. shame. such sites to see, but why buy it when you will never see them? xbox pass news is just unreal. considering the cost of building PCs now they announced it a great time.
Jason Gunn-Davis (7 months ago)
For the price of two games a year I can play every game that comes out in a year. If Microsoft get their shit together with software this will obviously be amazing.
Gamer Zero (7 months ago)
Big Tony Style needs to be a guest on Game Scoop. He’s practically a host lol.
Button Mash Games (7 months ago)
Luis TheTruest (7 months ago)
Daemon that is one slick fade brother
Nintendad816 * (7 months ago)
I don’t think you need an as card right away I still don’t have one and I got my switch in August . I only have botw , odyssey, splatoon 2 , mario / rabbids kingdom battle , sonic mania , snipper clips and 1-2 switch ( my kids ) sorry lol . Anyway point is no sd card
JOHNNY MURRDER (7 months ago)
Happy Birthday, D-man!!! ✌🏼🎂✌🏼
Sean Petty (7 months ago)
I wonder why Justin is so scared of horror games.... He's too grown of a man to still be scared of tension in a game. Then he says "if I die a lot in a difficult game, I just go play something else.".... How's he in the game industry and so soft as a gamer. Not trying to bash the nice guy, but come on man...grow a pair. geesh.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Not liking Tension doesn't mean your scared. While I do play horror games, I need to be in the mood. Because the gameplay does build tension (not fear). Tension built around trying to escape from being chased by a hoard of zombies.... Doesn't mean your scared. Its just high intensity and tension rather than the calm and relaxing atmosphere of other games.
Justin Davis (7 months ago)
Life is toooooo short to play the same section of a game over and over again.
Nintendad816 * (7 months ago)
Also bloodborn is much faster then souls the combat is more like Witcher 3
Gabriel Smith (7 months ago)
I remember getting a 255 game cartridge for my NES, 240 different moded versions of Super Mario Bros, with 15 other selections
Nintendad816 * (7 months ago)
I love dark souls and bloodborn and I love the combat .
Nintendad816 * (7 months ago)
I think the art in persona is amazing and I haven’t played it . The reason I haven’t is the relationships , jobs and teenage aspect I don’t care for that stuff . We shall see maybe one day
Adrian peña (7 months ago)
Hey, I don’t completely disagree with Sam’s point about Dark Souls but I wanted to offer a different opinion on what exactly attracts me to those games. I heard Dan Tack from Game Informer say “Dark Souls is Zelda for those who feel Zelda has left them behind. He said this on some GI podcast and it stuck with me ever since. Growing up my favorite series was Zelda and my favorite game was/is Ocarina of Time partly because of an older cousin who I watched play ALTTP and then OOT. I was fascinated by those worlds that felt like they had existed for ages and had its own history. The feeling of mystery in old woods with hidden treasure or old temples forgotten by time. Although I loved Wind Waker, it didn’t quite scratch that itch for me, Twilight Princess was a similar story. Zelda could do no wrong in my mind, but I didn’t feel that sense of mystery anymore. By the time Skyward Sword came around, I had to contend with the idea that I had outgrown my favorite series, that a Zelda game would never affect me the same way that ALTTP, OOT or MM had years earlier. Then I saw another cousin of mine playing Dark Souls. I didn’t think much of it at the time but decided to try it out for myself anyways. Throughout much of the early game I didn’t think it was anything too special. At some point after the Undead Parish though, I began to feel the same way I used to when I played Zelda. The mysterious world, the old woods, the forgotten temples, the secrets and alluded-to history. The difficulty I think is sometimes overrated, not an easy game by any means but the biggest draw for me is definitely the world and exploration. This probably won’t convince you to try it again, but I wanted to share my experience. Love the show! SCOOP!
E_DUB (7 months ago)
I agree with you on most points. The enemies in Zelda just don't do it for me anymore, I need something more mature. BB is my favorite game since Mass Effect 2 it is exactly what I needed. Can't wait for DS1 on Switch
Adrian peña (7 months ago)
Alexander Chilton Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I’m still a devoted Zelda fan. Got a Switch and Botw at the midnight launch at my local Best Buy. I love that game and my Switch, played it for about 4 months straight.
