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The dumbest people ever (on the internet)! People can be stupid and dumb on social media like Facebook, the internet is funny. Have you ever had a fail like this? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Kids Who CRIED Over Christmas Presents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V94ecPWpqTc Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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SSSniperWolf (9 months ago)
hi be honest, you ever have a dumb fail?
Cactus Slimes (16 days ago)
SSSniperWolf one time in my history class (don’t mind my profile pic lol) this girl asked if the police number was 911 because of 9/11 🤔🤔🤫🤯🤯🤨🧐🧐🧐🧐🤣😂😅🤦🏼‍♀️
Gaming with Wolfie (22 days ago)
SSSniperWolf hey boo 😽🧡❤️
SSSniperWolf yes. Writing a confession not in korean. He thinks it's "tnx 4 being a good friend"
Zero GamerXY (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf wait wait wait u are actually 12?
Llama’s Gaming Lab (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf yes I had a fail
Kariysa ceavera (22 minutes ago)
2:51 hmmm what city OH I KNOW OHIO!
Giggly Gabby (6 hours ago)
•~• •.• •_• •^•
Giggly Gabby (6 hours ago)
Me too XD d^_^b
Imma Woof (9 hours ago)
Squirrels are my favourite reptile
Alejandro Garcia (12 hours ago)
I whant my first son to be a boy.
Nora Theo (12 hours ago)
Hamish Giddens (12 hours ago)
There is a Thailand food called colon
Black and white are shades. Not colours. Also please don't hate me for writing that... I just wanted to 'school you' :3 sorry I love ya really!my fave youtuber!
Hollie Baynes (14 hours ago)
Bless you
minecraft mayhem (14 hours ago)
I've asked my mom about day 911 and 9/11 waaaaaay before I watched this video 😂
minecraft mayhem (14 hours ago)
Lol 5:34 dhat
Vanessa Larsen (15 hours ago)
Vanessa Larsen (15 hours ago)
Vera Britenriker (15 hours ago)
I'm sorry but, black isn't a color its a shade :3 sorry.
in korea the number is 119
Ruby RoseYay (16 hours ago)
WHO'S MAN'S IS THIS !!!!!!! Me & my sis say that :)
Nia Williams (17 hours ago)
( >< ) he's free
Nia Williams (17 hours ago)
👵_________________________<👴 1 like kings they get back together
I want my first boyfriend to be a boy!
I want my first boyfriend to be a boy.🙃🙃🙃XD!😂
son Goku (19 hours ago)
2:50 Hull City.
Ziemyiah Handy Olloway (22 hours ago)
Pink, black, brown, indigo aqua
Ziemyiah Handy Olloway (23 hours ago)
Say Monica really slow
Ziemyiah Handy Olloway (23 hours ago)
Name a city that does not have an a in it ............... Zion or Wisconsin
Meg and Mad (23 hours ago)
black is not a color
2:51 Boston
Qublex (1 day ago)
8:43, suns are stars that planets revolve around, its gravity keeping it in orbit.
Kyela (1 day ago)
Echo of Canada (1 day ago)
Yes, we have birds in Canada.
Patrick Lockwood (1 day ago)
7:17 the thing to block out the name looks familiar
Pink also don't have E in it.
Shadows4life :3 (1 day ago)
Name a CITY that doesn’t have an A in it Mexico City, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Tokyo, want me to keep going? Or do u just want to finish reading this comment and go get some French Fries? 🍟 I ❤️ Ur Channel SSSniperWolf!
Candice Richards (1 day ago)
Wow ! LOL😑😂🤣 SAD peapole yall dumm
Evita Torrez (1 day ago)
Ohio doesn't have an a in it
Maria Sanchez (1 day ago)
Abuela means grandma in Spanish trust me I am bilingual
ThatGamerDragon (1 day ago)
I'm allergic to stupidity... It makes me break out in sarcasm.
UsUk_ RusAme (1 day ago)
2:49 Rome, Berlin, Rio, Tokyo, London, New York City, Oslo, Moscow, Venice, do you want me to continue
minato2 dope (1 day ago)
0:03 huh ??? Backwards b wt#
*barraco barner*
Angel xp (1 day ago)
bless you, bless you
STACEXX15 (1 day ago)
i would join but im broke
Tasrin Rahman (1 day ago)
hi sssniper wolf
Dragance (1 day ago)
2:51 moscow beijing berlin rome minsk kiev london venice mexico city sydney perth stockholm oslo bern wien vilnus... i mean i can do more but i think i have enough ;)
Ally Studio (1 day ago)
Lol I saw you in a add where u where doing wishbone lol in this video lol
Bianka Reid (1 day ago)
Bianka Reid (1 day ago)
Bianka Reid (1 day ago)
Blue Spectre (1 day ago)
0:03 he just said the letter d from the word backwarDs
thestyffelife1801 (1 day ago)
Ynnuf os si siht
Friendly But Deadly (1 day ago)
New Mexico New York Vermont
Roqa Hai (1 day ago)
- - 0 0 _ Wth ha ?
