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Mefjus VS. Emperor - Imagination Festival 2016 [DnBPortal.com]

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✖ Become a DnB Portal patron http://patreon.com/BassPortal ✖ Prague / Cze / Live / Výstaviště Holešovice / 25.11.2016 / Neurofunk / Drum and Bass / DnB ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DnBPortal ➔Follow http://twitter.com/DnBportalHQ ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal ✖ Imagination Festival ✖ Web: http://Imaginationfestival.cz FB: http://fb.com/Imaginationfestival ✖ Mefjus ✖ Spot: http://bit.ly/mefjusspotify SC: http://bit.ly/mefjussoundcloud IG: http://bit.ly/mefjusinstagram ✖ Emperor ✖ FB: http://fb.com/EmperorDNB SC: http://soundcloud.com/the_emperor TW: http://twitter.com/EmperorDNB
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DnB Portal (2 months ago)
✖ Become a DnB Portal patron http://patreon.com/BassPortal ✖ Mefjus VS. Emperor 2014: http://bit.ly/MefEmp2014 (740k) ✖ More video sets by Emperor ✖ https://youtube.com/watch?v=tj6mFwBQWuY (173k) #DnBPortal #DnB #DrumandBass #Mefjus #Emperor #ImaginationFestival #Neurofunk
Aurelian (10 months ago)
Diego Lopez There was a set on 24.02.17, you can look out for it
paul dale (1 year ago)
DnB PORTAL possible my fav set from 2014
Diego Lopez (1 year ago)
Any Phace or Misanthrop set???
Nikola Obrová (1 year ago)
macky gee didn't arrive he had some problems on the airport
Leo Gona (1 year ago)
yee and i want to see macky gee set from 2016
Berecz Patrick (13 days ago)
8:05 Track ID ?
Phrenio (1 month ago)
Anyone who doesn't take their music seriously basically makes clown music
Shadowdnb (1 month ago)
This is one of my fave set's from these to can't stop listing banger arfter banger
The True Flatpack (1 month ago)
46.30 what is this tunee
100full (1 month ago)
8:55 Is another version of divergence from new album? like the unmastered version and he is testing it? might be
100full (1 month ago)
RAGG-1 nahh dont think it gonna be released, he just changed the project i guess
RAGG-1 (1 month ago)
100full dunno I think he might have just changed his mind on which tune to put the sample in They sound quite different, hope it gets a release though
Attlanttizz (2 months ago)
The legend continues :)
The Luftwaffle (2 months ago)
12:12 ID?
RAGG-1 (2 months ago)
8:55 13:38 21:52 48:42
Roman Joška (3 months ago)
31:00 track?
jim mc (3 months ago)
8.58? what the......?
AIW FTWR (3 months ago)
Ok ok 28:27 my mind is officially blown beats aren’t matched yet still sounds bad azz (exception of a few spots briefly) I can honestly say I’ve never seen this or never noticed before. Anyone else this is an instant train wreck, so to speak.
Just Jackson (3 months ago)
12.12 Emperor - ??? ID?!
Vla D (3 months ago)
The Luftwaffle (3 months ago)
Misanthrop - deadlock (emperor edit)
Scott Miles (4 months ago)
Been waiting for release of 7.53 drop for nearly 2 3 years
dan prdoš (4 months ago)
Methjuice Vs. Pemperor 2018 please!
Andrew Cummings (4 months ago)
awesome set but this crowd is lame, no one seems ot be going for it they're all just bobbing about
Gianni Hoffman (5 months ago)
29:30 = the difference between 2016 & 2014 set
doobyswesh (5 months ago)
i'm suprise that there is not already classic and usefull to everyone tracklist. Should i do by my own with your help?
doobyswesh (5 months ago)
there is a tracklist with 2 like xD
naota3k (5 months ago)
Sean Rick (6 months ago)
7:50 name please D:
The Luftwaffle (4 months ago)
Sean Rick misanthrop - deadlock (emperor edit)
Ivan Ivanov (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/IKFMgxLzSPA?t=914 which is the song please ?
doobyswesh (5 months ago)
USE PLEASE this : and do like all other way more simple like 15:14, no more pop up page
Saul Alvarez (7 months ago)
...The Emperor destroying the dancefloor with the soul of Mephisto a.k.a Mefjus...
