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FINAL FANTASY XV - Announcement Trailer | E3 2013

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The armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray. The engaging tale to follow draws audiences into an awe-inspiring world steeped in the rich storytelling traditions of Square Enix's renowned First Production Development Team. FINAL FANTASY XV will be available for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. FINAL FANTASY XV is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at www.esrb.org for more information about ratings. http://www.facebook.com/FINALFANTASY http://na.square-enix.com/FFXV
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Text Comments (2789)
Skyline (2 days ago)
I’g gonna be straight with you. This hurts Square, i’m not gonna lie. This ligitemetly hurts.
this teaser trailer is more close to the movie instead of the game SHAME
gladiolus gladio (5 days ago)
FFXV story was the worst FF of all times because Hajime tabata has ruined Tetsuya nomura vision . Fake game.
Lwin Moe Paing (11 days ago)
I only blame Square Enix! Such a shame!
duc unknown (16 days ago)
I like the political thriller vibe in this trailer.I hope they'll use a similar idea in future FF games.
___ (19 days ago)
Norjj Magano (19 days ago)
C'mon people. It kinda hurts that Tabata is gettin all the hate. I too prefer the FFV13 version of Tetsuya's but I think it's the management's fault. They gave too much workload on Tetsuya and the team working on this had to lend some man power to work on other titles. The switch on directors is inevitable. Tabata should've been commended for releasing a decent game despite having to rework a lot of things with an almost impossible deadline.
Adam M (20 days ago)
None of this was in the game. NONE of it!
유승호 (22 days ago)
아니 이게 어떻게 지금 15가 됬냐 내용빠진거 ㅈㄴ많네
vide0gameCaster (26 days ago)
So huh... what happened to this story trailer?
NoctLightCloud (27 days ago)
I hope the rumours of Versus XV are true. Noctis in the Omen-trailer looks very much like the 2011-Noctis.
raiden stark (1 month ago)
this single trailer is better than the actual game
장찬희 (1 month ago)
it's PS5 GRAPHIC........
Asd Asd (1 month ago)
At least we got photorealistic dishes. Right, guys? Anybody?!
Jeffrey Keno Andutan (1 month ago)
Fishing with 4 guys and Flying Car and Cooking Recipe we've got in Final Game.
Raphaël David (1 month ago)
There is zero footage that is in the actual game. Whyyyy. This looked fun so why did they remove it?
Amir Amsyar (1 month ago)
The Leviathan fight in this trailer looks more epic than the actual game. I expected more than just running towards the "jump" point and fighting some soldiers before the boss fight. The battle before we received help from Luna was so confusing and messy. So many missed opportunities of what could've been one of the best Final Fantasy games.
Thugit Mcnugget (2 months ago)
Wait who's the dude in the hood
Thugit Mcnugget He was supposed to be Ravus
Farouk Oyofo (2 months ago)
Wow that Invasion of Insomnia battle looks great. It makes so much sense how Noctis would escape the city in nothing but a car and his 3 retinue. I'm gonna go play that now.... ...... ....goes to look for his girlfriend at beginning of the game....... such a waste.
Mia Caelum (2 months ago)
I want VERSUS.... 😭
piece of wood (2 months ago)
too bad you cant actually find this in the game
melitone andres Metal K (2 months ago)
So Finally Released is 2016 on PS4 for Last 2 Years Ago and This Video is Awesome
dxfxct (2 months ago)
Nomura: Ok Tabata here's my game. Tabata: Did you say: A Movie, A Comic, An anime, and Final Fantasy with photorealistic graphics and Kingdom Hearts' fighting system?
Explicit Tech (2 months ago)
Even the gameplay looked better.
Explicit Tech (2 months ago)
It didn't look prerendered. Look at the lag in the gameplay segment. Scripted, maybe.
