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Far Cry 5 New Game Plus LEAKED! Showed Up In Menu (New Game Plus Far Cry 5 Update)

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Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Update Looks To Be Coming in Far Cry 5 Update (Far Cry 5 DLC). So we can use Far Cry 5 Live Event stuff. Like the video? Subscribe now: http://bit.ly/1S7oa8K New Game Plus Far Cry 5 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIhWmRSD6gg&feature=youtu.be Background music on Spotify: http://bit.ly/jorraptorplaylist Zinity - Sumthin' Sumthin' Zinity - All Yours Zinity - Found Myself (Outro) Noraj Cue - World Running Through An Arcade Machine (Outro) Warren Fellow - AA Bateries (Outro) Follow me on social media: https://twitter.com/jorraptor https://instagram.com/jorraptor/ More Far Cry 5 news (Far Cry news): Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Release Date ANNOUNCED & New Trailer (Far Cry 5 DLC Release Date): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH188is9RXQ Far Cry 5 DLC - New Lost On Mars WEAPONS GAMEPLAY & Info (Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkziuC8EXsM Far Cry 5 Update 1.08 OUT NOW Adds Photo Mode, New Weapons & More! (Far Cry 5 New Update): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfkH-ClbaPM New Far Cry 5 Live Event OUT NOW - Adds New Weapon & More (Far Cry 5 Heartbreaker): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxK1F2DAcUg Far Cry 5 HAS A BIG ISSUE, Here Is How To Fix It - JorGameShow 6 (Far Cry 5 New Game Plus): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndNtbvf4MJs Far Cry 5 release date is March 27 for Far Cry 5 PS4, Far Cry 5 Xbox One & Far Cry 5 PC Far Cry 5 DLC - Ubisoft Leaks New Weapon & Desert Eagle OUT NOW FOR EVERYONE (Far Cry 5 New Weapons): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-vRXPxyjLg New Far Cry 5 Live Event OUT NOW - Adds New Assault Rifle & More (Far Cry 5 Arcade Nights): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBrUJZzUwSI Far Cry 5 Update 1.07 OUT NOW - Adds AC Origins Content, Far Cry 3 Outfits & Way More (Far Cry 5 DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrNV9bjBfi8 New Far Cry 5 Live Event OUT NOW - All Rewards & How To Complete It (Far Cry 5 Explosion Hazard): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70xP7b-dhPE Far Cry 5 DLC Adds BIG CHANGES To Gameplay (Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC Gameplay - Far Cry 5 DLC Review): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXYgyKBubyQ Far Cry 5 DLC - ALL NEW WEAPONS & ITEMS Gameplay From The Hours Of Darkness (Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC): https://youtu.be/waMzUoVISKA Far Cry 5 DLC - Ubisoft Secretly ADDS NEW DLC ITEMS With Latest Update & More (Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aAzbxR0JsQ New Far Cry 5 Live Event OUT NOW - Adds New Weapon & Outfit (Far Cry 5 Root Canal): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN9P_fsTaPs New Far Cry 5 Update CHANGED MANY WEAPONS - Nerf for M249 & More! (Far Cry 5 Best Weapons): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxFbG_sU2mE Far Cry 5 New Update Makes Weapons & Other Items DISAPPEAR + Far Cry 5 DLC Challenges Are Up!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1ETtyWkX1U Far Cry 5 DLC Release Date ANNOUNCED For All Expansions (Far Cry 5 Season Pass): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V24H7hwZ30Q Far Cry 5 Update 1.06 OUT NOW - Adds A Lot Of New Items, New Features & More! (Far Cry 5 DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCcc7-mj0ho Far Cry 5 New Update COMING MAY 24 + New Special Outfits OUT (Far Cry 5 DLC - Far Cry 5 Update): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghZr-H7t5tY Far Cry 5 New Weapons ALREADY APPEARED In The Game & More Far Cry 5 DLC Weapons (Far Cry 5 Weapons): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyKzux3sbEM Far Cry 5 Live Event Sharp Shooter OUT NOW & M9 Pistol Out For Everyone! (Far Cry 5 Sharp Shooter): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nATrW6UMxnM Far Cry 5 DLC Release Date LEAKED - Vietnam DLC Out Soon! (Far Cry 5 Season Pass Release Date): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yL7SYsq7aU Far Cry 5 DLC - Season Pass Owners Get Extra FREE DLC - Care Package (Far Cry 5 Season Pass): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9EYfz6M1Po Far Cry 5 Secrets - Ubisoft Secretly Adds New Item Drop, Changes Weapon Name & More (Far Cry 5 DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRxepNtNBrc Far Cry 5 Shovel Launcher OUT NOW Via White Collar Live Event (Far Cry 5 Live Event - Far Cry 5 DLC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZYU2oidQsc Far Cry 5 Update 1.05 OUT NOW - Adds New Weapon, Masks, Outfits & More! (Far Cry 5 DLC): https://youtu.be/p8wfw5iy5jQ Far Cry 5 Update New Features REVEALED & New Weapon TEASED?! (Far Cry 5 DLC - Far Cry 5 Weapons): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVfikwdJoT0 Big Far Cry 5 Update COMING REAL SOON & New Item Added To Shop (Far Cry 5 DLC - Farcry 5 Update): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCAMlOG2anU Far Cry 5 Secret Weapons CLASSIC RPG & Another Hidden Item! (Far Cry 5 Hidden Weapons - Farcry 5): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idlpi2PmidI New Far Cry 5 Live Event OUT NOW - Adds Vector BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE (Far Cry 5 Live Events): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh7jTUpBp_k Far Cry 5 Update 1.04 OUT NOW - Adds New Outfit, Removes Best Weapon & WAY MORE (Farcry 5 - Farcry5): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndUvmDdOUv4
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Text Comments (397)
odenshammer31 (2 days ago)
I checked and there was no new game plus.Those images are fake.