Alexander Chilton (7 months ago)
Adrian peña And then BOTW saved the Zelda franchise :) Seriously, I think you would love it.
Rebecca (7 months ago)
Daemon touched on why a game pass like service can never be the future of gaming. He, like many I imagine, want one unified service, but like Justin said that will never happen. So what, in a few years time we will be expected to have subscriptions to Xbox live, Xbox game pass, Playstation Plus, Playstation Now, Nintendo's upcoming service, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, CBS all access, Loot Crate, and god only knows how many other services?!?!? That is lunacy! Only the most die hard fans of pop culture and modern media are going to put up with that. The rest of us probably aren't going to buy into such an obscene number of subscription services and be slowly sucked dry by mega corporations.
Rebecca (7 months ago)
Irish Jester Exactly, you're just proving my point. Subscription models can't be the future of games because we already subscribe to things we want and avoid the things we don't want. But if every publisher moves to this model well then if you want to play every game you're interested in that year you would have to subscribe to every service. I never said you NEED every service I said the exact opposite, having to pay for everything to get access to a handful of things you actually want is a crap idea and will never be the future of media consumption.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Beckie Sucked dry? Your getting access to huge catalog of games. Gamers can play games they never would have played if Purchasing a copy was the only option. Same with Netflix. I've watched and discovered so many new movies and shows I otherwise never would have seen if purchasing individual DVDs were the only option. You gain access to huge catalogs of media for a low monthly price. And get to try media you otherwise would have never been exposed to if you had to purchase each title.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Beckie Who says you need every service? Why would you? For instance if you don't really play EA games, then don't subscribe to EA Access. Or if you don't like Ubisoft games, then don't. I only subscribe to Netflix because Hulu doesn't appeal to me. Who says we must subscribe to them all? Its called options. Pick the best for you. Forget the others
Miles Williams (7 months ago)
The Dark Souls series is probably my favorite franchise ever. The only other one maybe ahead of it is Metal Gear. I know a lot of people say this Sam, but Bloodborne really is different. You used the combat being slow for a reason you didn't like it... which I totally understand. Bloodborne is way faster. The thing I love about them is the level design and the feeling of wonder. Not knowing what's around the next corner. What location you're going to visit next. Just the sence of wonder in those environments. I feel like they get a bad wrap from some people just saying they're hard games. They really are so much more then just difficult games though. Bloodborne was my first one and will always be my favorite, but I've went back and played them all and love them all. They're definitely not for everyone and that's okay:) Great podcast as always, dudes. Scoop!
luciddre4m (7 months ago)
I understand where you're coming from Sam, but you're completely missing out on what makes the Souls games special. In my experience, the combat and the emphasis on slowly progressing through difficult areas is not what most fans think about when trying to describe why they enjoy those games. It's much more about the world design, lore, and aesthetic. These features are unrivaled, particularly in the original Dark Souls and to a similar extent, Bloodborne, and there are simply no other games that achieve the same level of environmental storytelling. Every single object in the world, collectible or not, is placed there with extreme care. The item descriptions tie into the story, allowing it to unfold at the pace you decide. Every NPC interaction is specifically timed and worded to enhance the sheer sense of dread and hopelessness in your mission, yet they all encourage you to press forward despite the odds. And yes, the sense of accomplishment you feel after defeating a particularly difficult boss or section of the game is simply cannot be felt through other games.
Miles Williams (7 months ago)
luciddre4m I couldn't agree more.
miniwar monger (7 months ago)
I imagine Nintendo holds back their VC program to be more inviting to indies and small developers which often complained they had a hard time competing with Nintendos own offerings.