Tea of the GODS (2 months ago)
pre rendered cinematics always looks better than gameplay
Max Grigoriev (3 months ago)
Muhammad Fajrianto (3 months ago)
Hope they'll release alternate story version of ffxv with this altissia scene
BondHicel (2 months ago)
nope, dont you know that they said something about the engine cant support
amb8819 (3 months ago)
The game has sold 7 million copies, so hopefully that is enough demand for square to justify putting out a complete version, based on this trailer. I enjoyed the game, but this trailer is epic.
amb8819 (2 months ago)
They cut soooo much of the game out, Stella, her home country, Noct's Uncle, the original opening and assassination scene. It was supposed to have a much darker vibe that was almost shakespearean.
amb8819 (2 months ago)
Yes, that is exactly what I mean.
Hououin Kyouma (2 months ago)
So you mean VERSUS right? Give it to Nomura and he will make a game 10x better than the watered down casual version of the game we ended up with.
Sigma (3 months ago)
Nothing of this are in the game. This makes me so mad!
michael cole (3 months ago)
This is false advertising
BondHicel (2 months ago)
they changed the director
Wake Wind (3 months ago)
Yeah they really need to fix chapter 9. Even if it was a qte, at least it would look like this trailer.
Jeffrey Keno Andutan (3 months ago)
The final game is nothing but a camping of boy band and Ignis cooking recipe show.
Brandon David (3 months ago)
innerbloom (4 months ago)
dont get me wrong i loved the final fantasy 15 we got but this looks way better
Clerisvaldo Nogueira (4 months ago)
They could've just used the kingsglaive budget and kept this in the game
LPTV (4 months ago)
Aka the CANCELLATION trailer. They just showed yall everything YOU'RE NOT GETTING
Richard Ilie (4 months ago)
Still waiting for this game.
Leonardo Reynoso (4 months ago)
Gonna be honest. I kinda want to play this version over the one we have.
Eren Jaeger (4 months ago)
" WINDOWS EDITION >>> Royal Edition "
Fallen Angel (4 months ago)
Brother of watch dogs
Wew Lad (5 months ago)
Blatant false advertisement and nobody does anything, millions of idiots buying an early access final fantasy game that is still being developed.
Andreas Nu'est (5 months ago)
I'm still waiting for my bean scene
Andrew Bokole (5 months ago)
i LOVE everything about this trailer. i wish this was the FFXV that came out.
Jeffrey Keno Andutan (5 months ago)
You waited for a decade to play this game but none of this exist.
Кейти Тамира (5 months ago)
MAAAN, Leviathan battle would be AWESOME if it would be like this. But we got... Super Sonic vs Perfect Chaos.
dxfxct (2 months ago)
EXACTLY. I was feeling nostalgia for all the wrong reasons. That fight was so foreign to me. It wasn't Final Fantasy like at. all.
lee haxor (5 months ago)
Lol didn't know ezio was in the game
Senciel 879 (5 months ago)
Cg gameplay trailer u. U
Darkest Dweller (5 months ago)
"Let's get to him before they do." They're in Altissa... Regis was supposed to live after the invasion of Insomnia?
Xiper Festrux (5 months ago)
Too bad they scraped the fabula nova crystalis mythology from the final game
alfaxbaiken (5 months ago)
Was really cool at the time. It's such a sad video now that i've played the game.
WAFERKILLA _YT (5 months ago)
Man i can wait to finish it😆
King Cow (5 months ago)
Versus 13 trailer, not ff15. Someone in ps community department does not know thier games.. or their job.
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (1 month ago)
King Cow nope, this is original FFXV trailer released in 2013. Versus had different trailer. But the FFXV that we got is not like the original trailer but the original is when they decide to change the name from VS 13 to FFXV. In other words we got FFXV 2.0.
Sedef (5 months ago)
Juran Helel (5 months ago)
FFVII remake = FFXV-2 haha
ユリハジメ (5 months ago)
This is truly a disappointment, especially when they took off Stella with Lunafreya.
Dominic Sawicki (6 months ago)
Someone at Square Enix should leak those CG cutscenes lol. They seemed pretty complete. Aldercapt with Ardyn, Cor and Noctis standing by wreckage, Regis and Noctis eating soup, the infamous stalemate scene that was recreated in Kingsglaive. Such a shame all this work simply vanished... Would love a behind the scenes documentary about what happened and an insight to what Nomura envisioned for XV (AKA this trailer)
Yann Soulet (6 months ago)
This game was disappointing
Afsan23 (6 months ago)
You'd be an idiot to even think any of this was going to be in the final game. This was beyond overly scripted
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (1 month ago)
Afsan23 there's nothing wrong with scripted gameplay. A lot of game have scripted gameplay doesn't excuse them for not giving us this gameplay, it's doable.