somewhataddicted (2 days ago)
blurkkies (2 days ago)
When? Its been a week already and nothing else has been said. Hurry up already ubisoft!
Faith Seed (3 days ago)
Thank you ubi!
Really hope they follow through with this. Ubisoft have been riding a wave of (relatively) good will lately, but some have been disappointed with the Far Cry 5 DLCs (I haven't played 'em yet), and above all people have been demanding a new game "plus" option so we don't have to go through all the rigmarole of getting our weapons, perks etc. again. Hopefully Ubi also noted the concerns about Resistance Points accruing too rapidly - maybe (hopefully) they will increase the RP cap for each region in the new game+.
Blake Schlosser (3 days ago)
😫😭 it didnt happen
Handsome Jack (4 days ago)
Playing with my feelings like this, is not good. I doubt it it's true... Everything that comes out from pc is very doubtful. I'm still waiting for it. I don't care about the silver bars. I've been leaving comments on insta for the new game plus. And..... Well, waiting still sucks.
SPARTAN GHOST98 (5 days ago)
I hope after the season pass is done we can get a 2 in one dlc on FARCRY 5 to make the 2 endings of choice better endings after all like one for the "walk away" ending and one for the "resist" ending
Kain Dragon (5 days ago)
I hope they rerelease this in the game of the year edition with all the awesome bits
Orion TheGamingRaptor (5 days ago)
What’s this new game plus thing?
Odji Ramirez (5 days ago)
C'est seulment maintenant qu'Ubisoft se réveille 😲? Ça fait 4 mois que les gens demandent cette possibilité !
that dude gamer (5 days ago)
what is new game+
generic (6 days ago)
came to late, ive already lost interest in this game and already restarted a play through without all my stuff so this is meh for me
F1god04 (6 days ago)
What is “New Game +”? I have the game, just finished it in fact, so why should I be hyped for this?
Hidden Driveway (6 days ago)
What is new game +
nathan vs nathan 8675 (6 days ago)
What if you play as the cult
JSIN G (6 days ago)
Thankfully I can play this game again lol
Naj B (7 days ago)
You're the man JorRaptor, best wishes bro.
Addicted Survivalist (7 days ago)
What does the new game+ include i dont get the hype?
jman7481 (6 days ago)
Addicted Survivalist u start over but with everything from your first play through
SoldatHans (7 days ago)
after the DLC imediately! I would love to play the game through with my mg42!
Yes yes yes... NG+
John Markie (7 days ago)
...soooo...DO you know if the new games plus will be tied to the siblings or threw beating Joseph??...IM NOT ALL THAT MOTIVATED TO GET STUCK IN A GAME LOOP...they still haven't fixed the john seed mission were you die and fall to your death a million times after crashing or getting shot down...i actually crashed into john killed us both ...then it went into the scene were you hunt him in the woods...
WICKED TWIZTED (7 days ago)
There already is new achievements for the MARS DLC
#Hollyhood (7 days ago)
I’m cool. I’ll probably come back to mess around in the world again if they come up with a resistance slider or something though. I didn’t find the story interesting at all the 1st time through to want to experience it or any of those terrible endings again
Cheesy Maccool (7 days ago)
I beat this game so much, that it's just credits and no game, when ever I tried to replay it.
