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SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER Story Trailer (E3 2018)

401 ratings | 20680 views
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Text Comments (65)
Marissa Westlake (9 days ago)
They should have played this at e3
Tounushi (3 months ago)
Have they downgraded her looks?
Marissa Westlake (11 days ago)
Tounushi I would say it’s the same as rise
overlukk (3 months ago)
This game has lost its taste since other unexpected sequels came out in e3 yesterday!!!
tj2gaming (3 months ago)
Shit, the 2013 game looked more realistic
Bodovuse (3 months ago)
my girl is ripped as fuck
Neroangelo 88 (3 months ago)
Already have it pre ordered. It was honestly the only game I’m looking forward to. Love Laura
Marissa Westlake (11 days ago)
Neroangelo 88 same it looks amazing
Robin Hood (3 months ago)
A must buy for me.
DavidLennon628 (3 months ago)
I know I’m in the minority for this but I really do not like how they’ve handled Lara in these last few games. This one looks decent tho so I might actually check it out
Marissa Westlake (9 days ago)
DavidLennon628 this looks way better than the other ones for sure
Lucio Fernandes (3 months ago)
Will there be the suffering porn?
Lucio Fernandes (3 months ago)
Is this the second game or what?
Jeth Martin (3 months ago)
She is fucking hot omfg
Dan Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Tu gedo mucho. La delos muetos. Amazed and inspired that the astecs and the myan ansestery is shown in tomb raider. Fallow me into the sun.
ZETA ALAM (3 months ago)
Vikander "look that ass"
Omaru1982 (3 months ago)
Jonah? Where is my Samantha waifu?
I’mEXOtrash. (3 months ago)
George P.F.C. (3 months ago)
Woow epic
Shrimp3r JR (3 months ago)
I wonder how Lara will get physicaly abused in this game.
Franju98 (3 months ago)
OMFG Is more amazing then i expected! i wanna play it NOW! (^__^)
FRFD23 (3 months ago)
Я желаю малышей от Лары Крофт... Лара ван лов =*
Master Raven (3 months ago)
Some parts remind me to the Tomb Raider Legend intro, AWESOME
Crismar (3 months ago)
I like that <3
Jof (3 months ago)
strongly the final version
Goku (3 months ago)
Off brand uncharted
Marissa Westlake (11 days ago)
Tom raider came out before uncharted, uncharted copied Tomb raider......
Mr.Nobody (3 months ago)
Millenial detected
Brandon Hack (3 months ago)
Haha, this guy doesn't know his gaming history. What a scrub
trevor shay (3 months ago)
are you serious lol how can it be a rip off if it came first?
Adarrl Kelly_dorsey (3 months ago)
This is before charted this game a classic
Michalopedia PL (3 months ago)
give it to me now 🙏🙏🙏😂
Michalopedia PL (3 months ago)
I'm must to buy itttt i love lara ❤️❤️❤️
Michalopedia PL (3 months ago)
Jeremy Lee (3 months ago)
I think I need this.
ルシードジアン (3 months ago)
She is a life is strange character
Wolfy (3 months ago)
Song : TRILLS Speak Loud
Chinzorig Ganaa (3 months ago)
Far Cry 3 Female-version? Where is Vaas?
saurav raisul (3 months ago)
Assassin Gamer (3 months ago)
Ok I know I'm dumb but, what is similar in them both? Tomb raider and far cry 3😔
chloe lara (3 months ago)
maybe Lara is Vaas and Jason at the same time
Justin Tromba (3 months ago)
Chinzorig Ganaa thinking the same exact thing! Lmao
Ozan Alptekin (3 months ago)
No gameplay?
Bien Berida (3 months ago)
Ozan Alptekin they will reveal it at Square Enix conference I think...
Canareh (3 months ago)
Marissa Westlake (11 days ago)
Agreed, people be complaining about the graphics, but look at this it looks amazing
Aj Felder (3 months ago)
Bro she always finding things that was hidding for a reason 🤔🤔🤔
Lukas Liepinis (3 months ago)
whats the song name of the trailer?
Wolfy (3 months ago)
No problem ^^
Lukas Liepinis (3 months ago)
thank you
Wolfy (3 months ago)
TRILLS Speak Loud
James Levy (3 months ago)
Sony should've shown this. Looks like Microsoft's not learned their lesson with what happened to the last game.
James Levy (3 months ago)
Adarrl Kelly_dorsey: It's for everyone not just Xbox, they should have leard that lesson for what they did to Rise Of The Tomb Raider.
James Levy (3 months ago)
Robin Hood: a smash hit for all game platforms.
Robin Hood (3 months ago)
That right. Multiplatform release, but Microsoft largely funded this game $100 million, so it was a risk for them as sales need to be high. But, I am sure this will be a smash hit.
Adarrl Kelly_dorsey (3 months ago)
It's for xbox
James Levy (3 months ago)
Claudiuswag 03: Thanks, At least it's coming on PS4 on September 14th.
Firstw view!!
lmar528 (3 months ago)
this looks insane oh my god

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