Refix7 (7 months ago)
EMPEROR TRIP GROUP (7 months ago)
Mox (8 months ago)
14:00 that's why Mefjus is a beast
fabriclondon (8 months ago)
Mefjus' mix for fabric has just been announced! FABRICLIVE 95 out on 17 November 2017.
sedf sdf (9 months ago)
Pudge ;)
Tommy Lawrence (9 months ago)
Been waiting for 37:51 for way over a year... pls mefjus we need this tune
hood 33 (10 months ago)
Hey guys I create a channel of drum and bass but I need some help bros I hope you can help share with your friends! And a need some view for my Chanel Getting more music!! See ya
Alistair Trotter (10 months ago)
Oh my god! what is this tune at 48:20 Such a FILTHY BASS!! I hope it gets released soon !!
cinkoz (16 days ago)
Mefjus - Sizzle Fizzle
George Dunscombe (5 months ago)
Heard this dropped at the bang hai palace at boomtown 2016! Been waiting ever since!
Crydeplosion (10 months ago)
5:55 that transition 🔥
Stephan Nel (11 months ago)
Shoooh 14 :35 well done so far!!!
Saul Alvarez (11 months ago)
Fuck why this shit doesn't happen in the US :/
Seneca W. (11 months ago)
for the love of your god can someone please tell me wtf tune that is at 14:00 ??? everyone ID's everything but the one i wanna know lol
Ivan Ivanov (11 months ago)
the song at https://youtu.be/IKFMgxLzSPA?t=918 ?
Zoaxe Mythale (1 year ago)
66.666 views lmao!
[NLC] i11nerd (1 year ago)
so nice
Oli Probs (1 year ago)
8:56 IS FUCKING MAD! Any update/info on this badboy people?
vileblood (1 year ago)
35:19 Mefjus really enjoying one of Emperors new Releases
elca34 (1 year ago)
Miluju te mefjusku!
eddi (1 year ago)
этак для себя, не забойно ни хера, тошно бля.
Max Antohin (4 months ago)
eddi пиздуй джампапщину свою ебаную слушай
Ashley Ramirez (1 year ago)
i really just can't get enough of 'i was' love it especially when it's within a mix. All round smiles here boys keep em coming! :D
Shane Caswell (1 year ago)
What the fuck's this at 37:55?!!
Oli Greenaway (1 year ago)
8:56 rofl thats fucking mcdddddddddd
feihung87 (1 year ago)
Nice set, no wanker MC to ruin it. Nicely played. 8:56, it's not like it was, hot fire.
MrThaChicken (1 year ago)
Lekker hoor
Tim Hamson (1 year ago)
Sound quality here is actually peng compared to the usual standard (Y)
RunVulkunRun Gaming (1 year ago)
That opening was fucking smooth.
Äolo Pummer (1 year ago)
haha the transition and the look in his face xD 45:48
kubajz (1 year ago)
I feel cheated from LiR winter. Why the light show was so poor compared to this ?? Same production crew
Saul Alvarez (7 months ago)
I feel cheated for not being in Europe.
neverknewthename (1 year ago)
07:33 Mefjus! :'D
Martin Ondra (1 year ago)
What is song 37:51 It is not Mefjus - ID... Please help! :) or please direct URL to song.
Tommy Lawrence (11 months ago)
Martin Ondra "ID" means it still needs identification. Unreleased Mefjus tune, I've been waiting on it for about a year now lol... hopefully he'll release it soon
KOMRADEJAY412 (1 year ago)
Nuno Cardoso (1 year ago)
what the fuck is up with all those phones wtf
DickieMcJingles (1 year ago)
this is the best neurofunk set i've heard in a long time. fuck.
Vic J Official (1 year ago)
holy shit , I dream of this type of festivals!
LIST (1 year ago)
Yes! Again!
Esveto Ivanov (1 year ago)
That Pudge t-shirt...
Kelvin Leeming (1 year ago)
please put this one on your soundcloud
Gods of Drum&Bass (1 year ago)
great set!
charlie daulton (1 year ago)
anyone have a track id for 8:56
Ryannn1234 (1 month ago)
Yeah agreed, sounds like it’s prior version of Divergence. Which is a shame as this one is a banger! Hope it comes out as a VIP
cwiisly (1 month ago)
i think it's an old version of divergence off his new album
Mefjus - it's not like it was
charlie daulton (1 year ago)
Nah mate not yet
Dancho Mikolashev (1 year ago)
u found it mate ? :D
Yamil Rosario (1 year ago)
Pure filth!!!! Reptilians double dropped with Menace ;)
MC Banana (1 year ago)
Yep ! Thx, my room is burning now!
Hexus (1 year ago)
6:09 Was that a shoe thrown in the crowd?! Could be a water bottle.