ITS A DIO (7 days ago)
Why dont i get updates?
russianpueblo (7 days ago)
People still play this lmao
8-Bit Modern (7 days ago)
Shif if I knew that this would come, I wouldn't have deleted my save
Travis Maxey (7 days ago)
What's new game plus
jman7481 (6 days ago)
Travis Maxey it means to start over but with everything u got from your first play through
Lead Chairman Mao (7 days ago)
Now all we need are knives beards and the ability to ride animals
Tyler Brock (7 days ago)
Wow, just in time for Fire pro wrestling Spider-Man Bf5 Red dead 2 Fallout 76 Cod To come out.
Neonplays88 (7 days ago)
This is why I love Far Cry 5,they always update/add stuff every week for their supporters,their so many things to do.
dunno why ppl are so hot for a NG+ since there isnt much you can actually collect except some vehicles...id understand it if there was more
vinvinudu77 (7 days ago)
James Esquibel (7 days ago)
I don’t see why it’s a big deal. I restarted mine and I still have all my live event rewards and u get money fast enough u can just rebuy guns.
Stealth_Touch (7 days ago)
I think they should also add 4 player coop mode like they did to Watch_Dogs 2!
NM Gaming (7 days ago)
Still waiting for machete or knife in this game Ubisoft.
Darth gamer123 (7 days ago)
skullman2033 (7 days ago)
Why bother though? As long as those endings exist there's nothing to go back too.
Redjoekido Gomez (7 days ago)
SpaceMonkey1900 (7 days ago)
Yes, I need it
AlexS 935 (7 days ago)
Wait so what is newgame+ basically???
G Star (7 days ago)
Shit game shit company
jokingjoker 49 (8 days ago)
The Fock is New game +?
Jane McCabe (8 days ago)
If you start you still have live event weapons
JorRaptor (7 days ago)
Ye but I want to keep everything :)
Toxic Society 575 (8 days ago)
And some dumbass once told me they already had new game plus. Bitch where
Metal Maker (8 days ago)
I would be cool if they make the new game plus harder at some points. Like raising the restistance points needed for each region significantly, and maybe some other changes.
zerocool gonna hack u (8 days ago)
Fuck yeAh i just got this game 2 days ago i rly Hope it Will Come when im done With My first game play ofc lol 😂
JorRaptor (8 days ago)
Nice :)!
Zachary Futura (8 days ago)
I'm so happy they're finally putting on New Game Plus because I was trying to start a new game but decided against it because I would have to rebuy all my weapons and vehicles I only have a few weapons and a few more vehicles to buy till I unlock all vehicles and all weapons
JorRaptor (7 days ago)
Me too!
Dandy del Sur (8 days ago)
Anthony Ascue (8 days ago)
Not sure why they didn't think of this when making the game. Far Cry 2 should have had this too. Was way too difficult to find all diamonds in a single playthru.
Killer Tone47 (8 days ago)
Finally 😭😭
Grim Reaper (8 days ago)
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Dev. B? (8 days ago)
Why is this a thing?
Dev. B? (8 days ago)
... now
Tronald Dump (8 days ago)
greenthunder1000 (8 days ago)
Son of a fuck. I just started a new game too.
steadyeddy100 (8 days ago)
A video on the + sign lol..
Artie VanDelayo (8 days ago)
Does anyone know what "New Game+" is?
JorRaptor (7 days ago)
Replaying the game with all gear and upgrades you got
sepideh uosef (8 days ago)
if you are happy about this give me a hell yeah!!!!!!
King centipede (8 days ago)
it's real one of my friends has it on his Xbox game too it says new game but he can't click it
Cody Gore (8 days ago)
And now ill redownload the game. And i was wrong. Thought they weren't gonna add it because silver bars.
What is new game plus mean?
Finally zombies in the game now you don’t need to just put angels in the arcade
B.G.B Reptile ITA (8 days ago)
jbroti 004 (8 days ago)
Can someone explain what new game plus means?
Airmo (8 days ago)
It basically means you can replay the game but keep all the stuff you got on your previous playthrough. Like your clothes, weapons, and skills.
_K3ANV_ (8 days ago)
"hoover over"
ToMMyX (8 days ago)
I would like if they add an option to sleep in the game.
Robbie Hobbs (6 days ago)
I know it was the only thing good about primal
Richierich555 (7 days ago)
I know, wish they’d included it.
ToMMyX (7 days ago)
Richierich555 I remember that in Fra Cry 3 and 4 you could sleep in liberated outposts... Don't understand why you can't in FC5.
