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Top 10 Horrifying Facts about the ROMAN LEGIONS

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Text Comments (5178)
terance assford (1 day ago)
how do you no this fool
FE4R Clan (1 day ago)
james fry (2 days ago)
the roman empire has long gone and yet Celtic culture is alive and well
Cre80s (3 days ago)
Teresa Baptista (3 days ago)
Oh! Gosh! For ages I though the Jews killed Christ by crucifixion! It was the Romans! Really I believed the Jews were the bad ones because Roman Catholic Church sanctified Poncius Pilatus and vilified the Jews for 2000 years! LOL Looks like it is a lie! Roman Church lies and is anti-semitic. Shame on the church!
DMI AaronLovell (5 days ago)
In the end they fell. America know your history. The modern world sees America as the modern Rome. Know your history our your damned to repeat it.
Michael Mallal (5 days ago)
The vine branch I guess evolved into the general's baton, much love by Goering.
Biorythym (6 days ago)
Interesting yes? horrifying no
Laughing Man (6 days ago)
Most of that wasn't "horrifying" more interesting if anything.
Dirt Church (6 days ago)
Vsauce micheal
Nate Mitzel (6 days ago)
Fun fact, most of the Roman emperors were pedofiles
control (6 days ago)
The Viking's were building thousands of Longship in Byzantium, there was gradual Ottaman infiltration and really it all just fizzed out! Did the Romans run north with the Vikings to Scandinavia, interbreed with them to form The Normans and The Scottish?
Yves22 (7 days ago)
Vercingetorix never rallied all the Gaulish tribes; only some of them. Nowadays we imagine Gaul as a global community. It was not. It was like Europe today: each tribe was a stand-alone country. The word "Gaul" itself has never been used by the so-called "Gaulish tribes". Julius Ceasar emphasized his conquest by globalizing the submitted tribes under one term. It is like saying "Indians" for all the native tribes in the USA: it is a post-reconstruction of the history, made by the winners.
Quantum Beastz (8 days ago)
90 miles in 5 hrs yeah because that's possible
Joshua Balsimo (8 days ago)
wrong !!!!!!!! After throwing spears came the long spears.... Then swords!!!! They didn't go front line phalanx after throwing spears! You def want front line long spears and swords behind. Imagine front line swords VS spears... Spear wins. Also imagine you where against a larger army or horsemen... Long spears are first then mix broad swords and sword shield spear shield..
Jeremiah Baker (9 days ago)
Not only is it horrific clickbait, but its so basic on facts. *shows the bulb of the shield* and describes what its made of but doesn't even touch on why there is a half circle on it. Like at least teach people SOMETHING interesting.
Ян Н. (9 days ago)
Der Typ (10 days ago)
1st The Lorika segmenta was a third lighter than chainmail offered more protection all around which is why it replaced the chainmail completely. 2nd the Roman shield was a formation shield. It is absolutely impractical when used in close combat. 3rd Catapults were used to siege a city not to fight infantry. 4th Clickbait. the only things that come even remotely close to terrifying were dcimation and crusifiction. Everythiung else was just basic facts.
Michael Johns (11 days ago)
I'm sorry, but I'm a three year Latin student and in that class we learn about the culture and history of ancient Rome. So much of this information isn't actually true. Pronunciations, events, and some of the military information is not true. The Roman soldiers in the mid-late and late roman Empire hired mostly mercenaries since they did not have the population and resources to enlist an army big enough. Also, they would be issued lighter armor and not as much chain or plate metal armor. Also, the way Rome won the Punic Wars wasn't by sea because the Romans didn't actually know how to swim and/or typically didn't swim so why would they win a war by sea alone. Finally, Vercingetorix is not pronounced in a typical English pronunciation since the Latin pronunciation of letters and words is different. These things among others just add to the incorrect information of this video. I understand not getting completely accurate information since Latin translation of information is tough, believe me I know, but deeper research should be done to have an accurate video for information.
AncientVessle X (12 days ago)
So who took the photos???