Jay H (6 months ago)
What song is playing?
Arian Ahmadian (1 month ago)
Jay H Nox Aeterna from the game soundtrack
H.A.K (6 months ago)
this should be rename back to FF versus XIII. xD
Albert (6 months ago)
in 2018.. When this game is gonna be release?
AZglitch (6 months ago)
Yeah none of this was in the actual game.
laginw (6 months ago)
watch this in 2018 is like a big joke to me 😂
Enthusiastic Gamer (6 months ago)
Its amazing that a lower budget title NieR:Automata still has combat which is leagues better than what we got for FFXV.
hmoobdaj (6 months ago)
trailer looks so much better than what we actually got... and it was completely different. seems like so much was cut/changed.
Ivanou Zaidan (6 months ago)
This trailler reminds me No man's in sky what FFXV was to be, it's most superior than what we've got
Nyx Ulric (6 months ago)
Is that song even in the game?
Murin (6 months ago)
GEMBOT (7 months ago)
Im installing ffxv pc version. see this trailer. Honestly i want click cancle button and delete game data. Such a xxxxxxxddsffgdgdg!!!
FlareStar100 (7 months ago)
Disgusting how nothing of the trailer happened... amazing how square played us by fools
Stephanie Young (7 months ago)
Wheres this hooded man? Ive never seen him in the game or in any other trailer
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I (1 month ago)
Stephanie Young Ravus
Stephanie Young (7 months ago)
Ooooh its Ravius
TheAwakerGames (7 months ago)
Before Tabata ruined the Game
Dr ThugLife (7 months ago)
The biggest lie in FF history
Sword of Etro (7 months ago)
/tears at cheeks like the titan from Attack on Titan that tried to speak. Ehhh... Enuuuu.... St... STELLA WA.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
J J (7 months ago)
When does the beta end?
This is a sign to me but only 4 me
Albert (7 months ago)
I would give 100usd for this game if release, day 1 buy, and what we got? some nighmare p.o.s by tabata, congrats square enix.. just f*u. I remember back old days Prompto originally would be a playboy modell ...not stupid photographer.
sajida jabeen (7 months ago)
I Wanna play this Type gameplay and graphics😂
Mega Mirkat (7 months ago)
So... did ANY of these awesome set pieces make it into the final game?
Mega Mirkat (7 months ago)
I think all the royal edition content is in the PC version by default so that's good at least
Mark Phern (7 months ago)
Nope. On the bright side, you can get some of the combat you see here in the game with the $15 Royal Edition add-on!
Cináed (7 months ago)
Lance Lovecraft (7 months ago)
I still don't have a ps4 but this game is releasing for Windows so I will finally be able to play it. Bonus the graphics will be far superior to ps4. it's been a long time coming
♡Midnightfury (7 months ago)
These old trailers...feel like a dream..turned into a nightmare with the game we got... :( I'm not hating..i like xv but I have mixed feelings about either playing it finally just for fun or just passing it up entirely :(
The game is soo fun and has way more than this trailer which only shows old insomnia and altissia lol like 2 small locations tbh
outerspacefunk (2 months ago)
hyperreal! I have like 30 hours of play in chapter 5 I love it. People complaint a lot when the game was new that's all
innerbloom (3 months ago)
michael cole the game is far from bad. disappointing maybe if you were expecting it to be like the versus 13 trailer, but very far from bad, especially with the royal addition
michael cole (3 months ago)
Great trailer bad game with unnecessary cut content
Jeff Baize (4 months ago)
This game is incredible. It got me back into the franchise.