EagleEye6486 (7 months ago)
Time Stamps 00:06 Start / Episode Overview 00:42 Xbox Game Pass 09:03 Listener Feedback - Are Subscription Services The Future For Gaming? 13:40 God Of War 18:19 Listener Feedback - Games Game Scoop! Can't Play That Everyone Else Likes 26:27 Listener Feedback - Should You Feel Bad For Being Bad At Hard Games? 30:22 Listener Feedback - What To Get For Nintendo Switch? 35:27 Video Game 20 Questions 47:04 What We're Playing This Week 49:17 Outro
To buy from eshop if it's not available in your country: 1. Make an nintendo account with USA as location, I use Miami 2. Add a international debit or credit card 3. Have fun The most important thing is the location in the account If the card doesn't work you can also buy eshop points on walmart.com This should work in Brazil or any other
Death Grips (7 months ago)
No it’s not the future for gaming lol i mean to those who prefer a digital library, then sure. But to those who enjoy the mixture and when some titles don’t get physical releases then yes I do buy digital or if the title is old. But mostly I buy physical copies and collectors editions most of the time cause I love them and the novelty of it all, I grew up with em. But to assume or claim that this is or could be the future is a horrible thing in my eyes if its a mandatory thing instead of an option... I hope this isn’t the future...JS
Death Grips (7 months ago)
Irish Jester music and film are very different media’s compared to games but I also get the ease of access for such but an easy fix other than this would be so digital demos again. Like I said I personally enjoy a physical library to a digital and I only use digital when the title itself does not have a physical form like with most indies. I love the novelty and I enjoy supporting the games and their teams, developers and etc. The same with music and film, I lean towards a more digital music library but still will go out of my way for a vinyl record in a heart beat and the same goes for films or a great tv show series I’ll buy it in the best form possible, I get the convenience of doing something like this but I personally feel it’ll have more of a negative impact largely on the physical market. And even with my large digital music library, even with name your own price type of situations I still go out of my way to support the artist for I personally how it is in the process of creating and the same goes for any of these media options. And yes with Netflix, I’ve watched more than I would’ve bought but I still afterwards look for the series physically at Best Buy or some shit lol Just having it in certain situations is a plus in my book and I just wish little demos came back to give the player a small experience and then with that the consumer can decide if to or not...but to each their own.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Death Grips It allows consumers access to a large catalog of games. Games they otherwise never would have tried because they aren't going to purchase each 100+ games. Same as with Netflix. I've watched countless movies and TV shows that I liked and never would have seen if purchasing a physical dvd copy was the only option.. Same with music. Ive found so many new bands I like. That I never would have been exposed to if purchasing CDs was the only option. Game Pass (and music/Movie) instant access is a benefit to Consumers because they gain instant access to a full catalog of games. Games they never would have gotten to play if Buying the game outright was the only option.
Ryan Devine (7 months ago)
I’m so bummed now. I bought Super Mario Bros 3 and my Nintendo Switch at the Toys r Us in Albany, NY, as well as countless other systems and games over the course of almost 30 years.
Aerialslayer (7 months ago)
Still won't buy it. I will stick with my physical copies. Just can't give that up.
Aerialslayer (7 months ago)
I agree with that. Just not for me is all :).
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Aerialslayer of course you can still buy physical copies of favorite games. But now gamers just have more access to more games.
Aerialslayer (7 months ago)
I understand how it works. I have used Xbox Game Pass before. I understand you have access to 100+ games. I just rather have as much as I can as physical copies. When Sea of Thieves comes out I'd rather own in physically instead of getting it through Game Pass.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Aerialslayer Subscription gives people access to huge catalogs of media that they otherwise would never have been exposed to if purchasing individual copies were the only option. You can still buy favorite movies on Blu-ray. But Netflixs allows you to also watch thousands of movies you would never buy. Same with game pass. Most gamers wouldn't buy each of those 100+ games. Yet, now they get exposed to new games they may find out they enjoy. Games they never would have played if purchasing a copy was the only option.
Novadamus (7 months ago)
Good group! Excellent show! Two words exclamation point
Bigsteelguy4 (7 months ago)
I wonder if Dragonball fighterZ, Cuphead, and Lucky Tales will be on the Game pass. What Microsoft should do is give exclusive free trials on the Xbox game pass, to new games and then eventually add them in the catalog 1 year later. Like Forza Horizon 4 comes out like April 2019, you'll be able to try it out for a few weeks as a free trial, then 1 year later in April 2020 it will be added to the catalog permanently.
Zach Mills (7 months ago)
I'm totally with you Daemon, I'm not into the competitive stuff. At one time, I was big into GoW online and CoD but I really fell out of that. I like getting into my own zone and enjoying my experience.
Zach Mills (7 months ago)
Thechosenone (7 months ago)
Zach Mills I'm the same exact way. I left competitive multiplayer last gen. This gen, I've just stuck to single player games and I'm enjoying myself a lot more. It's also a lot less stressful.