64moonlite (12 days ago)
That doesnt mean these are in christ days romans. Rome was invaded..by some other. Gothics. Now they act like romans even church today are gothics. Disguised as romans
DIAPHOUS WILTER (12 days ago)
Correct 100 percent
Konrad Heumann (12 days ago)
I'll freely concede that the decimation and frequent whippings were horrifying. But what is exactly "horrifying" about the Roman helmet? Or shield? Or their battle formations?
Sir Lance Goodthrust (13 days ago)
6:22 The Corvis was actually a device used .. to little effect. In fact many times it CAUSED the destruction of the Roman ship. It's use was hampered if there was any rough sea at all. They actually abandoned the use of the Corvus, and it was rarely used after seeing how ineffective it was.
Mr Paulie Fenners76 (13 days ago)
Horrifying as in your facing a load of nutters who want to chop your head off with a blunt instrument & the punishment you get if you cowardly turn tail. I bet I'd get the short straw. Horrifying as in by being crucified for typing bad stuff on YouTube - I'd be right up on one of those crosses!
El Brando (14 days ago)
Yeah not really horrifying you know...
mook_butt (14 days ago)
Way to completely butcher the pronunciation of Vercingétorix.
George Sakkas (14 days ago)
Ancient Rome:1/8 men where in the military , America:1/8 men ( and women) work in MCDonalds
albescu mos (15 days ago)
Fun Fact: YouTubers have come to dislike CLICKBAIT
shadowberetta (15 days ago)
I don’t know if the “daily 19 mile march to be completed in 5 hours” is real. It sounds extremely difficult to believe.
Józef Kozon (15 days ago)
Lorica segmentat was lighter and more comfortable than a lorica hamata.
Dan Michaels (16 days ago)
I hate that snooty uptight accent so much I can't listen. Bald head, black beard, dark glasses-another skinny "British" lizard. I wonder where all the nice looking Caucasian people went, were they killed or aborted?
Renagade5150 (16 days ago)
Why horrifying?
Stephen Van bellinghen (16 days ago)
what is the clip at 4:33 from?
joe v (17 days ago)
THESE VIDEOS ARE HORRIBLY MISINFORMED!!!! Almost warranting an apology, all of them.
Finwaell (17 days ago)
So.. what is so horrifying? beside stating the obvious and well known?
Ed R (17 days ago)
Mr.s Mr.s (18 days ago)
Well idk about u guys but Im just horrified, I need to go to my safe space now.
Killer Dude (18 days ago)
The Roman Empire was brought down by accepting multiculturalism West Europe shall fall like the West Roman Empire did
Killer Dude (13 days ago)
Norm Ellison A 100% racially pure germanic state.
Killer Dude (13 days ago)
Norm Ellison Nazi Germany would be a lot better.
Norm Ellison (13 days ago)
Multiculturalism is the result of BUILDING an empire , there is no empire to bring down with out absorbing those on your borders as you expand. Greed may be the real cause of any empires down fall.
SheWasA Hoowa (18 days ago)
Read "the western way of war"
kelman221 (18 days ago)
The most powerful empire in the world failed due to multiculturalism and people refusing to assimilate.
Sukyo Deekmane (19 days ago)
HORRIFYING that the Romans were organised and used shields!! Ohhhh nooo Simon the whistler
Ronald rehfield (19 days ago)
I could barely watch this horrifying video.
Thomas Linton (19 days ago)
Not all that horrifying as you run on.
Nate Noullet (19 days ago)
Fallout new Vegas anyone?
John Pappan (19 days ago)
Okay. 90 mile march in 5 hours with a full pack... 'splain that. Average Boston Marathon (26 miles) is just under 4 hours, and all they wear is vaseline and underwear.
HBH Gaming (20 days ago)
these facts aren't horrifying they're just facts...
Sandman (20 days ago)
My ancestors are smiling at me Roman. Can you say the same?
Drauka Grissa (21 days ago)
I’m thinking you don’t know what “horrifying” means
487shawn (22 days ago)
Are you saying mass immigration was the downfall of Rome! Why you Islamophobe!
Deltahunter (23 days ago)
I think the title was made from the perspective of someone who had to fight the Legion
Sunny R (24 days ago)
I thought a legion was a 1000 and a centurion had charge of a 100 /century of soldiers?