Square Enix's logic after FFXII: Ok everybody, for our next game we need less story, less lenerer areas and more more MORE Chokoboos! Random guy: what about Tetsuya Nomura's FFVersusXIII which he recently changed its name to FFXV which has a lot of story, an open world, but less chocaboos. (Silence) Square Enix manager: get that man off our team. Random guy: but sir!?! Square Enix manager: He's off the team! Tatsuya Nomura: what's going on here!?! Square Enix manager: are you trying to put this company out of business! Tetsuya Nomura: what did I do!?! All I did was put more story, an open world, but less focas on choca-- Square Enix manager: DON'T SAY IT! After the COMPLETE MISTAKE FFXIII we cannot take ANY chances with you Nomura. Escort Mr. Nomura to the Kingdom Hearts III floor. Tetsuya Nomura: YOU CAN'T DO THIS! How are you even going to finish the game without me!?! Square Enix manager: call Mr. Tabata up here, thank you. Tatsuya Nomura: How dare you! Square Enix manager: how dare I!?! If we would have kept you directing you would have run this company out of business. Tabata: hello sir, what do you want me to do? Square Enix manager: I want you to strip every ounce of story content out of this game. And only add a happy road trip feel to it! And a lot.... more....CHOKABOOS!!!! Tabata: yes sir. Nomura: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Prakasa Adnan (7 months ago)
Tabata: oh wait, i have a more idea. why don't we just cut the story and sell it again as a dlc story. Square Enix manager: thats a good idea.
Gemnist (7 months ago)
Best title switch ever.
Sopa de Caracol (7 months ago)
a disappointment
Ytalo Souza (7 months ago)
Lies... Deception... Everygame more lies
cJinL (8 months ago)
I wonder why they basically took the entire Insomnia invasion out of the game. Seems like it would've been one of the best parts of the game, and it would've been an amazing way to start.
Dita Anggraini (8 months ago)
Watching this trailer hurts so much 😭
Mikhail Strubler (8 months ago)
The feeling of loss this trailer gives me reminded me of Silent Hills... I can't decide if I'd prefer that Silent Hills came out and was as rushed and unfinished as FFXV, or if I'd rather it just stayed a glorious teaser.
Lance Yarbrough (8 months ago)
If They Didn't Make Ardyn We Would Have Had A (Most Likely) Horrible Villain.
Jack Black (8 months ago)
When Versus XV
LIQUID SNAKE (8 months ago)
rEMIND ME AGAIN IF THIS ON FINAL GAME! I still wish tabasan and Square would be able to finish this. Hope they don't stop.
Mikhail Strubler (8 months ago)
R.I.P. : - The True Leviathan Fight - Eyes that see the light of expiring souls - All the villains of this game besides Ardyn - Any real character development for Regus - The True Leviathan Fight - True peace treaty betrayal - True infiltration of Insomnia - The True Leviathan Fight - Hooded Ravus - The True Leviathan Fight - Wave Dashing Noctis - The True Leviathan Fight - The entire story (almost) - The True Leviathan Fight
Im so down for a leviathan patch with these set pieces
Sassy Sasquatch (12 days ago)
Mikhail Strubler You forgot to RIP Stella
1216Rockman (1 month ago)
I wouldn't say that I mean a Versus XV could be a XV-2 esque alternate reality with this game instead of the one we got.
Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar (8 months ago)
I feel so robbed we lost the "Regis' squad summon swords outta no where" scene. I understand they re-did it for the Kingsglaive film, but that such an overall weak, watered down version. Noctis was suppose to do that to Ravus, too at some point in the game (but that was back when Stella existed)...I dunno man
Stoop Floy (8 months ago)
Prompto looks like such a badass in this trailer, his model in this version and what he does seems so much cooler than being written off as comedy relief with 5 minutes of good development
Trav Rad (8 months ago)
None of this made it into the game, the F.
Leonardo Velasco (8 months ago)
still waiting for this game to come out
Simonsays REACT (8 months ago)
The game was amazing
epanlauw 99 (8 months ago)
realese versus XV already and stop milking FF XV just remake it or recreate with Nomura wants
Ricky Dhira Wijaya (9 months ago)
it's been a 1 year im not watch this trailer video
Mr.ReadDescription Below (9 months ago)
2018 anyone??
Ricky Dhira Wijaya (9 months ago)
Mr.ReadDescription Below presence
Serial Jack (9 months ago)
1:40-2:18 I really wish that gameplay was in the game

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