Suzaku Kururugi (7 months ago)
League of Legends is so fun man, you should give it one more try
patrice amoapim (7 months ago)
I have one must have for switch, Shovel knight.... its Very good tbh.
Miles Williams (7 months ago)
patrice amoapim I don't own it on Switch, but yep Shovel Knight is fantastic!
Chris Martin (7 months ago)
Rubicon drop in a big spot!
jason withani (7 months ago)
Josh Hansen (7 months ago)
HA yes! I loved clayfighter as a kid, that's awesome
GamerCat (7 months ago)
Personally I thought Mario was overrated. It was good but it wasn’t a 10/10 to me.
Blactrick (7 months ago)
Is Justin Davis the heir to the Ziff Davis fortune?
Aaron Bohannon (7 months ago)
Conspiracy Theory, Daemon is Big Tony Style.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
BiggTonyStyle Thats exactly what Justin would say..... Dun Dun Dun. The Conspiracy thickens. Is Justin making Big Tony Style accounts? Find out next week on Scoop-spiracy airing at 9pm (8pm central).
kaleb russ (7 months ago)
BiggTonyStyle lol good to hear from you again, brother. Great question, by the way.
BiggTonyStyle (7 months ago)
I swear I'm real!
Corey Anderson (7 months ago)
I so can’t wait to play GoW! Also Cuphead is a b*** buster type of game but I love it!
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
That's adorable that you censored ball.
George Foreman (7 months ago)
Wow it is so clear how anti Xbox this company and people are
George Foreman (7 months ago)
lanesplitter87 SWAMP DONKEY
lanesplitter87 (7 months ago)
Wow, it is so clear how childish you are.
Olblueyes76 (7 months ago)
At first glance, Microsoft offering their titles with a Gamepass subscription sounds like a good deal, but what if those titles are removed from the lineup 30 to 60 days after launch? Then you have to purchase the game anyway to keep playing and that reduces the value of the Gamepass subscription because your access to those new games is limited. Gamepass does offer discounts for games already appearing on that format, but there is still a lot of uncertainty on how much value this offers, especially with games like Sea of Thieves, where players will likely want to pour many hours into over a longer period of time.
Olblueyes76 (7 months ago)
Irish Jester yes but I can also do that with a $5 Redbox rental, don't get me wrong I still think this is a good deal but I'd like some more details and information from Microsoft about how long they plan on having these games available for subscriptions, before I hail this as the next best thing to hit gaming. When you think about it that only comes to $15 to $20 a year to rent the Microsoft exclusives which is a lot cheaper than the $120 it would cost me for an annual Game Pass subscription.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Kristopher Bradney Even so. You've gotten to play the gane and discover whether you enjoyed it even if you eventually have to purchase because it was removed
Austin Vogt (7 months ago)
Who likes the hat question?
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Yeah, at first it was funny. Now it's just played out. He used to have a list of silly questions, but he never used it. He just repeats the same two things over and over and it's just not funny anymore.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
I wish he had a unique "Stupid Question" each week. Not just the same two or three. Hat and Hands. I forget if he has another.
Calvin Johnson (7 months ago)
I HATE the hat question lol
The VR Sofa (7 months ago)
I use a psvr where I download so many games for my channel, and I do NOT see the hype on this game pass. There so many things like it, and I don't even have WiFi at home. So it's useless to me, plus I would never get a subscription...Netflix for games? Sounds like an awful future.... :(
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Sofa of Adam - VR With Game Pass, You download the games not stream. Gamers are getting access to a huge catalog of games. Games which many gamers may never have gotten exposed to if purchasing each title was the only option. You know how many movies and shows I've enjoyed on Netflix. Which I never would have seen if purchasing each DVD was the only option? Same with music subscription. People have discovered new music and bands because of access to a huge catalog of music. Bands they otherwise wouldn't have ever discovered if purchasing individual CDs was the only option
David Salazar (7 months ago)
Not still in business? Sounds like we got a stinker on our hands.
patrice amoapim (7 months ago)
Josh Rogers (7 months ago)
Apparently my wife would be happier if it was JUST Daemon...........You hear that Daemon?..........Damn homewrecker.