Robert Lachance (25 days ago)
They got quite a few things wrong or just misrepresented them but honestly the first thing is what bothered me the most. It wasn't the gauls who caused the reformation. It was Hannibal Barca. The man who terrified rome so much that centuries after his death they still used the phrase "hannibal is at the gates" to describe a bad situation
Robert Lachance (21 days ago)
But it was his near destruction of rome that started it off
487shawn (22 days ago)
Actually your right Hannibal terrorified the Romans, however Rome destroyed Carthage pretty early on and still had farmer/soldiers, It was the constant threat of the Gauls did indeed cause the reformation as the major protagonist!
محمد الطويل (25 days ago)
There are some false information
王敏 (25 days ago)
My apologies the narrator actually says 19 not 90 miles..although he could have spoken a little clearer
Gordon Sylvester (26 days ago)
10:30 Western Europe 2018....confidence?! Learn from history.
Brit Lurker (26 days ago)
Decimation, stoning, cruxifiction. OK, I'll grant that has horrifying. But the other stuff?
Joe Tairei (26 days ago)
9500 Carthaginians disliked this video.
王敏 (27 days ago)
90 miles in 5 hours fully kitted????... what a load of crap..... $100,000 says no one on the planet today could even do that......sensationalism at its youtube best
Joe Tairei (26 days ago)
19 miles in 5 hours. Go to 1:00 with subtitles turned on. That would be 3.8 MPH, which is quite possible though very exhausting, especially with all that gear.
There is nothing Horifying about the roman empire in this video...
Jeremy (27 days ago)
Great production value, but this channel is not trustworthy. It is clickbait so -1 rep and will never sub to this channel. Clickbaiters suck. Plain and simple. If you are dishonest with a title then it stands that your video may be dishonest as well.
Nicola de Veredicis (27 days ago)
What is horrifying is the stupidity to judge these facts "horrifying". One cannot measure the morals of 2000 years ago with nowadays' criteria. Only 200 years ago the French women enjoyed executions under the guillottine while knitting.
Joe Tairei (26 days ago)
He's saying it's horrifying to modern sensibilities. You could go back to almost any pre-modern era and find some practices that would be horrifying to us, normal to them.
Donna Jones (27 days ago)
Did you say oil can?
Jamie Corrigan (28 days ago)
claw domanaters (28 days ago)
It went from facts about legions, to just facts about rome
Lord EDEN! (28 days ago)
So where in this inaccurate cr-ap is the horror?
Decimation was also occasionally used if they happened to lose a battle.
Kevin Odom (29 days ago)
So bringing millions into your country that don’t share your beliefs is a bad thing? imagine that.
Craig (29 days ago)
Romans only became great cause they siphoned off others knowlege and were blessed being on a peninsula, celts conquered them long before. They stole our swords.
CosmoDeus (28 days ago)
Blame the game, not the nation.
TheLastCrusader15 (29 days ago)
The Roman empire weapons and sheild. The sheild is called a scutum (may be wrong with spelling of sheild) and it is not a Roman short sword it is a gladius
satricv (29 days ago)
Except none of these "Facts" are "Horrifying"...
johnkarakash (29 days ago)
Any military is horrifying to an ardent leftist. :)
Rich (29 days ago)
Naff voice on commentary
Kori Harpoon (29 days ago)
Some people in the comments say this isn't horrifying. It depends on what side you were on.
CosmoDeus (28 days ago)
Ah, well that's pretty much life for any society, to varying degrees before the post industrial age. Frankly, nature and desperate people are capable of amazingly awful things.
Kori Harpoon (28 days ago)
Well life in those times was really horrifying. Unsanitary, harder to defend yourself if accused of a crime, the list goes on. Life in ancient times would have it's fun moments true but overall it was a rather dreadful way to live.
CosmoDeus (28 days ago)
What's horrifying to you then?