Richierich555 (7 days ago)
I agree, I hate it when it turns to dark. I can barely see 10 metres in front of me.
Splitzerx Gaming (8 days ago)
It's Britney Twitch (8 days ago)
Fuck is game plus?
Oli Dennett (8 days ago)
I hope this isn’t fake cuz I’ve finally got excited about far cry 5 again 😂😭
Charlie (8 days ago)
Yes! Was just about to play this again.
If its real, i hope we just keep the weapons. Its the only important thing for me.
Mike Kline (8 days ago)
It's too late.
How many leaks are gonna pop out of this game? XD
Captain Captain (8 days ago)
God I hope odyssey has new game plus at launch. There is zero reason why it should be released 4 months later. Clearly people want this feature, they wanted it in origins, they wanted it in far cry 5, so why bullshit us. You know we want it ubisoft, so just give it to us from the start.
Restless Pilgrim (8 days ago)
It's never appeared on my menu on PC. I'm suspicious, especially as this guy seems to be the only person who got this "option"... that alone seems highly dubious. It's a desperately needed feature though!
DJ Drohan (8 days ago)
Please be real
greedylou7 (8 days ago)
UBISOFT IS SLOWLY CREEPYING BACK INTO MY TOP 5. ROCKSTAR CAN GO TO HELL, fuck RDR2. If Leslie was still there that game would have been out for 2 years now
Antonio Rodriguez (8 days ago)
What is the New game plus about
Ponta (8 days ago)
"Ubisoft put it in the game a bit too soon" well that's a first
RayTheOne (8 days ago)
Matt Boston (8 days ago)
OH THANK GOD!!!!!!! 😣😣😣
Devin Beutler (8 days ago)
Dash Is Deity (8 days ago)
Ha! I have new game plus too on pc!
Denise Higson (8 days ago)
Very interesting thank you
Anemicnapalm (8 days ago)
Should have been there fucking day 1
Robert Gibbs (8 days ago)
I agree. The wait was too long!
yahoo (8 days ago)
I really hope they add a PAW 20 grenade rifle in the game. It'd be perfect for comedic effect and just it looks like it'd fit in the setting
Recht_voor_zijn_raap (8 days ago)
Does anybody else keep getting the Willow-82204404 error when trying to log in on Far Cry Arcade? (PS4)
Voice Tuttle (8 days ago)
Damn it Ubi keep it in your pants we keep seeing leeks
Lee Meerun (8 days ago)
I really hope this is true because I won’t be completing any of the bosses in each area so you have shit to continually kill while running around the world will do story but let bosses live 😂 also the end was shit
Lance Seaman (8 days ago)
someone could've modded that in. It's on the PC. Console would've been more believable but maybe.
Christa Aurand (2 days ago)
John Donovan idk how but yes it may be "confirmed" for pc players but it would be nice if it would be confirmed for console players, or just confirmed entirely altogether, just because it showed up doesnt mean its true, it could be a teaser yes, but also ubisoft could just be teasing us and never add it
John Donovan (2 days ago)
Christa Aurand How the hell i supposed to know that? The MP34 was showing up (was leaked) for the PC players 2 weeks before the live event.
Christa Aurand (2 days ago)
John Donovan yea but again theres the thing of it being on pc how about for ps4 or xbox players?
John Donovan (3 days ago)
Lance Seaman Its real. My Friend Brian is also playing FC5 on the PC. And the new game plus option show up for him in the main menu but when he click on the new game plus nothing happen.
Urki (8 days ago)
Now where's the blades and facial hair
gaming master (2 hours ago)
Urki ho fc primal hurk(urki)
Dean-0 (8 days ago)
Choppahawk (8 days ago)
I’m soo excited for the mars dlc!!
Richierich555 (7 days ago)
I bet the public have made a better mars DLC than Ubisoft through the arcade editor...
Hungry Ethiopian (8 days ago)
I'm still waiting for them to patch the resistance meter. If the new game plus took this long it better be a complete overhaul of the games difficulty, Hopefully something similar to primal's survival mode but improved upon.
Eduardo Torres (8 days ago)
Yes! I'll finally be able to play those two missions that I missed out on due to the plot progression! It's been suuuuuuuper annoying looking at the map and seeing "Quests Completed: 46/47"
Artillery Horse (8 days ago)
Thx for this, but where did you get the elevator music playing in the background, lol
Faze _spaghett (8 days ago)
Whats "New game +"?
Brolly5 (8 days ago)
Jesus Christ, yes! Smart move. This will add endless replay value.

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