Blactrick (7 months ago)
That's less than a quadruple. Boo
iXi Club (7 months ago)
iXi Club (7 months ago)
My apologies, fine sir! And lmao, are you REAL?! I don't believe it..
BiggTonyStyle (7 months ago)
One more G ;-)
TheCurrykiev (7 months ago)
Uh oh. Justin’s hair is long again. He’s back to stroking the back of his head again. I don’t know why it annoys me so much.
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Because you got issues.
rguitar78 (7 months ago)
Justin, clean up brother, is the new baby really that hard on you? Love the episode, you three really hit hard with all the great conversation, I always appreciate what you bring to us.
Median More (7 months ago)
Thank you for pronouncing Labo correctly. Seems like everyone else at IGN has an issue with that. :-)
Ben Horn (7 months ago)
Strongly dislike the art style of persona
Game Scoop! (7 months ago)
Does not compute.
James (7 months ago)
33:40 Actually SD cards will go on sale whenever DDR4 goes on sale.. which is never.
Jacob Smith (7 months ago)
Interestingly, Toys'r'us stood no chance against Amazon whatsoever. Amazon makes nearly $20Bn a year from servers. They can afford to run their retailer department of Amazon at a loss of $6Bn a year. How can anyone compete with a company that can afford to lose $6Bn a year.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Jacob Smith The special focus stores (like a Toys only store. Or a Books Only store, an electronics only store) stand no chance. But people will still always use a Walmart, a grocery store, etc. Thats why Amazon bought Whole Foods. Something like Walmart will be fine. A one stop shop for everything from food to clothes to toys to electronics. Some stuff people like to buy in person, not online.
Vincent Matlock (7 months ago)
Gem Su Lol what
SAMURAI JACK (7 months ago)
So true they don't need to make profits!
Jacob Smith (7 months ago)
+Gem Su I mean this with the utmost respect sir, but I don't really know what you are talking about. You claim that Amazon as "an unstoppable force" is a "farce". They have a market value of $427Bn. Walmart, Target, Sears, JCPenney, Kohl's Nordstrom, Macy's and Best buy ALL COMBINED have a market share of $291Bn. Amazon has a market share worth $140Bn more, than all of their competitors put together.
Gem Su (7 months ago)
The idea that Amazon is this unstoppable force is a farce. when dealing with bananas, company A ships only bananas but company B ships bananas and also ships cocaine . which is a better economic model? It is essential for Amazon to "partner up" with the U.S. government.
Jam Thief (7 months ago)
Xbox Game Pass is the one feather in Microsoft’s cap right now. Naturally it’s offered by the underdog, and I wish Sony would take note. I honestly think they doubled down on Gaikai because of their sunk cost. *Streaming games just sucks.* An all you can download sub is such a good idea.
FACEOFBEAR (7 months ago)
Justin should comb his hair. Just once.
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Joe D (7 months ago)
FACEOFBEAR He needs a damn haircut! Some people can pull off that look but he isn't one of them lol.
lukas woodbridge (7 months ago)
dont forget L.A noire, doom, mario kart, and fire emblem for that guy from brazil
Nick Haskell (7 months ago)
I'm diggin the omega cops 3 stack. Keep up the good work fellas, I look forward to checkin in with y'all every week.
David Dante (7 months ago)
Once again i fundamentally disagree with Justin. I don't think gamepass is the future. I hope physical games don't go anywhere.
Abraham M. (7 months ago)
Games Pass doesn't seem so bad, as at least for a straight fee you get to play a rotating number of games. They'll never be yours, but at least you're not paying full price for those games. Just ten bucks a month. It's a good deal, just like streaming services are a good deal. Digital games purchases on the other hand are a different story. People who buy games digitally will never own the games as long as they have DRM, but yet these dumb dumbs buy them anyways. Now that is stupid, as you're renting games while paying a purchasing price.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
hvd iv people who play multiplayer games already have live. So thatd not an Issue. There's plenty of single player games in game pass that don't require it. There's no additional drm added by Game Pass. Its the regular game, you download it.
hvd iv (7 months ago)
you realize you have to have xbox live and game pass to play xbox multiplayer games. thats $20 a month for some.they are doing it for the money. enjoy drm and always online lije in 2013.