Tim OB (29 days ago)
I misread the title and clicked on it I thought it said 10 horrifying things about Roman Polanski
jedimario22 (1 month ago)
90 MILES 5 HOURS!!! thats 18 miles and hour for 5 hour, this has to be wrong.
Joe Tairei (26 days ago)
carthaginensis (1 month ago)
horrifying in British adjective causing feelings of horror in; awful; terrifying; I dont think so, please change the title of the video
Tom Merker (1 month ago)
armor and battle tactis are not horrifying facts, and so is what is considered a regualr military training, the only thing i can think of that list that is actualy a "horrifying fact" is that the pretorians were involved in the fall of different emperors, and the cia is doing a much more horrific job at that
Clevelandesigns (1 month ago)
not really horrifying...except crucifixion...that seems pretty horrifying.
Randy Earles (1 month ago)
not horrifying at all
Michael Brown (1 month ago)
Sadly your information is incorrect. 3 crucifixion was a single pole not a cross. Don't believe me, do you research.
Robert Phoenix (1 month ago)
4: "And culminated with a definite Roman victory and expansion of Roman republic over the whole of Gaul" The WHOLE of Gaul?? Well I beg to differ sir: And her is my proof, a quote from a well known, VERY accurate, historical book: "The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable Gauls still held out against the invaders. And life was not easy for the Roman legionaires who garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium , Laundanum and Compendium... " No one can beat Asterix and Obelix. Certainly not those dumb Romans! XD
Snax Pendragon (1 month ago)
Hardly any are horrifying and you got the decimation wrong, utter bollocks.
WolfsBlood44 (1 month ago)
Ace Hby (1 month ago)
Best fighting force during that time? I think not. The parthians destroyed the invading romans with 1/5th less troops than the romans. Their secret? Cataphract cavalry. A fully armored fighter on a fully armored horse, a sight that wouldnt be seen in europe for another 1000 years. Knights that is. And ofc the famous parthian shot. Horse archers who attracted the roman cavalry in order to lure them by ”retreating” while twisting their torso and fire off a volley of arrows. Also they captured the roman emperor Valerian alive. And killed off 2 more emperors. The romans were great fighters against less evolved nations. But against a much older and more sophisticated opponents. No :)
ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn (1 month ago)
These Romans are crazy
Cody Brannon (1 month ago)
Do you drive your car to your mailbox at the end of your driveway with your seatbelt on? I bet you do...
Cassandra Moore (1 month ago)
The fact that a HUGE number of the Roman people either starved to death or were forced to sell their children into slavery to support the massive 600,000 soldier army at its height due to the taxation needed to feed, house, and clothe them should definitely have made the list. That is much more horrifying than the number 1
Joe Corcilles (20 hours ago)
Lol yes please cite your source? Because at it height at 117 AD the army was being paid by the spoils of the Dacian Campaign by Trajan and was even undergoing a economic surplus from that campaign and Trajans administration. You must be referring to the 3rd century AD crisis period long after the empires quote: HEIGHT?
Andrea Borchetta (5 days ago)
Cassandra Moore source pls
eiva Tairea (1 month ago)
Prashant Joshi (1 month ago)
Romans were highly barbaric people with high contempt for humanity or human sufferings. Indian society was least barbaric and by a huge margin at that time.
CosmoDeus (28 days ago)
Such a weird comment and comparison. You may as well make a random reference about the Romans to the Maya.
Liam (1 month ago)
And yet, in 2018....
Bianca Loves (1 month ago)
Im a roman and i didnt know any of dis sh** -w-
LJayG (1 month ago)
What's horryfying is getting hit with their unblockabled and getting absolutely demolished by their heavies
Citizen of Corona (1 month ago)
I'd like to see Metatron debunk this.
CaesarInVa (1 month ago)
The final fact, which is as paradoxical as it is ironic, is of particular relevance to the United States, which would be well-advised to take notice.
Renga Iyengar (1 month ago)
Too much ado about simple orderly way. West is too proud unnecessarily.
Paul Banta (1 month ago)
Interesting program, but audio issues made it very difficult to watch. Too much sibilance in the audio.
Selina Goad (1 month ago)
Say isn't so freaking Tyrion Lannister this will suck if it's true
TheLoneCabbage (1 month ago)
Shouldn't a century have been made up of 100 soldiers?
Sean Vail Jr (1 month ago)
FinnBats (1 month ago)
What was so horrifying in these 10 things ?

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