Hexus (1 year ago)
13:56 Do actually fuck off, my god
DawntreaderUK (1 year ago)
Mefjus tunes are slightly punchier and cleaner and louder mixdown - Emperor tunes are slightly more original and different and quirkier - BOTH AMAZING
Alex Vanzha (1 year ago)
666 злоба))
DawntreaderUK (1 year ago)
Who dislikes this ??
Underland Drum&Bass (1 year ago)
absolutely a great set!
Jay Dubs (1 year ago)
48:20 PLS
Unbound Peach (1 month ago)
Sizzle fucking fizzle
cwiisly (1 month ago)
fucking finally
Martin Biffaud (1 month ago)
Mefjus - Sizzle Fizzle, in his new "Manifest" album out today !
mikcsa (1 year ago)
what is the intro track during the voiceover? before the Dissuade remix
Hexus (1 year ago)
Emperor - SMPL (Mefjus Remix), also at 28:27
Matouš Veik (1 year ago)
30:38 oh I like this mix of those two tracks so much
Don Barela (11 days ago)
any idea what those are? id?
Gabriele Brunoni (1 year ago)
27:25 id?
AIW FTWR (3 months ago)
Gabriele Brunoni Haha good luck with that, it’s 2 at the same time off beat to boot. Did I just blow your mind or what well I guess they did
Kimiru (1 year ago)
Emptor is the best dnb person!🖼
blackbird71 (1 year ago)
top! ! ! :o
cwiisly (1 year ago)
any plans to put this one up for DL eventually like their last set?? their last one is still one of my favorite mixes of all time
cwiisly (1 year ago)
all good, figured it would be a while since there's too many dubs haha
DnB Portal (1 year ago)
Yes, sure :) but not now. We will upload original file without noise from crowd.
Pascal Viceboy (1 year ago)
put your fucking cellphones down retards
ExodusS (1 year ago)
Sometimes there is a track I don't know or which isn't released yet so I record about 15s of it then I Shazam it regularly, it works. Check at 37:51 at a Mefjus - ID drop there is a single phone, then at 38:17 there are like 7 of them. Also relax.
windoeeGFX (1 year ago)
these dubs, so nice
CARRID DNB (1 year ago)
Fakkermon Kek (1 year ago)
dementi s mobilkama a svetylkama
Nikola Obrová (1 year ago)
the best of imagination festival 2016
Daniel Beneš (1 year ago)
What the hell happend to "Drum and bass" . It's drumstepdrop and bass or what ?
AIW FTWR (3 months ago)
jim mc Meow meow
jim mc (3 months ago)
ketamine music.
AIW FTWR (3 months ago)
Matouš Veik He rejects reality and supplements his own
Matouš Veik Don' t spend your time bro
Matouš Veik (1 year ago)
i was there on IMAG and heard this set live and it was absolutely fantastic :)
Bass Portal (1 year ago)
haha after 7:30 :D :D Mefjus
Joe Symmonds (1 year ago)
oh my fucking god
Pulsation Music (1 year ago)
Holy moly :O
tomáš figura (1 year ago)
hmmm 5 asi nestihli 😀
Trinax11 (1 year ago)
Harry Cade (1 year ago)
Microbe T. (1 year ago)
Been waiting on this!
Juraj Noha (1 year ago)
37:51 BEST !!!!!!
Roman Fouček (4 months ago)
It´s Mefjus- Untitled (dub)
Raph Alferez (7 months ago)
It's a secret track ! you'll never find it :'(
Juraj Noha (1 year ago)
I just know that it will mefjus new album.
ImTehZeeD (1 year ago)
Juraj Noha dude, what song is that? do you know the name?
Shadowdnb (1 year ago)
Such a sick set!
Elien K (1 year ago)
27:25 oh my god this is some funky shit
Levente Nagy (2 months ago)
Mefjus - Pivot
AIW FTWR (3 months ago)
Elien K Haha I just posted this beats aren’t matched yet still sounds bad azz (exception of a few spots briefly)
drizzt (1 year ago)
Mefjus is far better producer than Emperor, but Emperor mixing is better than Meff
Kimiru (1 year ago)
Montesco DNB no emptor is better
Philipp Palmer (1 year ago)
Montesco DNB thats why they make a set toghether ;)...
HonziiiQ Bajerovic (1 year ago)
Jak ti lidi tam vubec netančí :D :D ja kdybych tam byl tak se sjedu a hobluju co se dá :D
fermin garcia gimenez (1 year ago)
27:20 sounds like an banger
Pony (1 month ago)
Mefjus - Pivot If you still looking for this one)
8:56 SICK!!!

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