Markus Benjamin (7 months ago)
Netflix hasn't completely killed blu ray but in the uk you can pick up almost all new blub ray releases for well below rrp everywhere as they go not sell in the volumes they used to. I prefer physical all day but most of Japan sales is pure digital they see physical as clutter and pointless in thr majority and aside from collectors editions.
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Charlie Milroy You realize that Game Pass (and that model) allow both consumers to play games they never may have tried if they had to buy them (same with Movies and music. The consumer has access to a whole catalog not just the few albums they bought). And allows developers to monetize back catalogs of games, well after full sales have died. After release, sales for a game drop off until they aren't really pulling any real revenue or income on that title. But having there older back catalog on a streaming service allows them to monetize those older non-revenue generating titles On Game Pass, Ubi, EA, etc aren't releasing Day 1 games. They are licensing the older catalog to Xbox Game pass for a fee (just like Studios license streaming rights to Netflix for a fee). Thats money they wouldn't have earned on those older titles. Since most Game Pass subscribers wouldn't be purchasing each of those 100+ games anyway.
hocotate spacing out (7 months ago)
In mexico games cost more than in the us, so probably brazil has the same problem. I would give it a search to find the cheapest country/state
Josh Rogers (7 months ago)
I'm with big tony style on this one. Though it's not so much Persona's art style as it is just me not liking jrpg's. I have tried quite a few and couldn't get into them. The only one that I somewhat liked enough to finish it was Final Fantasy 15. Even then, you could argue that FF15 is more a western rpg than it is jrpg. What's funny to me particularly is how Persona fans describe the game. They seem to make it sound like a tedious slog of mundane actions. A friend of mine said it like this "The game is so fucking good man. Time management is a huge part of it. Like finding a job and building relationships with people to unlock certain things. It's so good!" When someone like me hears this I'm thinking "Wait, I play games to get away from all that. I don't want to worry about a job I'm not getting paid for." I'm POSITIVE that persona fans see this a lot differently than I do. It just goes to show the wide variety in taste when it comes to gaming.
Josh Rogers (7 months ago)
Irish Jester For sure! I should have been a bit more specific. I do love stardew valley. I don't necessarily think that time management/in game jobs make a game bad. All I meant was to someone on the outside looking in Persona 5 might sound tedious or boring. It's fun to watch someone explain persona to someone who has never heard of it. I in no way think all jrpgs are bad or stupid, just not my cup o' tea
Irish Jester (7 months ago)
Josh Rogers Well, games like Star Dew Valley and other non-JRPG games are also Time Management and involve "work" like managing crops etc. Even survival games can have time management. Regarding resources, etc. That Zombie game on Xbox has you building a safe house, rescuing survivors and making friends with unique abilities (unlocks). Working to gather resources for yourself or your safe house. They're just game mechanics. Found in many type games (from farming games, city building games, RTS games, survival, and survival horror, tons of Mobile App games, etc). Think about how many involved some type of time management and "working" even if its just tending your farm or gathering resources daily. We do a lot of those type things in other games. They're just presented differently depending on the games story and context.
BIG DB (7 months ago)
I generally dont like jrpgs either but love persona 4 and 5. Only bought because of all the hype. With you on FF XV, like it so much although is pretty western. FF VII & Crisis Core are the only other final fantasy I have beaten
maartenpitt (7 months ago)
Why call it "20 questions"? It would better be "The 4 weird questions out of 20"
SotNist (7 months ago)
People can probably only perceive nuance in a few areas of interest, so it's not surprising that someone can't tell the difference between Persona 5's execution of it's art style and say... a really modern, generic anime art style, like in an Atelier, Hyper Dimension Neptunia etc. I'm really thankful I grew up on stuff like Akira, Ninja Scroll, Lone Wolf & Cub, Blade of the Immortal, Akira, Golgo 13 etc for anime and manga, so I have some frame of reference. That and great JRPG's in general in the 16 and 32 bit era. I suppose martial arts/samurai/ninja flicks and games, Wu-Tang, Ninja Turtles, Frank Miller and whatnot helped shape my interests too. Plus growing up reading magazines like Gamefan, which focused more heavily on Treasure and SNK games, and import Saturn titles, than they did on Goldeneye.

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