Young Ekco (2 days ago)
Is this the girl from victorious❓❓❓
Charlies best mod (2 days ago)
*how u get a backwards b*
فهد العنزي (2 days ago)
( ^^(
Amelia Tu (2 days ago)
London is a city with no "A". Luxembourg, Perth, etc. You could literally Google it. Pink is a colour without an "E" in it... brown, black, etc.
Zarja Kuhar (2 days ago)
Yes...ur a dumb to
KawaiiKitty 23 :3 (2 days ago)
I said to my sister " Name a colour without the letter E in it" and she said " Banana" and i just started laughing and she said " Banana?!" and i said " I said colour not fruit" Lol
Erik Magara (2 days ago)
*Watches video about people being dumb on the internet, Snipe sneezes adorably, stops watching video
gamer girls (2 days ago)
People are so stupid
Charlotte Peacock (2 days ago)
4:58 that's abuela
Lily Lerwill (2 days ago)
Charlotte Peacock (2 days ago)
2:49 *Liverpool* *London* *Dublin*
Charlotte Peacock (2 days ago)
0:01 does he mean *how _i_ you get a backwar_s b?
orangejustice 87 (3 days ago)
The sun is a planet
Brion macdonald (3 days ago)
Devon Thompson (3 days ago)
i just subed i like the way u change ur voice i find it funny
Abby Jacinto (3 days ago)
Abby Jacinto (3 days ago)
Bless u
Fantasyyy (3 days ago)
"how did u get a backwards B?" "bish u just used the backward b 😑"
Ronique Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Ooh i know Aqua Maroon Brown Pink Black Gold Indigo Thats all .... heh
Ronique Rodriguez (3 days ago)
I Know alot of colors without the letter E lemme say which colors those are Pink Black Gold Brown Uhhh idk haha
Ronique Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Esad Gasi (3 days ago)
D.O.T.I. Stands Fur Dumbasses on Teh Inturrnet
Isabella Valdez (3 days ago)
I was just messing around
When I got bullied I didn't tell on them... I still regret it
Amrutha Varsha (4 days ago)
duck boi (4 days ago)
4:00 no up here in Canada there are no birds
duck boi (4 days ago)
How do people not know what a library is
I love SSSniperwolf like so much and I am watching this in freaking september 2018. But she made a mistake because brooklyn and queens are boroughs in the city of New York
Cringe Gamer (4 days ago)
I want my first cat to be a dog!
gigo thomas Palatty (4 days ago)
Thirsty Kenji (4 days ago)
Roses are read Violets are Twisted Bend over Read more
duck boi (4 days ago)
I clicked read more then right below it was another read more
Bless you 🤧
rose poop (4 days ago)
God bless you
Oxford Dictionary (4 days ago)
You know how many people I seen spell lactose intolerant so wrong? This is absolutely absurd for this generation to have this much stupidity! I really need people to pick up a book. This man really said that and didn't even spell holocaust right!
Kawaii Cookie (4 days ago)
At 9:48 she said "blue" had no E but it's spelled B L U E
Kawaii Cookie (4 days ago)
yEllow too
Isabella Valdez (4 days ago)
- - * * ~ ~ ~~
duck boi (4 days ago)
Dragoneater110 (4 days ago)
0:59 bless you, wolf.
Steven Monioudis (4 days ago)
New York isn't a citu
Steven Monioudis (4 days ago)
Jaida Marie (4 days ago)
Ha she said I’m allergic to the stupidity u is funny Af
Sarah the galaxy girl (4 days ago)
ill name a country that doesn't have an a:mexico
lps galaxy (4 days ago)
When i was small i couldnt really know is d was d or b was b and i was so confused
2:49 New York.
cremecookie (5 days ago)
I said Chicago too 😂😂🤧
Connie Hyman (5 days ago)
White and blue has e in them and red orange yellow green y no body say brown
SavageBabyDoll (5 days ago)
dudeee i wrote lactoste and tolerant once before man i feel dumb lmao
4everArts AndDraws (5 days ago)
Jasmine Beever (5 days ago)

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